Review of Verity by Colleen Hoover

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Goodbye world, goodbye telephone and goodnight moon.

Confused why I opened up with that? Well, read Verity and then you’ll understand the dilemma I’m in. That story freaking messes with your psyche. I would have never pegged Hoover for the psychological thriller genre, yet she crushed it. My mind is simply a leaf floating in the wind at this point. I’m scattered beyond repair.

How does one even begin talking about Verity? I refuse to give anything away. It’s imperative to go into this without any spoilers. Otherwise, your jaw won’t go slack, your eyelids will continue their normal functions, and your mind won’t press the pause button and scream ‘what the eff’. Trust me, you want all of those things. They’re splendid reactions.

The Summary

Here’s what you’ll need to know before going into these disturbing bound pages. First, Lowen is a struggling writer who is offered the job of a lifetime…and takes it. Second, Jeremy is a husband to a wife who is no longer truly present after his twin daughters passed away. And third, Verity is said wife. She may not be their in mind, but she’s there in body. And let me tell you something. She still managed to send chills down my spine, look around my room in paranoia and fear that something would jump out at me (which is a feat in itself considering I’m in a small dorm room and nothing could possibly be hiding in here). Oh and then there was my sanity. I’m not sure how many times I questioned its very existence.

At one point, my foot wasn’t underneath the blanket which is a big no-no when you’re scared. Let’s just say it will continue suffocating until the morning (who got the hidden meaning there?).

Well, those are the bare bones of the story. Don’t snoop around and try figuring out the ending before you’ve even read the first sentence…

“I hear the crack of his skull before the spattering of blood reaches me.

If you’re still not sure whether you should take the jump into Colleen’s eerie bestseller, then wait one second. I’ll give you some reasons.

Why You Should Read Verity by Colleen Hoover

  1. It’s a psychological mindf*ck. If you find fulfillment in mentally jumping through hoops, then you’ll either propose (to the book of course) by the end or decide to throw it over the North Wall. If I could, I would do both, but then that ending ripped me to shreds. My morals are no longer quite present.
  2. There is a romantic aspect to it. If you’re someone who hates to read a book without a little sultry stares here and there, then you need not fear, Colleen Hoover was there. I mean, come on, Hoover would never let us down in that department (or any department really).
  3. It’s a book within a book. If you’re into the idea of reading a book within another book, then you’ve found your metafictional soulmate. Verity does just that.
  4. One more thing, from the beginning you immediately get an ominous vibe from that house simply from the words Hoover uses to describe it. Honestly, that was one of the initial hooks that reeled me in when I began the book yesterday. Colleen’s a master with those words.


Let’s talk about the ending now. I have no clue what to think of it. Does that mean it was all a creative writing project gone wrong? If so, how do you live with yourself after that? 

Personally, I’m not sure what to believe. On one hand, she could have just been trying to cover her bases by writing that letter. However, you’d think there must have been some truth to what she was saying in that journal. I mean, say your husband read your journal and found that in there. Would he think it’s a creative writing project or the truth? Can you really live with a person for that long and have no clue who they really are? 

Furthermore, when Jeremy read that journal, there must have been truth behind her words. Otherwise, why would he believe them? Why would he choose to resort to other means rather than talk to her? Makes you wonder. 

But really, what do you guys think? Was she really the monster she made herself out to be or was it simply a creative writing assignment to get rid of the writers block?

What to Read Next

What should be next on your TBR list? Well, if you’re on a Hoover binge then I would recommend It Ends With Us. It’s a truly amazing story and everyone should read it at least once.

If you’re in the psychological mind games type of mood, then I’d suggest The Ghost Writer by Alessandra Torre or Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell.