49 Of The Best MM Romance Books

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Searching for the best MM romance books to add to your bookshelf? Look no further than this curated list featuring a host of unputdownable MM romances that will keep you busy for the foreseeable future.

For new releases, check out this list of the best MM romance books of 2022.

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Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Jamie Canning has never been able to figure out why his closest friend ghosted him the summer before college. Now, four years later, Jamie is ready for that explanation when he learns they’ll be residing in the same city in preparation for their upcoming face-off in the national college hockey championship. 

Ryan Wesley has always regretted the way he ended things with his best friend of six years. After taking a bet too far, he took the easy way out rather than deal with the repercussions of his drunken antics. Now four years later, Ryan is ready to apologize. Except the second he locks eyes with Jamie, all his feelings for his straight best friend come rushing back.

As one of the best MM friends-to-lovers sports romance books ever written, I recommend adding Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s stellar romance to your bookshelf. Him is a second chance hockey sports romance between two friends that will keep you up well past your bedtime and desperate for more.

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Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid

Ever since their rookie season, Canadian golden boy Shane Hollander and Russian heartbreaker Ilya Rozanov’s rivalry has been legendary. What no one knows is that it’s all a sham (mostly). Because Shane and Ilya have a secret: they have been hooking up since they were nineteen. And as the faces of the NHL, keeping their hidden affair hidden has never been more crucial. 

Funny, sexy, and sweet, Heated Rivalry is an unputdownable MM sports romance filled with witty banter, adorable moments, and a rivalry like no other. As this is one of the best MM romance books, it should come as no surprise that you’ll most likely have a permanent smile etched on your face. Shane and Ilya are the cutest couple you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. 

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For the Fans by Nyla K.

Kyran Harbor is a star high school quarterback on track to the NFL. The last thing he needs is a distraction, especially one that comes in the form of a six-foot-something artist who smokes too much weed and now lives in his house. 

From the moment Avi Vega’s father died, it has always been him and his mom. That status changes with their move to Boston. Shacking it up with his new step-family would be painless if not for his control freak of a stepbrother. 

Nothing about their new living situation is easy, and come college, nothing in the world could keep them within fifty miles of each other. Or so they thought. But even at the same college, it is practically an unwritten rule that interactions are to be kept at the bare minimum.

Then OnlyFans happens, and the rest is history.

For the Fans is an utterly mesmerizing and seemingly unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM romance between step-brothers. From the moment you step into Avi and Kyran’s story, you will walk alongside them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and unconditional love. 

Between the beautiful prose and unforgettable characters, you cannot go wrong with this epic love story. Prepare to fall in love with Avi and Kryan because their journey is anything short of enchanting.

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Malum Discordiae by Ashlyn Drewek

Forever jaded by the deaths of their loved ones, the Corbin necromancers and the Hewitt weather witches remain locked in a bitter, centuries-long blood feud with no end in sight. Nothing and no one could ever hope to unite the two families. 

That is until now. 

When Cassius Corbin returns home six years after his mother’s murder, his plans include finding the long-lost magical folio stolen from his family and attending Tennebrose University: Not getting cozy with the enemy.

Ever since the night Graeme Hewitt unwittingly got in bed with the enemy, the moody, blue-eyed boy has taken up residence in his mind rent-free, to his complete and utter disgust. Unable to stay away, Graeme finds himself in an impossible situation that can only spell trouble for the star-crossed lovers.

Hauntingly beautiful, intensely eerie, and highly readable, Malum Discordiae is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers, dark academia, paranormal MM romance overflowing with dark magic, forbidden love, and intense passion. Between Drewek’s intricate world-building and multi-dimensional characters, this must-read is undoubtedly one of the best MM romance books of 2022. 

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The Sceptic by Lily Morton

Will Buchanan has long since accepted the existence of the paranormal, seeing as he is the best friend of a psychic. So when the charming, risk-taking cameraman Jem Dawson recruits him to investigate a haunting alongside a ghost hunting team, he can’t help but say yes. 

What should be a quick and easy three-day investigation turns deadly when they find themselves targeted by a sinister and menacing entity that hungers for vengeance. Amidst a haunting backdrop of terror and danger, Will must decide whether this attraction is worth losing his heart and life.

The Sceptic is a captivating MM paranormal ghost romance that will have you swooning over Will and Jem’s cuteness one second and then anxiously questioning whether the creak you just heard was from your (friendly) neighborhood ghost the next. 

Deliciously creepy and hauntingly romantic, I recommend adding this must-read to your TBR list and cracking it open on a dark and stormy night when the ghouls come out to play.

