40 Bookish Gifts That Book Lovers Will Love

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Looking for the best gifts for all the book lovers in your life will love?

If yes, you should check out this awesome roundup of the perfect gifts for book lovers. 

For more bookish gifts for the bookworms in your life, check out this roundup of the best affordable gifts for book lovers under $25.

Wicked Witch Bookmark

This unique bookmark is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves watching Dorothy follow the yellow brick road and put on those iconic ruby heels.

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Kindle Paperwhite

For a gift that’ll never stop giving, the Kindle Paperwhite is a wonderful option. Read by the fire? Check. Read by the pool? Check. Read in the pool without worrying that it’ll die a watery death? Check. Heck, they can even read in the bathtub if they like taking baths. Water no longer poses a threat with the Kindle Paperwhite.

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Booktrovert Sweatshirt

By LastHopeApparelUS

The booktrovert sweatshirt makes a super cute gift for bookworms. And let’s face it, the definition on the sweatshirt does not lie. We would all much rather spend time with Rhysand and Cassian.

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Book Holder + Travel Pillow

Umm, what more needs to be said? You’re on an 8 hour flight and you feel like reading, but don’t want to hold it up the entire time. What do you do? Whip out your handy dandy reading pillow and voila. You’re golden. 

Oh no, you’ve been staring at words for a few hours and you’re ready for a nice catnap, but don’t have anything to rest your head on…I think you already know where I’m going with this one. 

Honestly, go for it. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or a friend, you can’t go wrong with this. That is unless they hate reading, sleeping and comfy travel pillows.

Don’t miss out on this because it is one of the best gifts for book lovers on here.

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Book Darts Line Markers

When you’re reading a good book, you’re bound to find many good quotes. If you want an easy way to mark those quotes, these book darts line markers are perfect.

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Harry Potter Candles

By PretAGeek

Expecto patronum! It’s time to make your resident Potterhead a happy muggle by gifting them this super cool Witchcraft and Wizardry Candle Gift Set that features a multitude of fun scents: Mrs Weasley’s cookies, magic herbology, buttered beer, wizards feast and wand shop. I would not miss out on gifting this to the resident Harry Potter enthusiast in your life because it is one of the best gifts for book lovers.

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Beauty and the Beast Purse

By WellReadCompany

There is nothing more fantastical than Beauty and the Beast so why not sprinkle a little magic in someone’s life with this lovely purse.

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AirPods Pro

Sometimes people prefer audiobooks which makes AirPods one of the best gifts for all the books lovers in your life. What makes the AirPods extra awesome is how they’ll immediately pause whatever you’re playing as soon as you take them out.

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Weighted Blanket

Help the bookworm in your life get warm and cozy with this gorgeous weighted blanket. They’ll feel safe and content while binging their favorite books (and they’ll definitely get a whole lot of use out of this chunky-knit blanket.

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Personalized Bookend

By MijMojDesign

Add a rustic touch to your home with this lovely solid oak personalized bookend. This will make a wonderful bookish gift for anyone who loves reading and putting their books on display.

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Vanilla Bookish Candle

Turn your home into a vanilla scented paradise with this beautifully-scented book club candle. Snuggle up with your favorite book as the delicious scents of vanilla, amber and nutmeg waft through the room.

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Book Lover Backpack

By AddiBettDesigns

If you plan on traveling, you’ll need a small, lightweight travel bag for a laptop, clothing, notebook and, of course, books.

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Scratch Off Poster

If you know a bookworm who loves challenges, they’ll certainly appreciate this scratch off poster that features 100 iconic books.

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Book Embosser

By PickledStamps 

Anyone who has a library or is adding to their physical book collection would appreciate and love this book embosser. It makes for a thoughtful gift that book lovers will get a lot of use out of. 

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Blue Light Glasses

A great gift for anyone who is constantly on their e-reader is a pair of blue light glasses. No more eye straining once they have these miracle workers on.

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Agate Bookends

By RockParadise

Make a statement with these stunning natural agate bookends. These bookends will be the perfect addition to any bookworm’s home decor.

