18 Spellbinding Witch Romance Books With Witches, Wizards, And Magic

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In the mood for witch romance books overflowing with magic, danger, and intrigue? You’re in luck. This curated list features romances centered around witches, wizards, sorcerers, and all things magical. These spellbinding reads are bound to keep you up well past the witching hour, so get ready for some late night binge reading sessions.

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

Swept away from her sheltered life in the countryside town of Halfix with her uncle, Elloren Gardner is thrust into a shiny, new world of pretty veiled threats, treacherous political landmines, and preconceived beliefs that prove more debilitating than bullets.

Only when she begins attending Verpax University does she begin to question everything: her beliefs, the laws of the land, the history of her people and her burgeoning feelings for the enigmatic son of the commander and the mysterious Kelt who hates her on sight. Nothing is what it seems, and the world, crumbling beneath the Gardnerian’s rule, is on the precipice of change.

Overflowing with deadly magic, religious zealots and unstable political climates, Laurie Forest’s carefully-crafted universe is on the brink of war and Elloren may be the one witch who can tip the stakes. If you like witch romance books filled with twists and turns, I would suggest The Black Witch, especially if you enjoy flawed characters with satisfying arcs. 

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Hollow Heathens: Book of Blackwell by Nicole Fiorina 

After receiving a particularly unsettling letter from her grandfather, Fallon Grimaldi returns to the one place she was warned away from for 24 years: the town of Weeping Hollow. Upon arriving, Fallon quickly learns that the stories from her childhood are true: that witches are real, the town of Weeping Hollow has a mind of its own and magic is not just a thing of fairy tales. The one person Fallon never saw coming was Julian Blackwell. As one of the four Hollow Heathens, Julian suffers from a wicked curse that demands he wears a mask at all times, lest he wants to scare a person to death.  

Magical, dark and mysterious, Hollow Heathens is a spellbinding witch romance filled with cursed boys, warring covens and forbidden love. You do not want to miss this eerie read, so make sure to add it to your TBR list. 

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Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Louise le Blanc escapes to the city of Cesarine where she blends in as a common thief, hiding the fact that she’s a witch. If the wrong person finds out, she may find herself burned at the stake as witches are feared and hunted by the masses. 

As a Chasseur (huntsman) for the Church, Reid Diggory is bound to one duty: kill all witches. However, he finds himself in a precarious predicament when Lou pulls a sly stunt that ends with the two becoming husband and wife. 

Obsessed with magic, witches, and cutthroat villains? Love reading a good ol’ forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance between a hero with questionable morals and a quick-witted heroine who can hold her own plus a fake engagement? If all of that has you nodding your head in excitement, then Serpent & Dove is one of the best witch romance books for you. 

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The Bone Witch by Ivy Asher

Lennox Osseous’s Witcher and chill plans turn to ashes the second she spots the velvet pouch of bones sitting on her dining room table, signaling her grandmother’s death and marking her as the next Bone Witch. 

To say that she is not ready would be the understatement of the century, especially when trouble walks into her shop and turns her life upside down. 

Rich with magic, intrigue, and mystery, The Bone Witch is a captivating witch romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

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Rise of the Witch by C. Rochelle

The day Vasilisa became Baba Yaga, she shed her human skin and transformed into the immortal witch of legend. Entrusted with protecting the sacred territory of the grove and playing guide and patron to humans, Vasi has nothing but time on her hands. But there is a sickness ravaging the forest that makes trees and animals decompose faster than what’s natural. 

When three human men break through her protective wards and stumble upon her bathing, Vasi is struck with a curiosity of whether they’re the prophesied Riders she was promised. But nothing is as it seems and as the forest falls prey to an unknown plague, Vasi must ascend to her full power before it’s too late.

As one of the best witch reverse harem romance books with an MMFM relationship, Rise of the Witch is an unputdownable must-read overflowing with magical woods, dangerous entities, a badass heroine with a notorious reputation, and a dash of intrigue.

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Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole

After losing the love of his life, Lykae Bowen has not desired nor touched another for two centuries. That is until the enchanting, yet unpredictable witch Mariketa enters his life and reignites that spark.

At 23-years-old, Mari has been chosen to represent her coven in The Talisman’s Hie, a treacherous scavenger hunt for immortals. Falling for the complicated Scottish shifter was never a part of the plan

In the mood for an action-packed, enemies-to-lovers witch romance that will keep you up well past the witching hour? Kresley Cole has you covered with the steamy Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night.

