26 Best Erotic Books To Spice Up Your Night

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Spice up your night with these irresistibly sexy erotic books.

From sizzling fantasy romances to darkly hypnotic love stories, this curated list features an array of erotic books guaranteed to liven up your day.

Read on for the best erotic novels.

Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

At seventeen, Ivory Westbrook is a survivor with dreams of a better life. And as one of the most gifted pianists that have graced the halls of her prestigious academy, she has a chance at turning those dreams into her reality by earning a sought-after spot at Leopold, one of the most coveted performing arts colleges in the world. But in a world where money and nepotism reign, Ivory is at a clear disadvantage. 

When she returns for her senior year to news of her biggest supporter’s retirement, Ivory fears all her hard work has been for nothing. And if anyone other than Emeric Marceaux took on the role as her new instructor, she’d be right. 

Heartbreaking, sexy and gritty, Dark Notes is one of the best dark erotica romance novels to date. If you can’t get enough of age gaps, BDSM and complex characters, you’ll love this dark romance.

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Lola and the Millionaires by Kathryn Moon

In a world where omegas and alphas are prized, betas are seen. Before Lola Barnes met Indy and Buzz, she was a hopeful young beta with aspirations of landing herself a charming set of alphas. Now she can barely stand to be in the same room as an alpha yet alone chasing after one. 

All Lola wants is to get her life under control and that starts with moving out of her cousin’s place and finding a job. But when Lola’s weekly night out goes awry, she lands herself on the radar of a high-profile pack. The question is will she ever feel safe around four alphas? 

Lola & the Millionaires is a captivating omegaverse erotic romance overflowing with steam, love, intrigue and some beautiful m/m romances. Once you get your hands on this gem, you won’t be able to put it down. 

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Distorted by Nyla K.

When a robbery goes wrong, 25-year-old bank robber Dascha Reznikov is sent to Alabaster Penitentiary, a hellhole filled with the worst of the worst. A place criminals are sent to when the rest of the world believes they’re dead. Except Dash knows he doesn’t belong at Alabaster. Not for robbing a bank. 

As his days begin to bleed together, there is one person who breaks the monotony and forces Dash to question everything… his tormentor: Officer Kemper.  

Dark, hot, and emotional, Distorted is an unputdownable MM erotic novel overflowing with mind-blowing twists, sizzling sex scenes, and taboo themes. 

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Give Me More by Sara Cate

At thirty-four, Drake is a self-anointed commitment-phobe scoundrel who is not afraid to admit it. When his best friend and co-owner of the up-and-coming kink club Salacious asks him to go on a cross-country road trip to tour other clubs with him and his wife Isabel, he hops on board. 

But being the third wheel in their marriage is getting old. And when a spark ignites between the trio, nothing will ever be the same.

Insanely sexy, breathtakingly beautiful, and unimaginably emotional,  Give Me More is a memorable MMF friends-to-lovers erotic romance that will keep you up till all hours of the night.

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For the Fans by Nyla K.

Kyran Harbor is a star high school quarterback on track to the NFL. The last thing he needs is a distraction, especially one that comes in the form of a six-foot-something artist who smokes too much weed and now lives in his house. 

From the moment Avi Vega’s father died, it has always been him and his mom. That status changes with their move to Boston. Shacking it up with his new step-family would be painless if not for his control freak of a stepbrother. 

Nothing about their new living situation is easy, and come college, nothing in the world could keep them within fifty miles of each other. Or so they thought. But even at the same college, it is practically an unwritten rule that interactions are to be kept at the bare minimum.

Then OnlyFans happens, and the rest is history.

For the Fans is an utterly mesmerizing and seemingly unputdownable enemies-to-lovers erotic MM romance between step-brothers. From the moment you step into Avi and Kyran’s story, you will walk alongside them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and unconditional love. 

Between the beautiful prose and unforgettable characters, you cannot go wrong with this epic love story. Prepare to fall in love with Avi and Kryan because their journey is anything short of enchanting.

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A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon

On the verge of losing her job as a maid with no future prospects, Esther can’t believe her luck when the mysterious Dr. Underwood offers her a place at Rooksgrave Manor, a house where the monsters come out to play. 

Soon Esther captures the affections of five tempting suitors: a man with a wicked alter ego, a charming vampire, a possessive Sphinx, an invisible thief and a golem made from marble. But when a demonic entity sets his sights on Esther, it’ll take her entire harem to keep her safe.

If you’re in the mood for paranormal erotica romance novels with loads of smut (and I mean loads), you need to get your hands on A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor and the sequel The Company of Fiends

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Marriage Games by C.D. Reiss

Heiress and President of a publishing house, Diana Steinbeck just asked her husband for a divorce, unknowingly setting in motion a game she never expected to play. A game that will test her boundaries and force her to let go of her inhibitions.

