Review of Never Again by Lilliana Anderson

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I LOVED this! Brandon and Cora are such a cute couple. I love them together. And Bran’s green orbs. Ugh. I may not have actually seen them since he is technically a character, but I have a hunch that they are amazing. I know it. Without further ado, let me give you a little background of Lilliana Anderson’s Never Again.

Finding your husband and his secretary going at it in your bed is definitely reason for whacking him across the head and then taking scissors to his pants. Completely understandable. 

Cora is on the cusp of 30 when she files for a divorce, gets slammed with an intervention order, is demoted to a “glorified babysitter” for lawyer trainees and accidentally has a one night stand with her boss’s son who just so happens to be one of Cora’s interns. Of course, at the time she thought he was just some smokin’ hot young lad who she’d never see again. Yeah. Imagine her surprise.

My Thoughts 

Wow wow wow! Bran, ugh, he’s such a magnetic guy. They’re relationship was perfect. Well, not perfect. It did have its kinks. Nothing is perfect. But they worked so well together. 

One thing I’m not a fan of in age-gap romances is when the older individual who is also in a position of power (like the boss/teacher) doesn’t make an effort to try to end the relationship right away. It doesn’t feel realistic otherwise. At least for me. But Cora did try and it obviously did not work which was why they decided to label themselves as fuck-buddies. 

The only problem with this is that, technically, Cora’s still married to Jack-ass even though she has no plans to get back with him whatsoever. However, you can see how that can create some problems when the truth comes out and boy does it make you want to look away and hide beneath a rock when it comes to the climax. I literally had to turn away from the words because of the secondhand embarrassment and that feeling you get when you know shit is about to go down. 

This takes place in Australia too, so if you’re up for a little vacation in Melbourne, this is the perfect read for you! It’s freaking amazing. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend Never Again if you’re latest obsession/phase happens to be focused on age gaps where the woman is older than the guy. Because why not? It’s great. My sister loves age gaps, but in the reverse. I once tried to get her to read The Idea if You by Robinne Lee and she refused to read because it was a 19-year age gap where the woman was older. It’s really too bad, it’s such a good book.

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