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Prince of Lies by Lucy Lennox 

Thomas Rowe Prince is determined to make Project Daisy Chain a reality, and he’s willing to go to any length to make it happen – even if it means leaving his home in Indiana and heading to the hustle and bustle of New York City. After facing rejection after rejection, Prince’s last hope is an unbelievable plan: to pose as the mysterious billionaire Sterling Chase at a gala. But as luck would have it, the first person he meets sees right through the lie. 

Prince of Lies is a light-hearted and utterly charming MM romance that will make you laugh, blush and leave you begging for more. With witty dialogue and endearing characters, it’s a must-read for anyone looking for a romantic story with a dash of intrigue.

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont, the first son of the United States, barely tolerates Henry, the Prince of England, and vice versa. In the aftermath of a particularly volatile verbal spar, the two are forced to play nice with one another when U.S./British relations take a turn for the worse. Still, no one ever said it was easy to build a friendship with your arch nemesis. As they truly get to know each other, their fake friendship blossoms and grows into something deeper than they ever imagined.

If you’re obsessed with royalty, Red, White & Royal Blue is perfect for fans of MM slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance books. As one of the best laugh-out-loud rom coms, it needs to be added to your TBR list. Casey McQuinston’s instant bestseller will become your next book obsession. 

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Secret Service by Tal Bauer

Forbidden romance. Heart-pounding action. And a fight against the clock to save the President of the United States.

When Special Agent Reese Theriot walks into the Oval Office and meets President Walker for the first time, he never expects to find a love that defies all expectations. But Reese knows nothing could ever work. Not between the President and his head of secret service detail. Because if a scandal like that ever got out, it could spell the downfall of the presidency. 

Brennan Walker never imagined he would win the primaries, let alone the presidential race. With dreams of a better future, Brennan walks into the oval office with plans to mend the fissures splintering across the world. But those plans fade into the background when he comes face-to-face with Agent Theriot. Because if there were ever a reason to risk everything he has strived towards, Reese would be it.

With heart-stopping action, incredible suspense, and endless passion, Secret Service is an unputdownable MM forbidden romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you journey with Reese on a wild goose chase for the love of his life. And as one of the best MM political romance books on the market, you cannot go wrong with adding it to your bookshelf and cracking it open. 

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The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

If someone told Charlie Winshaw that he would be starring on a reality dating show after losing his position as CTO of his tech company, he would have never believed them. But now, with his image on the line, he will do anything to get his life back together… Even if that means becoming the future Prince Charming of Ever After.  

Dev Deshpande is a hopeless romantic. Ever since stumbling upon Ever After as a boy, he has just loved love. When he lands his dream job on that very same show, he gets to do what he does best: give contestants their happily ever after. But when the awkwardly sweet tech mogul who shies away from the camera and clams up around the girls walks onto the set, it’s up to Dev to ensure that Charlie gets his own happily ever after.

Heartwarming, sweet, and thought-provoking, The Charm Offensive is a swoon-worthy, meet-cute MM romance that explores sexuality and mental health, perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Alexis Hall. If you’re looking for an unforgettable MM romance that will sweep you off your feet, I recommend reading Cochrun’s masterful debut novel to your shelf.

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The Sea Ain’t Mine Alone by C.L. Beaumont

It’s 1976 and James Campbell will do anything to win the International Surf Competition, but his chances to take the crown are slim when up against the talented two-time Billabong Pipeline Masters Champion Danny Moore. What lies ahead as their paths cross is a whirlwind of high-pressure surf competitions, romantic entanglements, and epic journeys throughout gnarly waves. 

C.L. Beaumont’s MM Romance novel The Sea Ain’t Mine Alone is sure to captivate all fans of the genre and leave them with a passionate story to remember.

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Mortal Skin by Lily Mayne

For seven-year-old Ash, wishing up a friend with a mouth full of sharp teeth and an uncanny ability to blossom a rosebud in seconds seemed perfectly normal – a normal that would persist for the next seven years until the day the visits stopped. 

By twenty-one, Ash has long since forgotten his mythical childhood visitors, chalking them up as figments of an overactive imagination. So no one is more surprised than Ash to return home only to be kidnapped and swept off to the Unseelie Court. 

With orders to shed his mortal skin and embrace a fae side he never knew existed, Ash’s entire world is turned upside down. What makes matters more confusing is Ash’s shadow, the Unseelie Queen’s youngest son Prince Lonan – a shadow who captures his attention and refuses to let go.     

With hauntingly beautiful prose and highly addictive characters, Mortal Skin is a MM fantasy romance that deserves a spotlight and its very own spot on your bookshelf. As one of the best MM romance books of 2022, you do not want to miss out on this unputdownable must-read. 

