Review of the Transcend Duet by Jewel E. Ann

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“Don’t steal anything from the past or borrow anything from the future. Pay your dues today. That’s living life.” ~ Jewel E. Ann

I’m blown away by the epicness that is the Transcend Duet. Blown away I tell you. I cannot express how much I LOVE everything about this story. Gah, I have too many thoughts bombarding my brain and I can’t get them out coherently. Ahhh. Jewel E. Ann is one of my new favorite authors. I don’t know how she does it. No author has ever made me second guess everything about EVERYTHING. Do you see this? I’m a mess. An incoherent tornado of randomized words. 

But yes, usually I can see what’s coming. I have that sixth sense with book endings, but Jewel E. Ann’s stories…well, you guessed it. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I’m telling you, these books have left an imprint on my soul. Yes, my soul. 


I’m bubbling over with all the feels. You know what, I need a breather. I really do. But why take a breather when I can keep typing? Exactly. 

Swayze, Griffin, and Nate. Come on. COME. ON. Holy helluva. Where do I go from here?

Swayze and Griffin’s love was beautiful. I had lots of things to say about it in my head of course when I wasn’t totally on board with it. I even let loose a few “Are you kidding me’s” because, well, are you kidding me??? All those false pretenses. I went into this story shipping Swayze and Nate. But then, somewhere along the way, freaking Griffin slithered his way into my heart. 


You know what, I take back that word. He did not slither, he strutted. Kidding. Griffin doesn’t strut. But let me tell ya, he’s one of the best guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Honest to god. I had hopes for Swayze and Nate. High freaking hopes. But midway through Epoch, I realized something. Griffin was the one for Swayze in that lifetime. They were beautiful and I am so happy they found each other. I kinda want to cry because it’s just so beautiful. She found her grocery store guy and he found his person. I’m overjoyed right now and I am so thankful that they worked everything out. They deserve it all.

Okay, now let’s discuss Swayze (Daisy) and Nate. Can we just give these two a moment of silence because damn! Their love is EPIC. E-P-I-C! How else do you describe a love that defies the laws of nature? It hurt my heart when I realized Nate was never going to be Swayze’s real boyfriend. To tell you the truth, I might have huffed and puffed a bit and cursed to my conscience because, well, who else am I going to curse/talk to at 2am? Definitely not sleeping people. But my oh my. Their love is the epitome of LOVE. That type that lasts forever and transcends the boundaries of time, defies the laws of nature, and trumps all else. They are simply epic. And their love…well, it’s plain selfless. Completely selfless. No other way to describe it. 

“I think a part of you will be mine to love in every life.” ~ Jewel E. Ann

I LOVE THEM ALL. Ugh, it’s too much on my heart. First Parker, Levi, and Gus. Now Swayze, Griffin, and Nate. Jewel E. Ann, you have ruined me with these outstanding people. I don’t know how I’m going to go back to “normal” books. These are so far from normal that I can’t even wrap my mind around what I’ve read in the past two days. It’s too much. Ugh, so many feelings were evoked during this ride and I don’t regret one thing that happened. Even though I literally pleaded for Swayze to choose Nate multiple times. Everything worked out. Fate. It was fate. Well, technically, it was Jewel E. Ann. But let’s just blame it on fate for shits and giggles.

If you haven’t read the Transcend Duet yet, but still read this review, I apologize. In that same token, why did you read this review?!? What’s wrong with you? I’m sorely disappointed because now the secrets are out and you won’t go into this with fresh eyes (which is an absolute must).

“You know what I need? A real boyfriend.” ~ Jewel E. Ann

All in all, Jewel E. Ann’s Transcend Duet features a romance of a lifetime that is both beautiful, yet frustrating. It will jerk your heart every which way and you probably won’t know who to root for.

More Recommendations 

If you’re interested in reading more from Jewel E. Ann, then I would suggest When Life Happened. The twist is like nothing I have read before; similar to Hereditary. Leave your expectations at the door because the the future is unforeseen and anything can happen in a Jewel E. Ann novel. 

Pepper Winter’s The Boy & His Ribbon follows Ren Wild and Della Mclary from childhood into adulthood. After escaping captivity, Ren took it upon himself to become everything Della needed and, over the years, there relationship evolved from a genuine and pure friendship into something more…something forbidden. The sequel The Girl & Her Ren is one of my favorites as it actually made me cry and few books ever do that.