30 Best Witch Books That Will Cast A Spell On You

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Finding the perfect witchy read can be a challenge, especially with so many spellbinding titles to choose from. Whether you’re a novice looking for a doorway into the wider world of witchcraft, a seasoned connoisseur, or someone looking for some good ol’ love spells, this article is here to guide you to the best witch books.

From the irresistibly cozy world of The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches to the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Witch of Blackbird Pond, these books are perfect for letting out your inner witch. So, if you’re ready to embrace your inner witch and delve into these spellbinding witch books, let’s get started.

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

Mika Moon knows the secrets of keeping her magical powers under wraps. That is until the day a mysterious letter arrives and invites her to Nowhere House, the secluded home of the Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches. Here, Mika’s life will forever change. 

If you are looking for books about witches full of magic and mystery, The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches is a must-read.

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A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches follows Diana Bishop, a young scholar and reluctant witch. When she discovers a magical manuscript in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, her life takes an unexpected turn.

As Diana delves deeper into the secrets of the manuscript, she attracts the attention of various supernatural creatures, including vampires and daemons, who have long searched for the powerful text. Among those drawn to her is Matthew Clairmont, a charismatic vampire with his own mysterious past. Together, they embark on an epic adventure that unravels centuries-old secrets, tests their loyalties, and ignites a forbidden romance.

A Discovery of Witches takes readers on an extraordinary journey filled with mystery, romance, and of course, witchcraft. Harkness weaves a spellbinding narrative that effortlessly combines historical fiction, fantasy, and a touch of academia. 

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The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

Sixteen-year-old Kit Tyler finds herself uprooted from her sunny home in Barbados to the gloomy, rigid world of colonial New England. As Kit grapples with the constraints of her new life, she stumbles upon the forbidden friendship of Hannah Tupper, an elderly Quaker woman believed to be a witch by the superstitious townsfolk—a dangerous bond in 17th-century New England. 

The Witch of Blackbird Pond is an award-winning novel overflowing with rich storytelling, complex characters, and a dash of romance. 

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The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

It’s the late 1800s, and the suffrage movement is gathering momentum. No one believes in witches. That is until the three estranged Eastwood sisters – James Juniper, Agnes Amaranth, and Beatrice Belladonna – reunite and start using witchcraft to reshape the future of the world.

In this bewitching novel, Harrow weaves a spellbinding narrative that seamlessly blends historical fiction, fantasy, and feminism. Be prepared to be enchanted: The Once and Future Witches is one of the best witch books around.

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The Change by Kirsten Miller

The Change is a captivating tale that follows three women at the threshold of new phases in their lives. Harriet Osborne, a fifty-year-old recently divorced woman whose career is in tatters; Nessa James, a widow with an empty nest haunted by the voices of the dead; and Jo Levison, an ex-executive whose rage has been transformed into something far more powerful. 

When they come together, they set out to find justice for a murdered teenage girl, written off as just another drug-addicted sex worker. Unwilling to accept that as the truth, Harriet, Nessa, and Jo are determined to discover the offender and bring her peace. 

Kristen Miller weaves an enchanting and utterly distinct story of feminist fury that fans of witch books won’t want to miss. Deliciously suspenseful and full of female power, The Change is a must-read for anyone looking for an immersive, spellbinding experience.

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The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The Mercies travels to a remote Norwegian village in the 17th century and follows a group of women who are accused of witchcraft after a devastating storm claims the lives of all the men in the community.

For an unputdownable witch novel that delves into the depths of witchcraft and the resilience of women in the face of adversity, look no further than Hargrave’s The Mercies

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Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau by Martha Ward

In this illuminating book, Ward explores the captivating life of Marie Laveau, a voodoo queen revered for her powers and influence in New Orleans during the 19th century. From her spiritual practices to the impact on her community and the enduring legacy she left behind, Ward sheds light on Marie Laveau’s life.

Looking for witch books about Marie Laveau? If so, be sure to add Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau to your list. It is a captivating portrait of the legendary voodoo priestess Marie Laveau that you do not want to miss. 

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Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within by Juliet Diaz

For informative witch books for beginners, Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within is the perfect addition to your bookshelf. From beginner spells to the creation of grimoires, Juliet Diaz covers a range of witchcraft practices and valuable lessons.

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Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch centers around Sunny Nwazue, a misunderstood outsider who becomes a confident and courageous young witch. After discovering her own extraordinary powers, Sunny embarks on a journey steeped in the lore and magic of Nigeria. 

Nnedi Okorafor delivers an enchanting and thought-provoking novel brimming with intricate magical systems and mythical creatures. Get ready to be swept into the spellbinding world of Akata Witch.

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Initiated: Memoir of a Witch by Amanda Yates Garcia

Initiated captures the magical world of witchcraft, delving into what it means to be a witch in a modern context. With a unique and honest narrative, Garcia explores how magic intersects with feminism and activism. From her inspiring journey to becoming a witch to her courageous fight against patriarchal expectations, Initiated offers readers an intimate understanding of what it takes to be a witch today. 

So, if you’re searching for a memoir that celebrates female empowerment and defies oppressive systems, this is the perfect book for your bookshelf.

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Circe by Madeline Miller

Before Circe became the iconic Goddess of Sorcery, she was just a peculiar child in the eyes of her father, Helios, the Sun God. Yet, when she stumbled upon the realm of the supernatural in the human realm, Circe realized she had the power to make a real impact–a power which provoked the Gods to exile her to a deserted island. This power continues to be remembered by human legends even today.

For an amazing retelling of the fabled Goddess of Sorcery, I recommend Madeline Miller’s masterful interpretation of The Odyssey, Circe. Her work illuminates the enchanting and epic journey of a star-crossed goddess whose influence has been felt throughout the ages.

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The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

Rowan Mayfair is an accomplished neurosurgeon with an untold power—she’s a witch. When she brings a drowned man, Michael Curry, back to life, he gains a mysterious gift. Drawn together, the two venture on a captivating journey to unravel the secrets of Rowan’s past and Michael’s newfound power.

Anne Rice’s classic novel The Witching Hour is a must-read for those who love witch books. Explore the timeless themes of love, danger, and mysticism as Rowan and Michael discover the power of their intertwined destinies. Combining a fast-paced narrative with magical realism, The Witching Hour is a thrilling adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns.

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Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Practical Magic follows the lives of two sisters, Sally and Gillian Owens, who come from a long line of witches. Raised by their eccentric aunts, the sisters navigate through love, loss, and the complexities of their magical heritage. 

Alice Hoffman creates a world where anything is possible, where love and magic intertwine, and where love is both a blessing and a curse. So, if you’re looking to add a dash of magic to life, add Practical Magic to your reading list.

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The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

In the town of Bethel, where religious fervor dominates every aspect of life, a young woman named Immanuelle Moore finds herself caught in a web of forbidden knowledge and ancient curses. As she discovers her own unique abilities and unravels the mysteries surrounding her birth, Immanuelle becomes entwined in a battle that will challenge her beliefs and reshape the fate of her community.

The Year of the Witching transports readers to a world where the power of witchcraft reigns supreme. In a realm where dark forces lurk, secrets are unveiled, and the line between good and evil becomes blurred.

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Hour of the Witch by Chris Bohjalian

In Hour of the Witch, a young woman’s fight for justice in 1662 Puritan Boston unravels secrets that threaten to upend her life forever. During a time when accusations of witchcraft have deadly consequences, the stakes are higher than ever for Mary Deerfield. 

Chris Bohjalian delivers a mesmerizing tale about a young woman desperate to escape her cruel husband in an era plagued by superstition and the haunting specter of witch trials. An engaging and captivating story of survival, Hour of the Witch is undoubtedly the perfect historical fiction read for anyone interested in American witch hunts.

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Nettle and Bone by T Kingfisher

Convent-raised Princess Marra of the Harbor Kingdom has lived a sheltered life and never expected an arranged marriage. But when her beloved older sister Kania is betrothed to Prince Vorling–the same prince their sister married and died under mysterious circumstances months before–Marra knows she must do something. Determined to save Kania from the same destiny, Marra embarks on an impossible quest. 

