42 Exciting New Romance Books of 2023

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romance books 2023

Nothing is more exciting than finding new romance books that immerse you in an addictive tale of love, spice, and self-discovery. With highly-anticipated sequels from Lucy Score and Tahereh Mafi and captivating new releases from Emily Henry and Talia Hibbert, 2023 has an exciting line-up of romance books to look forward to in the upcoming months.

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Read on to find your new 2023 romance book obsessions.

January Romance Books 2023

Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute by Talia Hibbert 

Release Date: January 3rd

In Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute, Talia Hibbert delivers a humorous love story centered around a conspiracy-obsessed content creator and a star football player as they embark into the great outdoors to test their survival skills and maybe fall in love. 

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Exes and Oh’s by Amy Lea 

Release Date: January 10th

Social media influencer Tara Chen may be a romance book connoisseur, but when it comes to her own love life, it looks nothing like her romance books. Despite having ten failed relationships under her belt, Tara is more determined than ever to have a second chance at love with one of her past flames. 

With help from her new roommate and Boston firefighter Trevor Metcalfe, nothing will keep her from writing an ending to her own story.

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Make a Wish by Helena Hunting 

Release Date: January 24th

If there is one thing Harley Spark regrets, it’s kissing the widowed father of the child she nannied for seven years ago. 

When fate sends Gavin Rhodes and his precious now 9-year-old daughter back into her life, Harley has no desire to revisit that mortifying moment from her past. That is until Gavin seeks Harley out and invites her out to lunch. 

To say life is about to take a surprising turn would be an understatement.

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Can’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley

Release Date: January 25th 

In Can’t Say Goodbye, Eden Finley tells the story of the youngest Talon brother, Brady, and the two Navy SEALs who have his heart.

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Blood of My Monster by Rina Kent 

Release Date: January 26th

In this exciting new Mulan-esque mafia romance from Rina Kent, ambitious mafioso Kirill and vengeful bodyguard Sasha take on the underworld – a world of depraved minds, dark desires, and deadly games.

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Lor by Lily Mayne 

Release Date: January 27th

Lily Mayne returns to her imaginative world where monsters and humans fall in love. In Lor, the seventh installment to the Monstrous series, Jugs, a 20-something camp counselor unwittingly lands himself in the home of Lor’s, an otherworldly creature and leader of a fiefdom in an alternate world. 

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Final Offer by Lauren Asher 

Release Date: January 31st

Lauren Asher returns to the world of the Dreamland Billionaires with Final Offer, the third installment to the bestselling series. 

Few people know the real Callahan Kane under all the labels slapped on him by the media. One of those people happens to be Alana Castillo, his childhood best friend and the love of his life. 

After breaking her heart, Callahan swore to never return to Lake Wisteria, a promise he is forced to break following his grandfather’s death. To receive his inheritance, he must return to Lake Wisteria and live in the family lake house for the summer before selling it. 

There is just one tiny kink in his plans: Lana lives there and has no intention of letting Callahan walk back into her life and selling the property. 

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Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn 

Release Date: January 31st

In Georgie, All Along, Kate Clayborn delivers a heartwarming romance overflowing with humor, emotion, spice, and charm. 

For years, Georgie Mulcahy has worked her butt off as an executive assistant to a famous director in Los Angeles, and when her boss retires, she is left with zero job prospects or aspirations. 

With nothing keeping her in L.A., Georgie returns to her hometown and unwittingly unearths an artifact from the past: her “friendfic” diary. Filled with hopes and dreams from her youth, Georgie decides it’s time to make those plans her reality, and with help from resident grouch Levi Fanning, the town’s former troublemaker turned recluse, she will do just that.

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The Davenports by Krystal Marquis 

Release Date: January 31st

Based on the true story of the Patterson family, Krystal Marquis weaves a mesmerizing tale following the lives of four bold and tenacious Black women in the early 1900s as they venture out into the world to pursue their dreams – and maybe find love along the way.  

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Jasper Vale by Devney Perry 

Release Date: January 31st

In Jasper Vale, Devney Perry returns to The Edens with Eloise and Jasper’s story, a small town romance with a fake relationship. 

Eloise Eden is more than ready to take the reins of her family’s hotel in Quincy, Montana, and she is doing everything to prove that to her parents. All it takes is one weekend in Vegas, a spontaneous marriage, and a man desperate to keep the fauxmance alive for three months to potentially derail all of her hard work. 

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February Romance Books 2023

Before Us by Jewel E. Ann

Release Date: February 2nd

In this highly-anticipated emotional contemporary romance from Jewel E. Ann, three broken souls find solace in one another, but only two are left to pick up the pieces of their crumbling life when tragedy strikes. 

