50 Best LGBTQ+ Books To Read For Pride Month

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Pride Month is all about embracing diversity and celebrating love. So whether you’re looking to learn more about different people’s experiences, looking for some good LGBTQ+ representation in literature, or just wanting to show support, reading books by and about members of the LGBTQ+ community is a great way to do so.

To help you on your literary journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best LGBTQ+ books so readers can discover the range of experiences and stories within this diverse community. From coming-of-age tales of self-discovery to captivating romances of acceptance and love to raw and honest memoirs, there is something for everyone.

Without further ado, here are some of the best LGBTQ+ books to add to your reading list.

Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart’s Young Mungo is a novel that expertly captures the struggles of growing up in a working-class family in Scotland while exploring complex themes of sexuality, identity, and masculinity.

The book centers around the titular character Mungo, a young boy grappling with his sexuality.

Stuart’s writing is raw and unflinching, delving deep into the emotional turmoil that Mungo experiences as he tries to make sense of his desires. Young Mungo is a must-read for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a rich and unforgettable tale.

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Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride

Sarah McBride’s Tomorrow Will Be Different is a literary work that defies traditional genre definitions. Part memoir and part political commentary, McBride offers readers an insightful perspective on the LGBTQ experience, telling her own story as a trans woman and her journey to becoming the first openly transgender person to work as a White House staffer. However, the book goes beyond her personal story and delves into the broader political landscape and issues facing the LGBTQ community today.

Tomorrow Will Be Different is a powerful book that combines personal experiences with political analysis, making it relevant to a must-read.

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Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room is a classic in LGBTQ+ literature, and for good reason. Set in 1950s Paris, the novel follows the story of David, an American struggling with his identity and desires. David’s relationship with his girlfriend Hella is put on hold as he falls in love with the Italian bartender Giovanni.

Baldwin’s writing is both poetic and honest as he delves into the complexities of love and sexuality. Giovanni’s Room challenges societal norms and stereotypes and explores the fluidity of identity and the consequences of denying one’s true desires.

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker, portrays the life of Celie, a young Black woman living in the South in the early 1900s.

Walker effectively shows how oppressive societal norms can restrict our self-expression, especially when they intersect with our race, gender, and sexuality. However, the novel also highlights the significance of unconventional families and relationships. It showcases the strength of chosen families and how love and acceptance can be found in relationships that go against societal expectations.

The Color Purple is a vital addition to any list of queer literature as it provides insights into the complex intersections of identity and emphasizes the significance of self-discovery. It is a poignant and powerful read.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is a novel by Benjamin Alire Sáenz that delves into the intricacies of identity, friendship, and family in a coming-of-age story.

The story follows the journey of Aristotle, a thoughtful and solitary teenager, who becomes friends with Dante, a charming and poetic loner. As they grow closer, Aristotle learns more about himself and the universe, pondering topics like sexuality, culture, and self-love.

Sáenz’s writing is raw and emotional, capturing the essence of adolescent longing and confusion with stunning precision. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is a beautiful and thought-provoking read that should be on everyone’s book list.

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We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib

Through her honest and raw storytelling, Habib sheds light on the struggles of being a queer Muslim woman from Pakistan and the challenges of reconciling her identity with her faith and culture. Her journey toward self-discovery and acceptance highlights the resilience of the queer community and emphasizes the importance of finding and building a supportive community.

With its message of love, acceptance, and the importance of community, We Have Always Been Here is a necessary addition to any LGBTQ+ reading list. 

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Loveless by Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman’s Loveless is a heartwarming and sincere story about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery.

The protagonist, Georgia, is a college student who has never felt romantic attraction towards anyone. In a world that places a lot of emphasis on love and romance, Georgia feels like an outsider and embarks on a quest to determine whether she is asexual or aromantic. 

Through Georgia’s experiences, Oseman explores the common challenges and misunderstandings that many LGBTQ+ individuals encounter when trying to understand and embrace their identity.

Loveless is a genuine and relatable book that underscores the importance of self-acceptance and finding a supportive community that recognizes and celebrates one’s unique individuality.

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The Queer Bible  by Jack Guinness

The Queer Bible is an excellent read for those wanting to learn about LGBTQ+ icons and their impact on queer culture. Written by Jack Guinness, it features interviews with Elton John, Munroe Bergdorf, and David Furnish, providing insight into the community’s history and growth. It’s an inspiring and empowering read that celebrates the diversity and resilience of the community.