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Until I Saw You by Dianna Roman

Harper Reid is struggling. After narrowingly escaping the abusive clutches of his boyfriend, Harper has nowhere to stay and no money to his name. With limited options and dismal outlooks, he cannot believe his luck when a job offer that includes lodging lands on his lap. All he has to do is convince the notoriously difficult client to keep him.

Riley Davenport is drowning. After a tragic accident stripped him of his sight, Riley’s thrill-seeking days were cut short. Learning to navigate this now unfamiliar world proves to be more difficult than Riley could have ever imagined and asking for help has never been his strong suit.  However, there is one person who makes him feel like he can take on the world again.

Until I Saw You is a captivating MM romance overflowing with engaging dialogue, mesmerizing characters, and powerfully complex emotions. 

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Irresponsible Puckboy by Eden Finley and Saxon James

What can be worse than falling in love with a straight best friend who is entirely oblivious to said feelings and does not understand the concept of personal boundaries? Well, marrying said friend.

For three years, Tripp Mitchell has worked tirelessly to keep his feelings for his best friend and teammate Dex Mitchale locked firmly behind closed doors. Nothing could bring Tripp to risk their friendship on the off-chance Dex may want to be more than friends. 

To say rolling up to a Vegas wedding chapel to tie the knot would be the last thing they would do would be the understatement of the century. So you can imagine their surprise when they realize their fake wedding led to a not-so-fake marriage and a PR clusterpuck.

Well, no one ever said fake marriage was easy.

Irresistibly sweet, intensely romantic, and insanely sexy, Irresponsible Puckboy is an unputdownable MM sports romance that will leave you swooning and desperate for more. As one of the best friends-to-lovers MM romances on the market, I recommend you drop everything and devote the rest of your day to this incredibly romantic must-read. Prepare to fall helplessly in love with Dex and Tripp.

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These Vile Secrets by CE Ricci 

Murder. Conspiracy. Deception.

Heir to a secret society known as the Enclave, Roman Mitchell is no stranger to secrets, lies, and betrayals. Determined to unveil his brotherhood’s many sins, Roman sets out to unearth every vile secret that his father has buried. Everything would be running smoothly if not for the striking six-foot asshole in Armani who verbally eviscerates Roman at every turn. 

Training a spoiled trust-fund baby to become CEO of Key Enterprise Holdings is the last thing Hale Calloway wants to do, especially when that baby happens to be his almost one-night-stand from the night before. But does something that no man has ever done before: climb his walls and break them down, brick-by-brick.   

Dark, steamy, and emotional, These Vile Secrets is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers, MM office romance filled with sizzling chemistry, dangerous lies, and twists that will leave you desperate for more. As one of the best MM romance books on the market, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

The Song of Achilles tells the epic love story of Achilles and Patroclus, an affair that could only end in one way – Tragedy. 

Madeline Miller gives us a memorable story that delves into the complexities of the renowned warrior and his most faithful companion. 

Riveting, unique, and beautifully told, The Song of Achilles is a masterful take on The Iliad and the all-encompassing love that blossoms between Achilles and Patroclus. 

Alongside the love story is the unforgettable tale of war, glory, sacrifice, redemption, and friendship – A feat that is utter perfection.

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The Cuckoo’s Call by Lily Morton

When 22-year-old Wren Roberts meets the enigmatic hotelier Mateo Rossi while vacationing in Majorca, he falls into a whirlwind summer fling with the beautiful, worldly man. And when Mateo invites him to his home in Venice, Wren takes the plunge and accepts.

But as summer fades into fall, outside forces threaten to shatter their relationship before it even starts. 

Heartwarming, sweet, and witty, The Cuckoo’s Call is a beautiful MM romance overflowing with hilarious banter, charming characters, and exceedingly romantic moments that will sweep you off your feet. As one of the best MM romance books of 2021, I recommend making this one a priority.

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Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox

At twenty-two, Liam “Doc” Wilde’s life irrecoverably changed after being sent out to the front lines in Vietnam. Designated as a medic in spite of his laughable medical background, Liam quickly found a place amongst his brothers-in-arms. 

And despite being forever altered by the ugliness of war, Liam would go back and do it all over again because it was there that he met his best friend and closest confidante, Major Marian, who single-handedly ensured Liam’s safe return home to his wife and three kids. And he became the one person he could trust when tragedy struck years later.

For his entire adult life, Weston “Major” Marian has only ever known life as a military man since joining the U.S. Army at seventeen, days after running away from home. When he first lays eyes on the new medic, he knows he is in trouble because there is nothing worse than falling for a straight guy who has a family waiting for him back home, especially when that family becomes his everything. 

