From Blood and Ash: The Complete Guide to the Bestselling Series

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Award-winning author Jennifer L. Armentrout is a masterful storyteller with nearly four dozen books written. From forbidden romances with alluring extraterrestrials to romantic fantasies with seductive villains, Armentrout is no novice to crafting memorable worlds with enchanting casts of characters. 

In 2020, Armentrout released the phenomenal romantic fantasy From Blood and Ash, which won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. The third and fourth installments were nominees for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy.  

Read on to learn more about Armentrout’s Blood and Ash series in this comprehensive guide which includes information on the series book order, the cast of characters, and the companion series, Flesh and Fire.

Blood and Ash Series Premise

From Blood and Ash, a mesmerizing tale that centers around a nineteen-year-old girl destined to fulfill a prophecy she knows nothing about – One she questions more and more in the face of temptation. 

Order of Blood and Ash Series:

  • From Blood and Ash
  • A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
  • The Crown of Gilded Bones 
  • The War of Two Queens
  • A Soul of Ash and Blood
  • Visions of Flesh and Blood

As a maiden, Poppy’s life has never been her own. That her duty is to the kingdom and that one day, the gods will lay judgment on the future ruler and decide whether she is worthy of Ascension. 

But when a dashing guard enters her life, Poppy begins to question everything. And when a fallen kingdom forsaken by the gods emerges from the shadows, Poppy quickly finds herself on the brink of losing it all. 

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The ultimate betrayal. A rocky partnership. And deadly secrets. 

Nothing about Poppy’s life is going according to plan. Everything she knew was a lie, and the one person she thought she could trust became the symbol of that deceit. Now she is in the heart of the enemy territory. 

Casteel Da’Neer is a seductive enigma that goes by many names. To Poppy, he is the Prince of Atlantia: The Dark One. And now, she is his captive. Poppy knows he is not to be trusted. No matter how tempting his truths may be. But no one is impervious to Casteel’s charm, least of all Poppy. 

Working with him might be a mistake, but desperation clouds her judgment, sending her down a path that will irrevocably alter her future. 

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In the epic follow-up to A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, Poppy and Prince Casteel return to fight for their people and each other.

Poppy never thought she would fall for the Prince of Atlantia, and despite her desire to revel in this new love, her brother needs saving, and her birthright is calling. But as secrets rise from the ashes of the kingdom’s dark history, it becomes prudent that Poppy seize the crown and claim her position as the true ruler of Atlantia. To do that, Poppy and Casteel must do the impossible and travel to the Land of the Gods. 

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In the fourth installment of Armentrout’s bestselling series, Poppy fears that to unite the kingdoms and protect those unable to defend themselves, it may take living up to the prophecy and becoming the one thing she fears the most. 

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In A Soul of Ash and Blood, Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the first novel of her bestselling Blood and Ash series. And this time, Hawke is telling the story.

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Visions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire Compendium is a comprehensive guide for the Blood and Ash and Flesh and Fire universe that includes information on background and history, along with art and reference materials. Additionally, readers will find original short stories from fan-favorite characters and beautiful visuals.

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Flesh and Fire Series: A Companion Prequel

Armentrout made a brilliant decision to expand the Blood and Ash universe with a companion prequel series: Flesh and Fire. The Flesh and Fire series is set several hundred years earlier than the events of From Blood and Ash and follows a new cast of captivating characters. 

The Flesh and Fire trilogy is a beautifully complex high fantasy series rife with emotion, tension, action, betrayal, and passion. Even better, Armentrout is the queen of creating elaborate universes, so expect intricate world-building. 

Order of Flesh and Fire Series:

  • A Shadow in the Ember 
  • A Light in the Flame
  • A Fire in the Flesh

In the prequel to From Blood and Ash, Seraphena Mierel takes center stage. Born to be the consort to the Primal of Death, Sera has always known that one day she would have to leave the life she knows behind to fulfill her destiny: Assassinating the Primal of Death.  

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In the stunning sequel to Armentrout’s A Shadow in the Ember, Sera must deal with the repercussions of her no-longer-covert plans to kill Nyktos and the ensuing decimation of his trust and those around her. 

Still, there is the threat of the False King of the Gods. If they ever hope to end his reign, Nyktos and Sera will have to join forces and rebuild what they lost before time runs out.  

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Sera and Nyktos return in the highly-awaited installment to the Flesh and Fire series from Jennifer L. Armentrout, the New York Times bestselling author of the Blood and Ash series and the Origin trilogy.

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Books Like From Blood and Ash

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

In ACOTAR, a chance encounter with a wolf places nineteen-year-old Feyre in deep waters with the fae. Held captive by the mysterious green-eyed Tamlin, Feyre unwittingly finds herself falling for her jailer – a jailer that refuses to remove his mask. 

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

At seven, Jude’s entire life implodes, leaving her an orphan reliant on her kidnapper after being whisked to Faerie. Now, at seventeen, Jude wants nothing more than to fit in, an impossible feat in a land that looks down on humans. However, the tides are changing. 

Filled with scheming royals, political minefields, and magical intrigue, The Cruel Prince is perfect for anyone on the market for a slow-burn romance between a wicked fae prince and an ambitious human girl. 

Gild by Raven Kennedy

When Auren is plucked out of the slums and given refuge within King Midas’s golden court, she knows it is all a smoke screen – a gilded cage. For nearly a decade, she has lived behind those gold-crusted bars in complete acceptance, but her trust is put to the test when war makes its way to those golden gates, leading to a deal that changes everything.

From bestselling author Raven Kennedy comes Gild, a highly addictive romantic fantasy overflowing with romance, magic, and intrigue.

Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa

Siren Callypso (Callie) Lillis is a present-day bounty hunter. When she was a teenager, she called upon The Bargainer to clean up a mess, and with no one to rely on but herself, she continued calling him back for more and more favors. But every visit came at a price – One she must pay seven years later.

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir 

When the masked soldiers, known as the Masks, arrest Laia’s brother, she strikes a deal with the resistance, one that forces Laia to enter Blackcliff Military Academy as a slave in order to spy on the Commandant. While there, she meets Elias, the son of the Commandant, and the boy whose life intertwines with hers.

An Ember in the Ashes is an unforgettable fantasy perfect for anyone searching for books like From Blood and Ash.

For more books like From Blood and Ash, check out Stacey Marie Bowen’s Savage Lands and Shelby Mahurin’s Serpent & Dove.