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Industrial Bookends

By UrbanIndustrialCraft

If you know a bookworm who has an obsession with industrial decor, you should think about giving them this pair of unique industrial bookends. They will certainly steal the show with their steampunk style.

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Cat Bookends

Cute and sturdy, these bookends will highlight a book lovers book collection. Purr-fect decorative bookends for anyone who is obsessed with cats. 

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Rustic Bookshelf

This will make a perfect housewarming gift for any book lover who loves showing off all their wonderful titles.

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First Edition Book Poster

Pride and Prejudice fans will appreciate this stunning first edition poster of Jane Austen’s iconic novel.

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Pride and Prejudice Bag

By WellReadCompany

Do you know someone who loves Pride & Prejudice? If yes, you might want to look into gifting them this cute and stylish Jane Austen purse.  

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Bookish Candle

By Crudewicks

What better way to make a bookworm happy than an insanely cute and bookish candle.

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Personalized Book Locket Necklace

By SilkPurseSowsEar

Make the book lover in your life smile whenever they wear this cute book locket necklace that features your very own personalized message inside.

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Library Card Blanket

By cozyloftdesigns

If you know someone who always has their nose in a book, then the likelihood that they would appreciate this library card woven throw blanket is pretty high. After all, who doesn’t like to get cozy with a blanket and a good book?

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Abibliophobia Sweatshirt

By StagandPeachCo

Abibliophobia: the fear of running out of books. If you know someone who is constantly adding books to their ‘To Be Read’ shelf, you should think about getting this this fun bookish sweatshirt. They’re guaranteed to get a laugh out of it.

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Bookworm Tumbler

By OrderUpGifts

If you know a bookworm, chances are they would love a cute little mug with a bookshelf design. A good book, some tea (or coffee) and some cozy pajamas make the perfect combo for a book lover.

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Book Lovers Phone Case

By TheUrbanFlair

I know people who go through phone cases like Simon Parker (from Wallbanger) goes through girls. This phone case can be a nice change for any bibliophile serial phone case user.

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Bookish Mug

By TheNims 

The mug does not lie. For the well-read woman in your life, give them a gift they can admire every morning. 

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Comic Book Pouch

If you know any superhero/comic fans, then this pouch may be the perfect gift for them. Bonus: you can also fill it with a few things to turn it into a gift basket (in essence).

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Personalized Books Tote

By EmbroideryShopVN

Personalize a tote bag with all your favorite books or gift it to the bookworm in your life.

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Blind Date with a Book

By Lobookdecor

Do you want a surprise book gift? If yes, look no further than this personalized gift box which comes with a book, bookmark, quote stickers, and retro stamps.

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Personalized Book Set

By Roughdraftromance

Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift or for a different occasion, this personalized book set will stand out in any home and make book lovers happy.

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Reading Pillow

This is the perfect pillow for when a person is about to go on an hour long journey (book style) and wants to get comfy. 

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Cute Bookish Sweatshirt

By CustomInfinityGifts

For the book loving cat person in your life, this is the sweatshirt for them.

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Bookish Vase

By LaVieLenteStyle

The acrylic book-shaped vase makes a beautiful gift for book lovers.

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Custom Book Art

By JoJosReticules

Add a personalized touch to your bookish gift with this custom book sculpture. The bookworm in your life will always think of you when they look at this beautiful customized piece of art. Plus, you get to choose the name or word that gets to be showcased. 

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Go Away! I’m Reading Throw Blanket

This makes such a cute addition to any book lovers living room. It’s cozy, soft and perfect for a day with a good book. Plus, it gives fair warning to anyone who interrupts…

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Book Lover Gift Box

By AuthoredAdornments

Surprise the bookworm in your life with this fun mystery box that features a vintage teacup, earl grey tea, secondhand books, a candle, a bookmark and caramels. You will make their day with this cute bookish gift set.

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Dreaming Outloud Pack 

This beautiful collection from Pura Vida makes a beautiful gift for anyone who is a dreamer. Also, for anyone who is a reader. After all, a book can be described as an incredibly detailed dream (can you tell I’m out of things to say?).

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Pride and Prejudice Comforter

If you know someone who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, you might want to buy this comforter for them.

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