60 Best Enemies-to-Lovers Books To Read Now

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Nothing is as satisfying as a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance. Between the fun banter and oftentimes hilarious interactions, there’s never a dull moment in enemies-to-lovers romance books.

From morally questionable antiheroes to rivals in the office to foes on the ice rink, the enemies-to-lovers trope makes for an interesting storyline between two people who fall in love despite their initial hatred towards the other. 

If you’re interested in fantasy, this curated list features some of the best fantasy enemies to lovers romance books to add to your TBR list.

Read on for the best contemporary enemies-to-lovers romance books.

Best Contemporary Enemies-to-Lovers Books

Beach Read by Emily Henry

College rivals turned literary competitors Augustus and January could not be more different. 

Acclaimed fiction novelist Augustus Everett has no problem killing off his entire character ensemble. Bestselling romance writer January Andrews is partial to happily ever afters with 100% survival rates. 

When they find themselves in neighboring beach houses for the summer, the two learn they have one thing in common: writer’s block. Desperate to have their manuscripts ready by the end of summer, the pair strike up a deal designed to force them out of their comfort zone. 

What could go wrong?

Heartwarming, sweet, and witty, Beach Read is a swoon-worthy contemporary enemies-to-lovers romance that is highly praised on BookTok and perfect for readers who love the grumpy/sunshine trope.

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The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

City girl Calla Fletcher flies out to Alaska to reconnect with her estranged father Wren after learning that his days are numbered. But when it comes time to leave the beautiful state behind, Calla finds herself pulled in two different directions: one pushing her to the bustling city of Toronto and the other to the brutally honest, rugged Alaskan pilot Jonah.

K.A. Tucker brings us a heartwarming tale of family, heartbreak and unexpected love. The slow progression of Calla and Jonah’s relationship from enemies-to-lovers is pure perfection. The Simple Wild is undoubtedly one of the best contemporary slow burn, enemies to lovers romance books, so you would be doing yourself a disservice by not reading this gem.

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From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

With each passing year, Jasmine Suko knows her chances of winning the coveted gold medal dwindle and when her skating partner ditches her, she’s ready to hang up her skates. But when Jasmine is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete in an upcoming competition with the a-hole golden boy she’s fantasized of pushing off a cliff for the past decade, she accepts, prepared to live out her dreams. Except it’s not that easy. 

If they want this partnership to work, they’ll need to try to reign in the insults and refrain from killing each other before their big day. But between their grueling schedule and forced trust exercises, the nemeses soon learn there is a fine line between love and hate.  

Fans of Kulti, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me and slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance books will love From Lukov with Love. This sports-themed romance will end with you gushing about Jasmine and Lukov and falling into a YouTube figure skating rabbit hole. 

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Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter

High school senior Liz Buxbaum has a slightly unhealthy obsession with rom coms, and when her childhood crush Michael returns, she knows it is the perfect time to kickstart their meet-cute and maybe even snag a prom date in the process. Things fail to go as planned when Liz’s obnoxious neighbor and long-standing rival Wes Bennet crashes their meet-cute moment. 

But when Wes befriends Michael, Liz knows he might be her ticket into landing on his radar. The plan is 100% foolproof. Or it would be if not for the pesky feelings that take root, causing Liz to see Wes in a brand new, more-than-friendly light. 

For a feel-good teen romantic comedy filled with hijinks, drama, and teenage angst, Better Than the Movies is the book you need to add to your TBR list, especially if you love your enemies-to-lovers romance books with a side of fake dating.

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Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Cutthroat literary agent Nora Stephens is an unapologetic workaholic known for her ambition and ruthless work ethic. When her pregnant sister Libby asks her to go on a trip to the small town of Sunshine Falls, she accepts. 

What should be a relaxing girls’ getaway turns sour when she bumps into her arch nemesis Charlie Lastra, an editor from New York City. Despite all her attempts to avoid him, the two somehow keep getting thrown together.  

Book Lovers is not your typical meet-cute. Overflowing with witty banter, explosive chemistry, and heartwarming moments, Emily Henry delivers an unforgettable contemporary love story that is undoubtedly among the best enemies-to-lovers romance books of 2022. 

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Best Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance Books

Kulti by Mariana Zapata

Budding soccer star Sal is overjoyed when she hears about their new coach: Reiner Kulti. As her long-time childhood crush and idol, she can think of nothing better than being coached by the elusive soccer legend. That is, until she meets him and realizes he’s a shadow of the passionate champion she admired growing up.

