25 Of The Best Single Dad Romance Books

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When it comes to the romance genre, kids can add fun and more complex elements to a relationship. From fractured father-son bonds to overworked fathers in need of a nanny, these single-dad romance books revolve around fatherhood, new chances at love, and the struggles that come with parenthood.

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Read on for the best single dad romance books.

Forever Right Now by Emma Scott 

After a three-year stint in jail for drug possession, Darlene Montgomery is starting fresh in San Francisco to get her life back on track and maybe revive her dance career. Determined to focus on herself, the last thing Darlene needs is to fall for the gorgeous neighbor with the adorable daughter. 

Sawyer Haas is overworked, overstressed, and simply over law school. Determined to make it to graduation without any distractions, the last thing Sawyer needs is to fall for his stunning new neighbor who turns his life upside down.

Forever Right Now is an unputdownable contemporary romance that takes its readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery, healing, and self-love. As one of the best single dad romance books, I recommend adding Emma Scott’s page-turner to your bookshelf because it is a wonderfully written masterpiece.

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Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

When the uptight thirty-five-year-old lawyer Flint Hopkins rents out the upstairs unit to the bubbly, recently divorced music therapist Ellen Rodgers, he expects Beethoven and noise-canceling headphones. What Flint gets instead is a cacophony of sounds that permeate through the walls and drive him insane.

Determined to send Ellen on her way, Flint serves her with an eviction notice. But his plans are quickly derailed when his twelve-year-old autistic son Harrison becomes fast friends with Ellen and develops an appreciation for her music and four pet rats.

Hilarious, sexy and fun, Look the Part is an unputdownable rom-com and one of the best single dad romance books, perfect for fans of music, the grumpy/sunshine trope and slow-burn romances.

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You & Me by Tal Bauer

All Luke Hale wants to do is repair his relationship with his 17-year-old son Emmet. Ever since the death of his wife, the two barely speak, and with every passing day, the divide grows wider and wider. 

Everything changes the day he shows up at Emmet’s football practice and finds himself recruited by super-dad extraordinaire Landon Larsen, dad to his son’s best friend, to volunteer. And with each passing day, Luke witnesses his son open up, and the two slowly mend their fractured bond. 

But there’s one thing Luke never saw coming: his feelings for Landon. 

Breathtakingly sweet, intensely emotional, and deeply moving, You & Me is a beautifully written single dads, friends-to-lovers, bi awakening MM romance that delivers all the feels despite its low level of angst. 

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Eleanor & Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry

Greyson East had all of Eleanor’s firsts: her first kiss, first boyfriend, first love and first heartbreak. When Eleanor interviews for a nanny gig, she is shocked to find out that the dad is none other than Greyson East, except this man is no longer the boy she fondly remembers. 

When dealt a bad hand in life, some boats sink and others float. In Greyson’s case, his boat lays in ruins in the deepest trench of the ocean. Cold and detached, Grey has shut everyone out and refuses to shed the armored skin he now gleans. When his high school flame reappears as the new nanny, he makes her promise to keep their past in the past, but the past rarely stays buried. 

For a slow-burn, second-chance romance between high school sweethearts who were taken down separate paths only to meet up years later, read Eleanor & Grey. As one of the best single dad romance books on the market, it’s a must-read.

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Down Too Deep by J. Daniels

When tragedy hit and left Nathan Bell a widow, the single father shut down, throwing himself into work and leaving his parents to become his daughter’s pseudo-caretakers – a decision he comes to regret two years later. 

Now unable to connect with his daughter, Nathan reaches out to the one person who may be able to salvage their bond: Jenna Savage, a single mom of twins. 

As the days pass, Nathan finds himself falling for the supermom, but he knows it cannot last. After all, their arrangement has a deadline. 

Emotional, passionate, and sweet, Down Too Deep is an unputdownable slow-burn page-turner perfect for readers looking for single parent romance books with a single mom and dad.

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Heartless by Elsie Silver 

In desperate need of a nanny for his son over the summer, Cade Eaton grudgingly hires his sister-in-law’s best friend, Willa Grant. Despite the panty-dropping encounter he shared with the stunning redhead, he is determined to keep things professional. If only they could keep their eyes – and hands – off each other.

Spicy, sweet, and highly readable, Heartless is a swoon-worthy single dad romance perfect for readers who love small towns, grumpy heroes, age gaps, and witty banter.

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To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

When Lucy temporarily moves in with her best friend Olive and her husband Jason, she never expects the legendary Hollywood heartthrob Adam Connor to move in next door with his son. 

Curious to catch a glimpse of the famous bachelor, Lucy and Olive dabble in some light espionage and peer over the fence. In a twist of fate, Lucy finds herself locked behind bars with a new brand-new enemy in Adam Connor. 

Hate Adam Connor? Is that even possible? 

Ella Maise delivers a funny, swoon-worthy celebrity romance between a recently divorced single dad and a heartbroken college grad. Filled with off the charts chemistry, this enemies-to-lovers single dad romance will have you breaking out the bullhorn, confessing your love to Adam Connor.  

