18 Best Medical Romance Books and Doctor/Patient Love Stories

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Are you looking for a romantic escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life? If so, you’re in the right place. This curated list of medical romances has something for everyone, from forbidden romances between doctors and their patients to surgeons who get off to rocky starts. 

Get ready for an opportunity to escape into the world of medical romance books with this comprehensive list of the best titles out there!

Best Medical Romance Books

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez

From the moment Dr. Briana Ortiz and her co-worker Dr. Jacob Maddox first met, it was clear they weren’t destined to be friends. But when Jacob turns the tables with a surprisingly thoughtful letter, Briana’s perception of him changes and they gradually become more than just co-workers. And when Jacob gives her brother the greatest gift – a kidney – she begins to wonder if The One has been right in front of her all along.

Fans of medical romance won’t want to miss Yours Truly, the 2023 book about a sweet and heartfelt love story between two ER doctors. It’s packed with fake dating, only one bed, and engaging representation of mental health and medical personnel. Get ready to laugh, cry, and cheer for Briana and Jacob as they explore the potential of a new relationship.

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Hotshot Doc by R.S. Grey

When Bailey Jennings is forced to choose between staying in her comfort zone as a surgical assistant or taking an open position as assistant to the formidable Dr. Russel, she’s faced with a difficult decision. But when it comes to ensuring financial stability for her struggling younger sister, Bailey can’t afford to turn it away—even if it means taking on the renowned doctor’s notorious temper.

Hotshot Doc is the ultimate medical romance that centers around the country’s most renowned surgeons and a brilliant surgical assistant who’s the only one strong enough to match his formidable presence.

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British Bedmate by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

After the tragic loss of her husband, single-mother and nurse Bridget Valentine is determined to make the best life possible for her son. And when medical resident Simon Hogue enters her life with his effortless charm and carefree personality, he pushes Bridget to do the impossible and move forward.

Fall head over heels with Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland’s British Bedmate. With a swoon-worthy, dirty-talking hero, an unforgettable meet-cute, and a heartfelt story of a woman’s courage to open her heart again, fans of medical romances will be swept away.

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Who’d Have Thought by G. Benson

Hayden Pérez, an ER nurse struggling to pay her student loans and bills, is in desperate need of a financial miracle. When she sees an ad offering a substantial sum for a year of marriage, she jumps at the opportunity—even if it means saying ‘I do’ to her least favorite colleague, the successful neurosurgeon Samantha Thomson. What could possibly go wrong? 

G. Benson’s Who’d Have Thought is the perfect medical romance for readers who love a good fake marriage drama with vivid characters that leap off the page.

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The Worst Guy by Kate Canterbury

Sebastian Stremmel and Sara Shapiro have one thing in common—they can’t stand each other. Despite working as trauma and plastic surgeons in the same hospital, these two opposites find only conflict between them on any issue. But when they are both forced into eight weeks of conflict counseling, their battles become the catalyst for something neither of them expected.

Kate Canterbury’s The Worst Guy is the perfect medical romance for fans of books with the enemies-to-lovers trope, bickering, and spice.

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A Five-Minute Life by Emma Scott

Thea Hughes is about to enter a new chapter of her life, until tragedy strikes and a terrible accident robs her of her memories. She’s left with one of the worst cases of amnesia ever recorded, of which her only symptom is five minutes of conscious memory before her mind resets and she forgets everything again. Now two years after the accident, Thea is an in-patient at Blue Ridge Sanitarium, asking the same few questions and doodling in her free time.

Enter Jim Whelan, an orderly at Blue Ridge who notices something special in Thea, someone screaming to be heard. Where others only perceive a lost cause, Jim knows that she’s more than that. 

Emma Scott’s A Five-Minute Life is a powerful medical romance about an artist trapped in a loop of amnesia, and the orderly determined to break her out of it. Heartbreaking and emotional, it’s sure to please fans of medical romance books.

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Best Doctor-Patient Romance Books

Medicine Man by Saffron A. Kent

Willow Taylor is counting down the days until her stay at Hearthstone Psychiatric Hospital is over. Then Dr. Simon Alistair signs on as her new psychiatrist, and everything changes. Known as the Iceman, Willow holds nothing but disdain for him. 

But as Simon delves deeper into her life and past, her contempt slowly turns to interest and eventually to an undeniable desire. With so much at stake, will their relationship blossom or be their downfall? 

Saffron A. Kent’s Medicine Man is a must-read for readers looking for forbidden doctor-patient romance books between a psychiatrist and a patient. 

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Brainwashed by Nyla K.

Psychiatrist Dr. Lemuel Love has the chance of a lifetime when he is called into Alabaster Penitentiary to study the notorious serial killer, Felix Darcy — aka The Carver. But the doctor was unprepared for what came next — Felix’s insidious attempt to slither into Love’s mind too. 

Brainwashed is a wildly addictive romance brimming with true crime and taboo relationships, exploring the morally gray area between doctor and patient. Written with masterful skill and deliciously twisted derangement, it’s a must-read for fans of darkly thrilling medical romances.

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Born, Darkly by Trisha Wolfe

London Noble is a renowned criminal psychologist, but when she finds out her newest patient is none other than the infamous serial killer Grayson Pierce Sullivan, better known as the Angel of Maine, life takes an interesting turn.

During each session, London delves deeper into Grayson’s past and her bond with him grows stronger. But time is running out, and with Grayson’s elevated intelligence, it won’t take him long to devise a plan that will give him whatever he desires–including the chance to escape.

If you’re in search of a thrilling romance between a criminal psychiatrist and a devious serial killer, pick up a copy of Born, Darkly and succumb to the forbidden allure of these two unlikely lovers.

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The Fall Before Flight by L.M. Halloran

When Amelia’s brother brings her to the off-the-grid rehab facility Oasis after a mysterious accident, she meets Dr. Leo Chastain, the psychiatrist in charge. With the belief that she’s beyond saving, Amelia sets her focus on the doctor, trying to entice him into a passionate fling. Will Leo succumb to her advances?

L.M. Halloran’s The Fall Before Flight is a deliciously forbidden slow-burn medical romance that will take you on a journey of self-acceptance, healing, and love between a doctor and his patient.

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Sweet Dandelion by Micalea Smeltzer

Dani Meadows’ life changed dramatically on November 12th when a school shooter opened fire at her high school, leaving her with a physical and psychological wound. As she moves in with her older brother to repeat her senior year, Dani feels broken and helpless. But when she meets Lachlan Matthew Taylor, her school counselor, he starts to break down her walls–brick by brick. 

Micalea Smeltzer’s Sweet Dandelion is a raw, sexy, and emotionally-charged romance that highlights the power of love, family, and friendship in the face of grief, loss, and fear of the future. Fans of taboo counselor-patient relationships will appreciate this slow-burn forbidden romance.

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Best Romance Books With Doctors

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

When 38-year-old ER doctor Alexis Montgomery’s luck takes a turn for the worse after swerving to avoid hitting an animal, she finds herself stuck in a ditch – until she’s pulled to safety by the charming, 28-year-old Daniel Grant. 

Daniel wears many hats, from carpenter to pseudo mayor to family business owner, leaving little time for relationships, but he can’t deny the attraction he feels for Alexis. Despite their undeniable chemistry, Alexis and Daniel couldn’t be more different, and Alexis worries whether they could ever make it work in the real world. 

With its 10-year age gap, Alexis’ struggle to break free of her family legacy, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, fans of medical romance books and age gaps will love Part of Your World

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Doctor Untouchable by J. Saman

Pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon Kaplan Fritz is the last eligible bachelor of his family, but after being burned one too many times in the past, he’s not actively looking for a relationship. That is, until a spontaneous encounter with a runaway bride changes everything. 

Fans of medical romance can’t miss Doctor Untouchable, a passionate story featuring a billionaire doctor, the grumpy/sunshine trope, and sizzling chemistry so hot it’ll leave you breathless.

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Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

Dr. Garrett Gibson, the only female doctor in all of England, has finally met her match with Ethan Ransom. A former detective and rumored assassin with a mysterious past, Garrett discovers a lot more than she bargained for after a passionate night with Ethan. 

Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas is an unmissable historical medical romance novel, packed with suspense, intrigue, and undeniable sparks. If you’re looking to add a thrilling read to your medical romance collection, this is it.

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Perfectly Adequate by Jewel E. Ann

Recently divorced single dad Dr. Elijah Hawkins is struggling to get used to his new way of life until nursing student Dorothy Mayhem unexpectedly enters the picture and turns his life upside down.

Perfectly Adequate is a beautiful and sweet medical romance from Jewel E. Ann that is perfect for fans of age gaps, doctors, workplace romances. 

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A Deal with the Devil by Elizabeth O’Roark

Natalie Bell, an aspiring author, is looking for a job, while celebrity plastic surgeon Hayes Flynn is looking for an assistant. Tali takes up a temporary position as Hayes’ personal assistant, not realizing how her initial disdain for the flirtatious British man will gradually turn into something more.

Elizabeth O’Roark’s A Deal with the Devil is a captivating workplace romance full of banter and the grumpy/sunshine trope, perfect for fans of doctors.

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Challenge by Amy Daws

Amy Daws’ Challenge is a medical romance that centers around genius doctor Indie Porter and her famous pro footballer patient Camden Harris. 

After suffering a devastating injury that could end his professional football career, Camden Harris winds up in a London hospital. But even in his darkest hour, Camden finds a spark of hope in brilliant surgeon Indie Porter, a perfect distraction from his struggles.  However, a relationship such as theirs would break all of the rules.

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Darling Venom by Parker S. Huntington

On February 14th, Charlotte Richards took a fateful walk onto a roof and unwittingly saved classmate Kellan Marchetti from the same desperate fate. Little did she know that the bond formed that night would only grow stronger over the next four years, until Kellan made a decision that left Charlie living with the consequences. It seemed like that was the end of her story – until four years later when a new one began.

Parker S. Huntington’s Darling Venom explores the lasting effects decisions can have on family members and friends, unraveling an emotionally gripping story all medical romance book fans will adore. 

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