20 Best Fake Dating Romance Books To Swoon Over

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Jump into the fake dating pool with these incredibly real fake dating romance books. When it comes to the fake dating trope, you can typically expect to have a fun time, what with the hilarious situations that go hand-in-hand when two people enter a fake relationship.

From enemies being thrust into unwanted partnerships to friends venturing into the fake dating world to strangers striking up mutually beneficial deals to fake dating one another to exes forced back together, you can expect to find something in this curated list of the best fake dating romance books.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Thirty-year-old Stella Lane is an intelligent and successful econometrician lacking in one area in life: Romantic relationships, a problem she attributes to her Aspergers. When her mother begins pressuring her to join the dating pool, Stella decides it’s time to give it a go. But before she jumps into that, she needs some much-needed lessons in intimacy. And who better to learn from than a bonafide expert? 

Enter Michael Phan, a super sweet escort strapped for cash. When Stella approaches him with an offer he can’t refuse, he accepts, despite his #1 rule to never see a client twice. And with each passing session, Michael finds himself breaking more and more of the rules.  

But what happens when their business relationship turns into more?

Honest, heartwarming, and sexy, The Kiss Quotient is a beautifully written contemporary romance featuring ultra steamy scenes, insanely sweet moments, the fake dating trope, and two characters who are absolutely perfect for one another. 

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Take a Hint, Danni Brown by Talia Hibbert

Ph.D. student Danni Brown is laser-focused on earning her degree, and nothing can get in the way of her goals. When a fire drill goes wrong and ends with Danni trapped in a lift, her rescuer is none other than Zafir, the super hot former Rugby player and current university security guard. 

To her complete and utter surprise, a video of her rescue surfaces and goes viral, giving birth to their ship name #DrRugbae. In a moment of pure insanity, the two strike a deal to go along with the farce. After all, the benefits far outweigh any possible consequences. 

For a friends-to-lovers romantic comedy that offers a fun take on the fake dating trope, Take a Hint, Danni Brown is a wonderful option, especially if you love your romance books on the steamier side.    

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Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Luc O’ Donnell, a 28-year-old son of 80’s rockstars, has a less than stellar reputation. When he’s photographed lying face down in the gutter wearing a pair of bunny ears, the tabloids paint a particularly unsavory picture. 

To make matters worse, his boss gets wind of the scandal after it sends multiple donors fleeing for the hills pushing her to give Luc an ultimatum. One that ends with his termination if he fails to clean up his image. With that in mind, Luc sets out to snag a nice, steady, and safe boyfriend who will help . 

Enter criminal barrister Oliver Blackwood, the handsome vegetarian lawyer with a squeaky clean reputation. Oliver is exactly the kinda guy you bring home to meet the folks and luckily, he needs a fake boyfriend to be his plus one for an upcoming event. What could go wrong?

Hilarious, sweet, and romantic, Boyfriend Material is a laugh-out-loud MM British romcom that you don’t want to miss. Prepare to spiral into fits of laughter because this is one of the best fake dating romance books out there. 

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Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

High school senior Liz Buxbaum has a slightly unhealthy obsession with rom coms, and when her childhood crush Michael returns, she knows it is the perfect time to kickstart their meet-cute and maybe even snag a prom date in the process. Things fail to go as planned when Liz’s obnoxious neighbor and long-standing rival Wes Bennet crashes their meet-cute moment. 

But when Wes befriends Michael, Liz knows he might be her ticket into landing on his radar. The plan is 100% foolproof. Or it would be if not for the pesky feelings that take root, causing Liz to see Wes in a brand new, more-than-friendly light. 

For a feel-good teen romantic comedy filled with hijinks, drama, and teenage angst, Better Than the Movies is the book you need to add to your TBR list, especially if you love your enemies-to-lovers romance books with a side of fake dating.

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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Following the sudden passing of her mother, Executive Protection Agent Hannah Brooks finds herself drowning after being told to take time off from work, a death sentence for a workaholic like her who needs to keep busy. Things take a turn for the worse when her boyfriend decides it is the perfect time to break up. 

Determined to get out of her week-long funk, Hannah is more than ready for a new assignment. What she did not expect, nor want, was to be assigned to bodyguard Hollywood star Jack Stapleton. He is just the kind of vapid Hannah avoids with a ten-foot pole, and faking a relationship with him is not her cup of tea. 

With laugh-out-loud moments and unimaginable charm, The Bodyguard is bound to make a one-way stop to the top of your TBR list. As one of the best fake dating romance books of 2022, I cannot recommend this unputdownable page-turner enough.  

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Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

Stella Bloom is the owner of Lovelight Farms and could not be happier working at a place she fell in love with as a kid. Well, maybe a smidgen happier if the Christmas tree farm was not on the brink of financial ruin, what with the family of raccoons invading the barn, the missing shipments, and the plethora of dead trees. To save the farm, Stella enters a contest run by Instagram influencer Evelyn St. James in hopes of winning the $100,000 cash prize. 

Everything would be perfect if not for Stella’s slight fib on the application regarding her relationship status. To save face and ensure her Christmas farm seems like a picturesque romantic destination, Stella recruits Luka Peters, her best friend who happens to be visiting for the holidays, to stand in as her fake boyfriend. To say he gets more than he bargained for would be the understatement of the holiday.

Lovelight Farms is a heartwarming Hallmark-esque holiday romance that hits all the marks on the rom-com scale. Let’s see: we have the fake dating trope, a lovely friends-to-lovers romance, and a picturesque Christmas tree farm that is not looking too picturesque.

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Here Comes My Man by Lauren Blakely

In the highly-anticipated conclusion to the Hopelessly Bromantic Duet, cocky movie star Jude Graham and bestselling author TJ Ashford return in Here Comes My Man. Let’s hope that third time’s a charm in the Jude and TJ extravaganza.

Lauren Blakely puts a fun twist on the fake dating trope with Here Comes My Man. Rather than the typical couple, we have TJ and Jude, exes who are forced into a fake dating arrangement despite their intense hatred towards each other. If you have yet to read the first book in the duet, I recommend getting your hands on Hopelessly Bromantic right away because it is one of the best fake dating romance books.

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The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Graduate student Olive Smith is single-minded in her pursuit of attaining her Ph.D. Nothing can derail her focus, not even the aloof hotshot professor that sends students running from his office in tears.   

By all accounts, Olive knew that she, an exhausted and overworked grad student, probably registered as nothing but a blip on Adam Carlsen’s radar. And that would be true if Olive had never accosted said professor with an uninvited kiss. 

What should have been a one-and-done smooch to curb her bestie’s concerns over her dating life quickly spirals out of control when news of the “relationship” trickles down the STEM department grapevine.

To say that the pair are in a tricky predicament would be the understatement of the century.

Smart, witty, and adorably romantic, The Love Hypothesis is a hilarious college romance theorized to be one of 2021s best romantic comedies with the fake dating trope.   

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Breaking Character by Lee Winter

When former child-star Summer Hayes finds herself starring alongside her longtime idol and celebrity crush, British actress Elizabeth Thornton, in the hit medical drama Choosing Hope, she cannot believe her luck. 

Working with the elusive star is a dream come true, so when their first scene ends with Elizabeth drenched in fake blood. To say things did not go as planned would be the understatement of the century. 

To make matters worse, Summer finds herself thrust into the center of a scandal when she is romantically linked to her co-star. And as if the situation was not already tense, things take a shocking turn when Elizabeth asks Summer for a favor: A favor that changes everything.    

Beautifully written, intensely emotional, and wonderfully complex, Breaking Character is an unputdownable slow-burn fake romance filled with tension, angst, passion, love, and self-discovery. As one of the best FF celebrity fake dating romance books on the market, this is bound to keep you hooked.  

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Redeemed by Lauren Asher

All it took was one mistake to shatter Santiago Alatorre’s career. Now the former racecar driver is a shadow of his former self. Drowning in grief and resentment, Santi is in no way ready to rejoin the land of the living. That is until Chloe Carter breaks into his house, leading to an unexpected fake dating arrangement. 

For a contemporary romance with the grumpy/sunshine trope, Redeemed is a must-read, especially for anyone who loves the fake dating trope.  

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The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Catalina Martín needs a stand-in boyfriend for his sister’s upcoming wedding. Going solo is not an option, especially since her entire family seems to know about her hot American boyfriend, a little white lie she did not expect to snowball as it did. 

Enter Aaron Blackford, her tall, gorgeous, and utterly patronizing colleague. To her shock, Aaron offers to step in. Despite every fiber of her being pushing her to decline, he is her best bet. Still, she can’t help but wonder if this is a disaster in the making or the best decision she ever made.   

New York Times bestseller The Spanish Love Deception is a hilarious rom-com that is bound to make you laugh-out-loud with all the hijinks that ensue. If you have been looking for fake dating romance books, you could not start with a better book than this one.  

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

Vanessa Mazur is a glorified mother to the famous football legend nicknamed The Wall of Winnipeg. What was supposed to be a temporary position turned into a two-year game of running around like a chicken with its head cut off for a man who never even had the time to acknowledge her birthday. 

Knowing it’s time she moves on, Van hands in her letter of resignation. Imagine her surprise when Aiden Graves shows up on her doorstep, asking that she come back.  

As one of the best slow burn forced proximity romance books, The Wall of Winnipegneeds to be on your TBR bookshelf. Plus, if you love enemies-to-lovers romances, you’ll fall in love with this hidden gem. After all, Mariana Zapata puts the slow in slow-burn.

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Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

When runaway bride Naomi Witt rolls into town to come to her twin’s rescue, she does not expect to get the third degree from the town’s occupants, nor for her sister to leave her with an 11-year-old niece she never knew existed minutes after stealing her car and money.  

