24 Best Single Parent Romance Books

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From stand-in parents to accidental pregnancies and more, this list features some of the best single parent romance books to add to your TBR list.

Sustained by Emma Chase

Jake Becker plays by his own rules. As an up-and-coming criminal defense attorney who’s at the top of his game, Jake is scoring in the courtroom and the bedroom. But when a twist of fate pushes him into Chelsea McQuaid’s path, everything changes. 

After a tragic accident left Chelsea the sole guardian to her six nieces and nephews, she’s struggling to keep them afloat. Instead of grad school, Chelsea’s life now revolves around changing diapers and lugging the kids around town. But everything changes when Jake enters their life. 

Sustained is a charming, laugh-out-loud single parent romance between a lawyer who avoids commitment at all costs and a single mom of six who has no plans of entering a relationship. 

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The Takeover by T.L. Swan

For five years, single mother Claire Anderson has worked tirelessly to keep her late husband’s media company afloat. When the notorious head of acquisitions at Miles Media, Tristan Miles, sets his sights on the failing company, he offers to take the business off Claire’s hands. But nothing could ever convince her to hand the family company over to the heartless billionaire takeover king of New York.

Funny, sexy, and bittersweet, The Takeover is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers romance filled with hilarious banter, three devilishly cute kids, and a host of disturbing pranks that will ensure you have a permanent smirk etched on your face. As one of the best single parent romance books out there, you can expect to fall in love with the Anderson-Miles extravaganza.

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Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

Single mother Kennedy Garfield is working to make ends meet. The last thing she needs is for Hollywood’s A-lister Jonathan Cunningham, the father of her daughter, to re-enter her life. That all changes with his next job. Set to film in New York, Kennedy is equal parts nervous that he’ll show up and fearful that he won’t, that he no longer cares. 

King of the tabloids, Jonathan has been through scandal after scandal as he struggles with his own addictions. When he learns of where the next film in the superhero franchise will be shot, he decides to revisit the girl he left behind. What he soon finds out is that he did not just leave one girl behind, he left two. 

Ghosted is one of the best second chance, single parent romance books for all you hopeless romantics out there who are looking for a romance story with kids in tow.

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Look The Part by Jewel E. Ann

When the uptight thirty-five-year-old lawyer Flint Hopkins rents out the upstairs unit to the bubbly, recently divorced music therapist Ellen Rodgers, he expects Beethoven and noise-canceling headphones. What Flint gets instead is a cacophony of sounds that permeate through the walls and drive him insane.

Determined to send Ellen on her way, Flint serves her with an eviction notice. But his plans are quickly derailed when his twelve-year-old autistic son Harrison becomes fast friends with Ellen and develops an appreciation for her music and four pet rats.

Hilarious, sexy and fun, Look the Part is an unputdownable rom-com and one of the best single parent romance books, perfect for fans of music, the enemies-to-lovers trope and slow-burn romances.

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Scandalous by L.J. Shen

Thirty-three-year-old business mogul Trent Rexroth, aka The Mute, has no time for distractions, especially in the form of eighteen-year-old high school senior Edie Van Der Zee. Blackmailed by her father, Edie is tasked with finding dirt on Trent, but along the way, she finds something completely different, yet incredibly priceless.

If you’re hungry for a taboo enemies-to-lovers romance with an age gap, Scandalous is bound to send your ovaries into overdrive. As one of the best single parent romance books out there, this needs to be added to your TBR list.

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Eleanor & Grey by Brittainy C. Cherry

Greyson East had all of Eleanor’s firsts: her first kiss, first boyfriend, first love and first heartbreak. When Eleanor interviews for a nanny gig, she is shocked to find out that the dad is none other than Greyson East, except this man is no longer the boy she fondly remembers. 

When dealt a bad hand in life, some boats sink and others float. In Greyson’s case, his boat lays in ruins in the deepest trench of the ocean. Cold and detached, Grey has shut everyone out and refuses to shed the armoured skin he now gleans. When his high school flame reappears as the new nanny, he makes her promise to keep their past in the past, but the past rarely stays buried. 

For a slow-burn second-chance love story between high school sweethearts who were taken down separate paths only to meet up years later, read Eleanor & Grey. As one of the best single parent romance books, it’s a must-read.

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The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

Best friends Mercedes Lopez, Noah Andelin and Cora McKinney were inseparable growing up. But when Cora asked Mercedes if she was in love with Noah, she told Cora the biggest lie of her life.

From that day on, Mercedes would be the best friend, the bridesmaid, the godmother and the glue that held Noah together when tragedy struck and his life came crashing down in a matter of minutes. 

The Smallest Part is a friends-to-lovers romance centered around a single dad and his best friend. Amy Harmon brings us a poignant tale of friendship, heartache, loss, forgiveness and love in this beautiful, slow-burn single parent romance. 