In Nettle & Bone, T. Kingfisher takes readers on an unforgettable fantasy adventure full of epic quests, a demon-possessed chicken, witches, and all the elements of classic fairy tales.

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Slewfoot by Brom

It’s 1666, and the colonialists in Connecticut grapple with a terrifying force – an ancient and terrifying spirit. To the wildfolk, he is a protector, but to the Puritanical settlers, a devil. 

Agatha, a recently widowed outcast, discovers a surprising ally in him. However, neither could have ever predicted the destruction their alliance would cause on everything in their wake. 

Discover the thrills and chills of Slewfoot, one of the best witch books. This bone-tingling tale, illustrated with over two dozen haunting paintings by Brom, will keep you spellbound this Hallows Eve.

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The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

The Wicked Deep embarks on a journey to the haunting town of Sparrow, a place burdened by a dark history. Every year, during the month of June, the spirits of three sisters accused of witchcraft centuries ago rise from the depths of the ocean to seek revenge by luring young men to their deaths. The haunting legends surrounding the sisters have become an eerie annual tradition, and the town’s residents have grown accustomed to this macabre spectacle.

But when a newcomer named Penny Talbot arrives in Sparrow, she becomes fascinated by the town’s chilling folklore and determined to uncover the truth behind the curse. As Penny delves deeper into the secrets of Sparrow, she finds herself drawn to Bo Carter, a mysterious outsider with his own connection to the sisters. Together, they unravel the dark, twisted history that has plagued the town for centuries.

For an atmospheric tale of curses, love, and redemption, The Wicked Deep is the perfect witchy choice. So if you’re looking for witch books for the witchy season, make sure to check out The Wicked Deep.

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The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

Follow Angrboda, a powerful witch driven to a remote forest after surviving Norse Gods’ burning, as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. When her path crosses with Loki’s, she finds herself unexpectedly falling in love. But, a prophecy of an ominous future awaits her family, and it’s up to Angrboda to rise against the gods and protect them. 

Enchanting and captivating, The Witch’s Heart is an enchanting tale of love, determination, and destiny. Add this timeless gem to your bookshelf today!

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The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Elloren Gardner’s sheltered life in the countryside comes to an abrupt end when her grandmother calls on her. Swept into the foreign world of Verpax University, Elloren finds herself faced with veiled threats, political instability, and oppressive beliefs. Drawn irresistibly into a conflict that threatens all of humanity, Elloren must confront her destiny and face the darkness within. 

The Black Witch is a sweeping epic of political intrigue and forbidden magic, overflowing with compelling characters and explosive action. If you’re a fan of thrilling witch books, look no further.

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Cackle by Rachel Harrison

After a momentous break-up, Annie feels it’s time for a fresh start. So, packing her bags, she moves from Manhattan to a small village upstate. Here, she meets the charming Sophie, who encourages her to live life on her own terms. 

Despite the mysterious wariness from the townspeople, Annie found herself drawn to Sophie’s carefree attitude. But still, Annie cannot discount all the small oddities surrounding Sophie. But that doesn’t mean she’s a witch. Right? 

Looking for charming witch books with a dash of darkness? If yes, Cackle should be the next book on your witchy reading list. 

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The Witches of New York by Ami McKay

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Eleanor St. Clair, Adelaide Thom, and Beatrice Dunn navigate a world where magic and mystery intertwine. Eleanor, the proprietor of the tea shop where the witches gather, possesses a rare combination of psychic and healing abilities. Adelaide, an experienced medium, helps the living communicate with the dead. And Beatrice, a young woman new to the witchcraft scene, discovers her own latent powers as she becomes entangled in their world.

Ami McKay’s bewitching tale unravels the mysteries of witchcraft in the bustling streets of old New York City. With its richly imagined setting, compelling characters, and spellbinding narrative, The Witches of New York is a must-read.

