30 Best Romance Books You Need To Read

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Are you looking for the best romance books to help you escape into a world of fantasy, love, and passion? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! 

This article will help you find the best romance books to feed your need for heart-fluttering excitement. From bestsellers to up-and-coming authors, we will take a look at some of the most thrilling and captivating tales of love and romance. It’s time to put the world on pause and dive deep into a world of passion and desire! 

With a mix of intriguing plots, steamy scenes, and loveable characters, these books will have you begging for more. So, get ready for an exploration of some of the best romance books that are sure to make your pulse race.

Drive by Kate Stewart

Stella has it all: a successful career as a music journalist, great friends, and a life filled with music. But the day she gets a call that rocks her world sets in motion an encounter with the ghosts of her past. 

With nothing but a rental car, a playlist, and the memories of the two men who irrevocably changed her life, Stella travels back to the beginning of their story as she drives toward the one who holds her heart.    

Drive is a captivating, complicated, and gripping romance novel, one of the best romance books out there. Filled with highs, lows, and all the feels, I guarantee it’s an unmissable read you must add to your TBR pile!

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Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Nora Stephens, the renowned and ambitious literary agent, is unwillingly pulled away from her workaholic life when her pregnant sister Libby invites her on a trip to the small town of Sunshine Falls. Already dreading the idea of a “relaxing girls’ getaway,” her mood darkens even further when she finds out her arch nemesis, Charlie Lastra, an editor from New York, is also visiting. Despite all her attempts to avoid him, the two keep bumping into each other.

Through witty banter, explosive chemistry, and charming moments, this quintessential romance will leave readers with an unforgettable experience. Already considered to be among the best romance books, Book Lovers is sure to win the hearts of many.

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Maestro by Auden Dar

Aurelia Ramirez Preston and Chadwick David first met while competing for a spot at the esteemed LaGuardia Arts high school. To the world, Chad was the brilliant violinist and grandson of a world-renowned maestro. To Aurelia, he was much more: her first friend, her first great love, and her first heartbreak. 

Auden Dar’s Maestro is an unforgettable contemporary romance that brings readers on a journey of emotions, hardships, and a unique love story. From second-chance romances to friends-to-lovers trope, Aurelia and Chad’s unforgettable story will satisfy readers of any taste.

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Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez 

ER doctor Alexis Montgomery has had a day from hell. When an animal suddenly appears on the road, Alexis swerves and ends up stuck in a ditch. Just when she’s about to resign herself to her fate, a young, handsome man in a truck stops to help her out. 

Daniel Grant, the 28-year-old hero of this heart-warming story, is a real-life superhero. He’s a carpenter, the pseudo-mayor of his small town, and owner of the family business – and he’s also a man with little time for romance. But when he meets Alexis, something sparks between them, and both must confront whether their chemistry could ever make it in the real world. 

Abby Jimenez’s Part of Your World is a delightful rom-com set in a small town. With a 10-year age gap, laugh-out-loud moments, and a powerful emotional payoff, this read is undoubtedly one of the best romance books of 2022. You won’t regret picking this one up.

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Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan

Yasmen and Josiah had a perfect life together until tragedy struck, signaling the end of their marriage but not their love. Even though they knew their relationship couldn’t continue without either healing, they still found their bond deeply intertwined. Co-parenting two children and working together in their business, they soon realized they were inexorably linked.

Before I Let Go is an emotionally charged story of second chances and self-healing following the heartbreaking journey of two people who must part ways to find themselves – and each other – anew.

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Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Alex Claremont, the first son of the United States, and Henry – the Prince of England – have never seen eye to eye. But when the countries’ relationship turns sour, they must put aside their differences to appear friendly. Little do they know, their fake friendship will soon become something much more. 

Red, White & Royal Blue, Casey McQuinston’s award-winning hit, is the perfect read for those obsessed with royalty. With a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance, this hilarious M/M story will not only make you laugh out loud but is guaranteed to become your next obsession. Add it to your TBR now!

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One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

When Emma Blair’s long-lost husband resurfaces just as she is about to tie the knot with another, she finds herself entangled in an emotional roller coaster ride of chaos. Will Emma stay loyal to her current flame or succumb to the charms of her first love? One thing’s for sure—it will be an impossible choice. 

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid is an exceptional romance novel that weaves a captivating and unforgettable story of the power of love and the struggle with an impossible choice.