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Sissy by Jacob Tobia

Jacob Tobia’s Sissy is a groundbreaking, courageous account of the author’s gender journey to self-acceptance. With an engaging and intimate tone, Tobia dives into their personal narrative, weaving in references to pop culture and social commentary on gender, sexuality, and society.  Their courage and vulnerability in sharing their story is inspiring and thought-provoking, challenging readers to confront their own biases and assumptions. 

Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the LGBTQ+ experience.

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In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado

In her riveting memoir, In the Dream House: A Memoir, Carmen Maria Machado confronts the often overlooked reality of abuse in LGBTQ relationships. Through lyrical and insightful prose, Machado bravely shares her experience and sheds light on the injustice of domestic violence. It is a mesmerizing and incredibly important piece of literature that should be on everyone’s book list. 

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This Is How It Always Is: A Novel by Laurie Frankel

Laurie Frankel’s This Is How It Always Is is a touching book that tells the story of the Walsh-Adams family. When their youngest child, Claude, expresses the desire to become a girl, Penn and Rosie provide unwavering love and support. However, they are apprehensive about sharing this with others and decide to keep it a secret. That is until it all comes to a head, and the secret explodes. 

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Hola Papi: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons by John Paul Brammer 

John Paul Brammer’s Hola Papi: How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot and Other Life Lessons is an insightful, witty collection of essays exploring the complexities of queer identity.

With his candid, relatable tone, Brammer dives deep into essential topics such as coming out, family relationships, dating, and mental health. 

Addressing readers across the LGBTQ+ spectrum, his vulnerability and honesty help create an inviting atmosphere, encouraging readers to relate and explore their own experiences.

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue is a charming romantic comedy that follows the relationship between the son of the first female President of the United States and the Prince of Wales.

Red, White & Royal Blue is a much-loved addition to the LGBTQ+ literary canon, providing a feel-good and heartwarming read.

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Gay Bar: Why We Went Out by Jeremy Atherton Lin

Experience the lively and electric nightlife of gay bars past in Jeremy Atherton Lin’s dazzling debut novel, Gay Bar: Why We Went Out.

Through immersive storytelling, captivating personal accounts, and engaging historical and cultural lessons, Atherton Lin’s work serves as a luminous love letter to the significance of these spaces.

It’s a must-read that deserves a permanent spot on any bookshelf. So, fuel up your time machine and visit the vibrant gay bar scenes with Atherton Lin as your guide.

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Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing by Lauren Hough

Lauren Hough’s book, Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing, explores the difficulties of establishing one’s identity and seeking societal acceptance. Through her memoir, Hough shares her upbringing in a cult and her eventual realization and acceptance of her identity.

In this book, the author offers a distinct viewpoint on queerness not commonly seen in popular media. Hough discusses her personal challenges with fitting in and feeling accepted, pointing out how conforming to societal norms and expectations can hinder individual self-expression.

Through her powerful storytelling, Hough encourages readers to embrace their authenticity and push against the confines of societal expectations. Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing is a moving and stimulating read that reminds us of the importance of advocating for ourselves and others in the fight for equality.

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I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver

Mason Deaver’s I Wish You All the Best is a touching contemporary queer love story that follows the journey of a non-binary teenager towards self-acceptance.

Ben, the protagonist, is kicked out of their home after coming out to their parents as nonbinary, and they move in with their estranged sister and her husband to start fresh. Throughout the novel, Ben grapples with anxiety, depression, and self-doubt as they navigate their new school and place in the world. 

I Wish You All the Best is a powerful LGBTQ+ novel for young adults highlighting the importance of community, self-acceptance, and resilience. It’s perfect for those exploring their own identity.

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Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

Bechdel’s memoir Fun Home is a touching and beautifully illustrated story of her upbringing with her father who kept his homosexuality hidden. In her recollections and insights, she explores complex topics such as sexuality, identity, and honesty. After reading Fun Home, readers are likely to be deeply touched and intrigued to expl nu8ore more of Bechdel’s writing.

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Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is a must-read for anyone seeking a thought-provoking memoir that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Through her raw and honest personal experiences, Doyle explores themes of sexuality, womanhood, motherhood, and love, inspiring readers to break free from societal norms and embrace the freedom and joy of life. It is a valuable addition to any list of the best LGBTQ+ books.