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The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Tea, a young witch, discovers her ability to resurrect the deceased after accidentally raising her brother from his grave. Guided by Mykaela, an older, more experienced bone witch, Tea embarks on a journey to master her necromantic powers. Along the way, she must navigate a society that both fears and reveres bone witches. And she soon learns that every choice she makes has far-reaching consequences. 

Rin Chupeco delivers a bewitching tale that delves into the depths of necromancy, where the lines between life and death blur, and the power of this dark magic becomes all-consuming. With its mixture of dark magic and powerful storytelling, The Bone Witch casts a captivating spell that will leave readers eagerly turning page after page.

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The Witches by Roald Dahl

The Witches, a classic children’s book by Roald Dahl, still captivates young readers today. The story follows a boy who discovers that his grandmother’s tales of wicked witches are not mere stories, but are terrifyingly real. Prepare to be captivated by this suspenseful and thrilling journey!

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The Babysitter’s Coven by Kate Williams

The Babysitter’s Coven is a thrilling adventure that combines the trials and tribulations of teenage life with a supernatural twist.

It follows Esme Pearl, a seemingly ordinary high school student with a knack for babysitting and an uncanny ability to attract strange occurrences. Little does Esme know that her babysitting skills are about to take on a whole new dimension when she discovers that she and her fellow babysitters are part of a secret coven with extraordinary powers. 

The Babysitter’s Coven is a delightful addition to any witch-loving bibliophile’s collection. With its engaging characters, witty dialogue, and thrilling mix of magic and adolescence, Kate Williams’ novel is a must-read. So prepare to step into the enchanting world of Esme Pearl and her extraordinary babysitting adventures. 

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The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston

For centuries-old witch Elizabeth Hawksmith, immortality has blessed her with vast knowledge and immense strength, but also burdened her with the pain of loss and the risk of harm. When she discovers a rare grimoire, a chain of events is set in motion testing her resilience and challenging all she knows. 

The Witch’s Daughter is a captivating addition to any witch book collection. With its blend of history, mystery, and the enchantment of the supernatural, Paula Brackston’s novel is a must-read.

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The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent

In this enthralling tale of witchcraft, strength, and loyalty, Kent weaves a compelling narrative centered around the Salem Witch Trials.

The Heretic’s Daughter revolves around Sarah Carrier, the daughter of Martha Carrier who was hanged for witchcraft. In a letter to her granddaughter, Sarah recounts how she endured the trials despite the loss of her mother. 

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The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Through The Green Witch, Murphy-Hiscock beautifully illustrates the importance of aligning oneself with the rhythms of nature. With her extensive knowledge and practical advice, she offers a wealth of information on herbalism, spellwork, and rituals that incorporate elements from the earth, the air, the water, and the fire.

The Green Witch serves as a guidebook for those seeking to embrace a nature-based path, providing practical exercises, meditations, and rituals that help cultivate intuition. Murphy-Hiscock’s compassionate and encouraging tone empowers readers to trust their instincts and awaken their innate magical abilities.

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The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

In a world where witches control the weather, young witch Clara Densmore grapples with the weight of her powers. As the seasons change, so does Clara’s magic, shaping not only the world around her but also her identity.

If you’re looking for cute witch books, The Nature of Witches is the perfect choice. With its blend of magic and nature, Rachel Griffin weaves a beautiful and imaginative tale that is unputdownable.

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Uprooted by Naomi Novik

The sleepy hamlet of Dvernik is no stranger to The Wood, an insidious evil that has befallen its inhabitants for generations. Agnieszka, like all the young girls of the village, grew up knowing that one of them would be taken by the Dragon, a powerful wizard sworn to protect Dvernik from the dark forces. Despite her humble background, everyone believed it would be beautiful and sweet Kasia that would be chosen as his tribute. But, unexpectedly, the Dragon had other plans for Agnieszka.

Uprooted is an unforgettable, mesmerizing tale of dark enchantment and budding romance. It is heartbreaking and deeply moving, featuring a character-driven story that will leave you spellbound.

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