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Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Growing up in one of Austermeer’s Great Libraries has taught Elisabeth three things: (1) all sorcerers are evil, (2) the magical grimoires must be kept secure at all times and (3) that she wants to become a warden one day. That all changes when one of the most dangerous grimoires escapes one night and Elisabeth tries to intervene. 

Suspicions arise when Elisabeth comes forth with the information and ends with her incriminated and in shackles. Sent off to the capital to answer for her “crimes,” Elisabeth must rely on the sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn and his demonic servant as her world implodes.

On the market for witch romance books featuring sorcerers, demons and a badass heroine? You’re in luck because Sorcery of Thorns has all of that and more. And if you love the enemies-to-lovers trope, buckle up buttercup because you’re in for a wild ride.

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A Fate of Wrath and Flame by K.A. Tucker

After a botched mission, gifted thief Romeria’s night takes a turn for the worse when a mysterious woman tricks her into providing her services. Tasked with a dangerous quest to save Sofie’s husband, Romy is spirited away to an unsettling realm of warring kingdoms, unstable monarchies, and fantastical creatures.

The mission would be simple if not for the identity she has assumed as the treacherous Ybarisan Princess. Imprisoned for murdering the king and queen on her wedding day, Romy must figure a way out of her precarious predicament. All while looking for the sought-after stone hidden within Islet’s sacred garden.

Exciting, beautiful and unpredictable, A Fate of Wrath and Flame is an enchanting tale overflowing with political intrigue, magical twists, unforeseen betrayals and a blossoming romance. And as one of the best enemies-to-lovers fantasy romances released in 2021, you won’t be able to put this page-turner down once you feast your eyes on K.A. Tucker’s intricate world-building and magnificent prose. Prepare to be spellbound.

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

In place of the gallows, Yelena is offered the chance to become the Commander’s new food taster. Naturally, Yelena accepts. However, the head of the Commander’s security Valek is not one to leave things to chance. To ensure Yelena doesn’t try running away, he feeds her Butterfly’s Dust, a fatal poison that requires a daily antidote to stave off an agonizing death.

Thrust into a dangerous world of politics, assassination attempts and deadly poisons, Yelena will need all her wits to survive this political warzone. 

Loaded with espionage, deception and magic, Poison Study is one of those unputdownable slow-burn fantasy romance books that will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished it.  

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When Wishes Bleed by Casey L. Bond

Sable, the daughter of Fate, is a witch and a pariah among the witches in her sector. During an equinox celebration, a man asks her to read his fortune with a wishbone. One snap is all it takes for Sable to realize his life is in peril when blood escapes from the wishbone. 

The next day, Sable receives a royal invitation to join a competition that ends with one of the contestant’s engaged to the prince. With nothing holding her back, Sable accepts and decides it’s up to her to keep the prince safe. The question is, will she succeed? 

Forbidden, sweet and exciting, When Wishes Bleed is a spellbinding read that is perfect for anyone who loves their witch romance books overflowing with magic, danger and intrigue.  Bonus points if you love all things royal because we have a prince on our hands.

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Natural Witch by K.F. Breene

For as long as Penny Bristol can remember, she has always felt like a piece of herself was missing. So when she accidentally turns a coven of witches into a horde of mindless zombies, she unknowingly unlocks Pandora’s Box and unleashes her magic. One thing leads to another, and she unwittingly lands herself on the Mages’ Guild radar, a highly corrupt magical organization that will do anything to get its hands on Penny and her partner in crime, the Rogue Natural.

Magical, funny and action-packed, Natural Witch is a bewitching read that will cast a spell over you. As one of the best witch romance books out there, I recommend adding it to your TBR list, especially if you’re in the mood for a slow-burn romance.     

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Midlife Bounty Hunter by Shannon Mayer

Recently divorced 41-year-old Breena is all out of ducks to give. Forced to start over after her manipulative scumbag of an ex-husband left her with enough debt to make any sane person keel over with dry heaves, Breena moves back to her hometown of Savannah. With nowhere to go, Breena decides to take up her ex’s cousin’s offer to stay with him.

Hoping to move back into her Gran’s house, Breena is livid when she realizes her ex pulled a fast one on her. Still, that doesn’t even cover what she has on her plate. From the talking skeleton Robert to her Gran’s ghost to a job as a magical bounty hunter and, of course, the mysterious blacksmith… well, Breena has a lot on her plate.  