Emotional, raw, and heartwarming, Wilde Love is a breathtaking slow-burn MM military romance that will blow you away with its beautiful character progression and uplifting storyline. As one of the best MM friends-to-lovers romance books on the market, I recommend adding this to your bookshelf.

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Trailer Trash by Marie Sexton

Nate Bradford should be spending the summer of 1986 in Austin, Texas, hanging out with friends, watching Maverick and Goose take the big screen, and having his last hurrah before senior year, not moving to middle-of-nowhere Warren, Wyoming. 

Nicknamed the black hole of modern civilization, Nate quickly realizes that Warren offers little in recreational sports and entertainment, not to mention the lack of record stores or any MTV. 

With little to look forward to, Nate’s plans for the final vestiges of summer include skulking around town and giving his dad a hard time for upending his life. 

Everything changes when he meets Cody Lawrence, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Though the gossip chain would suggest Cody is nothing but trouble, Nate finds a friend in the reclusive outcast. A friend who eventually becomes the only light in a sea of hopelessness, despair, and adversity.              

In Trailer Trash, Marie Sexton expertly weaves a heartbreakingly beautiful coming-of-age tale immersed with themes of hope and sorrow, love and loneliness, socioeconomic status and lack of social mobility, friendship, loss, and self-discovery. As one of the best MM romance books of 2022, I cannot recommend it enough.

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Egotistical Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

Bold, egotistical, and witty, gay pro hockey star Ezra Palaszczuk has an ego the size of Texas and the skills to match, both on and off the ice. Everything would be perfect if not for Anton Hayes, the straight-laced golden boy of the NHL. 

Cocky, charitable, and confident, Anton has worked for years to become the best in the league, and he refuses to allow a trade to mess with his head… Even if that trade lands him on the same team as Ezra, his obnoxiously sexy rival who left him wanting more after their explosive one-night stand.

What can go wrong?

Addicting, steamy, and sweet, Egotistical Puckboy is an unputdownable MM enemies-to-lovers sports romance overflowing with hilarious banter, swoon-worthy chemistry, and nail-biting hockey games. Prepare for Anton and Ezra to become your next obsession.  

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Make Me Fall by Riley Nash

Minutes before jetting off to start his first year of law school in NYC, 23-year-old Jonah Scott unwittingly lands himself in first class next to the handsome 36-year-old lawyer Gray Freeman. While talking to pass the time, Jonah lets out that he thinks he might be bisexual, a declaration that ends with them joining the mile-high club. 

Months later, Jonah is struggling. Between the rigorous curriculum and lengthy case briefs, Jonah is at his wits’ end when the enigmatic lawyer from the plane enters the picture once again and shakes everything up.    

For a beautifully written and heartwarmingly sweet age-gap MM romance that centers around the grumpy/sunshine trope, I recommend taking a look at Make Me Fall. As one of the best MM romance books from this year, expect to be unable to put this must-read down after you turn that first page.   

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Someday, Someday by Emma Scott

After being kicked out of his home as a teen and overcoming his struggles with addiction and homelessness, Max Kaufman has finally turned his life around.

Becoming a nurse and helping others became his calling, but working in the ER proves to be too much. So when a job opens up as a private caretaker for a wealthy billionaire Edward Marsh III, Max jumps at the chance.

But Max soon learns that the Marsh Empire is marred by a web of deceit and lies and the only person who may be able to fix it all is the elusive and unattainable son, Silas Marsh. 

Heartbreaking, heavy, and thought-provoking, Someday, Someday is a beautiful MM romance that will bring you to tears. As one of the best MM romance books, I recommend adding Emma Scott’s standout novel to your bookshelf.   

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Deal Maker by Lily Morton

Jude Bailey may be living the high life as a highly successful underwear model, but if he had it his way, he would give up the glamorous lifestyle and never-ending string of hookups in an instant. 

When an accident leaves his flat in shambles and him temporarily homeless and desperate for money, he accepts an offer from an unlikely source, leading to an unforgettable summer spent with well-known actor Asa Jacobs and his precocious 5-year-old son Billy. 

Hilarious, cute, and sexy, Deal Maker is an unforgettable MM slow-burn romance filled with laugh-out-loud pranks, witty banter that will etch a permanent smile onto your face, and heartwarming moments that will tug at your heartstrings. 

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P.S. I Spook You by S.E. Harmon

Once the golden boy of the FBI, profiler Rain Christiansen is now one mistake away from being the bureau’s greatest failure, what with his paranormal sightings. Shipped to his hometown of Brickell Bay to work on a cold case, Rain is dead set on making it work with his career on the line. 