With no money, no job, no car, and a surprise kid, Naomi knows nothing will ever be the same. And if not for Knox Morgan, a surly grump of a man who distrusts Naomi, she would be in a world of pain. Because even though he would love to book her a one-way ticket out of his life, he refuses to stand by and watch as her world falls apart.

Adorable, fun, and sweet, Things We Never Got Over is an enemies-to-lovers contemporary romance featuring a sunshine runaway bride, a grumpy business owner, a funny kid, a fake dating situation, and a small town full of gossip.

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Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar

When Humaira “Hani” Khan tells her friends that she is bisexual, they don’t believe her and question how she would know if she has only ever dated guys. In a moment of panic, Hani blurts out that she does have a girlfriend: Ishita “Ishu” Dey, the grumpy academic overachiever. Luckily, Ishu agrees to go along with the ruse, and, in return, she wants Hani’s help in becoming the head girl.

Sweet, cute, and highly readable, Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating is a young adult contemporary romance that is perfect for readers who love grumpy/sunshine fake dating tropes.

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Play by Kylie Scott

Anne Rollins is having a day from hell. After returning home to find that her roommate has bailed and left without paying Anne the money she owed her, the 23-year-old knows that things will soon get tight. 

To help take her mind off of everything, Anne’s neighbor invites her to an exclusive party at a friend’s place. There she meets Malcom Ericson, Stage Drive’s legendary drummer and her teenage crush. 

Nothing could have ever prepared her for Mal, not his exuberant personality or unexplainable spontaneity. But with each sexy grin and hilarious shenanigan, Anne finds herself sucked deeper and deeper into Mal’s vortex.

Funny, sweet, and sexy-as-sin, Play is an entrancing fake dating, rockstar romance filled with witty banter, hilarious shenanigans, and crazy eyes that only surface for one blazin’ hot drummer.

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Ruthless Knight by Ashley Jade

Ruthless Knight opens up to Cole Covington, the star quarterback and popular heartbreaker, drunkenly laying his heart out to Sawyer Church, the sarcastic nerd and resident bible-thumping do-gooder of Royal Hearts Academy. And when Cole asks Sawyer to be his fake girlfriend, the two unwittingly find themselves falling for one another despite their differences.  

Ashley Jade is a queen at crafting the perfect high school bully romances and Ruthless Knight may be one of her best slow-burn, fake dating romance books yet. 

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Take a relaxing vacation with Olive Torres and Ethan Thomas on their Hawaii honeymoon. Well, it would be relaxing if Olive and Ethan weren’t always at each other’s throats and if the honeymoon was meant for them. 

The unlucky twin of the bride Olive finds an unlikely nemesis in her future brother-in-law’s brother Ethan after a rocky first impression. When everyone in the wedding party besides Olive and Ethan falls sick with food poisoning, the newlyweds insist the two go on their non refundable honeymoon trip. Deciding they can simply ignore one another while on the trip, they accept.

But their plans are quickly dashed, pushing them to create an elaborate ruse that ends with them in a fake marriage.  

For a witty and hilarious fake dating, enemies-to-lovers romance about two people who are forced to be around each other because their siblings are getting married, The Unhoneymooners is the perfect slow-burn romance read for you.

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The Deal by Elle Kennedy

When Hannah Wells finally finds someone who turns her on, she is eager to make a move. But there is one thing holding Hannah back: her lack of confidence in the sexual intimacy department. 

In her quest to break out of her comfort zone, Hannah agrees to tutor the arrogant captain of the hockey team. In exchange, Garrett agrees to help her overcome the dilemma. 

No one was supposed to catch feelings, but after an explosive night, Garrett is determined to convince Hannah that he is the one for her.

For a sports-themed, enemies-to-lovers romance that will keep you gripped from start to finish, The Deal is one of the best slow-burn, fake dating hockey romance books for you. Prepare to be hooked from the moment Hannah makes a deal with the college bad boy.

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When I Fall by J. Daniels

Reed is in no hurry to jump back into a committed relationship. Not after the humiliation and heartbreak, he went through with his ex years before. Now his nights are frequented by hook-ups and one-night-stands who know the score from the get-go.    

Enter Beth, the cute newcomer looking for a fresh start. When Reed notices her sitting at a pub, he shoots his shot only to be bulldozed by his ex after she drops an unexpected bomb. In a shocking twist of events, Beth, upon noticing the tension between the two, decides to do Reed a solid by planting a hot smooch on his lips and pretending to be his girlfriend. 

Let the farce begin.

When I Fall is a contemporary romance perfect for readers obsessed with dirty talk, small-town love stories, and the fake dating trope.  

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The Risk by Elle Kennedy

What happens when the daughter of the hockey coach lands herself in a fake relationship with the captain of the rival team? 


Complete and utter chaos.

As one of the best college enemies-to-lovers hockey romance books, I recommend taking a risk on The Risk, especially if you love swoon-worthy hockey players, hilarious banter, and sizzling hot chemistry. 

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