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Hi, I’m Sam, and if you’re here for entertainment-related fun – thinks book and movie recommendations – you are in the right place.

Before 2008, I could have never foreseen how much of an avid reader I would become. However, I was forever changed after the Twilight series. From that point forward, I could not stop inhaling romance books with happily-ever-afters and romantic fantasies with magic, love, and a splash of danger.

Now I read over 200 books every year and always make it a point to reach my Goodreads reading goal. If you have a Goodreads account, I would love to connect with you there!

Why I Started Perhaps Maybe Not

Why did I start Perhaps Maybe Not? It’s quite simple. I wanted a platform where I could recommend my favorite books to readers searching for their next favorite read.

In the beginning, I primarily focused on reviews, but as time went on, I branched out into creating curated book lists centered around specific genres and tropes. The books in these lists are all handpicked by me and are books that I have either read (and loved) or have great reviews and match the query.

What you can find on Perhaps Maybe Not

At Perhaps Maybe Not, you will find book recommendations, movie lists, playlists and gift guides.

1. Book Lists

Are you looking for new books to add to your bookshelves?

Here you can find the best romance book lists.

I love almost every romance trope under the sun and have made it my mission to make lists of all the best romance books. These lists cover many romance tropes and sub-genres, so if you have a specific preference, you will find it here.

If you prefer books that fall under the fantasy, paranormal, mystery, or thriller genres, you are also in luck. When I say I am not picky with the genre I read, I mean it. For that reason, you can trust that all of my book recommendations are hand-picked by me.

You can also find all of my book lists here and explore until you find exactly what you are looking for.

2. Book Series

There are times when you might want to take a look at the book order of a series.

If you looking for more information on a book series, I have lists that take a look at the order, guides to the best books by specific authors, and more.

3. Read Alikes

If you have ever found yourself in a book slump after a five-star read, you can find similar books to those popular novels here.

4. Movie Lists

In addition to book recs, I love helping find new movies to watch. Here you can find a variety of movie lists including romance, horror, murder mysteries, seasonal, and more.

You can also discover movies and shows similar to the ones you love.

To find movies for your next marathon, check these movie lists.

5. Playlists

Music and books go hand-in-hand. Here you can find playlists about love, breakups, and books. And if you need music inspiration for your car and road trip playlist, you will find those lists here too.

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From new releases to book lists to movie recommendations and more, prepare for a fun journey into a book and movie lovers paradise.