Cold case Detective Daniel McKenna is struggling with his latest case. With zero leads and minimal evidence, Danny can use all the help he can get – even if that means said help comes in the form of a profiler who also happens to be his ex.  

Spooky, fun, and romantic, P.S. I Spook You is a second-chance MM paranormal romance overflowing with twists, turns, and awkward supernatural encounters.

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The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings by Lily Morton

When Levi Black finds out his boyfriend is a good-for-nothing cheating scumbag, he packs up his bags and moves to York, where he has recently inherited a house. Desperate for a fresh start, he makes himself at home in the old house despite the mysterious history surrounding the house. 

Nicknamed the murder house, none of its residents ever stay for long, and Levi soon learns there may be some truth behind the rumors. And with help from the blue-haired ghost tour guide Blue Billings, Levi may be able to survive the house and its ghostly occupants.

For a night of spooky fun, I recommend jumping into The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings. Featuring a haunted house, a blue-haired ghost tour guide, and spooktacular scares, Lily Morton’s mystery is a spooky romance that will get you into the Halloween mood.

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When Everything Is Blue by Laura Lascarso

Theo Wooten is in love with his best friend. 

From the moment Chris Mitcham rescued Theo’s dorky eighth-grade self from the resident neighborhood bullies, their future was forged in long summer days spent surfing and skating beneath Florida’s unforgivable sun and weekends camping, making unforgettable memories. 

But what began as a friendship slowly blossomed into more for Theo. Except he knows it could never be more. Not when Chris is straight.

Heartwarming, adorably romantic, and wonderfully complex, When Everything Is Blue is a beautifully told coming-of-age MM romance that captures all the nuances of teen life in all its awkward and hormone-driven glory. As one of the best friends-to-lovers romance books, I suggest adding it to your bookshelf because this is an unputdownable must-read. 

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Moth by Lily Mayne

In a post-apocalyptic world invaded by monsters, ex-soldier Charlie is just trying to survive as he traverses the dangerous Wastes with his best friend and his big purple monster boyfriend. 

When they come across a raider camp, Charlie finds himself volunteering to search for the missing leader alongside the arrogant and allusive half-monster Moth, who seems to hate him at first sight.

But Charlie quickly realizes that the prickly demeanor Moth wears like a second skin is all a facade. And once that guise unravels, Charlie finds himself plagued with a bout of unrequited love because Moth could never love him, not when he has feelings for someone else. 

Emotional, action-packed, and fascinating, Moth is a gripping slow-burn MM paranormal romance filled with wonderfully complex world-building, a memorable ensemble of charaçters, and beautiful character growth.    

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Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Luc O’ Donnell, a 28-year-old son of 80’s rockstars, has a less than stellar reputation. When he’s photographed lying face down in the gutter wearing a pair of bunny ears, the tabloids paint a particularly unsavory picture.

To make matters worse, his boss gets wind of the scandal after it sends multiple donors fleeing for the hills pushing her to give Luc an ultimatum. One that ends with his termination if he fails to clean up his image. With that in mind, Luc sets out to snag a nice, steady, and safe boyfriend who will help . 

Enter criminal barrister Oliver Blackwood, the handsome vegetarian lawyer with a squeaky clean reputation. Oliver is exactly the kinda guy you bring home to meet the folks and luckily, he needs a fake boyfriend to be his plus one for an upcoming event. What could go wrong?

Hilarious, sweet, and romantic, Boyfriend Material is a laugh-out-loud MM British romcom that you don’t want to miss. Prepare to spiral into fits of laughter because this is one of the best romantic comedy books out there. 

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Wolfsong by TJ Klune

For years, 16-year-old Oxnard Matheson has struggled with feelings of self-worth, loneliness, and abandonment after his deadbeat father left him and his mother behind without a backwards glance.

It isn’t until the Bennett’s move into the house at the end of the lane that Ox and his mom finally feel a sense of family and belonging. Because the day that Ox happens upon the little blonde tornado known as Joe Bennett on the side of the road is the day that forever alters his future.  

Sensual, emotional, and heartwarming, Wolfsong is a beautiful MM werewolf romance that will blow you away. Prepare to smile, cry, swoon, and laugh-out-loud while reading this stunning story of family, friendship, and unconditional love. 

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The Jock by Tal Bauer 

“What Texan comes to Paris and falls for a cowboy?” 