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Wait For It by Mariana Zapata

After a fatal accident left Diana Casillas as the legal guardian of her two nephews, the 29-year-old is determined to give them a good life, though the transition has been anything but easy.

While getting settled into her new home, she meets her smoking-hot neighbor Dallas Walker. The two get off on the wrong foot, but between neighborly events and baseball games, Diana and Dallas find themselves growing closer.    

From the Queen of Slow Burn comes Wait for It, one of the best single parent romance books that ticks all the right boxes. As Diana is the cousin to soccer star Sal Casillas (from Kulti) and best friend to Van (from The Wall of Winnipeg and Me), Zapata fans will be happy to catch some moments with the beloved characters.

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Be My Hero by Linda Kage

Ever since a psychic granted Pick Ryan glimpses his future as a kid, he has been obsessed with finding his soulmate “Tinkerbell” from those visions.

As the years go by, he never gives up hope even though his life hasn’t gone as planned, from working two jobs to keep him and his addict friend Tristy afloat to failing to find his Tinkerbell.

That all changes the day Eva Mercer walks into his life wearing a Tinkerbell shirt. Everything about her is reminiscent of his dreams and he is convinced that she’s his soulmate.

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems and Pick must make a life-altering decision.

Read Be My Hero if you’re in the mood for a slow-burn romance between a sweet and sexy hero and a pregnant heroine who will do whatever it takes to give her child a good life. As one of the best single parent romance books, you cannot go wrong with this page-turner.  

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Sacrifice by Adriana Locke

When tragedy strikes, leaving Crew Gentry brotherless and Julia Gentry a widow, Crew swears to take care of Julia and his niece Ever. And when tragedy strikes a second time, Crew will do whatever it takes to win the $50,000 Julia desperately needs to save her daughter. Even if that means returning to the ring that nearly paralyzed him years ago.

But bad luck comes in threes and a third tragedy could leave the Gentry family in ruins.

Read Sacrifice if you’re looking for an emotionally-charged single parent romance that will give your heartstrings a hard tug. You may even shed a few tears along the way.

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RoomHate by Penelope Ward

When Amelia’s grandmother died, she left her beach house to Amelia and her childhood friend Justin. The catch is that Amelia and Justin have not spoken for years after having a falling out that left Justin with a broken heart. 

After finding her fiance cheating on her, Amelia packs her bags and heads out with her grandmother’s beach house in mind. Expecting to have the beach house to herself, Amelia is shocked to find Justin, especially when she realizes he’s not alone.

If you’re looking for second chance romance books with an enemies-to-lovers trope that is equally funny as it is angsty, RoomHate is one of the best single parent romance books for you.

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The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

After losing the love of her life, Elizabeth is doing her best to move on and mend the pieces of her life back together. It helps that she has her daughter Emma who keeps her from completely falling apart. After staying with her mom for an extended period, Elizabeth knows it’s time to return home. Once back, she finds not much has changed since she left. Well, besides the small town’s newest resident, Tristan Cole.

Cold, cruel and callous, people tend to steer clear of the aloof recluse. But Elizabeth can sense a kindred spirit hidden beneath that asshole exterior and refuses to allow him to push her away.

Emotional, touching and heartbreaking, The Air He Breathes is a captivating romance perfect for fans of Mia Sheridan and Emma Scott.  

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Misconduct by Penelope Douglas

At twenty-three, former tennis player Easton Bradbury has high hopes for her first year teaching at a private school in New Orleans. What she never foresaw was Tyler Marek: the enigmatic businessman she met at a Mardi Gras ball.

When Tyler shows up at a parent-teacher meeting, Easton quickly realizes two things: one, Tyler has no idea how to raise a teenager and two, nothing can ever come of their strong mutual attraction.   

Read Misconduct if you enjoy steamy taboo romances where the teacher falls for her student’s single father. 

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Desperately Seeking Epic by B.N. Toler

At twelve-years-old, Neena is running out of time. All she wants is to meet her dad before it’s too late.

Unbeknownst to her mom Clara, Neena puts an ad on Craigslist addressed to her father which quickly goes viral and finds its way to Paul, the famous stuntman and resident adrenaline junkie.

Still, Clara is hesitant to allow him back into their lives after he abandoned her in search of a new adventure. But nothing will stop Paul from meeting his daughter.

For an epic love story, read Desperately Seeking Epic. Be sure to break out the tissues because there’s a 99.9% chance that you’ll be sobbing after the first chapter. Let’s face it, B.N. Toler will rip your heart out.

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Written with Regret by Aly Martinez

Caven Hunt was minutes away from closing on a billion dollar business deal when he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep who he later learns is his daughter.

Four years later, Caven’s world is turned upside down once again when Hadley, the mother of his daughter, makes a surprise appearance at Rosie’s fourth birthday party. Suspicious of her intentions, Caven fights her at every turn until he learns of their shared past, drenched in tragedy. 

Read Written with Regret if you’re in the mood for an emotional single parent romance filled with twists you’ll never see coming. 