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Less by Andrew Sean Greer

The next book recommendation is Less by Andrew Sean Greer, a novel that delves into the intricacies of love and aging. The protagonist, Arthur Less, is a struggling writer approaching his fiftieth birthday, and he must come to terms with his unfulfilled desires and regrets. To avoid attending his ex-boyfriend’s wedding, he embarks on a global journey and encounters a variety of quirky characters. 

Greer’s writing is both clever and captivating, providing a humorous yet poignant look at the human experience. If you desire a beautifully crafted novel that captures the ups and downs of life, Less is a must-read.

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We Are Everywhere by Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown

Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown’s book, We Are Everywhere, delves into the history of LGBTQ+ activism in America, spanning a century of struggles and triumphs. The book features a collection of powerful visuals from personal archives and public collections, documenting significant moments, figures, and stories that have shaped the queer rights movement. From the Stonewall uprising to the AIDS crisis, readers gain an intimate understanding of the LGBTQ+ community’s journey over the past century.

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Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir by Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes’ memoir, Miss Memory Lane, provides an insightful and personal account of his life as a gay Hollywood actor. With honesty and vulnerability, Haynes shares his experiences and offers a unique perspective on the intersection of fame and sexuality. This memoir is valuable for anyone seeking to understand the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry as an LGBTQ+ individual.

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Surrender Your Sons by Adam Sass 

Surrender Your Sons by Adam Sass is an engaging book that tells the story of Connor Major, a gay teenager whose summer takes a drastic turn when his mother arranges for him to be kidnapped and taken to a conversion therapy camp. However, the camp is not what it appears to be, with suspicious staff and an elusive director. As Connor uncovers the dark secrets of Nightlight Ministries, he sets out to expose their wrongdoing and bring it all to light.

Sass’s writing is visceral and unapologetic, with a rawness that captures the desperation and hopelessness of LGBTQ+ youth trapped in a society that doesn’t accept them. The themes of betrayal, love, and self-acceptance are interwoven seamlessly into the plot, creating a story that is both heart-wrenching and empowering.

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Black Girl, Call Home by Jasmine Mans

Jasmine Mans is a uniquely talented voice in the world of poetry whose latest collection, Black Girl, Call Home, is a must-read. In this powerful collection, she delves into the complexities of identity and what it means to be a young, queer Black woman living in America. Mans’ words are sure to captivate and resonate with readers.

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Swimming in the Dark: A Novel by Tomasz Jedrowski

Ludwik and Janusz fall in love at a summer camp, but between the fraught political climate of 1980s Poland and societal pressures, a relationship seems unthinkable. However, some things in life are impossible to ignore, and their connection is one of them.

Swimming in the Dark tells a moving story of love and self-discovery against the backdrop of 1980s Poland. Tomasz Jedrowski’s stunning prose illuminates the depth of emotion and the complexity of human relationships, leaving readers breathless and desperate for more. 

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Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

Kacen Callender’s Felix Ever After is a touching tale that explores the intricacies of identity, love, and acceptance. The story revolves around Felix, a transgender teenager, as he navigates the difficulties of self-discovery and acceptance. Felix not only grapples with his emotions towards his closest friend but also struggles with the impact of cyberbullying on his self-esteem.

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Ten Steps to Nanette by Hannah Gadsby

Through Ten Steps to Nanette, Hannah Gadsby invites readers to be their authentic selves and speak their truth – even in uncomfortable situations. This timely message of self-discovery and empowerment resonates both today and for generations to come.

Whether you’re already a fan of Gadsby’s work or new to their artistry, Ten Steps to Nanette is a must-read for anyone looking to explore the intersection of comedy, art, activism, and queer and LGBTQ voices.

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One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

One Last Stop tells the story of August, a skeptical twenty-something who falls in love with a mysterious woman on the subway after moving to New York. However, there’s a twist: the woman, Jane, is from the 1970s and is displaced in time. It’s a heartwarming tale that you won’t want to put down.

McQuiston’s writing is clever, captivating, and brimming with emotion, making it a must-read for those seeking a heartwarming love story tinged with magical realism.

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With Teeth by Kristen Arnett

Kristen Arnett’s With Teeth is a captivating novel about a mother’s struggle to connect with her rebellious son while navigating the complexities of queer family dynamics and parenthood.

With its exploration of personal identity, family dynamics, and love, Arnett’s writing is both authentic and relatable. If you enjoy LGBTQ+ books, With Teeth is a must-read.

