8 Best Paranormal Women’s Fiction Books to Read Now

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A group of female authors decided it was time that women in midlife and later are given their own spotlight in literature which ultimately brought forth this new genre of paranormal women’s fiction. 

From divorce to menopause to empty nests and a host of other things, older women are dealing with their own set of issues. Luckily, these kick-ass heroines have a bit of experience on their side and walk to the beat of their own drums. 

Books in the paranormal women’s fiction genre bring you sass, class and so much more. If you want to add a little zest to your life, I highly recommend these paranormal women’s fiction books. I still have more to read, so I’ll definitely be adding some more to the list! 

Grave Magic Bounty by Shannon Mayer

Recently divorced 41-year-old Breena is all out of ducks to give. Forced to start over after her manipulative scumbag of an ex-husband left her with enough debt to make any sane person keel over with dry heaves, Breena moves back to her hometown of Savannah. With nowhere to go, Breena decides to take up Corb, said ex-husband’s cousin, on his offer to stay with him.

Hoping to move back into her Gran’s house, Breena is livid when she realizes her ex pulled a fast one on her. Still, that doesn’t even cover what she has on her plate. From the talking skeleton Robert to her Gran’s ghost to a job as a magical bounty hunter and, of course, the mysterious blacksmith… well, Breena has a lot on her plate.  

If you’re someone who loves a paranormal women’s fiction that rocks your socks off and leaves you gasping for air (from laughter of course), then the Forty Proof series is right up your ally. Of course, the third installment will be released July 14th, so if you start the series before then, you’ll have a short wait period. Totally worth it.

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Wrong Side of Forty by Jana Deleon 

On the day 48-year-old Marina Trahan plans on surprising her husband in some new lingerie, she finds said husband in bed with another woman… wearing said lingerie. 

Think things get better? Don’t hold your breath. 

Marriage over and career on the rocks, Marina finds herself moving into her mother’s old lake cabin when she’s approached by a suspicious lurker who may or may not be a stalker. Turns out he’s a demigod. 

Given a quest to find a powerful artifact, Marina accepts Alexios’ challenge. With only a week to solve this centuries old mystery, Marina will need all the help she can get. After all, the world is literally hanging in the balance and if she fails– well, things will not end well. 

If you prefer your books jam packed with small-town drama with a pinch of southern charm and a dash of sass then you should probably pick up this paranormal women’s book.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft by Mandy M. Roth

When Poppy’s husband divorces her out of the blue, she packs up her bags and heads back to the house her grandparents left her in Grimm Cove. Upon her arrival, she makes a few shocking revelations about the real Grimm Cove, the one where supernaturals exist. It just so happens that her old flame is a werewolf, ghosts exist and she is a witch. Try wrapping your mind around those tidbits.  

Unfortunately, it’s a terrible time to be a witch. With a witch murderer on a rampage, Poppy must take back her ancestral home and come into her powers before she becomes their next victim. Lucky for her, she has two best friends beside her and a police chief who has no plans of letting her slip through his fingers a second time.

If you love second-chance romances swirled into your paranormal women’s book, you’ll get a kick out of this humorous gem that will keep you entertained till the end.

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Let it All Burn by Denise Grover Swank

Darcie Weatherby has enough to deal with between her three kids, a boss that seems to have a penchant for making her life miserable and a conniving ex-husband. The last thing she needs are hot flashes that start fires. 

Things take a turn for the worse when she accidentally burns her boss’s house down. From there, her dark tresses transform into a light shade of “corn silk” and the outline of wings grows along her back. Darcie must figure out what’s happening to her before it’s too late… or before the hot flashes grow out of her control.

If you like some greek mythology mixed into your paranormal women’s books, Let it All Burn is  the perfect book to read next.

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Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter

Since turning 45-years-old, Robin Brannon has yet to wake up without thinking “Is this my life? Really? This? Every day until I die?” Between her rocky marriage, nonexistent love life and her grandmother’s declining health, Robin feels hopeless. 

When she and her two best friends experience a brush with death, strange things begin to happen. Robin is seeing ghosts, Monica is having visions and Valerie has the ability to see the imprints left behind on objects by people. None of these three best friends have the time or energy to figure out what happened, but when a skeleton is found, questions arise. 

With their newfound abilities, the search is on and they will leave no rock unturned when it comes to figuring out the person behind the mysterious demise of the ghost that saved their lives.

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Witching for Grace by Deanna Chase

Between her perfect marriage and a career managing her husband’s real estate firm, Grace Valentine’s life is nothing if not perfect. Or so she thought. When Grace is served divorce papers, her life comes crumbling down when she finds out about his affair. To make matters worse, because of his philandering ways, she is out of a job leaving her scrambling to land a new one.  

Given a chance at the rival real estate firm, Grace must first prove her worth by selling the haunted properties of Premonition Pointe, a seemingly impossible feat. With help from her coven, Grace will have to figure out how to get rid of the ghosts plaguing the houses before they scare off all the potential buyers.

If you love witches and the splash of magic they bring with them, you’ll have a hell of a time with Grace and her two best friends. Also, if you enjoy age gap romances, then what are you still doing here?! Go pick up this book. 

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Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene

Jessie is ready for a new adventure after her husband of twenty years asks for a divorce and her son heads off to college. With nothing tying her down, Jessie takes up her friend’s offer on becoming the caretaker of a mysterious centuries old house.

Of course, there’s more to the house than meets the eye. With enough secrets to fill the Grand Canyon (maybe), Jessie will have to open her eyes to this new magical world hidden in plain sight. Quickly. Especially if she plans on becoming the true caretaker of Ivy House. 

With help from her quirky neighbor who has a fondness of rocks, a butler that takes the role of Big Brother to the extreme, a and a rather suspicious groundskeeper, Jessie is in for the ride of her life.

If you enjoy your paranormal women’s fiction filled with a whole smorgasbord of magical elements, you’ll love Magical Midlife Madness. Oh and if you have a thing for slow-burn romances, Jessie and Austin have you covered (an added plus if you have a thing for shifters).

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Betwixt by Darynda Jones

Former restaurateur Defiance Dayne finds herself desperate and broke after a particularly messy divorce that left her with nothing. Down on her luck, Defiance is shocked to find out that a stranger left her a house in the infamous town of Salem, Massachusetts. With nothing holding her back, she takes a trip to the dark and mysterious mansion and decides to give it three days before making a decision. 

It’s only a few hours after moving in that Defiance realizes the mansion comes with a bit of baggage. From the witty inked-up handyman to the pesky neighbor who plans on running Defiance out of town to said handyman’s cat who has a penchant for acting like a complete and utter jerk.    

When Defiance finds a file left behind from the previous owner, her entire world’s axis shifts as she realizes her entire life was a lie. 

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