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Glitterland by Alexis Hall

Clinical depression has taken a toll on best-selling author Ash Winters, who once flourished in the literary world. But, when the charming and vibrant model Darian Taylor barrels into his world, it opens Ash’s heart to something new: hope. Unexpectedly, this one-night stand turns into something more, and while they both find themselves deeply drawn to each other, trust is a difficult hurdle to overcome. 

Alexis Hall’s Glitterland is a beautiful romance with stunning dialogue, unforgettable characters, and a heart-stopping journey that will leave them wanting more. Don’t miss this beautiful masterpiece!

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Full Tilt by Emma Scott

It’s safe to say that befriending a lead guitarist in a rising rock band is an unlikely scenario for your average person. Yet, Jonah Fletcher and Kacey Dawson become fast friends when her band steps into his limo after a wild Las Vegas show. With a hangover that not even the Vegas Strip could cure, Kacey finds refuge on Jonah’s couch for a few days. What follows is an intense, whirlwind romance that can only end in one way, tragedy.

Emma Scott’s Full Tilt is a poignant tale that will wreck you in the best and worst ways possible. From unexpected friendships to heart-wrenching endings, you’ll find yourself rediscovering love, grief, and unimaginable pain. Don’t miss out on one of the best stories around.

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The House on the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

The House in the Cerulean Sea, TJ Klune’s best-selling YA fantasy, invites readers to join Linus Baker on a mysterious assignment at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. Sent to the isolated island of Marsyas, Linus discovers an orphanage filled with six extraordinary children, rumored to possess the power to bring about the end of the world. But along with his mission, Linus finds an unexpected bond with the orphanage’s master, Arthur Parnassus, and a powerful truth – that true power lies in the ability to love. 

Enchanting and heartwarming, this captivating tale is sure to be one of 2021’s most magical YA fantasies.

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Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

When bestselling erotic writer Eva Mercy and award-winning author Shane Hall bump into each other at a literary event, their secrets and passions from a week-long affair years ago come rushing back. Now they have the chance to reignite the love they never truly let die. 

Seven Days in June is a must-read romantic page-turner that brilliantly tackles motherhood, generational trauma, and other thought-provoking topics. As one of the top romance books of 2021, don’t miss this captivating tale that will stay on your mind long after you finish it.

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Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren 

After ten years of radio silence, Macy Sorensen and Elliot Petropoulos reunite by chance at a cafe. Their long-lost friendship brings forth powerful memories of their past, leaving them to navigate turbulent waters. 

In Love and Other Words, Christina Lauren takes readers on a captivating journey of forgiveness, friendship, and love. Infused with vivid detail and with sweet emotion, it’s a beautiful and unforgettable friends-to-lovers romance that stands out as one of the best on the market. 

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From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon

Eva Rosselli and Angelo Bianco—born under different religious and social circumstances—met when they were children and grew to love one another. But when Angelo chose to join the priesthood, life took them in different directions.

Years later, Eva is desperately fleeing from the Gestapo when Angelo risks everything to shelter her in his convent, filled with Jewish refugees. Despite the danger of her situation, Eva can’t idly sit while Angelo sacrifices his safety to protect her, leading to the unique and powerful story of From Sand and Ash

From Sand and Ash is a profound and powerful historical romance that paints a captivating, emotionally charged story of love, faith, and courage. With the utmost emotion and strength, the novel confronts readers with a powerful narrative not to be missed. Amy Harmon delivers an unforgettable story that is undoubtedly one of the best romance books out there.

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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

After the sudden loss of her mother, Executive Protection Agent Hannah Brooks finds the depth of her despair deepening when her boyfriend decides to end their relationship.

Determined to get out of her week-long funk, Hannah is more than ready for a new assignment. What she did not expect, nor want, was to be assigned to bodyguard Hollywood star Jack Stapleton. He is just the kind of vapid Hannah avoids with a ten-foot pole, and faking a relationship with him is not her cup of tea. 

Full of laugh-out-loud moments and undeniable charm, The Bodyguard is sure to be at the top of your must-read list for 2022. This unputdownable page-turner is one of the best adult romance books you’ll ever read – so don’t miss it!

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Transcend by Jewel E. Ann

Nearly two decades ago, Nathaniel Hunt lost his first love. Tragedy struck again when his wife and the mother of his newborn baby died, leaving him to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. 

Then Swayze Samuels—a girl with memories from another life—enters his life as his daughter Morgan’s nanny. Young, vibrant, and bursting with life, Nate is swept into Swayze’s vortex and is utterly captivated by the similarities she shares with the girl who owned his heart all those years ago. 