If you’ve been searching for some witch romance books that will rock your socks off and leave you gasping for air (from laughter of course), then the Forty Proof series will be right up your alley. 

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A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Kell is a magician, one of the rare few who travel between the parallel London: Red, Grey, White and Black. Raised in Red London, Kell serves as an ambassador for the Maresh Empire and frequently travels in and out of the Londons to pass along messages and smuggle artifacts. 

When a trip to White London goes awry, Kell finds himself in possession of a dangerous stone from Black London, a world that was closed off after a deadly magical apocalypse swept across the city and ravaged the lands. And when the stone falls into the hands of Delilah Bard, Kell’s life will become forever intertwined with the thief from Grey London. 

Filled with evil, power-hungry rulers, forbidden magical artifacts and thrilling adventures, A Darker Shade of Magic is a spellbinding read that boasts a unique magical system and an incredibly slow slow-burn fantasy romance that complements the plot.

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Flames of Chaos by Amelia Hutchins

When Aria and her sisters return to the Human Realm of Haven Falls, they hope to find their missing sister except she’s not there. They soon discover that the Human Realm has changed and nothing is what it seems, especially Knox, a stubborn and egotistical man who stepped up as the unofficial king in the wake of the sisters’ absence. 

Aria and Knox clash in a fiery explosion of sparks when they first meet and the sparks show no signs of dying. Still, no matter how much Knox is falling for Aria’s personality and friendly banter, nothing will stop him from setting the stage for the war he’s been planning for the past 500 years. Not even the descendants of Hecate.

If you’re obsessed with the enemies-to-lovers trope, Amelia Hutchins does not disappoint with Flames of Chaos. As one of the most extreme cases, don’t expect a quick happy-ever-after because Knox and Aria clash at every turn. 

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Taming Demons for Beginners by Annette Marie

Taming Demons for Beginners opens up with Robin moving in with her Uncle, the executioner of her parents’ will, as it has been six months since her parent’s tragic accident and she has yet to receive her inheritance or her mothers’ grimoire. When Robin unknowingly stumbles upon her uncle and his business partner arguing over a highly illegal summoning circle in the library, Robin’s life is irrevocably changed and it all starts with one wayward cookie. 

Relatable, quirky and fun, Annette Marie brings us a super slow slow-burn fantasy romance between the resident introvert who despises confrontation and the curious demon who never fails to speak his mind.

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Witching For Grace by Deanna Chase

Between her perfect marriage and a career managing her husband’s real estate firm, Grace Valentine’s life is nothing if not perfect. Or so she thought. When Grace is served divorce papers, her life comes crumbling down when she finds out about his affair. To make matters worse, because of his philandering ways, she is out of a job leaving her scrambling to land a new one.  

Given a chance at the rival real estate firm, Grace must first prove her worth by selling the haunted properties of Premonition Pointe, a seemingly impossible feat. With help from her coven, Grace will have to figure out how to get rid of the ghosts plaguing the houses before they scare off all the potential buyers.

If you love witches and the splash of magic they bring with them, you’ll have a hell of a time with Grace and her two best friends. Also, if you enjoy age gap romances, then what are you still doing here?! Go pick up this book. 

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The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch’s Heart follows Angrboda, a powerful witch who took refuge in a remote forest after surviving the burning by the Norse Gods. Though she is determined to remain alone, her plans are quickly foiled when her path crosses with Loki’s. Falling in love was never a part of the plan, but with each kind act, Loki steals her heart, piece by piece. But good things never last and when Angrboda foresees an ominous prophecy that threatens the peace and safety of her family, she knows it’s time to rise against the gods.

Beautiful, spellbinding and timeless, The Witch’s Heart is a stunning mythological romance that will stay on your mind for days. As one of the best witch romance books, I suggest adding this gem to your bookshelf.

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Playing With Monsters by Amelia Hutchins

Lena is finally returning to her coven. After experiencing an ugly breakup, running seemed like the only option for the young witch. Now that she’s back, she must participate in The Harvest, a magical witch mating tradition. 

Lucian Blackstone is a mysterious man who intrigues Lena, but when strange things begin happening, the intrigue turns into fear as she realizes there is much more to Lucian than what originally meets the eye. See, he’s on a mission and he will do anything to achieve his goal. Even if that means using Lena in the process.

Witches, demons, and fae, oh my! Playing With Monsters is a spellbinding witch romance perfect for anyone who loves watching heroines transform from naive to badass individuals who can kick ass. 

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