Kulti is one of the best enemies-to-lovers books out there. If you love slow-burn, enemies to lovers romance books with an age gap, then it’s time to give Kulti a go. You’ll love it.

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The Deal by Elle Kennedy

When Hannah Wells finally finds someone who turns her on, she’s eager to make a move. But there’s one thing holding Hannah back: her lack of confidence in the sexual intimacy department.

To push herself out of her comfort zone, she agrees to tutor the arrogant captain of the hockey team in an exchange for a fake date.

No one was supposed to catch feelings, but after an explosive night, Garrett is dead set on convincing Hannah that he’s the one for her.

For a sports-themed enemies to lovers romance that will keep you gripped from start to finish, The Deal is one of the best enemies-to-lovers books for you. Your interest will be piqued as soon as Hannah makes the deal with the college bad boy. 

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Heated Rivalry by Rachel Reid

Ever since their rookie season, Canadian golden boy Shane Hollander and Russian heartbreaker Ilya Rozanov’s rivalry has been legendary. What no one knows is that it’s all a sham (mostly). Because Shane and Ilya have a secret: they have been hooking up since they were nineteen. And as the faces of the NHL, keeping their hidden affair hidden has never been more crucial. 

Funny, sexy, and sweet, Heated Rivalry is an unputdownable MM sports romance filled with witty banter, adorable moments, and a rivalry like no other. As one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers romance books, it should come as no surprise that you’ll most likely have a permanent smile etched on your face. Shane and Ilya are the cutest couple you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. 

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata 

Vanessa Mazur is a glorified mother to the famous football legend nicknamed The Wall of Winnipeg. What was supposed to be a temporary position turned into a two-year game of running around like a chicken with its head cut off for a man who never even had the time to acknowledge her birthday.

Knowing it’s time she moves on, Van hands in her letter of resignation. Imagine her surprise when Aiden Graves shows up on her doorstep, asking that she come back.  

As one of the best enemies-to-lovers romance books, The Wall of Winnipeg needs to be on your TBR bookshelf. Plus, if you love slow-burn romances, you’ll fall in love with this hidden gem. After all, Mariana Zapata puts the slow in slow-burn. 

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Egotistical Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

Bold, egotistical, and witty, gay pro hockey star Ezra Palaszczuk has an ego the size of Texas and the skills to match, both on and off the ice. Everything would be perfect if not for Anton Hayes, the straight-laced golden boy of the NHL. 

Cocky, charitable, and confident, Anton has worked for years to become the best in the league, and he refuses to allow a trade to mess with his head… Even if that trade lands him on the same team as Ezra, his obnoxiously sexy rival who left him wanting more after their explosive one-night stand.

What can go wrong?

Addicting, steamy, and sweet, Egotistical Puckboy is one of the best MM enemies-to-lovers sports romance books. Overflowing with hilarious banter, swoon-worthy chemistry, and nail-biting hockey games, prepare for Anton and Ezra to become your next obsession.  

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Enemies by Tijan

Ever since the sixth grade, Dusty’s loathed the town’s golden boy with a blistering hatred. While she became the invisible loner, he transformed into the local football god who left Dusty behind when she needed him most. And her resentment towards the NFL-bound star has only grown over the past eight years.

Determined to follow her dreams of becoming a marine biologist, Dusty transfers to one of the best college programs which just so happens to be in the same city where Stone Reeves plays. 

Dusty Phillips and Stone Reeves will take you on an emotional rollercoaster filled with angst, friendship, love and forgiveness. Fair warning, you’re bound to get whiplash. 

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Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roarke

College coach Will Langstrom has no time for distractions. Between a struggling cross-country team, a mountain of debt, and a failing farm, the last thing he needs is more trouble. And that’s what his newest runner will be, an epic distraction. 

Olivia Finnegan had a promising running career before it all fell apart when she took a bat to her former teammate. Stripped of her status as a D1 athlete, Olivia is transferred to a new school and placed in a lower bracket. The only perk of the entire arrangement is that she gets to train under the legendary coach Peter McEwan. 

Or so she thinks. 

Olivia’s excitement quickly deflates when she learns that she will be working with the cocky asshole who has it out for her. But when her night terrors trigger memories from her past, Will will become the least of her problems. In fact, he may just be her salvation.

Read Waking Olivia if you are in the mood for taboo enemies-to-lovers romance books that tug at your heartstrings. Even better, it is slow-burn, so the sexual tension is off the charts by the time the two get together.

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The Risk by Elle Kennedy

What happens when the daughter of the hockey coach lands herself in a fake relationship with the captain of the rival team? 


Complete and utter chaos.