With their marriage crumbling before his eyes, Adam Steinbeck decides it’s time to take action before it’s too late. Adam’s plan of action involves taking Diana to a remote cabin for 30 days where he can shed the persona he has been wearing for the past five years and show her what’s underneath. 

The only problem? 

It may be too late. 

Marriage Games is a steamy, second-chance erotic romance overflowing with sizzling BDSM scenes, emotionally-charged situations, and unforgettable characters.  

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Joey by J.A. Huss

When a one-night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Joey is all ready to rise up to the occasion until the girl disappears. Six years later, that all changes when he receives a phone call from his five-year-old daughter asking where her Mommy went. Determined to gain custody of Maisy, Joey and his two “best friends” hire professional liar Brook Adler as Joey’s fake fiancée. 

Nothing will stop Joey from getting to know his daughter, but will his family’s dark past and secretive “family business” get in the way of everything? With all these secrets coming out of the woodwork, Joey will have more to worry about than his untraditional lifestyle and relationships.  

Read Joey if you’re looking for a MMFM romance featuring a surprise baby, a fake fiancée, a secretive underground society and a hot and heavy polyamorous relationship that will have you rooting for them from the get-go.   

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Priest by Sierra Simone

Twenty-nine-year-old Tyler Bell has been a priest for the last three years. Tyler has important reasons for becoming a priest and nothing has ever tempted him away from his calling. That is until MBA graduate and corporate executive Poppy Danforth comes into a confession one day. 

With an electric connection, Tyler and Poppy are drawn to each other like moths to a flame, but Tyler must remain celibate. Confusion swirls through Tyler as he questions his purpose, but will he find his answer in time? 

In the mood for taboo erotic books centered around a forbidden relationship? Look no further than Priest, an insanely hot erotica romance that should not be read in public. 

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Tangled by Emma Chase

Meet Drew Evans: a devilishly handsome businessman with a penchant for sarcasm and enough charm to charm the pants off any woman who catches his eye. Well, until Katherine Brooks. 

Driven, smart and assertive, Kate refuses to allow anything to derail her road to success. Including her co-worker Drew Evans. 

When they’re pitted against each other to secure a business deal, Drew soon realizes that his feelings for the beautiful college grad go much deeper than he could have ever imagined. 

Tangled tells the story of a lovable asshole and an ambitious grad who have met their match in one another in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romance. If you have been looking for some hilarious erotic books, look no further than this hot romance from Emma Chase.

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The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Thirty-year-old Stella Lane is an intelligent and successful econometrician lacking in one area in life: Romantic relationships, a problem she attributes to her Aspergers. When her mother begins pressuring her to join the dating pool, Stella decides it’s time to give it a go. But before she jumps into that, she needs some much-needed lessons in intimacy. And who better to learn from than a bonafide expert? 

Enter Michael Phan, a super sweet escort strapped for cash. When Stella approaches him with an offer he can’t refuse, he accepts, despite his #1 rule to never see a client twice. And with each passing session, Michael finds himself breaking more and more of the rules.  

But what happens when their business relationship turns into more?

Honest, heartwarming, and sexy, The Kiss Quotient is a beautifully written contemporary erotic romance featuring ultra steamy scenes, insanely sweet moments, the fake dating trope, and two characters who are absolutely perfect for one another. 

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Does It Hurt? by H.D. Carlton

Sawyer Bennett is on the run. 

For six years, men have been nothing but a means to an end for the 27-year-old fugitive. They get a night of mind-blowing sex, and she gets a new identity in conjunction with extra funds. Despite the inherent danger of her lifestyle, nothing could have prepared her for the disastrous outcomes of her last-minute decision to book a flight to Australia.

When fate bestows her with a panty-melting male specimen that exudes danger, she knows a tumble between the sheets with the sexy devil is the last thing she should do. Because if there is anyone who could shatter Sawyer’s defenses, it is the man who swims with sharks: Enzo Vitale.

H.D. Carlton did not pull any punches with her 2022 bestseller Does it Hurt? Teeming with off-the-charts steam, heart-pounding suspense, and endless emotion, Does it Hurt? is undoubtedly one of the best dark erotic thrillers of the year.

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The Master by Kresley Cole

Ever since her life fell apart along with her marriage, Catarina “Katya” Marín has been on the run. Now she lives under the radar, cleaning homes and keeping everyone at arm’s length. But her covert cover is soon shattered when she agrees to fill in for a friend, who is a high-priced call girl, after a Botox mishap.

When Russian politician and mobster Maksimilian “Máxim” Sevastyan hires a tall, blonde, and obedient escort for the night and ends up with a petite, sassy brunette, to say he is confused would be an understatement. Despite not being what he asked for, he finds she is exactly what he needs.

Scorchingly hot, highly readable, and insanely suspenseful, The Master is an unputdownable erotica romance that will sweep you off your feet with all the secrets, lies, and intrigue.

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Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Jamie Canning has never been able to figure out why his closest friend ghosted him the summer before college. Now four years later, Jamie is ready for that explanation when he learns they’ll be residing in the same city in preparation for their upcoming face-off in the national college hockey championship. 

Ryan Wesley has always regretted how he ended things with his best friend of six years. After taking a bet too far, he took the easy way out rather than deal with the repercussions of his drunken antics. Now four years later, Ryan is ready to apologize. There’s just one problem: the second he locks eyes with Jamie, all his feelings for his straight best friend come rushing back.

As one of the best erotic MM romance books ever written, I recommend adding Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s stellar romance to your bookshelf. Him is a second chance hockey sports romance between two friends that will keep you up well past your bedtime and desperate for more.

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Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Raised to be nothing more than a trophy wife, heiress Layana Fairmont gave her parents the bird and did the exact opposite when she cashed in her inheritance and began working part time at a charity. 

While at a fundraiser, Lana meets tech billionaire Brant Sharp. Enamored by his intelligence and sweet personality, the two instantly click and eventually begin dating. With wedding bells in their future, everything is going perfectly until it isn’t. 

Unique, brilliant, and downright shocking, Black Lies is a mind-bending romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As one of the best suspenseful erotica novels, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and scorching hot sex scenes. 

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The Risk by S.T. Abby

Following a bloody string of murders, the FBI’s resident golden boy Logan Bennet is placed on the case and finds himself thrust into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a bloodthirsty serial killer who is always one step ahead. With all his time devoted to the investigation, Logan has no time for relationships, especially not with Lana Myers, his complete polar opposite. 

After a tragic encounter left her at death’s gates and her brother dead, Lana’s view of the world became forever jaded. Determined to hand out her own form of justice, Lana refuses to allow anyone to disrupt her reign of vengeance, not even the enigmatic criminal profiler sniffing out her trail.

Between The Risk’s killer premise and deadly love story, S.T. Abby delivers a phenomenal dark, suspenseful erotica romance that bewitches its readers and leaves them with a wicked book hangover, desperate for more.  

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Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.

Embittered by life after a series of unforgivable betrayals, successful lawyer Andrew Hamilton fled NYC and became a partner at a local law firm in North Carolina. There he has settled into a satisfying life practicing law and perusing online dating sites for one-night-stands.  

While on a social network for lawyers only, he forms an unlikely friendship with ‘Alyssa,’ a young new lawyer looking for legal advice. Over the next couple of months, the two stay in touch, and despite Andrew’s desire to meet his online friend, she refuses. 

But Andrew soon gets his wish when he meets Aubrey Everhart, an attractive pre-law student interviewing for the coveted intern spot at his firm. 

A deception he never saw coming. 

Reasonable Doubt is a blazing inferno of sexy scenes and intense sexual tension. As one of the best erotica novels centered around a lawyer and his intern, I recommend adding this page-turner to your queue.   

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Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Recent college grad Mia Holland never thought her trip to Vegas would end with a life-changing decision to spend her final summer before business school in France with her one-night-stand, the sexy Frenchman Ansel Guillaume. 

Together, the two venture onto a wild journey that forces them to consider whether their fling is fleeting or something that will last a lifetime. 

With off-the-charts spice and panty-melting banter, Sweet Filthy Boy is undoubtedly one of the best funny erotic books. 

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Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Following a coup led by his half-brother, war hero, and heir to the Akielos throne Damon Akielos is captured, shipped off to the rival kingdom of Vere, and sold into sexual servitude. To make matters worse, his new master is none other than the prince of the enemy nation. 

Beautiful, calculating, and vindictive, Prince Laurent is a master at mind games. When he unwittingly lands himself with his rival, a fact that he is unaware of, as a pleasure slave, he embarks on the biggest mind game of all – a mind game that will spell their ruin.  

Dark, intense, and controversial, Captive Prince is a highly addictive dark erotic fantasy MM enemies-to-lovers romance overflowing with betrayals, political intrigue, deadly secrets, and dangerous games.  

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Soul Eater by Lily Mayne

Two decades ago, a rift formed between Earth and another dimension – a dimension housing a host of deadly and monstrous species that flooded Earth’s continents and decimated human civilizations. 

