Things We Never Got Over: The Complete Guide to the Sizzling Series

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Lucy Score took the book community by storm in 2022 with her release of small-town romance Things We Never Got Over. The romantic comedy became an instant bestseller and a fan-favorite on BookTok. Since then, it has taken up permanent residence on the Amazon Charts list, with a staggering total of over 46 weeks. 

Read on to learn more about Score’s Knockemout series —Things We Never Got Over, Things We Hide from the Light, and the upcoming release Things We Left Behind—in this comprehensive guide of the series book order. Additionally, if you are desperate to get your hands on similar stories, the guide also includes a list of books to read after these unforgettable romances. 

Knockemout Series Book Order:

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

When runaway bride Naomi Witt rolls into town to come to her twin’s rescue, she does not expect to get the third degree from the town’s occupants, nor for her sister to leave her with an 11-year-old niece who she never knew existed minutes after stealing her car and money.  

With no money, job, or car, and a surprise kid, Naomi knows nothing will ever be the same. And if not for Knox Morgan, a surly grump of a man who distrusts Naomi, she would be in a world of pain. Because even though he would love to book her a one-way ticket out of his life, he refuses to stand by and watch as her world falls apart.

Adorable, fun, and sweet, Things We Never Got Over is an enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance featuring a sunshine runaway bride, a grumpy business owner, a funny kid, a fake dating situation, and a small town full of gossip.

If you want more of Knox and Naomi, check out the bonus epilogue.

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Things We Hide from the Light by Lucy Score

In the breathtaking sequel to the New York Times bestseller Things We Never Got Over, Lucy Score returns to the charming town of Knockemout, Virginia, and tells the story of Knox’s brother, Nash Morgan, and the striking new neighbor Lina who sees behind his brooding facade. 

Things We Never Got Over ended with Police Chief Nash Morgan wounded in the line of duty. Now the beloved pillar of Knockemout is a shell of his former self. Plagued by nightmares and panic attacks, Nash struggles to recover and move past that fateful day. 

Enter Nash’s brother’s ex Angelina Solavita, a commitment-phobic insurance investigator who returns to the quaint Virginian town for business. Lina is no stranger to her new neighbor Nash Morgan, but to say she is shocked by their explosive chemistry would be an understatement.

But Lina has reasons for her return to town, and if those secrets come to light, Nash may never forgive her. However, Lina has no plans to plant roots, so a fling with the handsome cop is perfectly acceptable. There’s just one problem. 

Nash’s plans all center around one thing: Commitment.

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Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Lucian Rollins is on a mission to erase the stain his father left behind on their family name, starting with building an invulnerable empire. But not everything is completely impervious to outside forces, least of all Lucian when faced with a sassy small-town librarian.  

Sloane Walton is not Lucian’s biggest fan, but their chemistry is a pesky complication that refuses to vanish. One unforgettable one-night stand later, the two can no longer deny their connection. Everything is going perfectly until questions about their future arise.   

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Books To Read After Things We Never Got Over

Juniper Hill by Devney Perry

Memphis Ward will do whatever it takes to keep her newborn baby safe. Even if that means moving thousands of miles to a small town in the middle of nowhere Montana and working as a housekeeper at The Eloise Inn, and living in a small apartment above a garage. At least there’s one silver lining: The hot, tattooed landlord and owner of said inn. 

Sustained by Emma Chase

Jake Becker plays by his own rules. As an up-and-coming criminal defense attorney who’s at the top of his game, Jake is scoring in the courtroom and the bedroom. But when a twist of fate pushes him into Chelsea McQuaid’s path, along with her six nieces and nephews, everything changes. 

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker 

City girl Calla Fletcher flies out to Alaska to reconnect with her estranged father Wren after learning that his days are numbered. But when it comes time to leave the beautiful state behind, Calla finds herself pulled in two different directions: one pushing her to the bustling city of Toronto and the other to the brutally honest, rugged Alaskan pilot Jonah.

Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

When Meg Koranda learns that her friend Lucy is having cold feet on her wedding day, Meg talks her into pulling a runaway bride moment, circa Julia Roberts. After all, she knows the town’s golden boy turned mayor Ted Beaudine is not the right person for her best friend. There’s just one problem. The jilted groom is none too happy about being left at the altar, and who better to punish than the instigator of the mess?   

Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

Eve Brown is a human tornado. When she “accidentally” unleashes a flock of doves and ruins an expensive wedding, her parents cut her off and demand that she grow up. Determined to show her parents she can survive without their help, Eve snags an interview with a grumpy B&B owner, only to bomb it spectacularly. In a shocking turn, Eve gets the job, and chaos ensues.