As one of the best college enemies-to-lovers hockey romance books, I recommend taking a risk on The Risk, especially if you love swoon-worthy hockey players, hilarious banter, and sizzling hot chemistry. 

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Best High School Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

Bully by Penelope Douglas 

Jared Trent and Tatum Brandt were best friends until the day Jared became Tate’s worst tormentor. 

On the eve of her departure to study abroad for a year, Tate attends a party only to find herself the target of a prank that leaves her feeling more relieved than ever to be heading off the next day.

Fast forward a year later and Tate’s back, more confident than ever. With her newfound maturity and Jared’s decision to end his bullying ways, they are left to sort through their sordid past and address the bullying Tate went through. 

For high school bully enemies-to-lovers romance books where the main characters go from best friends to enemies, you should check out Penelope Douglas’s Bully. An added plus is the slow-burn romance. No insta love here.

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Tryst Six Venom by Penelope Douglas

From the outside, future prom queen and captain of the lacrosse team Clay Collins has it all: popularity, a charming boyfriend, and a picture-perfect family. Except it’s all a facade. The popularity is stifling, the not-so-charming boyfriend is an asshole, and her family is shattered beyond repair. But the one person who helps her escape her demons is the one person she can never have: her enemy, Olivia Jaeger.  

All Olivia Jaeger wants is to survive her senior year and get a one-way ticket out of her small-minded town and away from her greatest tormentor: Clay Collins. But Clay has other plans. And they do not involve Olivia leaving her in the dust. 

Beautiful, emotional, and steamy, Tryst Six Venom is one of the best FF enemies-to-lovers bully romance books. Overflowing with twists and turns, you should prepare to be up well past your bedtime because you will not be able to put it down.

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Vicious by L.J. Shen

Love the villain? Then you’ll love Vicious

For a dark bully romance the centers around a seemingly irredeemable hero with a chip that size of Mount Everest on his shoulder and a strong heroine who feels an inexplicable pull towards said hothole, take a peek at Vicious

There is a thin line between love and hate.

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Savage Rivals by Becca Steele

Rival football team captains Asher Henderson and Levi Woodford have been at each other’s throats from the moment they went head-to-head on the field. Known for their legendary pranks and long-time rivalry, the two could never be anything more than enemies. Until one night when they take things too far. 

With off-the-charts steam and blazing hot sexual tension, Savage Rivals is a sexy enemies-to-lovers romance that takes enemies to an entirely new level.

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Ruthless Knight by Ashley Jade

Ruthless Knight opens up to Cole Covington, the star quarterback and popular heartbreaker, drunkenly laying his heart out to Sawyer Church, the sarcastic nerd and resident bible-thumping do-gooder of Royal Hearts Academy.

And when Cole asks Sawyer to be his fake girlfriend, the two unwittingly find themselves falling for one another despite their differences.  

Ashley Jade is a queen at crafting the perfect high school bully romances and Ruthless Knight may be one of her best slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance books yet. 

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Resurrection by Siobhan Davis

In the wake of Harlow (Low) Westbrook’s father’s death, Low is determined to drown out her feelings with alcohol and sex. Finding her boyfriend trading spit with another girl is the cherry on top of the worst day of her life and the cause of the next series of events which ends with Low getting down and dirty with the junior chapter of the Sainthood, a powerful gang. 

Saint, Galen, Caz and Theo are rumored to never go back for seconds. When they step through the doors of Low’s new school, that rumor quickly becomes a thing of the past as they lay “claim” on Low. From there, Low’s life takes a sharp u-turn into uncharted territories as she grapples with four complicated guys, buried secrets that were never supposed to be unearthed and a new “dad” who is the epitome of the devil. Jump on in for a truly wicked ride!

Read Resurrection if you prefer the reverse-harem/bully academy trope where the heroine has no problem giving it right back. The smut scale is off the charts and when I say off the charts, I mean off the charts. Strap yourself in because as far as enemies-to-lovers books go, this one will give you the ride of a lifetime.

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Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Misha Lare and Ryen Trevarrow have been pen-pals since fifth grade for a school project when their teachers paired them together, mistakenly assuming they were the same gender. They have kept in touch ever since and have gone on to become best friends despite never meeting in person. That all changes in high school when Misha suddenly goes radio silent. 

Unbeknownst to Ryen, she met Misha a few weeks back at a fundraising scavenger hunt for his band. Completely different from the girl he knows from the letters, Misha is shocked and disgusted by this stranger. 