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A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life is a poignant novel that delves into the lives of four friends as they confront love, loss, trauma, and sexuality. The story follows Jude, a lawyer who has endured severe childhood abuse and struggles to cope with the aftermath of his trauma. Yanagihara’s writing is highly engaging, with well-developed characters and a moving exploration of love and trauma. 

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Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

If you’re looking for a compelling and emotional queer romance, then Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan is a book you shouldn’t miss. The story follows Morgan, a successful athlete and academic who hides a secret from her loved ones, and Ruby, a skilled tattoo artist with anxiety and self-doubt. Throughout the book, the two characters navigate the challenges of falling in love with each other while also learning to love themselves.

Dugan’s novel masterfully portrays the struggles of love and family, taking readers on a moving emotional journey with Morgan and Ruby. The writing is exquisite, capturing the characters’ sentiments with great accuracy and making it a must-read for readers of all ages.

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Maurice by E. M. Forster

Set in Edwardian England, Maurice follows Maurice Hall as he navigates his attraction to other men and the societal pressures to conform to heterosexual norms. 

Maurice explores the complexities of identity and the struggle of coming to terms with oneself in a society that may not accept or celebrate one’s unique identity. Forster’s poignant exploration of LGBTQ+ identity and self-discovery makes this novel a timeless classic that still resonates with readers today.

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Rubyfruit Jungle: A Novel by Rita Mae Brown

Rita Mae Brown’s novel, Rubyfruit Jungle, follows the story of Molly Bolt, a brave young woman who courageously defies societal norms and chooses her path to happiness with determination and intelligence. First published in 1973, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking an inspiring tale of self-discovery with a remarkable protagonist.

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The Stonewall Reader by New York Public Library and Jason Baumann

If you’re interested in learning about LGBTQ history, The Stonewall Reader by NYPL and Jason Baumann is an excellent resource. This book features firsthand accounts from before and after the well-known Stonewall riots of 1969.

The Stonewall Reader also highlights lesser-known figures in LGBTQ history, giving a voice to those often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Through this comprehensive collection of stories and voices, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and complexity of the LGBTQ community.

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Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde

Sister Outsider, a compilation of essays and speeches by Audre Lorde, delves into the intersection of identities and the struggles faced by marginalized communities. 

Lorde’s writing is both poetic and powerful, and her messages still resonate today. Sister Outsider is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of intersectional feminism and social justice. 

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Boy Erased: A Memoir by Garrard Conley

An honest portrayal of the intersection of faith and sexuality, Boy Erased by Garrard Conley is a compelling read that confronts the harsh realities of conversion therapy. With raw emotion and vivid descriptions, Conley takes readers on his journey of self-discovery and the impact of his strict religious upbringing. This memoir highlights the resilience of the human spirit and the need for acceptance and understanding. 

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a beloved novel that explores art and morality through the lens of a man who remains eternally youthful while his portrait ages in his place. The book’s protagonist, Dorian Gray, becomes increasingly corrupted by his vanity and hedonism, leading to a descent into darkness and despair. 

Oscar Wilde’s classic is a haunting and introspective book that delves deep into the human psyche, with Wilde’s prose painting a vivid picture of the beauty and savagery of the human soul. 

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In at the Deep End by Kate Davies

Kate Davies’ debut novel, In at the Deep End, follows the story of Julia – a young woman exploring her sexuality and navigating the complexities of polyamorous relationships while exploring the London gay bar and BDSM club scene. Davies has masterfully written a witty and engaging novel with characters so well-crafted that the story will captivate you from start to finish. So prepare for a sleepless night!

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The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith’s novel, The Price of Salt, is a groundbreaking love story between two women set in the 1950s. Originally published in 1952 under a pseudonym due to its controversial themes of same-sex romance, it was later republished under Highsmith’s name in 1990 as Carol. 

The Price of Salt beautifully explores desire, love, and the societal pressures that often force individuals to hide their true selves. It serves as a powerful reminder of the bravery it takes to love openly and freely in a world that often tries to silence and shame those who do not conform to societal norms.

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Detransition, Baby: A Novel by Torrey Peters 

Another book that sheds light on the complexities of LGBTQ+ relationships is Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters. The novel explores the struggles faced by three characters: Reese, a trans woman who wants to have a baby with her ex; Ames, Reese’s ex who decided to detransition from Amy to Ames; and Katrina, Ames’ boss and lover who suddenly finds herself pregnant. Peters’ novel offers a nuanced and thought-provoking look at the challenges of gender and identity and how they intersect with love and family.