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Deal Maker by Lily Morton

Jude Bailey may be living the high life as a highly successful underwear model, but if he had it his way, he would give up the glamorous lifestyle and never-ending string of hookups in an instant. 

When an accident leaves his flat in shambles and him temporarily homeless and desperate for money, he accepts an offer from an unlikely source, leading to an unforgettable summer spent with well-known actor Asa Jacobs and his precocious 5-year-old son Billy. 

Hilarious, cute, and sexy, Deal Maker is an unforgettable MM slow-burn forced proximity romance filled with laugh-out-loud pranks, witty banter that will etch a permanent smile onto your face, and heartwarming moments that will tug at your heartstrings. 

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The Invitation by Vi Keeland 

When Stella Bardot finds an invitation to a swanky wedding addressed to her no-good thief of an ex-roomie, she decides to snag her invite and crash the wedding – a decision that comes to bite her in the butt when the bride’s gorgeous brother finds out the truth. 

Sexy, funny, and witty, The Invitation is a highly entertaining contemporary romance that delivers fun banter, off-the-charts steam, and swoon-worthy moments. As one of the best single dad romance books on the market, I recommend adding it to your bookshelf.

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Scandalous by L.J. Shen

Thirty-three-year-old business mogul Trent Rexroth, aka The Mute, has no time for distractions, especially in the form of eighteen-year-old high school senior Edie Van Der Zee. 

Blackmailed by her father, Edie is tasked with finding dirt on Trent. But, along the way, she finds something completely different and incredibly priceless.

If you’re hungry for a taboo enemies-to-lovers romance with an age gap, Scandalous is bound to send your ovaries into overdrive. As one of the best single dad romance books, you should absolutely add this to your TBR list. 

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Written with Regret by Aly Martinez

Caven Hunt was minutes away from closing on a billion dollar business deal when he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep who he later learns is his daughter. 

Four years later, Caven’s world is turned upside down once again when Hadley, the mother of his daughter, makes a surprise appearance at Rosie’s fourth birthday party. 

Suspicious of her intentions, Caven fights her at every turn until he learns of their shared past, drenched in tragedy. 

Read Written with Regret if you’re in the mood for an emotional single dad romance filled with twists you’ll never see coming. 

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When the Time is Right by Aly Martinez 

Everyone needs someone to lean on, and for Alexis Lawson, that person is none other than her and her brother’s best friend, Hudson Bradley. The lines were clear and would have remained that way if not for a bet – a bet that would irrevocably change their lives.

When the Time is Right is a single dad, friends-to-lovers romance overflowing with witty banter, laugh-out-loud moments, and emotions.

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Return to Us by Corinne Michaels

Jessica Walker and Grayson Parkerson were young and in love once. But in the face of Grayson’s parents’ constant disapproval, she chooses to leave him before he’s forced to choose between her and his family. 

Years later, a life-changing event brings Jessica back to Willow Creek to recover and mend her life back together. Seeing Gray was not in the books, but nothing could have prepared her for the feelings that came rushing back the second she locked eyes with the now single dad.

Read Return to Us if you’re looking for a second chance romance between a single dad and a survivor trying to mend the pieces of her life back together.

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Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan

NBA star Kenan Ross had it all until he didn’t. The fall from grace began with a less-than-stellar trade to a losing team and ended with a nasty divorce after discovering his wife’s late-night extracurriculars. 

When his ex moves to New York City with their daughter Simone, Kenan follows and plans to stay in the city during the off-season. What he did not expect was to bump into Lotus DePree, a woman who could be the one person to put him back together if given the key.

Raw, emotional, and steamy, Hook Shot is an unforgettable contemporary romance perfect for readers interested in single dad sports romances with an age gap.

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The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

Best friends Mercedes Lopez, Noah Andelin and Cora McKinney were inseparable growing up. But when Cora asked Mercedes if she was in love with Noah, she told Cora the biggest lie of her life. 

From that day on, Mercedes would be the best friend, the bridesmaid, the godmother and the glue that held Noah together when tragedy struck and his life came crashing down in a matter of minutes. 

The Smallest Part is a friends-to-lovers romance centered around a single dad and his best friend. Amy Harmon brings us a poignant tale of friendship, heartache, loss, forgiveness and love in this beautiful, slow-burn single dad romance. 

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Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox

At twenty-two, Liam “Doc” Wilde was irrecoverably changed after being sent out to the front lines in Vietnam. Designated as a medic in spite of his laughable medical background, Liam quickly found a place amongst his brothers-in-arms. 

Despite being forever altered by the ugliness of war, Liam would go back and do it all over again because it was there that he met his best friend and closest confidante, Major Marian, who single-handedly ensured Liam’s safe return home to his wife and three kids. And he became the one person he could trust when tragedy struck years later.

For his entire adult life, Weston “Major” Marian has only ever known life as a military man since joining the U.S. Army at seventeen, days after running away from home. When he first lays eyes on the new medic, he knows he’s in trouble because there’s nothing worse than falling for a straight guy who has a family waiting for him back home, especially when that family becomes his everything. 

Emotional, raw, and heartwarming, Wilde Love is a breathtaking slow-burn MM military romance that will blow you away with its beautiful character progression and uplifting storyline. As one of the best single dad romance books on the market, I recommend adding this to your bookshelf.