Justin Swanscott’s Parisian study abroad itinerary includes visiting the French Riviera, hitting up the gay clubs, and bagging a French lover. All of that evaporates the second his football-playing cowboy roommate walks in, dazzling him with his shy little smile and sweet gestures. 

Wes Van de Hoek seized his dreams and made them come true. After scoring a football scholarship to one of the best universities in Texas, he’s now three years into his college career and making a name for himself as one of the most promising NFL draft picks in the country. Everything would be perfect if not for the secret he’s been keeping from everyone. 

If you love football and epic love stories, you’ll love Tal Bauer’s brilliant masterpiece. Captivating, beautiful, and emotional, The Jock is a stunning MM sports romance that needs to be added to your bookshelf. And as one of the best gay romance books, Bauer undoubtedly scored a touchdown with this one.

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Point of Contact by Melanie Hansen

Trevor Estes’s future is looking close to perfect: he has a brilliant partner, a son he loves deeply, and a flourishing career. Everything changes the day Trevor answers the door and learns that his son Riley died in combat, leaving him a shell of his former self. Trevor never imagined that he would find hope again in the form of his son’s best friend and brother-in-arms.

Heartbreakingly tragic, beautifully complex, and incredibly bittersweet, Point of Contact is a tear-jerking MM romance that takes its readers on a journey of grief, love, healing, hope, and self-discovery. Make sure you have a box of tissues on hand because no one will have dry eyes by the end of this must-read. 

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Head Above Water by CE Ricci

Easton and Cannon’s lives became irrevocably intertwined the day their parents said, “I do.” Easton never meant to fall for Cannon, and he certainly never imagined that his straight, engaged stepbrother would return those unrequited feelings.

But when tragedy hits, what seemed impossible becomes the only thing keeping them from fracturing completely. 

As one of the best enemies-to-lovers, MM stepbrother romance on the market, I recommend adding Head Above Water to your bookshelf.

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A Ferry of Bones & Gold by Hailey Turner 

Life as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency offers little in the way of vacation time. Something Patrick Collins is all too aware of when he finds himself on the muggy streets of New York City instead of sucking down tropical drinks on a beach in Maui. 

Delegated to a case that grows more and more deadly with each newly discovered body, Patrick must face his past if he ever hopes to solve the investigation before it’s too late. And with help from the New York were-pack and his new Fate-chosen shadow and resident British werewolf Jonothon de Vere, he may be able to beat the clock.  

With heart-pounding action, intense sexual tension, and mythical undertones, A Ferry of Bones and Gold is a captivating fantastical must-read that needs a spot on your bookshelf. Hailey Turner delivers a heart-pounding fantasy series that keeps its readers on the edge of their seats, making it one of the best MM urban fantasy romance books.  

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If We Could Go Back by Cara Dee

Between work, kids, and an absentee wife, Bennett Brooks is struggling. His only reprieve comes in the form of Kieran Marshall, a frustrating Bostonian puzzle wrapped in defined muscles, questionable attire, and captivating aqua eyes.

What starts as a tentative friendship, blossoms into something much more and infinitely stronger. But between their wives and kids, their love affair can only end in one way. Right?

Powerful, heartfelt, and realistic, If We Could Go Back is a thought-provoking romance that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. If you love slow-burn MM romances, I recommend reading Cara Dee’s standout novel. 

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Let There Be Light by A.M. Johnson

When freshman swimming star Royal O’Connell meets his new best friend’s roommate, his life is altered irrecoverably by the soft-spoken, socially awkward, musical prodigy Camden Morgan, who makes him feel things that he has never felt before. 

Beautifully written, emotionally moving, and stunningly heartfelt, Let There Be Light is a captivating must-read new adult romance that will tug at your heartstrings. And as one of the best MM romance books, I recommend penciling this story into your weekend schedule.

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You & Me by Tal Bauer

All Luke Hale wants to do is repair his relationship with his 17-year-old son Emmet. Ever since the death of his wife, the two barely speak, and with every passing day, the divide grows wider and wider. 

Everything changes the day he shows up at Emmet’s football practice and finds himself recruited by super-dad extraordinaire Landon Larsen, dad to his son’s best friend, to volunteer. And with each passing day, Luke witnesses his son open up, and the two slowly mend their fractured bond. 

But there’s one thing Luke never saw coming: his feelings for Landon. 

Breathtakingly sweet, intensely emotional, and deeply moving, You & Me is a beautifully written single dads, friends-to-lovers, bi awakening MM romance that delivers all the feels despite its low level of angst. 

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Where There’s A Will by Jessie Walker

Will Foster is drowning. Lost in a web of grief, Will returns to the one place that has haunted him for the last decade, the tiny Pennsylvania town of Shiloh. Home to the childhood best friend that broke his heart, Will is not sure what to expect upon his arrival.

