35 Unique Vases To Showcase Your Blooms

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Show off your beautiful, vibrant blooms with these unique, eye-catching vases. 

From mini cat vases that are purr-fect for your dried flowers to striking honeycomb vases that demand attention, this curated list has a beautiful mix of unique vases for all your floral needs.

Read on to find the best and most unique vases.

Honeycomb Vase

Sweeten up your home decor with this elegant and beautifully textured honeycomb vase. Chic, gorgeous, and eye-catching, it will undoubtedly become one of your favorite pieces, so do not hesitate in decorating your home with this stunner. 

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Unique Woodland Vases

Turn your home into a woodland paradise with these unique bud vases. You have your pick of mice, foxes, bunnies, and owls, so be sure to have fun with these cute choices.

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Unique Apothecary Vases

Take your apothecary game to the next level with these unique vintage-inspired apothecary jars. Not only are they perfect for all those botanicals, but they will look impossibly gorgeous on your bookshelves and counters.

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Unique Leather Vases

By zeynNY

Unique, luxurious, and chic, these eye-catching leather vases will take your flower game to the next level. Not only do they make beautiful housewarming gifts, but they are also a great way to treat yourself. 

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Unique Bookend Vases

Turn your booktopia into a fairytopia with these beautifully unique bookend vases. Not only will it add lovely rustic, bohemian-chic vibes to your bookshelf, but it is also a perfect way to showcase your blossoms.

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Unique Birth Month Vases

Celebrate your birthday with this sustainable eye-catching birth month vase. Not only is the recycled glass birth month flower vase a beautifully thoughtful gift, but it is also a wonderful way to show off those vibrant flowers. 

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Mushroom Vases

By letteroom

Decorate your home with these ultra-adorable glass mushroom vases. With shades of red, brown, yellow, pink, and green, you can have your own colorful garden of mushrooms and delicate flowers.

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Lady Vase

For a statuesque sculptural vase that highlights and celebrates the female body, look no further than these unique and beautiful lady vases. 

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Bud Vase

Stage your blooms at an angle with this stunning tilted glass bud vase. 

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Terracotta Vase

Vintage never looked so good. The terracotta vase adds a dash of old-school charm that cannot be found in many other pieces, making this a unique and one-of-a-kind must-have.

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Antique French Vases

By TKArtGlass

Fun, flirty, and cute, these antique French vases are beautifully handmade pieces that look lovely sitting by your windows. The French retro aesthetic never looked so good. 

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Personalized Champagne Vase

Get out the bubbly, celebrate your nuptials, and show off that striking bouquet with this one-of-a-kind champagne wedding vase. 

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Unique Textured Vases

Bold, unique, and whimsical, the textured mooney vase from Anthropologie is a beautifully crafted piece that will elevate your decor and draw your attention whenever you walk into the room.

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Unique Cherub Vase

Nothing is better than the devilish cherub vase post-breakup. Not only is it a chic piece that will add some heavenly vibes to your home, but it is also a great gift for someone in need of a pick-me-up after a particularly difficult breakup. 

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Human-like Vase

By LaBayLifestyle

The ceramic vase doubles as an artistic sculptural masterpiece. Not only will it elevate your home decor but it will also add an artsy flare to your living area. 

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Natural Vases

By MinimumDesign

If there ever was a vase made for dry flowers, the minimalist wooden vase from MinimumDesign would be it. 

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Mini Cat Vase

By clayousomuch

Whether you are a cat person or love cute miniature vases, this mini cat vase is a purr-fect option, especially if you prefer dried flowers.   

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Unique Can Vases

Cute, sustainable, and unique, these one-of-a-kind soda can vases make wonderful holders for your tiny, delicate flowers.

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Unique Wood Vase

For a more natural look, the paulownia wood vase is the perfect option. With grains, rings, and swirls unique to each vase, you can expect a one-of-a-kind decorative piece to showcase your summer blooms. 

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Unique Personalized Vase

If you are a romantic at heart, look no further than this unique personalized vase that plays on the romantic gesture of carving initials into a tree to symbolize your love.

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Unique Textured Pots

Make a statement with this unique textured bauble pot, perfect for showing off your bouquets and fragrant blooms.

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Unique Floor Vase

The woven seagrass floor vase gives bohemian-chic vibes making it a must-have for free spirits.

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Minimalistic Vases

By PourToiHome

Minimalists will fall in love with these unique vases from PourToiHome. With clean lines and fun silhouettes, they will undoubtedly fit right in next to your existing decor. Who knows, they might even elevate it.

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Unique XO Vases

You know you love it, XOXO Gossip Girl.

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Unique Ribbed Vases

Add a subtle rustic flair to your home with these unique ribbed vases. 

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Unique Ceramic Vase

Add a touch of modernity to your home with this simple, but striking circular ceramic vase.

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Textured Glass Vase

By HomeCraftTheory

The textured green glass vase is an exquisite masterpiece that will become the focal point of your living room.

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Nordic Vase

By MadameHomeArt

Add a touch of originality to your home with this simple yet eye-catching nordic vase from MadameHomeArt.

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Unique Versatile Vase

Turn your home into an art gallery with one of the unique and versatile vases from the MoMA.

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The Love Vase

Trust me when I say it is a vase you will love.

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Delicate Mushroom Vases

By TeeDivineStudio

For a more delicate, whimsy vase, I recommend taking a look at these unique glass mushroom-shaped vases.

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Anatomical Heart Vase

By Dellamorteco

Know someone in the medical field who would appreciate a realistic replica of the heart in vase form? Be sure to give them this anatomical heart vase because it will undoubtedly be a gift they will love.

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Geo Vase

Add a contemporary feel to your home with these unique and stylish geometric vases. 

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Geometric Vase

By Maid2LoveCreations

Give your home a modern look with this stunning matte geometric vase. 

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Chic Wavy Vase

Let the waves roll in and carry this lovely wavy vase into your home.  

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Hand Vase

Need a hand with your flowers? Look no further than this hand-shaped vase.

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