21 Best MM Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

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When you are looking for MM with a hate-to-lovers trope, nothing is better than MM enemies-to-lovers romance books. Between the extreme sexual tension and off-the-charts heat, the enemies-to-lovers trope can be a chef’s kiss in the romance genre when done right.

With that in mind, I put together a curated list of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books out there. Make sure to carve out a solid chunk of time because you will be incredibly busy if you have yet to open these page-turners.

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Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid

Since their rookie season, Canadian golden boy Shane Hollander and Russian heartbreaker Ilya Rozanov’s rivalry have been legendary. A little thing that no one knows is that it’s all a sham (mostly). Because Shane and Ilya have a secret: they have been hooking up since they were nineteen. And as the faces of the NHL, keeping their hidden affair hidden has never been more crucial. 

Funny, sexy, and sweet, Heated Rivalry is an unputdownable MM enemies-to-lovers sports romance filled with witty banter, adorable moments, and a rivalry like no other. Shane and Ilya have the sweetest moments, so prepare to have a permanent smile tattooed on your face while reading their story. 

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Egotistical Puckboy by Eden Finley

Bold, egotistical, and witty, gay pro hockey star Ezra Palaszczuk has an ego the size of Texas and the skills to match, both on and off the ice. Everything would be perfect if not for Anton Hayes, the straight-laced golden boy of the NHL. 

Cocky, charitable, and confident, Anton has worked for years to become the best in the league, and he refuses to allow a trade to mess with his head… Even if that trade lands him on the same team as Ezra, his obnoxiously sexy rival who left him wanting more after their explosive one-night stand.

What can go wrong?

Addicting, steamy, and sweet, Egotistical Puckboy is an unputdownable MM enemies-to-lovers sports romance overflowing with hilarious banter, swoon-worthy chemistry, and nail-biting hockey games. Prepare for Anton and Ezra to become your next obsession.  

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Savage Rivals by Becca Steele

Rival football team captains Asher Henderson and Levi Woodford have been at each other’s throats from the moment they went head-to-head on the field. Known for their legendary pranks and long-time rivalry, the two could never be anything more than enemies. Until one night when they take things too far. 

With off-the-charts steam and blazing hot sexual tension, Savage Rivals is a sexy enemies-to-lovers romance that takes enemies to an entirely new level.

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Feuds and Reckless Fury by K. Webster

Canyon Voss thirsts for revenge. Ever since his father proposed to his best friend and shattered their family beyond repair, Canyon has wanted nothing more than to make him pay for upending their lives. And what better way to get back at him than through his future stepdad’s son: Alister Sommers. 

The bleach blonde perfectionist is the bane of Canyon’s existence. With his perfect grades, track star status, and prodigal musical talent, Alister has it all. But when Canyon sets out to destroy him, he never expects his hatred to morph into an unshakable attraction. 

Addictive, emotional, and highly entertaining, Feuds and Reckless Fury is an unputdownable stepbrother romance filled with angst, sexual tension, and witty banter. As one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books on the market, I recommend adding K. Webster’s captivating romance to your bookshelf.

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Malum Discordiae by Ashlyn Drewek

Forever jaded by the deaths of their loved ones, the Corbin necromancers and the Hewitt weather witches remain locked in a bitter, centuries-long blood feud with no end in sight. Nothing and no one could ever hope to unite the two families. 

That is until now. 

When Cassius Corbin returns home six years after his mother’s murder, his plans include finding the long-lost magical folio stolen from his family and attending Tennebrose University: Not getting cozy with the enemy.

Hauntingly beautiful, intensely eerie, and highly readable, Malum Discordiae is an unputdownable dark academia, paranormal romance overflowing with dark magic, forbidden love, and intense passion.

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Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Following a coup led by his half-brother, war hero, and heir to the Akielos throne Damon Akielos is captured, shipped off to the rival kingdom of Vere, and sold into sexual servitude. To make matters worse, his new master is none other than the prince of the enemy nation. 

Beautiful, calculating, and vindictive, Prince Laurent is a master at mind games. When he unwittingly lands himself with his rival, a fact that he is unaware of, as a pleasure slave, he embarks on the biggest mind game of all – a mind game that will spell their ruin.  

Dark, intense, and controversial, Captive Prince is a highly addictive slow-burn MM enemies-to-lovers romance overflowing with betrayals, political intrigue, deadly secrets, and dangerous games.  

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These Vile Secrets by CE Ricci

Murder. Conspiracy. Deception.

Heir to a secret society known as the Enclave, Roman Mitchell is no stranger to secrets, lies, and betrayals. Determined to unveil his brotherhood’s many sins, Roman sets out to unearth every vile secret that his father has buried. Everything would be running smoothly if not for the striking six-foot asshole in Armani who verbally eviscerates Roman at every turn. 

Training a spoiled trust-fund baby to become CEO of Key Enterprise Holdings is the last thing Hale Calloway wants to do, especially when that baby happens to be his almost one-night-stand from the night before. But does something that no man has ever done before: climb his walls and break them down, brick-by-brick.   

Dark, steamy, and emotional, These Vile Secrets is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers, MM office romance filled with sizzling chemistry, dangerous lies, and twists that will leave you desperate for more. As one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books on the market, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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Hold Me Under by Riley Nash

In Hold Me Under, Riley Nash tells the story of Ethan Lowe, a twenty-something landscaper who is offered 20k to pose as the fake boyfriend of Victor Lang, a former Olympic-bound swimmer turned reclusive has-been. Despite everything telling him to steer clear, Ethan accepts the offer, and what comes after will forever change their lives.

Hold Me Under is an emotional rollercoaster perfect for fans of the enemies-to-lovers trope. 

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Wrath by Ella James

No one gets under Josh Miller’s skin quite like his new stepbrother Ezra Masters. Aloof, sexy, and cruel, Josh never expects to fall for the insufferable football star who challenges him at every turn. But with each passing night, Josh breaks down Ezra’s walls brick-by-brick. And when those walls are nothing but rubble and dust, Ezra will need Josh more than ever because his scars run deeper than anyone could have ever known.

Angsty, steamy, and heartbreaking, Wrath is a spellbinding, forbidden stepbrother romance that will leave you with an epic book hangover. If you love second chance MM enemies-to-lovers romances, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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Captive by Jex Lane

When fledgling vampire Matthew finds himself captured and forced into servitude by the enigmatic High Lord General Tarrick, he learns two things: (1) incubi and vampires have been battling for centuries in a seemingly endless war and (2) he may be the one person who could change the tide of the war. 

Dark, emotional, and seductive, Captive is a spellbinding MM enemies-to-lovers vampire romance filled with action, adventure, and romance. Carve out a nice chunk of time because once you start this page-turner, you will not be able to put it down. 

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Follow the River by CE Ricci

Unapologetically himself, college quarterback River Lennox has never been one to back down from a challenge, be it in football or life. When he learned that he was bisexual, River embraced it, so no one would ever be able to use it as weapon against him. 

Enter Ciaráin Grady. Hostile, cruel, and broken, Rain despises his happy-go-lucky captain and tears him down at every chance he gets. But when the taunts and jabs are taken too far, the two will be irrecoverably changed.

Deliciously dark, intensely emotional, and uncomfortably raw, Follow the River is a powerful MM enemies-to-lovers romance (emphasis on the enemies) that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of hate, love, loss, and self-discovery. Make sure to read the trigger warning in the beginning.   

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Playing Games by Riley Hart

Star lacrosse player Tyson Langley is the king of Franklin University. Popular and well-liked, Ty cannot grasp why the brooding bad boy that works behind the counter at FU’s resident bar, Shenanigans, seems to hate him.

If there is one thing Braxton Walker hates, it is privileged star lacrosse players who think they are gods gift to the human population. But despite that, he cannot seem to get a certain popular jock out of his head. 

Playing Games is an unputdownable MM college romance overflowing with hilarious banter, swoon-worthy flirting, and sizzling sexual tension.

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont, the first son of the United States, barely tolerates Henry, the Prince of England, and vice versa. 

In the aftermath of a particularly volatile verbal spar, the two are forced to play nice with one another when U.S./British relations take a turn for the worse. Still, no one ever said it was easy to build a friendship with your arch nemesis. 

As they truly get to know each other, their fake friendship blossoms and grows into something deeper than they ever imagined.

If you’re obsessed with royalty, Red, White & Royal Blue is perfect for fans of MM slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance books. As one of the best laugh-out-loud rom coms, it needs to be added to your TBR list. Casey McQuinston’s instant bestseller will become your next book obsession. 

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Soul Eater by Lily Mayne

Two decades ago, a rift formed between Earth and another dimension – a dimension housing a host of deadly and monstrous species that flooded Earth’s continents and decimated human civilizations. 

In Soul Eater, we meet Danny Sullihan, a 23-year-old southern boy who decides to enlist in the military following his mother’s death – a decision he comes to regret when his entire platoon meets a grisly end in an effort to capture the legendary Soul Eater. 

To make matters worse, back on base, Danny soon learns that the Soul Eater refuses to communicate with anyone but him, a terrifying request that lands the soldier in an even more terrifying dilemma.  