In Soul Eater, we meet Danny Sullihan, a 23-year-old southern boy who decides to enlist in the military following his mother’s death – a decision he comes to regret when his entire platoon meets a grisly end in an effort to capture the legendary Soul Eater. 

To make matters worse, back on base, Danny soon learns that the Soul Eater refuses to communicate with anyone but him, a terrifying request that lands the soldier in an even more terrifying dilemma.  

When it comes to monster romances, Lily Mayne is a master at crafting unforgettable monstrous love stories with perfect steam-to-plot ratios. As one of the best erotic monster books out there, I cannot recommend Soul Eater, along with the rest of the books in this series, enough. 

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In Silence She Screams by Amo Jones

When the Sorcerer of Death struts into a room, people see a beautifully deranged puzzle. Complex and seemingly emotionless, Lilith Patience’s unpredictability makes her a liability for Midnight Mayhem and the Brothers of Kiznitch. But despite all of that, there are two who find themselves irrecoverably drawn into Lilith’s silvery web. And they would gladly be swept up into her madness.

When Kyrin Nero stalks into a room, people see a chillingly calculative alphahole shrouded in shadows. Not one to open himself to love, Kyrin never imagined he would fall for one person, let alone two, especially when he considers one to be an enemy of the Brothers of Kiznitch and the other a spy. 

When Eli Rebellis strolls into a room, people see someone who has it all: killer good looks, immense fame, and a never-ending vault of cash. As a member of The Elite Kings, a notorious secret society drenched in murder, secrets, and deceit, duty always comes first. When he is sent to infiltrate Midnight Mayhem, the last thing he expects is to be swept into their darkness.

Dark, captivating, and twisted, In Silence She Screams is an unforgettable MMF dark romance overflowing with steam, danger, and intrigue. If you choose to hop onto this crazy train, tighten your seatbelt because it’s bound to give you whiplash with all its insane twists and turns.

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Appealed by Emma Chase

When Kennedy Randolph learns that her ex-friend from childhood is the opposing attorney on her next case, she is determined to destroy him in the courtroom. After suffering years of humiliation at the hands of the popular clique he left her for, she is ready to serve out her own form of retribution.

When Brent Mason realizes the highly successful prosecutor on the case is none other than the childhood girl next door, he is shocked and insanely attracted to this confident woman. 

There is just one small problem. Kennedy looks like she would rather eviscerate him than ever give him a path back into her good graces. 

Delectably sexy and unbelievably funny, Emma Chase’s conclusion to her Legal Briefs series is one of the hottest panty-melting erotica books that will have you laughing while fanning your overheated cheeks. For a second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance centered around two lawyers on opposite sides of the courtroom, I recommend opening Appealed

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Rough Edge by C.D. Reiss

Rough Edge opens up to army major and psychiatrist Greyson Frazier retiring and returning home to her husband Caden St. John. With no further deployments on the horizon, the two lost souls who found each other during the throes of war are having trouble adjusting to civilian life. 

But when Greyson returns home to a different version of the man she married, it will take everything to mend the pieces of Caden’s mind back together. 

Captivating, enchanting and twisted, Rough Edge is an unputdownable erotica series that will keep you up well past your bedtime. For an unconventional dark romance featuring BDSM, I recommend picking up this brilliant work of art.

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A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Silver Flames tells the story of Nesta Archeron, the prickly newly-turned fae, who is swift to anger, and Cassian, the battle-hardened warrior who has a penchant for pushing every single one of Nesta’s buttons.

Together, they forge their own paths to redemption while battling the monsters set on destroying them. 

Violent, passionate, and darkly thrilling, A Court of Silver Flames is an irresistibly sexy erotic fantasy romance submerged in action, romance, and magic.

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

It’s 1945 when Claire Beauchamp and her husband Jonathan Randall decide to visit the Scottish Highlands. When she finds herself transported back to the year 1743, she finds herself in a new world filled with violence, danger and rising political tensions. What she never expected was to find a love that would transcend time and space. 

Read Outlander if you’re looking for a highly-acclaimed historical romance with an age difference. As one of the best historical erotica novels ever written, you cannot go wrong with this unputdownable must-read.

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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward

Journey into the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood with Wrath and Beth’s story. As the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Wrath has a lot on his plate, but his all-consuming need for vengeance calls for the heads of the slayers responsible for his parents’ deaths. That is until fate sends his comrade’s half-breed daughter Beth Randall his way. And nothing could ever prepare him for what’s to come.

Submerge yourself into J.R. Ward’s dark world of action, passion, and adventure, starting with Dark Lover, if you are in the mood for erotic paranormal books.  

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