26 Retro Gift Ideas That Will Make You Nostalgic

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Cat-eyed sunglasses, jukeboxes, rotary phones, and vintage poodle dresses: those are some of the most prominent markers of retro style. Fun and flirty with a hint of nostalgia (more like a lot of nostalgia).

These retro gift ideas are perfect for anyone and everyone. If you have a flair for all things vintage or you know someone who does, then check out these cool and old-fashioned gifts that are destined to please retr-junkies. 

Retro Appliances 

Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

This retro kitchen wall clock features a built-in thermometer and 60-minute timer making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Retro Rotary Phone

Travel back to the ‘60s with this classic British Retro telephone. 

Coca-Cola Napkin Dispenser 

Add a pop of color to your kitchen with this iconic Coca-Cola napkin dispenser.  

Vornado Vintage Fan

Add a touch of retro-flair with this fun vintage fan. 

Retro Jukebox 

This vintage countertop jukebox with bluetooth and CD player will give off nostalgic vibes with its retro color changing LED light tubing.

Breakfast Station

This breakfast station is perfect for small spaces. For all you college students out there, this may be a great addition to your dorm room/apartment. 

Retro Turntable 

This Victrola 50’s retro bluetooth turntable with stereo, CD player and speakers is the perfect addition to any home. 

Snow Cone Cart

This snow cone cart will bring back nostalgic feelings as you’re scooping out the ice and pouring some flavoring on top.

Retro Fridge

This super cute fridge works perfectly and looks great in a small space. Add some retro vibes to your home with this vintage fridge.

Retro Alarm Clock

This cute alarm clock will wake the dead according to some customers. If you’re a heavy sleeper, this should most likely wake you up.

Vintage Speaker

This small vintage retro bluetooth speaker is a perfect portable radio for traveling, home parties and the outdoors.

Retro Wall Decor

Vintage Tin Sign

Have a man-cave? Need some decor for your deck? Add this retro sign to make any room feel comfy and vintage. 

Eat Here Tin Sign

This cool retro sign will look great in any kitchen and really pull everything together.  

Retro Metal Tin Sign

This retro sign will add character to any room and would make a great addition to a game room. 

Retro Accessories and Fashion

Vintage Small Sunglasses

These vintage sunglasses are cute and trendy and can really tie together your outfit. According to customers, they fit perfectly and look super cute.

Retro Cat Eyes Sunglasses

These super cute cat eye sunglasses will make any outfit look glamorous and stylish.

Vintage Heart Sunglasses

People absolutely love these quality vintage heart sunglasses. Especially for festivals. 

Vintage Backpack

This cute vintage backpack makes the perfect travel bag for any student (with a laptop pocket).

Vintage Tea Dress With Belt

This beautiful dress is the perfect addition to your closet with its retro vibes.

Retro Toys

Magic 8 Ball

Get quick advice with this retro magic 8 ball when you have no idea what to do…or if you want to know your future.

Guess Who?

This retro edition of Guess Who? inspired by the 1988 version will bring back waves of nostalgia for adults who loved playing this as kids.

Fisher-Price Retro Chatter Phone

This ringing rotary dial was the hot toy back in the day. Surprise your child (or anyone really) with this retro toy…a full circle. This can also be a great gag gift.

Lincoln Logs

This classic toy lets you build anything. Explore your imagination and create new things with these fun logs.

Simon Game

This exciting game of lights and sounds is fun to play solo or with a bunch of friends.

Rocket Box Jacks Game

This old-fashioned game is perfect for all ages and is a great stocking stuffer.

Slinky Dog

This slinky dog will remind you of your childhood and of Slinky from Toy Story of course.