But with his life in tatters, anything is better than going back to Philly, even if that means facing Waylon McAllister and the painful memories of their past.   

Emotional, angsty, and raw, Where There’s A Will is a powerful second-chance MM romance that tells a story of loss, hope, and love. If you’re looking for MM enemies-to-lovers romance books that will tug at your heartstrings, I recommend adding Jessie Walker’s outstanding debut to your shelf.

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Dare You by Ella Frank

When media tech mogul Sebastian “Bash” Vogel sashays his way into Lieutenant Kieran Bailey’s life, both their worlds are turned upside down. 

Self-assured, flirty, and sassy, Bash is never one to turn down the finer things in life, whether that happens to be a fiery Valentino number, a sultry pair of Louboutins, or the sexy firefighter that rescued him from a burning building.

Confident, sexy, and loyal, Kieran is never left wanting for female attention, especially not after being voted Chicago’s sexiest firefighter. Everything changes the night he rescues the beautiful damsel in the red dress only to learn that his damsel was actually a prince.    

Sweet, funny, and sexy, Dare You is a stunning MM romance that you do not want to miss. And as one of the best slow-burn, friends-to-lovers romances, you need this book on your shelf as soon as possible.

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Wrath by Ella James

No one gets under Josh Miller’s skin quite like his new stepbrother Ezra Masters. Aloof, sexy, and cruel, Josh never expects to fall for the insufferable football star who challenges him at every turn. But with each passing night, Josh breaks down Ezra’s walls brick-by-brick. And when those walls are nothing but rubble and dust, Ezra will need Josh more than ever because his scars run deeper than anyone could have ever known.

Angsty, steamy, and heartbreaking, Wrath is a spellbinding, forbidden MM stepbrother romance that will leave you with an epic book hangover. If you love second chance bully romances, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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Boy Underground by Catherine Ryan Hyde

It’s 1941 and 14-year-old Steven Katz, son of a wealthy landowner in rural California, befriends Nick, Suki, and Ollie, the sons of farmers, much to his parent’s dismay.

With each passing day, Steven slowly realizes that his feelings towards Nick move beyond that of friendship and shift into an attraction that only grows when Nick finds himself running from the law days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Highly emotional, wonderfully eye-opening, and intensely thought-provoking, Boy Underground is a beautifully told young adult coming-of-age tale that takes its readers on a journey of love, friendship, loyalty, courage, hope, and life, amidst the backdrop of a war-torn town in rural California following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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The Endgame by Riley Hart

After leaving home at 18, U.S. Senator Weston Calloway vowed to always remain true to himself and, since then, has worked tirelessly to change the world for the better as an out and proud gay man. Known for his revolving door of hook-ups, everything changes the second he lays his eyes on the pretty guy with the chocolate eyes. 

From the moment his father tossed him his first pigskin, Anson Hawkins has lived and breathed football. And now at 26, he is living out his dreams as the best tight end in the NFL, playing for the Atlanta Lightening. Except his life is far from perfect. Fearing his football career would be at stake if his sexuality ever became public, Anson has kept that part of himself deeply buried. That is until the confident senator from California walks into his life. 

As one of the best slow-burn MM sports romance books on the market, I recommend adding Riley Hart’s standout novel to your bookshelf. After reading The Endgame, I suggest getting your hands on The End Zone because Darren and Jeremy’s story is a must-read.

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Feuds and Reckless Fury by K. Webster

Canyon Voss thirsts for revenge. Ever since his father proposed to his best friend and shattered their family beyond repair, Canyon has wanted nothing more than to make him pay for upending their lives. And what better way to get back at him than through his future stepdad’s son: Alister Sommers. 

The bleach blonde perfectionist is the bane of Canyon’s existence. With his perfect grades, track star status, and prodigal musical talent, Alister has it all. But when Canyon sets out to destroy him, he never expects his hatred to morph into an unshakable attraction. 

Addictive, emotional, and highly entertaining, Feuds and Reckless Fury is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers stepbrother romance filled with angst, sexual tension, and witty banter. As one of the best MM stepbrother romance books on the market, I recommend adding K. Webster’s captivating romance to your bookshelf.

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Follow the River by CE Ricci

Unapologetically himself, college quarterback River Lennox has never been one to back down from a challenge, be it in football or life. When he learned that he was bisexual, River embraced it, so no one would ever be able to use it as weapon against him. 

Enter Ciaráin Grady. Hostile, cruel, and broken, Rain despises his happy-go-lucky captain and tears him down at every chance he gets. But when the taunts and jabs are taken too far, the two will be irrecoverably changed.

