25 Unique Planters To Elevate Your Succulents

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Show off your beautiful, vibrant blooms with these unique, one-of-a-kind planters. 

From adorable chunky cat planters that are absolutely purr-fect to striking, hanging disco ball planters that demand attention, this curated list has a beautiful mix of unique planters and pots that elevate your succulents. 

Read on to find the best and most unique planters and for more floral needs, check out these quirky vases.

Grecian Bust Planter

Reminiscent of Ancient Greece, this Grecian-inspired bust planter will offer a more artsy touch to your home decor and is especially perfect for anyone looking for one-of-a-kind planters that will attract lots of attention.   

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Cat Planter

On the hunt for the purr-fect planter. Look no further than this adorable chunky cat planter.

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Stand Tall Planter

Gift this ultra-cute planter to the independent person in your life, especially if they have a green thumb. They are guaranteed to love these stand-tall planters.  

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Disco Planter

Whoever said planters are nothing spectacular obviously never laid eyes on this shiny disco ball planter. Glamorous and glitzy, the disco planter is a great option if you are looking for unique hanging planters.

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Mini Lady Planter

Give your home a beautiful, feminine touch with one of these unique mini lady planters. Cute and dainty, these planters can be used for your succulents or as a holder for other small objects.

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Unique Drip Planter

By LoveDrizzlesPottery

Give your home a drizzle of color with these strikingly unique pastel drip planters from LoveDrizzlesPottery.

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Head Planter

By Nordohome

Grow your gal a head full of beautiful green hair when you plant your succulent in this stunning head-shaped pot. 

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Coffee Planter

By Ivankahl3D

Need a morning coffee-drinking buddy? Look no further than this charming little planter. Shaped like a person and holding a cup of coffee, you cannot ask for a better morning partner or a more unique planter.

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Smiley Face Planter


Give your home a sprinkling of happiness and cheer with these adorably unique smiley face planters.

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Strawberry Planter 

Nothing is sweeter than this adorable strawberry planter. Covered in purple daisies with a leafy border, the strawberry planter makes a great gift for anyone looking for ultra-cute gardening pots.

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Unique Mesh Planters

The mesh-lined planter will add an airy, unique look to your home with its cylindrical silhouette and mesh wire basin. 

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Planter

By FunSucculents

For a friendly-looking planter that sits on your counter and greets you with a smile every morning, I recommend taking a look at this super cute planter from FunSucculents.

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Giraffe Planter

Decorate your countertop with one of these adorable gilded giraffe planters. With its stunning design and eye-catching craftsmanship, you cannot go wrong with this planter, especially if you know someone who loves giraffes. 

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Fountain Planter

Modern, simplistic, and unique, this fountain planter is perfect for anyone on the market for a multi-functional decor piece that can hold a succulent and other various items.  

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Toasty Planter

Carbs are wonderful and plants are beautiful. 

When you put all of these components together, you get an eye-catching loaf-shaped planter.

What’s not to love about this masterpiece?

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Book-Shaped Planter

By KennyClayCo

The book-shaped planter from KennyClayCo will give your home a vintage, old-timey look with its fun Pulp Fiction parody cover. 

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Self-Watering Planter

Not only will this self-watering planter take the stress out of remembering to water your succulent, but it will also add a unique look to your decor with its striking silhouette and removable cork.

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Tulum Planter

By MadeByCaitJ

Add a splash of color to your home with this beautiful concrete Tulum planter from MadeByCaitJ.

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Elephant Planter

Gift yourself this beautiful elephant planter that is perfectly suited for small succulents.

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Unique Jellyfish Planter

Cute, delicate, and beautifully aquatic, these unique glass-blown jellyfish planters make great gifts for plant lovers and anyone looking for a conversation piece.

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Hand-Shaped Planter

By JohnnyCreate

Give your succulents a helpful hand with these beautifully crafted hand-shaped flower pots. Not only do they make perfect homes for your plants, but they also work as wonderful storage spaces for keys and other miscellaneous items.

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Camera Planter

By RootLoot3D

Take a snapshot of your beautiful succulents housed in their camera-ready homes. As far as planters go, they do not get more unique than these and they also make great gifts for art students.

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Amethyst Planter

The amethyst planter is a gift that keeps on giving. With its natural healing properties and beautiful appearance, you cannot go wrong with this crystal planter.

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Graffiti Planter

By Mossystoneshop2

Fun, unique, and eye-catching, this graffiti planter from Mossystoneshop2 is guaranteed to turn heads. 

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Unique Head Planter

Add a pop of color to your home with these fun abstract head-shaped planters.

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