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Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl by Andrea Lawlor

Continuing the exploration of identity in queer literature, Andrea Lawlor’s Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl is captivating. The novel follows Paul, a shapeshifter who can transform into anyone he desires, as he navigates his gender identity and sexuality in the 1990s queer scene.

Lawlor’s writing is vivid and evocative, immersing the reader in a world of underground parties, drag performances, and sexual exploration. The novel’s exploration of desire and the fluidity of identity is both timely and timeless, making it one of the best LGBTQ+ books available. 

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All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto by George M. Johnson 

All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson is a powerful testament to the possibilities of self-love and acceptance. Johnson’s profoundly moving collection of personal essays vividly portrays his unique experience as a young queer man of color and his resilience in the face of adversity. This must-read for any devotee of LGBTQ literature is an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of embracing who we are.

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Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

Set in 1980s Glasgow, Scotland, the story follows a young boy named Shuggie, who faces poverty and grapples with his queer identity. Stuart’s writing style is sincere and captivating, drawing readers into the characters’ intricate world.

Douglas Stuart’s novel highlights the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals in a society that rejects them, as seen through Shuggie’s experiences. It also delves into the impact of poverty on the LGBTQ community, a topic often ignored in mainstream discourse.

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Fingersmith by Sarah Waters 

For those who enjoy a good historical novel with a complex plotline, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters should be on your reading list. This enthralling book follows the story of two women from vastly different backgrounds who are brought together by a cunning con artist’s scheme. 

Set in Victorian England, Waters expertly weaves together issues of sexuality, class, and power dynamics. Fingersmith provides a unique perspective on society and its structures while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

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Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

New York Times bestseller Last Night at the Telegraph Club is a poignant novel that transports readers back to the 1950s and delves into the experiences of a young lesbian in San Francisco. The protagonist, Lily, navigates both her budding queer identity and her Chinese American heritage in a time of intolerance and discrimination. Lo’s vivid descriptions of the city’s underground lesbian scene provide a richly detailed backdrop for Lily’s journey of self-discovery. 

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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Middlesex is a powerful exploration of gender identity and the complexities of family relationships. The story follows the life of Calliope Stephanides, who is born intersex and raised as a girl before eventually coming to terms with his identity as a man. 

Eugenides’ Middlesex is a thought-provoking coming-of-age novel that delves into the central themes of identity and self-discovery. Be prepared to be swept off your feet with Eugenides’ beautiful prose and mesmerizing storytelling. 

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Ander & Santi Were Here by Jonny Garza Villa

In Ander & Santi Were Here, Jonny Garza Villa delivers a poignant romantic tale about a nonbinary Mexican American teen prepping for life as a muralist while falling for the shy worker at their family’s taqueria.

Poignant and heartwarming, Ander & Santi Were Here is a beautiful and entirely unforgettable young adult contemporary love story that will stay with you long after you finish the final sentence.

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The Guncle by Steven Rowley

Another captivating novel that deserves a spot on your LGBTQ+ reading list is The Guncle by Steven Rowley. This heartwarming and witty story follows the life of a gay uncle who takes on the responsibility of caring for his nieces and nephew after his sister’s sudden death. Through its exploration of grief, family, and identity, The Guncle offers a beautiful and nuanced perspective on life as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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Zami: A New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde

In Zami: A New Spelling of My Name by Audre Lorde, Lorde shares a deeply personal account of her life growing up as a Black lesbian woman in New York City during the 1930s and 40s. Her writing is both poetic and profound, exploring themes of identity, race, sexuality, and love. Through her experiences, Lorde sheds light on the struggles faced by marginalized communities, making this book an essential addition to any LGBTQ reading list.

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A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood

Christopher Isherwood’s novel A Single Man explores the emotional journey of a gay man dealing with losing his partner. The story is set in the early 1960s and focuses on a day in the life of George, a middle-aged English professor struggling to find purpose after the death of his partner.

Isherwood’s A Single Man is a touching novel that delves into themes of grief, loneliness and the search for connection. The author uses vivid imagery and introspective writing to portray life’s fragility and the impact of love and loss. If you appreciate a good story, this beautifully written and profoundly moving novel is a must-read.

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The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s The Mercies is a captivating story set in a secluded Norwegian village during the 1600s. It follows the journey of two women, Maren and Ursa, who confront the harsh reality of their society’s gender expectations and intolerance when their male counterparts disappear at sea. 

Hargrave’s vivid writing style brings the breathtaking scenery and characters’ emotions to life, making The Mercies an unforgettable read.

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