Deliciously dark, intensely emotional, and uncomfortably raw, Follow the River is a powerful MM enemies-to-lovers romance (emphasis on the enemies) that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of hate, love, loss, and self-discovery. Make sure to read the trigger warning in the beginning.   

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Distorted by Nyla K.

When a robbery goes wrong, 25-year-old bank robber Dascha Reznikov is sent to Alabaster Penitentiary, a hellhole filled with the worst of the worst. A place criminals are sent to when the rest of the world believes they’re dead. Except Dash knows he doesn’t belong at Alabaster. Not for robbing a bank.

As his days begin to bleed together, there is one person who breaks the monotony and forces Dash to question everything… his tormentor: Officer Kemper.  

Dark, hot, and emotional, Distorted is an unputdownable MM romance overflowing with mind-blowing twists, sizzling sex scenes, and taboo themes. 

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Top Secret by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

At twenty-one, Keaton Hayward has a lot on his plate. Between football, his frat president campaign, and the need to please his father, Keaton barely has time to shower, let alone plan a threesome for his girlfriend’s birthday. But Keaton has never been one to disappoint, which is how he ends up on Kinky, an app for hookups. There his entire world is upturned when he starts talking to SinnerThree. 

At twenty-one, Luke Bailey is struggling to make ends meet. Between working two jobs, dealing with his toxic family, and campaigning for the frat presidency, Luke barely has time to relax, let alone meet up for a threesome. But when he starts talking to LobsterShorts, he finds himself growing more and more curious about the biology nerd who has a tendency to spout off random lobster sex facts. 

Cute, sexy, and hilarious, Top Secret is one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books on the market right now. 

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The Friend by Christopher X Sullivan

It started as a typical Monday morning for Chris: a run in the park followed by a successful writing session. Nothing could have prepared him for Mark, the young, friendly, college-aged model with a penchant for testing his boundaries and pushing him out of his comfort zone.  

What starts as an unlikely friendship between an introvert and an extrovert deepens into something far greater than they could have ever imagined. But could a relationship ever truly work?

Beautifully written, engaging, and immensely witty, The Friend is an unputdownable memoir that will take you on a journey of self-discovery, love, and friendship. And for all you slow-burn romance lovers out there, prepare yourself for the ultimate slow-burn romance filled with plenty of laughs, hilarious banter, and insanely sweet moments.

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The Quarterback by Tal Bauer

Star quarterback Colton Hall never expected to fall for his friend’s straight dad. But after a nasty injury leaves him bedridden, the future NFL draftee finds himself spending his days with his friend’s dad Nick Swanscott, who helps him through his recovery.

When Nick offers him an internship for the summer, Colton jumps at the chance, and amid the backdrop of Austin and the Texas Hill Country, the two fall into a whirlwind affair that can either end in heartbreak or love.  

Stunning, sweet, and sexy, The Quarterback is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, bi-awakening MM sports romance that will warm your heart. If you have yet to read The Jock, I recommend reading Wes and Justin’s story first. 

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The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

After years of climbing the billboards, Henry Alexander finally has it all: a mega-successful singing career, a thriving money tree, and a never-ending stream of suitors. Yet, despite all of that, there is something missing. A person who he can share everything with. The problem is Henry has a thing for straight men who never stick around for long.

Enter the laid-back pilot Evan Roth. Tall, dark, and mysterious, he is the man of Henry’s dreams. Too bad he’s straight…or is he?

Sweet, witty, and angsty, The Spiral Down is a captivating MM romance that will send your heart soaring into the clouds. As one of the best MM romance books, I recommend dropping everything and cracking open this must-read.

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Rule Breaker by Lily Morton

After two years of insults, snipes, and sarcastic comments, Dylan Mitchell is one step away from sending his boss to an early grave. Nothing could have ever prepared him for the moment that Gabe Foster looked at him with something other than irritation. But while Dylan is looking to settle down with his forever guy, that is the last thing on Gabe’s mind. 

Sweet, funny, and angsty, Rule Breaker is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM office romance that will win you over with its hilarious British humor. 

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Captive by Jex Lane

When fledgling vampire Matthew finds himself captured and forced into servitude by the enigmatic High Lord General Tarrick, he learns two things: (1) incubi and vampires have been battling for centuries in a seemingly endless war and (2) he may be the one person who could change the tide of the war. 

Dark, emotional, and seductive, Captive is a spellbinding MM vampire romance filled with action, adventure, and romance. Carve out a nice chunk of time because once you start this page-turner, you will not be able to put it down.