15 Best Stepbrother Romance Books To Spice Up Your Weekend

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When you’re craving a taboo romance, nothing hits that spot better than forbidden stepbrother romance books. So without further ado, here is a curated list of the best stepbrother romance books that are sure to add a dash of spice to your night.

Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen

All it takes is one decision to irrevocably change the future.

Four years ago, Daria Followhill took fate into her own hands when she single handedly destroyed a fellow dancer’s chance at achieving her dreams and, in doing so, destroyed a relationship with the guy who wanted all her firsts. Now, he’s back. Except, this time, he’s her foster brother.

Penn Scully adored Daria until he didn’t. When she shattered the only good thing in his life, everything changed. He still wants her, but not in the same way. This time, the roles are switched and he’ll become the guy who destroys her.

Read Pretty Reckless if you’re looking for high school, enemies-to-lovers romance books with misunderstood characters who toe the line between love and hate. And if you’re looking for the best stepbrother romance books, you have found it.

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For the Fans by Nyla K.

Kyran Harbor is a star high school quarterback on track to the NFL. The last thing he needs is a distraction, especially one that comes in the form of a six-foot-something artist who smokes too much weed and now lives in his house. 

From the moment Avi Vega’s father died, it has always been him and his mom. That status changes with their move to Boston. Shacking it up with his new step-family would be painless if not for his control freak of a stepbrother. 

Nothing about their new living situation is easy, and come college, nothing in the world could keep them within fifty miles of each other. Or so they thought. But even at the same college, it is practically an unwritten rule that interactions are to be kept at the bare minimum.

Then OnlyFans happens, and the rest is history.

For the Fans is an utterly mesmerizing and seemingly unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM romance between step-brothers. From the moment you step into Avi and Kyran’s story, you will walk alongside them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and unconditional love. 

Between the beautiful prose and unforgettable characters, you cannot go wrong with this epic love story. Prepare to fall in love with Avi and Kryan because their journey is anything short of enchanting.

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Feuds and Reckless Fury by K. Webster

Canyon Voss thirsts for revenge. Ever since his father proposed to his best friend and shattered their family beyond repair, Canyon has wanted nothing more than to make him pay for upending their lives. And what better way to get back at him than through his future stepdad’s son: Alister Sommers. 

The bleach blonde perfectionist is the bane of Canyon’s existence. With his perfect grades, track star status, and prodigal musical talent, Alister has it all. But when Canyon sets out to destroy him, he never expects his hatred to morph into an unshakable attraction. 

Addictive, emotional, and highly entertaining, Feuds and Reckless Fury is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers stepbrother romance filled with angst, sexual tension, and witty banter. As one of the best MM stepbrother romance books on the market, I recommend adding K. Webster’s captivating romance to your bookshelf.

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Stolen Crush by C.M. Stunich 

Dakota Banks’ life was irrevocably altered the day three DNA tests confirmed her identity as Mia Patterson, the long lost daughter to world renowned true crime novelist Tess Vanguard. 

Desperate to have her daughter under her roof, Tess forces Dakota to say goodbye to her life with the Banks and hello to her new shiny life as a Vanguard. Too bad no one besides Tess wants her there. Especially Parrish Vanguard, the asshole stepbrother who has a PhD in making Dakota’s life a living Hell. Add in two complicated relationships and a serial killer as a father and you have yourself a tricky welcome home party.

Angsty, exciting and mysterious, Stolen Crush is a gripping high-school bully reverse harem that will keep you hooked till the very end. If you’re obsessed with taboo love stories, this is one of the best stepbrother romance books to add to your bookshelf.

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Underneath the Sycamore Tree by B. Celeste 

When Emery is diagnosed with the same autoimmune disease that stole her sister Logan’s life, she chooses to move in with her estranged father and his family to save her mom from watching her go down that same road as Logan. There she meets her new stepbrother Kaiden. After a rocky start, the two form an unbreakable bond one afternoon while sitting underneath a sycamore tree.    

Emotional, heart-wrenching, and beautiful, Underneath the Sycamore Tree is a heartbreaking romance that will tug at every one of your heartstrings. Make sure you have some tissues on hand because this stepbrother romance will have you sobbing by the end.

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Wrath by Ella James

No one gets under Josh Miller’s skin quite like his new stepbrother Ezra Masters. Aloof, sexy, and cruel, Josh never expects to fall for the insufferable football star who challenges him at every turn. But with each passing night, Josh breaks down Ezra’s walls brick-by-brick. And when those walls are nothing but rubble and dust, Ezra will need Josh more than ever because his scars run deeper than anyone could have ever known.

Angsty, steamy, and heartbreaking, Wrath is a spellbinding, forbidden m/m stepbrother romance that will leave you with an epic book hangover. If you love second chance bully romances, you need to add this to your TBR shelf.

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Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward 

High school senior Greta Hansen has no idea what to expect from her new year long roommate, Elec O’Rourke, a stepbrother she’s never met until now. Broody and arrogant, Elec sends mixed signals from the moment he moves into the moment he abruptly leaves. Fast forward seven years and they meet once again. This time, they’re not letting go…  

If you enjoy bully romance books with a taboo premise (step-sibling romance), then you should take a look at Stepbrother Dearest.