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To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

When Lucy temporarily moves in with her best friend Olive and her husband Jason, she never expects the legendary Hollywood heartthrob Adam Connor to move in next door with his son.

Curious to catch a glimpse of the famous bachelor, Lucy and Olive dabble in some light espionage and peer over the fence.

In a twist of fate, Lucy finds herself locked behind bars with a new brand-new enemy in Adam Connor. 

Hate Adam Connor? Is that even possible? Ella Maise delivers a funny, swoonworthy romance between a recently divorced single dad and a heartbroken college grad. Filled with off the charts chemistry, this enemies-to-lovers single parent romance will have you breaking out the bullhorn, confessing your love to Adam Connor.  

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Sway by Adriana Locke

Amid his biggest campaign to date, the last thing Barrett Landry needs is a distraction. But fate has other plans. When he crosses Alison Baker’s path, every one of Barrett’s carefully laid out plans fly out the door. Soon the only thing on his mind is the intriguing single mother who could care less about his upcoming election.

But Alison has been hurt before and she is wary to enter another high-profile relationship that could ultimately backfire on her and her son Huxley.

Read Sway if you’re in the mood for a political romance between a soon-to-be Governor of Georgia and a waitress working two jobs to keep her and her son afloat.   

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The Idea of You by Robinne Lee

When Solène Marchand takes her daughter Isabelle to a concert to meet her favorite boy band, August Moon, she never expects to forge an instant connection with the lead singer: the twenty year old British pop star Hayes Campbell.

Enamored with one another, the pair find it impossible to resist each other and are forced to face numerous obstacles when their relationship goes public.

Read The Idea of You if you’re looking for a raw and realistic forbidden romance that will stay on your mind for months to come.

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The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred

The story takes place in a small Southern town and starts with Alix French, an 8 year-old girl from a respected family, trying to help Nick Anderson, the 10 year-old son of an abusive drunk, by treating the wounds on his back. That one act would change the course of their lives forever. When tragedy struck, their bond was put to the test and it did not weather the storm.

Fifteen years later and Alix is finally getting her life back on track as she finalizes her divorce. What she did not foresee was Nick. 

When he returns to town, Alix plans of pretending he doesn’t exist are quickly shattered when she learns of his own plans. And those plans don’t involve letting her slip through his fingers a second time.  

Read The Sweet Gum Tree if you’re interested in reading one of the best single parent romance books that centers around a slow-burn second chance romance that will leave you at a loss for words.

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Return to Us by Corinne Michaels 

Jessica Walker and Grayson Parkerson were young and in love once. But in the face of Grayson’s parents’ constant disapproval, she chooses to leave him before he’s forced to choose between her and his family.

Years later, a life-changing event brings Jessica back to Willow Creek to recover and mend her life back together. Seeing Gray was not in the books, but nothing could have prepared her for the feelings that came rushing back the second she locked eyes with the now single dad.

Read Return to Us if you’re looking for a second chance romance between a single dad and a survivor trying to mend the pieces of her life back together.

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Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

In a world of deadbeat parents and conditional love, young teens Eliza and Till find refuge in one another. And to escape their bleak realities, they turn a dilapidated apartment into their makeshift home.

But when life tears them apart, the two go on to forge their own paths, separately. That is until fate brings them back together. Now Till needs Eliza more than ever because he’s about to endure the toughest battle of his life.

Heartbreaking, emotional and beautiful, Fighting Silence is an outstanding tale of two friends who fall in love and endure countless hardships along the way. By the end, Aly Martinez’s words will leave you wrecked and ruined. And I mean ruined. You won’t be able to think about this book without feeling weepy.  

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Unbreak My Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

Kate Evans is an expert on unrequited love. The boy of her dreams and her best friend from college fell in love. Now happily married with four children, Kate has long since buried those feelings. But when tragedy strikes, Kate alters her entire life to help Shane with the kids while he’s deployed. Things become even more complicated when they find solace in each other on the anniversary of Rachel’s death. A night they would soon regret.

With a hero everyone loves to hate and a heroine everyone wishes would grow a backbone and deliver a verbal smackdown on said hero, Unbreak My Heart is perfect for anyone who wants to become enraged. Fair warning, the hero is an unredeemable a-hole for most of the story. 

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Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Walking down the aisle with cold feet and second thoughts is not a great way to start a marriage, but what’s she to do? Daisy has no other choice. She’s broke. Every one of her credit cards have been cancelled. And the cherry on top of this delightful situation? She’s been threatened with jail time if she refuses to marry the mystery man. All she has to do is stick out the next six months with his traveling circus and then she’s free.

Humorous, witty and emotional, Kiss an Angel centers around an accidental pregnancy and an arranged marriage that evolves from a fake relationship into something real. Daisy and Alex’s enemies-to-lovers romance will make you laugh, cry and think. It’ll undoubtedly stay on your mind for quite some time.

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