Jewel E. Ann’s Transcend is a heart-stirring romance that will mesmerize readers with its beautiful prose and fascinating storyline. Brilliantly emotional, thought-provoking, and intriguing, this masterpiece is one of the best romance books on the market.

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Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

Returning to her small hometown was not on Delilah Green’s agenda until her step-sister Astrid called in a favor, asking her to photograph her wedding. With bittersweet memories of her past, Delilah does not expect to find romance during her stay. But when she runs into Astrid’s childhood friend, Claire Sutherland, the sparks fly, and their casual friends-with-benefits arrangement unexpectedly turns into something more. 

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care is a heartwarming story about love, family, friends, parenthood, and healing. With steamy romance, endearing characters, and plenty of humor, it is sure to entertain readers.

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The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Thirty-year-old Stella Lane is an intelligent and successful econometrician suffering from a lack of romantic relationships, a problem she attributes to her Aspergers. When her mother pressures her to get back into the dating pool, Stella comes up with a unique solution: she hires Michael Phan, a sweet escort, to teach her about intimacy. Despite his #1 rule to never see a client twice, Michael accepts the offer — and soon finds himself breaking all the rules. 

But what happens when their business relationship turns into more?

The Kiss Quotient is an honest and heartwarming contemporary romance featuring ultra-steamy scenes, sweet moments, and two perfect characters. Readers can expect to be thoroughly entertained and swooned.

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The Wrong Heart by Jennifer Hartmann

On the eve of her wedding anniversary, Melody March experiences a tragedy that upends her life – she loses her beloved husband and her sky-high spirits. In the depths of her grief, Melody finds hope in the form of Zephyr79, the man with her husband’s heart. Even in her darkest moments, a beacon of light pierces through the gloom, showcasing the possibility of renewal and hope.

Acclaimed author Jennifer Hartmann expertly crafts tragic and endearing characters in her latest contemporary romance, The Wrong Heart. Through a complex narrative of loss and grief, friendship, family, love, and ultimately, recovery and happiness, Hartmann packs an emotional punch that is sure to leave readers feeling deeply moved.

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The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles is an epic tale of love, war, glory, sacrifice, redemption, and friendship. Through her memorable and beautiful storytelling, Miller deftly brings to life the complex and beloved characters of Achilles and Patroclus, an affair that unfortunately only results in tragedy.

From the searing battles of the Trojan War to the riveting and unique love story between the two protagonists, Miller’s The Song of Achilles is a masterful retelling of Homer’s Iliad that truly captures the all-encompassing power of love.

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Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan

Divorced single mom Nora Hamilton is no stranger to crafting happily-ever-after screenplays for TV movies. But when she takes a risk and pens a screenplay about her own failed marriage, it catches the eye of a major Hollywood studio. And the icing on the cake? They cast the one and only Leo Vance—former Sexiest Man Alive—as her ex. 

Once filming wraps up, Leo unexpectedly turns up on Nora’s doorstep with a proposition that will make her $7,000 richer. With the paparazzi hounding him, Leo asks to stay an extra week in Nora’s tea house. And that one week proves to be life-changing. 

Nora Goes Off Script is a heartwarming and entertaining read, packed with witty humor and swoon-worthy romance. This light-hearted celebrity love story is sure to be one of the best of 2022.

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The Words by Ashley Jade

Straight-A student Lennon Michael never expected to find a friend—let alone something more—in the talented loner tasked with tutoring her. But between late-night study sessions and magnetic band practices, Lennon falls for the misunderstood musician until it all falls apart. 

Four years later, Phoenix Walker is an international rock star, and Lennon is struggling to make ends meet while caring for her father. When a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join Sharp Edges on tour as Phoenix’s sober companion presents itself, Lennon accepts despite their complicated past. 

Tantalizing and unforgettable, The Words is a mesmerizing romance with memorable side characters, beautiful lyrics, and insane character arcs.

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Him by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Years of wondering why his best friend ghosted him the summer before college come to a head when Jamie Canning and Ryan Wesley encounter each other four years later, just in time for the national college hockey championship. Ryan had run from their friendship after a bet gone wrong and now he’s ready to apologize. But the second he catches Jamie’s eye, all his old feelings flood in. 

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s Him is one of the best romance books ever written; an unforgettable story of second chances, friendship, and love.

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The Takeover by T.L. Swan

For five years, single mother Claire Anderson has worked to keep her late husband’s media company afloat. That all changes when Tristan Miles, a notorious head of acquisitions at Miles Media, sets his sights on the struggling business. Despite the potential financial security, nothing could convince Claire to hand the family company over to the heartless billionaire. 