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Rifts & Refrains by Devney Perry

At eighteen, Quinn Montgomery left everything behind to pursue a career in music. But when tragedy strikes, Hush Note’s legendary drummer is forced to return home. And nothing could have ever prepared her for seeing her first love again after nine years of radio silence. 

Beautiful, heartbreaking, and raw, Rifts and Refrains is a captivating single dad romance that will tug at your heartstrings and stay on your mind for days on end. 

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Zack by Sawyer Bennett

When tragedy strikes and leaves hockey star Zack Grantham a single father drowning in grief, his downward spiral forces him to put his career on hold. Now back on the road, Zack is struggling to fit the pieces of his life back together. All of that starts with hiring a nanny for his son Ben.    

Enter Kate Francis: A recent college grad whose nerdy, goofy personality makes her an instant favorite with kids. When she lands herself a job as a live-in nanny for a pro-athlete, she does not expect to earn a spot on Zack’s shitlist. But despite his chilly personality, Kate keeps a positive attitude and becomes just the person his son needs most.

Now if only she could win over Zack.

Zack is a memorable page-turner perfect for readers who love single dad romance books with the grumpy/sunshine trope.

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The Darkest Sunrise by Aly Martinez 

Charlotte Mills experienced every parent’s worst fear when her baby boy disappeared. Ten years later, Charlotte has found success as a heart surgeon, but she is a ghost of her former self and has not given up hope on finding her son.

Single father Porter Reese was left reeling following his wife’s passing. Now, he is trying to save his son, who needs a heart transplant. With few viable options, Porter seeks out top pulmonologist Charlotte Mills. But there is one problem: She doesn’t treat children. 

Heartbreaking and beautifully complex, The Darkest Sunrise is a stunning single dad contemporary romance that will have you falling head over heels. Prepare for a rollercoaster of twists and turns.    

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Forbidden by Karla Sorensen

MMA fighter Aiden Hennessy graced many of his fans’ walls during the height of his popularity. One of those fans just so happens to be Isabel Ward, the manager of the gym Aiden bought. 

Sparks fly, but the single dad is not looking for a relationship.

Fate has other plans.

Forbidden is a slow-burn sports romance perfect for readers that love their books with an age gap, a grumpy single dad, and a workplace fling.

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The Christmas Fix by Lucy Score

Cat King is a home improvement expert and reality TV star determined to save a small town’s Christmas festival in the wake of a devastating hurricane. Relationships are not even on her radar, especially ones with grumpy town managers.

Steamy, festive, and funny, The Christmas Fix is an entertaining enemies-to-lovers romance perfect for the holidays. If you love single dad romance books with the grumpy/sunshine trope, you need to add this must-read to your bookshelf.

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Love to Hate Her by J. Saman

The night 19-year-old Viola Starr broke up with her high school sweetheart and Wild Minds guitarist Gus Diamond, not only did she walk out of his life, she left everyone. 

Seven years later, Viola is struggling to make ends meet when she gets an offer that seems too good to be true: a hundred and twenty-five grand for five months on the road as a nanny for a rockstar’s three-year-old daughter. The only catch? She will be working for her ex’s twin, Jasper Diamond, the elusive singer who wreaked havoc on her mind after divulging a monumental secret that changed everything.     

Wonderfully written, insanely memorable, and exceptionally sexy, Love to Hate Her is a mesmerizingly beautiful emotional rollercoaster that will have you feeling a host of emotions. As one of the best single dad rockstar romance books, I recommend adding it to your must-read pile.

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Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

At twenty-three, former tennis player Easton Bradbury has high hopes for her first year teaching at a private school in New Orleans. What she never foresaw was Tyler Marek: the enigmatic businessman she met at a Mardi Gras ball. 

When Tyler shows up at a parent-teacher meeting, Easton quickly realizes two things: one, Tyler has no idea how to raise a teenager and two, nothing can ever come of their strong mutual attraction.   

Read Misconduct if you enjoy steamy taboo romances where the teacher falls for her student’s single father. 

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The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

In TJ Klune’s best-selling YA fantasy The House in the Cerulean Sea, Linus Baker is a caseworker at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. 

When he is tasked with traveling to a magical island to inspect the six dangerous children housed at the Marsyas Island Orphanage, Linus must decide whether they have the power to bring about the end of the world.   

Love should have never entered the equation. But when Linus meets Arthur Parnassus, the man in charge of the orphanage, everything changes. 

Magical, heartwarming, and sweet, The House in the Cerulean Sea is an enchanting YA fantasy about found family, acceptance, and unconditional love.  

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Sweet Temptation by Cora Reilly

When Cassio’s wife dies, leaving his children motherless, expectations push him to take a new wife. What he did not expect was an arranged marriage to an eighteen-year-old.

Barely an adult herself, Giulia is unsure whether she is ready to become a mom herself, but despite all of that, she keeps an optimistic disposition and steps up to her new role.

For a forced proximity, single dad mafia romance that is as entertaining as it is engaging, I recommend looking at Sweet Temptation.

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