When it comes to monster romances, Lily Mayne is a master at crafting unforgettable monstrous love stories with perfect steam-to-plot ratios. As one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers books out there, I cannot recommend Soul Eater, along with the rest of the books in this series, enough. 

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Mortal Skin by Lily Mayne

For seven-year-old Ash, wishing up a friend with a mouth full of sharp teeth and an uncanny ability to blossom a rosebud in seconds seemed perfectly normal – a normal that would persist for the next seven years until the day the visits stopped. 

By twenty-one, Ash has long since forgotten his mythical childhood visitors, chalking them up as figments of an overactive imagination. So no one is more surprised than Ash to return home only to be kidnapped and swept off to the Unseelie Court. 

With orders to shed his mortal skin and embrace a fae side he never knew existed, Ash’s entire world is turned upside down. What makes matters more confusing is Ash’s shadow, the Unseelie Queen’s youngest son Prince Lonan – a shadow who captures his attention and refuses to let go.     

With hauntingly beautiful prose and highly addictive characters, Mortal Skin is a MM fantasy romance that deserves a spotlight and its very own spot on your bookshelf. As one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books of 2022, you do not want to miss out on this unputdownable must-read. 

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The Scottish Boy by Alex de Campi

Set in fourteenth century England, The Scottish Boy follows the lives of Sir Harry de Lyon, a nineteen-year-old chivalrous English knight, and Iain, his enigmatic Scottish prisoner shrouded in secrets. Despite the many obstacles keeping them apart, the enemies-turned-friends-turned-lovers defy the odds. But amidst a backdrop of political instability, a union will not be easy, especially once Harry learns of Iain’s heritage.

For an MM historical romance with a wonderfully written enemies-to-lovers storyline, The Scottish Boy is one of the best books to add to your bookshelf. 

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Where There’s A Will by Jessie Walker

Will Foster is drowning. Lost in a web of grief, Will returns to the one place that has haunted him for the last decade, the tiny Pennsylvania town of Shiloh. Home to the childhood best friend that broke his heart, Will is not sure what to expect upon his arrival. 

But with his life in tatters, anything is better than going back to Philly, even if that means facing Waylon McAllister and the painful memories of their past.   

Emotional, angsty, and raw, Where There’s A Will is a powerful second-chance MM romance that tells a story of loss, hope, and love. If you’re looking for a romance that goes from intense one-sided hatred to love, I recommend adding Jessie Walker’s outstanding debut to your shelf.

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Top Secret by Sarina Bowen

At twenty-one, Keaton Hayward has a lot on his plate. Between football, his frat president campaign, and the need to please his father, Keaton barely has time to shower, let alone plan a threesome for his girlfriend’s birthday. But Keaton has never been one to disappoint, which is how he ends up on Kinky, an app for hookups. There his entire world is upturned when he starts talking to SinnerThree. 

At twenty-one, Luke Bailey is struggling to make ends meet. Between working two jobs, dealing with his toxic family, and campaigning for the frat presidency, Luke barely has time to relax, let alone meet up for a threesome. But when he starts talking to LobsterShorts, he finds himself growing more and more curious about the biology nerd who has a tendency to spout off random lobster sex facts. 

Cute, sexy, and hilarious, Top Secret is one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books on the market right now. 

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Head Above Water by CE Ricci

Easton and Cannon’s lives became irrevocably intertwined the day their parents said, “I do.” Easton never meant to fall for Cannon, and he certainly never imagined that his straight, engaged stepbrother would return those unrequited feelings. 

But when tragedy hits, what seemed impossible becomes the only thing keeping them from fracturing completely. 

As one of the best enemies-to-lovers, MM stepbrother romance on the market, I recommend adding Head Above Water to your bookshelf.

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Rule Breaker by Lily Morton

After two years of insults, snipes, and sarcastic comments, Dylan Mitchell is one step away from sending his boss to an early grave. Nothing could have ever prepared him for the moment that Gabe Foster looked at him with something other than irritation. But while Dylan is looking to settle down with his forever guy, that is the last thing on Gabe’s mind. 

Sweet, funny, and angsty, Rule Breaker is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM office romance that will win you over with its hilarious British humor. 

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Distorted by Nyla K.

When a robbery goes wrong, 25-year-old bank robber Dascha Reznikov is sent to Alabaster Penitentiary, a hellhole filled with the worst of the worst. A place criminals are sent to when the rest of the world believes they’re dead. Except Dash knows he doesn’t belong at Alabaster. Not for robbing a bank. 

As his days begin to bleed together, there is one person who breaks the monotony and forces Dash to question everything… his tormentor: Officer Kemper.  

Dark, hot, and emotional, Distorted is an unputdownable MM romance overflowing with mind-blowing twists, sizzling sex scenes, and taboo themes. 

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