10 Best Romance Books With A Marriage of Convenience

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Spice up your night with a marriage of convenience in one of these unforgettable romance books.

From trust funds with marital stipulations to once-in-a-lifetime deals that require a helping hand, this curated list has it all.

Read on for the best marriage of convenience romance books.

Before Us by Jewel E. Ann

In this highly-anticipated emotional contemporary romance from Jewel E. Ann, three broken souls find solace in one another. But only two are left to pick up the pieces of their crumbling life when tragedy strikes. 

Emersyn never expected to become friends with Suzie, a dying woman whose house she cleaned, nor did she expect Suzie’s husband, Zach, to invite her to live with them after discovering her troubling living conditions.  

When Suzie passes, Zach shocks Em for the second time when he offers to marry her after learning that she needs medical insurance. Falling for Zach was never supposed to happen, but fate had other plans.

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Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

Declan Kane is all set to inherit a billion-dollar company when he reads the fine print and notices the clause states he must marry and produce an heir before stepping up as CEO. 

Enter his assistant, Iris Landry, the bonafide brains behind the operation. When she learns of the clause, she sets out to find possible prospects for the role, but in a twist of fate, she finds herself assuming the position and enters a marriage of convenience of sorts.   

Sexy, emotional, and funny, Terms and Conditions is a wonderfully written billionaire romance with a marriage of convenience that took BookTok by storm and left readers irrecoverably in love with Iris and Declan.

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In a Jam by Kate Canterbary

When Shay Zucconi’s grandma leaves her the tulip farm, it comes with two stipulations:

1. Return to the small town of Friendship, Rhode Island 

2. And marry within the year

Shay would have had that second one in the bag if not for her fiancé’s decision to call off the wedding. Now Shay is in a jam. 

 And it might just call for a marriage of convenience.

In A Jam is a small town romance with all the essentials of an unputdownable rom-com: a marriage of convenience, a grumpy dad, and a second chance for said grump to make a move on the girl he was too shy to approach. As one of the best small town romance books, you cannot go wrong with this must-read.

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You Can Have Manhattan by P. Dangelico

If someone told Sydney Evans she would be sending out wedding invitations for the nuptials of herself and her boss’s wild child of a son Scott Blackstone, she would have laughed in their face. To say she is in for the shock of a lifetime would be an understatement.

You Can Have Manhattan is a sweet and sexy marriage of convenience romance perfect for fans of the enemies-to-lovers trope, intense sexual tension, and hilarious banter. 

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Vanessa Mazur is a glorified mother to the famous football legend nicknamed The Wall of Winnipeg. What was supposed to be a temporary position turned into a two-year game of running around like a chicken with its head cut off for a man who never even had the time to acknowledge her birthday. 

Knowing it’s time she moves on, Van hands in her letter of resignation. Imagine her surprise when Aiden Graves shows up on her doorstep, asking that she come back.  

As one of the best marriage of convenience books, The Wall of Winnipeg needs to be on your bookshelf. Plus, if you love slow-burn romances, you’ll fall in love with this hidden gem. After all, Mariana Zapata puts the slow in slow-burn.

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The Bluff by Devney Perry and Willa Nash

A night of boredom sends Calamity’s newest resident Everly Christian tumbling under the sheets with the town’s resident grouch Reese Huxley. 

When she accidentally overhears a conversation between Hux and his lawyer, she makes a spontaneous proposal that will end with a marriage certificate and a ring if Hux agrees.

The Bluff is an unputdownable romance perfect for fans of single dads, a marriage of convenience, and small-town love stories.

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Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn

Rath Westin has no clue how he wound up in a situation with his assistant Charlee Cox down on one knee and ring in hand. 

Life is about to get interesting.

Boss Man Bridegroom is a laugh-out-loud contemporary billionaire romance from one of the reigning queens of romantic comedies. With a marriage of convenience amid an office romance, you should prepare to fall in love with this gem.

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Jasper Vale by Devney Perry

In Jasper Vale, Devney Perry returns to The Edens with Eloise and Jasper’s story, a small town romance with a marriage of convenience. 

Eloise Eden is more than ready to take the reins of her family’s hotel in Quincy, Montana, and she is doing everything to prove that to her parents.

All it takes is one weekend in Vegas, a spontaneous marriage, and a man desperate to keep the fauxmance alive for three months to potentially derail all of her hard work.

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Highly-Anticipated Marriage of Convenience Books

The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur

In The Fiancée Farce, Alexandria Bellefleur weaves a steamy tale about Tansy Adams, a struggling bookstore owner trying to keep her business afloat, and Gemma van Dalen, a romance novel cover girl in need of a faux marriage to receive her inheritance. 

When the two meet, they agree to a modern-day marriage of convenience. The guidelines were clear, but as feelings blur, the arrangement blossoms into something neither ever saw coming.

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Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey 

Natalie Vos needs a husband if she hopes to access her trust fund to finance her new business venture, and August Cates needs a loan to keep his recently-inherited vineyard from going bankrupt. 

It would be the perfect recipe for a marriage of convenience if not for their mutual feelings of hatred. But you know what they say: There is a thin line between love and hate. 

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