7 Books With Insane Plot Twists and Turns

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Few books manage to boggle my mind, so when I get my hands on a story that does, I’m all in. Crazy twists and turns, unique plots, and psychological mindfuckery to the highest degree are major selling points for me. I love it when an author manages to completely blindside me, especially if it came straight out of left field. It brings me such joy which is why I wanted to share my favorite books with insane plot twists you’ll never see coming.   

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If you end up reading one of these amazing books, go into it completely blind. You’ll thank me. It will be that much more satisfying.

When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann

“It’s hard to love someone when they reject your love. It’s hard to fight when they won’t speak. And it’s even harder to make up when you don’t even know what you’re fighting for.” 

After a wedding prank gone wrong, twenty-six-year-old Parker Cruise decides it’s time to cut the cord and leaves home at last, moving across the street into her grandfather’s old farmhouse. While enjoying her newfound freedom one night, she hears noise from outside and suspects it’s her mom coming over to check on her. In a moment of hilarity, Parker fakes a very loud orgasm only to realize seconds later that it’s not her mom, but a wayward dog and his smoking hot owner who just so happens to be her neighbor. 

Her very married neighbor Gus Westman. 

The twist killed me. I thought I was on an episode of Punked or something. Alas, I was not. And that is all I’ll say. Good luck.

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Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

“True love makes a person reckless, makes them take risks and make sacrifices. True love tests the boundaries of our person, makes us yearn to be better and fight for the ground we stand on. I will fight for this love. Lie for it. Steal for it. It’s worthy of that.” 

Raised to be nothing more than a trophy wife, heiress Layana Fairmont gave her parents the bird and did the exact opposite when she cashed in her inheritance and began working part time at a charity. During a fundraiser, Lana meets tech billionaire Brant Sharp. Enamored by his intelligence and sweet personality, the two instantly click and eventually begin dating. With wedding bells in their future, everything is going perfectly until it isn’t. 

We should all bow down to Alessandra Torre because this story is like no other I have read before. Unique, brilliant, and downright shocking, this is a story that will stay with you for days later.

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The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

“You can only give your heart away once, after that, everything else will chase your first love.”

Olivia and Caleb met in college…and the rest is history. That is, until things ended badly, pushing Olivia to run for the hills. Four years pass before Olivia suddenly runs into Caleb again. Expecting an awkward and chilly interaction, Olivia’s shocked when she realizes he has no idea who she is. Turns out, he’s suffering from a severe form of amnesia after a car accident. 

With Caleb’s lack of memories, Olivia sees this as a prime time to turn back the clock and start over, maybe even fall back in love. The only problem with this plan is Caleb’s current girlfriend Leah who has no plans of letting him go. Olivia is walking on a tightrope and one misstep can destroy everything. 

That is all I will say regarding The Opportunist and I hope you read this beautiful gem and enjoy the twist.

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Verity by Colleen Hoover

“I think the idea of me is better than the reality of me.” 

Lowen Ashleigh is on the brink of financial ruin when she is offered a deal that is too good to be true. Jeremy Crawford hired Lowen to complete the final books of a successful series his injured wife Veryt is unable to finish. 

To successfully do so, Lowen goes to the Crawford home to look through Verity’s notes and outlines except she finds something unexpected, Verity’s unfinished autobiography. Containing disturbing admissions and unsettling thoughts, Lowen becomes wary of Verity and questions whether she truly is injured… or if it’s all an act.

If you find fulfillment in mentally jumping through hoops, then you’ll either propose (to the book of course) by the end or decide to throw it over the North Wall. If I could, I would do both, but then that ending ripped me to shreds. My morals are no longer quite present. 

You need to read this masterpiece. It’s a psychological-gripping mindfuck of epic proportions.

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Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster

“It roars and roars and when we’re both long gone from this world, it will ripple with whispers until the end of time.”

Kady and Yeo were childhood sweethearts until Yeo leaves Kady, at her insistence, to go to college. After Yeo completes medical school, he returns to his hometown, determined to win back his girl no matter how hard she resists. See, Kady had suffered unimaginable child abuse which left her psychologically and emotionally scarred with feelings of inadequacy. Kady thinks pushing Yeo is better off without her, but he plans to prove her wrong.

Wow. I had no clue there was even a plot twist until I finally put the pieces together. After that, I was utterly gobsmacked. You’ll (probably) love this.

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Written with Regret by Aly Martinez

“Not everything was black and white. It was often in the gray areas where the hardest decisions are made.” 

Caven Hunt was about to close on a billion dollar high tech business deal when he finds a newborn baby girl on his doorstep who he later learns is his daughter. Four years later, Caven’s world is turned upside down when the mother of his daughter makes a surprise appearance at Rosie’s fourth birthday party. Furious she would show up with no warning, Caven is suspicious of her motives and intentions. 

Even though Hadley simply wants to get to know her daughter, Caven’s pent up animosity blinds him and leads to some tense interactions. When Hadley opens up about their shared past, Caven begins to see Hadley in a different light, but will that be enough to change his mind about her.

I never saw the twist coming. To say that it came as a complete shock would be an understatement. 

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I See You by Ker Dukey

“Grab what life gives you and cherish it because we never knew when it will be whipped from under us.” 

The story follows the lives of Nina Drake and brothers, Devon and Noah Trent. Now Devon and Noah didn’t have the most conventional family life growing up. In fact, it was quite disturbing and horrifying what they were brought up to do. Fast forward a handful of years and Devon works as a photographer to capture that one moment where life leaves their eyes, that last breath. One day a file comes in with Nina Francis Drake’s name typed on top, Client 1325. 

Traumatized by the vicious attack, Nina moved to a new town and has all but shut down from the outside world. That is, until her neighbor draws her out of the darkness and into the light.

It isn’t until the last few chapters when all the puzzle pieces fall into place. That’s when your jaw drops and your brain implodes from the sheer shock of a plot twist you didn’t think was possible until it was painted right before your eyes. 

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