The Takeover is an unforgettable enemies-to-lovers romance full of banter, humor, three cute kids, and hijinks that will keep a smile on your face. It’s one of the best romance books out there, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with the Anderson-Miles story.

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The Awakening by Nora Roberts

When debt-ridden teacher Breen Kelly discovers her long-lost father left her a $4 million fortune, her prayers are answered. Nestled comfortably in her newfound wealth, Breen takes a trip to Ireland – only to uncover a life-altering secret. She soon discovers that a mysterious silver-haired man haunting her dreams is not a figment of her imagination, but a being from the magical world of the Fae, inviting her to a destiny far beyond Earth. Once Breen steps into the portal, her life changes irrevocably.

For readers looking for an electrifying urban fantasy romance book filled with adventure, danger and magic, Nora Robert’s gripping release The Awakening is the perfect option. Enter the captivating world of fairies and mermaids and join Breen on her magical journey through a realm beyond Earth.

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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah Maclean

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell has strived for respectability ever since her debut, a decade ago. But now she’s ready for something else: a list of scandalous adventures, from gambling in a gentleman’s club to kissing England’s most eligible bachelor. 

Who better to join her than the notorious rake Gabriel St. John, the Marquess of Ralston? 

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake will captivate readers with its fun and humorous take on historical romance. Enjoy the thrilling escapades of a determined wallflower and charming libertine as they break all the rules.

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The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles

The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen, a breathtaking regency romance from the author of The Magpie Lord and Thinking of England, is the perfect read for Bridgerton and Poldark fans. 

Gareth Inglis has been without love and affection ever since his mother passed and his father sent him to London to live with his neglectful uncle. But when his father dies and Gareth inherits the secluded Romney Marsh, he sets off in a world filled with smugglers and led by Joss Doomsday, a familiar figure from his past. With this new beginning, Gareth hopes to reclaim the love and affection he lost when his family was torn apart.

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Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan

When Bree Prescott graduated college, she decided to leave her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and start anew in the picturesque town of Pelion, Maine. There, Bree met a 23-year-old recluse, Archer Hale, who had been mute for sixteen years due to a traumatic experience. Determined to help him, Bree has set out to restore Archer’s voice and break down the barriers he has built up since childhood. 

Mia Sheridan’s Archer’s Voice is a stunning story of friendship, redemption and love that will have readers laughing, crying and swooning. Don’t miss out on this must-read romance – add it to your TBR list today!

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

In 1945, Claire Beauchamp and her husband, Jonathan Randall, embark on a journey to the Scottish Highlands – an adventure that takes a sudden fantastical turn. After a series of mysterious circumstances, Claire finds herself transported to the year 1743, a place of violence, danger, and political unrest. In this tumultuous new world full of violence, danger, and rising political tensions, Claire discovers a love that transcends time and space. 

If you’re seeking a mesmerizing historical romance with elements of erotica, then Outlander is the perfect read for you! An acclaimed, unputdownable must-have, this modern classic will keep you hooked until the very last page.

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You & Me by Tal Bauer

Years after the death of his wife, Luke Hale’s relationship with his 17-year-old son Emmet is tenuous at best. Desperate to repair the divide between them, Luke finds an unexpected answer at Emmet’s football practice. 

Enter Landon Larsen, the dad of Emmet’s best friend, who volunteers Luke to help with his son’s football team. Little by little, Luke and Emmet’s bond begins to heal. What Luke never expected, however, was to develop feelings for Landon. 

You & Me is a heartwarming story of single dads, friends-to-lovers, and bi-awakening full of emotion and low on angst. It’s sure to capture readers’ hearts and leave them with a feeling of satisfaction.

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The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna

Mika Moon knows the importance of maintaining her magical powers in secret. That is until the day a mysterious letter arrives and invites her to the secretive Nowhere House. Nestled in this secluded spot, young witches can grow and nurture their hidden gifts. 

In The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, readers can get lost in this mesmerizingly heartfelt adult fantasy romance. Written with a warmth that wraps around you like a hug, this enchanting story will leave you captivated.

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From sappy to steamy, there is something to appeal to everyone’s taste in romance books. It is easy to get lost in a world of swoon-worthy heroes, strong heroines, and epic love stories.

So, if you’re looking for a great read that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired all at once, look no further than these romance books. Get ready to fall in love!