Emersyn never expected to become friends with Suzie, a dying woman whose house she cleaned, nor did she expect Suzie’s husband, Zach, to invite her to live with them after discovering her troubling living conditions.  

When Suzie passes, Zach shocks Em for the second time when he offers to marry her after learning that she needs medical insurance. Falling for Zach was never supposed to happen, but fate had other plans.

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Secretly Yours by Tessa Bailey 

Release Date: February 7th

Hallie Welch never expected to cross paths with the boy she fell for at fourteen again. However, fate has other plans. 

When Julian Vos returns to their small Napa town, Hallie expects to reconnect with the prodigal hottie and maybe even nab that kiss she never got. To say that Hallie is shocked that the boy she remembered is long gone would be an understatement. 

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These Infinite Threads by Tahereh Mafi 

Release Date: February 7th

In the captivating sequel to the New York Times bestseller This Woven Kingdom, Alizeh, the long-lost heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom, and Kamran, the crown prince of the Ardunian throne, return to a crumbling world.

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Powerless by Elsie Silver 

Release Date: February 10th

The world may know Jasper Gervais as the talented hockey heartthrob, but in the eyes of his childhood best friend, he will always be the object of her unrequited love. But what happens when that love is no longer unrequited? 

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Things We Hide From the Light by Lucy Score 

Release Date: February 21st

In the breathtaking sequel to the New York Times bestseller Things We Never Got Over, Lucy Score returns to the charming town of Knockemout, Virginia, and tells the story of Knox’s brother, Nash Morgan, and the striking new neighbor Lina who sees behind his brooding facade. 

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The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest 

Release Date: February 28th

In The Neighbor Favor, introverted bookworm Lily Greene unwittingly enlists the help of the author she connected with over a string of emails months before, a man she now knows as her hot new neighbor Nick Brown. 

To say that the situation becomes a lot more complicated when Nick realizes that the girl looking to score a date with someone else is his mystery girl would be an understatement.

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March Romance Books 2023

The Love Wager by Lynn Painter 

Release Date: March 14th

Following a less-than-perfect night together, Hallie and Jack are in complete agreement that despite not having the makings of a great love story, they could be the perfect wing-person for each other in their searches for The One. 

Everything is running smoothly until a wedding changes the tides and forces them to question their arrangement. 

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April Romance Books 2023

The Plus One by Mazey Eddings 

Release Date: April 4th

In The Plus One, Mazey Eddings crafts a smart and sexy romance perfect for fans of the childhood enemies to lovers trope with a sprinkling of fake dating. 

Indira is happy with her life. She has a car, the perfect job, and the perfect boyfriend. Then everything falls apart after finding said “perfect” boyfriend in a compromising position with another woman. If she never saw him again, it would be too soon. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans.

After three years of traveling the world as a doctor, Jude returns home for a wedding. The elaborative event proves to be more stressful than he thought possible, pushing him to strike up a fauxmance with his childhood enemy Indira who is also at her wit’s end with her ex and his new girlfriend. 

But what starts as a fake relationship blossoms into something neither ever saw coming. 

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Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld 

Release Date: April 4th

Curtis Sittenfeld flips the script with Romantic Comedy, a hilarious and witty tale of Sally Milz, a jaded Emmy-winning sketch writer for a late-night comedy show, and Noah Brewster, a global pop sensation with a reputation for dating models.  

When yet another of Sally Milz’s fellow talented but average-looking writers, Danny Horst, lands a glamorous actress, Sally is perplexed and, quite honestly, frustrated by the phenomenon. As an outlet for her frustrations, Sally creates the Danny Horst Rule, a skit calling attention to the occurrence while pointing out how unlikely the reverse would happen for a woman.

Enter Noah Brewster, the A-list star with a sweet spot for models, who stars as the host and musical guest on The Night Owls. Charmed by his charisma, the two instantly click and bounce ideas off each other left and right. Even though sparks are flying and their chemistry is off the charts, Sally knows nothing can come of it. After all, this is not a romantic comedy. 

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Ander & Santi Were Here by Jonny Garza Villa 

Release Date: April 4th

In Ander & Santi Were Here, Jonny Garza Villa delivers a poignant romantic tale about a nonbinary Mexican American teen prepping for life as a muralist as they fall for the shy hottie working at their family’s taqueria.

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The Nanny by Lana Ferguson 

Release Date: April 11th

Cassie Evans thought she had her life together. Now she is unemployed and on the verge of eviction. With limited job prospects and zero desire to reopen her OnlyFans account, Cassie takes a chance and replies to an ad about a live-in nanny position. It seems like the perfect opportunity until she meets her potential employer.

Aiden Reid is the definition of a DILF and checks off every one of Cassie’s turn-ons, making her question whether to take the job. However, desperation pushes her to accept. After all, how hard can it be to put Aiden and his bedroom eyes firmly in the employer zone?

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Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez 

Release Date: April 11th

First impressions can make or break future relationships. In the case of Dr. Briana Ortiz and her co-worker Dr. Jacob Maddox, it destroyed all chances of respect, let alone friendship. That is until Jacob turns the tables by writing a surprisingly thoughtful letter that alters her initial perception of the promotion-stealing pain in her butt. 

Soon the two are exchanging notes, eating lunch together, and becoming more than just co-workers. Then Jacob gives her the greatest gift – a kidney for her brother – making her question whether The One has been right in front of her this entire time. 

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Adelaide by Genevieve Wheeler 

Release Date: April 11th

In Genevieve Wheeler’s debut novel Adelaide, Wheeler delivers a poignant love story about a twenty-something American living in London who meets The One by chance. 

At twenty-six, Adelaide Williams is living her best life in the bustling city of London with her amazing friends and charming boyfriend. Life could not be more perfect, especially when she has the alluring Englishman Rory Hughes as a boyfriend.

From the moment Adelaide met Rory, it was a hopeless endeavor to keep herself from falling in love. Yes, he may take his time responding to her texts, and, okay, he tends to flake on their commitments, but that means nothing when Adelaide knows he is just as committed to her as she is to him.


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The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur 

Release Date: April 18th

In The Fiancée Farce, Alexandria Bellefleur weaves a steamy tale about Tansy Adams, a struggling bookstore owner trying to keep her business afloat, and Gemma van Dalen, a romance novel cover girl in need of a faux marriage to receive her inheritance. When the two meet, they agree to a modern-day marriage of convenience. The guidelines were clear, but as feelings blur, the arrangement blossoms into something neither ever saw coming.

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The Highest Bidder by Sara Cate 

Release Date: April 20th

In The Highest Bidder, Sara Cate returns to the Salacious Club universe with Ronan Kade and the daughter of a woman he once dated. Fans of age gaps will fall head over heels for this steamy romance.

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Happy Place by Emily Henry 

Release Date: April 25th

In Emily Henry’s highly-anticipated new release Happy Place, a group of friends return to their happy place for one last hoorah but unbeknownst to all but two, the trip will be far from happy. 

Harriet and Wyn’s best friends have no idea that they broke up, and they plan on keeping it that way – Even if that means rooming together and pretending to be a happy couple while on their decade-long yearly getaway at the Maine cottage. 

It’s the perfect plan. Truly. 

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The Retreat by Zara Raheem

Release Date: April 25th

In Zara Raheem’s new release, The Retreat, Nadia Abbasi is doing everything she can to keep her marriage afloat when she finds evidence of her husband’s infidelity. Determined to find and confront the other woman, Nadia enlist the help of her estranged sister Zeba, and together, the two hunt down the woman who shattered the last vestiges of their marriage.                                                       

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King of Pride by Ana Huang 

Release Date: April 27th

From the bestselling author of the Twisted series comes King of Pride, a steamy billionaire romance and the sequel to King of Wrath.

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May Romance Books 2023

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune 

Release Date: May 2nd

Fern Brookbanks had dreams that did not include running her mother’s resort, working with her ex, and remaining hung up on the artist she shared an undeniable connection with one day in her early twenties. 

Now at thirty-two, Fern is drowning and desperately needs a lifeline. To her shock, that lifeline comes in the not-so-familiar shape of the artist from her past: Will Baxter. 

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The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren 

Release Date: May 16th

Things heat up when esteemed romance novelist Felicity “Fizzy” Chen and successful documentary filmmaker Connor Prince team up to weave the quintessential Hollywood love story and skyrocket their careers from the New York Times bestselling authors of The Soulmate Equation and The Unhoneymooners

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Fake Dates and Mooncakes by Sher Lee 

Release Date: May 16th

Dylan Tang wants one thing – to win the coveted Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake-making competition – and nothing will get in his way. Not even the disarmingly handsome Theo Somers, the dashing, wealthy customer who distracts Dylan as none have before. 

Dazzled by his charm, Dylan unwittingly finds himself falling head over heels, but when Theo convinces him to be his fake date for a wedding in the Hamptons, he realizes how much their worlds differ. And Dylan has no room to deal with the problems of the elite, not with the mooncake competition on the horizon. 

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Mrs. Nash’s Ashes by Sarah Adler 

Release Date: May 23rd

In Mrs. Nash’s Ashes, hopeless romantic Millicent Watts-Cohen embarks on a journey with pessimistic writer Hollis Hollenbeck to bring the ashes of her elderly best friend, Mrs. Nash, to her final resting place with her one true love.

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Once More with Feeling by Elissa Sussman 

Release Date: May 30th

Before Kathleen Rosenberg became just another ordinary gal living in America, she was Katee Rose, the chart-topping pop sensation with a slew of sold-out concerts and an insanely famous boyfriend that graced the walls of many lovestruck CrushZone fans. 

However, when the pressures of fame became too much, she fell into the arms of a different member of CrushZone: Cal Kirby. What may have been the single hottest night of their lives became the turning point for Katee’s fall from stardom.  

Now Kathleen is perfectly content with a life of mediocrity until Cal re-enters her life with an offer she can’t refuse – a starring role in a Broadway show. Despite their rocky history and mutual distaste for each other, the two take the plunge and push their differences aside. 

But there is a reason the two fell into bed once, and that attraction is still there, sizzling below the surface, just waiting for the perfect moment to bubble over.

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June Romance Books 2023

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey 

Release Date: June 6th

Natalie Vos needs a husband if she hopes to access her trust fund to finance her new business venture, and August Cates needs a loan to keep his recently-inherited vineyard from going bankrupt. It would be the perfect recipe for a marriage of convenience if not for their mutual feelings of hatred. But you know what they say: There is a thin line between love and hate. 

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Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood 

Release Date: June 13th

From the bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis and Love on the Brain comes Love, Theoretically, an academia-infused romance centered around Elsie Hannway, a theoretical physicist and professor, and Jack Smith, the arrogant and unfairly attractive older brother of her favorite client.

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July Romance Books 2023

Hello Stranger by Katherine Center 

Release Date: July 11th

From the bestselling author of The Bodyguard and Happiness for Beginners comes Hello Stranger, a heartwarming romance that will become an instant favorite of 2023.

Struggling artist Sadie Montogmery is struggling to see faces following a surgical operation that left her with a rare condition that, according to the doctors, should be temporary. If not for her fourteen-year-old dog, Peanut, she would be in an even worse headspace. When an emergency brings her to the vet, she meets and scores a date with the sweet veterinarian Dr. Addison. 

There is just one problem: Her obnoxious neighbor Joe. 

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Mortal Follies by Alexis Hall 

Release Date: July 11th

In Mortal Follies, Maelys Mitchelmore, a cursed noblewoman, must join forces with Lady Georgianna Landrake, the “Duke of Annadale” and a rumored witch, to find a way to disable the curse that is slowly tearing apart her reputation, piece by torturous piece. 

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One Summer in Savannah by Terah Shelton Harris 

Release Date: July 11th

In One Summer in Savannah, a thought-provoking debut from Terah Shelton Harris, two complex individuals learn the power of forgiveness and the courage it takes to step out of the darkness in this story of family, love, loss, redemption, and self-discovery.

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The Summer Girl by Elle Kennedy 

Release Date: July 18th

Since the divorce that split her family and transplanted her to Boston, Cassie Soul has not stepped foot in the beachside town of Avalon Bay. Filled with nostalgia, memories, and her grandmother’s soon-to-be-sold boardwalk hotel, Cassie jets off to the quaint seaside town to celebrate her twenty-first birthday and snag a summer fling. 

Enter Avalon Bay’s resident golden boy and player extraordinaire, Tate Bartlett. When Tate sets eyes on the gorgeous college student, he knows she is not the type of girl you mess around with, pushing him to turn her down when she asks for a fling. However, the two become fast friends, and as the days pass, sparks fly, forcing Tate to question whether he made the right decision.

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August Romance Books 2023

God of Ruin by Rina Kent 

Release Date: August 10th

Bestselling author Rina Kent returns to her Legacy of Gods series with God of Ruin, a dark college romance overflowing with chemistry, danger, and romance.

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Foxglove by Adalyn Grace 

Release Date: August 22nd

In the enchanting sequel to the Gothic romantic fantasy Belladonna, Signa and Death return to face an entity that is hellbent on ripping them apart and spreading chaos in its wake.  

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The Brothers Hawthorne by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 

Release Date: August 29th

Grayson and Jameson Hawthorne return in the highly-awaited spin-off to Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ bestselling series The Inheritance Games

Once the heir to the Hawthorne empire, Grayson Hawthorne was taught to put family first, and despite the games that left him and his family disinherited, he has never forgotten those lessons. So when he hears that his half-sisters are in trouble, he does what he does best: Deal with the problem and bury those who get in his way.

Jameson Hawthorne never says no to an adrenaline high, especially one that takes him into the heart of London’s underground society to infiltrate an exclusive gambling ring to win an impossible game with dangerous stakes and deadly consequences.

With help from their brothers and the girl who inherited their grandfather’s fortunes, Grayson and Jameson will do whatever it takes to come out on top in this deadly game of mystery, danger, and intrigue. 

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