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Ruthless Empire by Rina Kent

In the highly-anticipated conclusion to Kent’s Royal Elite series, Silver Queens and Cole Nash take centerstage. The childhood friends turned enemies turned step-siblings have been at each other’s throats for years now, masking their desire with thinly-veiled hostility and careful indifference. But everyone has a weakness. For Cole, that happens to be the beautiful, fake queen bee that rules the school. And for Silver, it is the darkly possessive alpha that shadows her every move, who knows her better than she does. When the two finally succumb to their feelings, nothing will ever be the same.

Sexy, mysterious, and beautiful, Ruthless Empire is a spellbinding taboo romance filled with dark twists, sizzling passion, and forbidden love. If you’re obsessed with taboo romances, this is one of the best stepbrother romance books on the market, and I recommend adding it to your shelf.

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Resurrection by Siobhan Davis

In the wake of Harlow (Low) Westbrook’s father’s death, Low is determined to drown out her feelings with alcohol and sex. Finding her boyfriend trading spit with another girl is the cherry on top of the worst day of her life and the cause of the next series of events which ends with Low getting down and dirty with the junior chapter of the Sainthood, a powerful gang. 

Saint, Galen, Caz and Theo are rumored to never go back for seconds. When they step through the doors of Low’s new school, that rumor quickly becomes a thing of the past as they lay “claim” on Low. From there, Low’s life takes a sharp u-turn into uncharted territories as she grapples with four complicated guys, buried secrets that were never supposed to be unearthed and a new “dad” who is the epitome of the devil. Jump on in for a truly wicked ride!

Read Resurrection if you love dark reverse-harem bully romances where the heroine has no problem giving it right back. The smut scale is off the charts and when I say off the charts, I mean off the charts. Strap yourself in because you’re for the ride of your life with this enemies-to-lovers stepbrother romance.

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Liar Liar by TL Martin

Eva’s life has never been easy. At thirteen, a traumatic experience sends Eva running. Forced to endure the horrors of the streets, Eva’s only solace comes from the beautiful music played by the boy who lives in the castle-like house. One night, a twist of fate sends Eva into the arms of that same household. 

Adopted into the Rutherford family, Eva finds herself playing little sister to Easton, the boy who saved her in more ways than he could ever know. Though he keeps her at arm’s length, Eva does everything she can to get him to notice her. What she fails to realize is that she has always had his attention. 

Heartbreaking, forbidden, and beautiful, Liar Liar is a captivating stepbrother romance that will keep you up well past your bedtime.

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Rival by Penelope Douglas

From the start, stepsiblings Fallon and Madoc barely tolerated each other. Then they turned sixteen, and things began to take a turn for the best until Fallon seemingly disappeared and Madoc’s parents refused to tell him her whereabouts. Two years pass before Fallon returns, and their obsession with each other has only grown, turning into an all-out war.

Sexy, emotional, and angsty, Rival is an unputdownable taboo romance perfect for fans of the Fall Away series. And if you’re obsessed with stepbrother romance books, you need to add Rival to your TBR list. 

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Head Above Water by CE Ricci

Easton and Cannon’s lives became irrevocably intertwined the day their parents said, “I do.” Easton never meant to fall for Cannon, and he certainly never imagined that his straight, engaged stepbrother would return those unrequited feelings. But when tragedy hits, what seemed impossible becomes the only thing keeping them from fracturing into a million tiny pieces. 

As one of the best enemies-to-lovers, mm stepbrother romance on the market, I recommend adding Head Above Water to your bookshelf.

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Hate by Tate James

Framed for the violent crimes committed on what became known as Riot Night, Madison Kate’s entire life was irrevocably changed: Ivy Leagues rescinded their offers, future job offers vanished and for eight months, Madison Kate lived in exile at a Cambodian monastery with a distant aunt. To say vengeance was on her mind would be an understatement.

When she returns home to find the three guys responsible for her downfall… well, venom will be spewed, justice will be exacted and the past will rear its ugly head when the curtains open to reveal secrets that may just push Madison Kate to question everything. 

Read Hate if you’re on the prowl for an enemies to lovers reverse harem romance that has a touch of mystery and a helluva lot of sexual tension mixed with pure, unadulterated hatred – a recipe for disaster love.

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Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

In the aftermath of her mother’s passing, nineteen-year-old Blaire Wynn moves in with her father and his new wife in their beach house along the East Coast. What Blaire never anticipated was Rush Finley, her 24-year-old stepbrother who has an uncanny talent at getting under her skin. With the house to themselves for the entire summer, there are so many things that can go wrong… or right. 

Interested in a forbidden, enemies-to-lovers romance between step siblings? Fallen Too Far features all of that plus a pantydropping rockstar that will take your breath away.

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The Peer and the Puppet by B.B. Reid

After a job goes wrong, Four Archer is forced out of her comfort zone when she and her mom are shipped off to Blackwood Keep, her mother’s new lover’s mansion. There she meets her future step-brother Ever McNamara. To say that they got off on the wrong foot would be an understatement.   

Ever sees Four and her mother as gold diggers and makes Four’s life a living hell. When an opportunity arises to get rid of Four, Ever takes it. What he never expected was for Four to come back with vengeance on her mind.

In the mood for a bully romance between step-siblings? You’re in luck because The Peer and the Puppet has all of that and more. 

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