When new boy Masen Laurent “Misha” shows up in one of Ryen’s classes and stands up for a boy who’s being bullied by one of Ryen’s friends, she’s intrigued. That is, until she finds herself at the receiving end of his anger and blatant disapproval. Confused as to why his opinions matter so much to her, she finds herself taking the bait and adding fuel to the fire.

In the mood for friends-to-enemies-to-lovers bully romance books where the guy pretends to be someone else? Check out Punk 57. You will love it.

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Pretty Reckless by L.J. Shen

All it takes is one decision to irrevocably change the future.

Four years ago, Daria Followhill took fate into her own hands when she single handedly destroyed a fellow dancer’s chance at achieving her dreams. In doing so, destroyed a relationship with the guy who wanted all her firsts.

Now, he’s back. Except, this time, he’s her foster brother.

Penn Scully adored Daria until he didn’t. When she shattered the only good thing in his life, everything changed. He still wants her, but not in the same way. This time, the roles are switched and he’ll become the guy who destroys her.

Read Pretty Reckless if you’re looking for high school enemies-to-lovers romance books with misunderstood characters who toe the line between love and hate.

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Cruel Prince by Ashley Jade

Four years ago, Dylan and Jace were best friends. Then tragedy struck, sending Dylan and her family packing.

Now Dylan is back and ready to pick up where she left off with Jace. There’s just one problem: Jace has become her bully.

If you love the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope in bully romance books, I recommend adding Cruel Prince to your TBR list.

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Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

High school senior Greta Hansen has no idea what to expect from her new year long roommate, Elec O’Rourke, a stepbrother she’s never met until now.

Broody and arrogant, Elec sends mixed signals from the moment he moves in to the moment he abruptly leaves. Fast forward seven years and they meet once again. This time, they’re not letting go…  

If you enjoy enemies-to-lovers romance books with a taboo premise (step-sibling romance), then you should take a look at Stepbrother Dearest.

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Best Funny Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

The Takeover by T.L. Swan

For five years, single mother Claire Anderson has worked tirelessly to keep her late husband’s media company afloat.

When the notorious head of acquisitions at Miles Media, Tristan Miles, sets his sights on the failing company, he offers to take the business off Claire’s hands.

But nothing could ever convince her to hand the family company over to the heartless billionaire takeover king of New York.

Funny, sexy, and bittersweet, The Takeover is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers romance filled with hilarious banter, three devilishly cute kids, and a host of disturbing pranks that will ensure you have a permanent smirk etched on your face. Prepare to fall in love with the Anderson-Miles extravaganza.

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Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

When the uptight thirty-five-year-old lawyer Flint Hopkins rents out the upstairs unit to the bubbly, recently divorced music therapist Ellen Rodgers, he expects Beethoven and noise cancelling headphones. What Flint gets instead is a cacophony of sounds that permeate through the walls and drive him insane.

Determined to send Ellen on her way, Flint serves her with an eviction notice. But his plans are quickly derailed when his twelve-year-old autistic son Harrison becomes fast friends with Ellen and develops an appreciation for her music and four pet rats.

Hilarious, sexy and fun, Look the Part is an unputdownable rom-com and one of the best enemies-to-lovers romance books, perfect for fans of music, the slow-burn trope and single fathers.

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Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

It’s Meg’s best friend’s wedding day to the town’s golden boy turned mayor Ted. Lucy has cold feet, so Meg gives her some honest advice which leads to one embarrassing wedding day. Lucy jets out of Wynette, Texas while Meg lands herself in a sticky situation. One where Ted pulls her over in a police car. Curious, aren’t you…

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this is the cure. The number of times I laughed should have been illegal (not). Susan Elizabeth Phillips sure knows how to write hysterical enemies-to-lovers romance books.

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Take a relaxing vacation with Olive Torres and Ethan Thomas on their Hawaii honeymoon. Well, it would be relaxing if Olive and Ethan weren’t always at each other’s throats and if the honeymoon was meant for them. 

The unlucky twin of the bride Olive finds an unlikely nemesis in her future brother-in-law’s brother Ethan after a rocky first impression. When everyone in the wedding party besides Olive and Ethan falls sick with food poisoning, the newlyweds insist the two to go on their non refundable honeymoon trip.

Deciding they can simply ignore one another while on the trip, they accept. But their plans are quickly dashed, pushing them to create an elaborate ruse that ends with them in a fake marriage.  

For witty and hilarious enemies-to-lovers romance books, Christina Lauren is the author to go to. Between the fake dating trope and lovely slow-burn aspect, The Unhoneymooners is undoubtedly one of the best enemies-to-lovers books. 

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It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

Wild child Piper Bellinger is no stranger to the tabloids, not with her outlandish exploits and partying lifestyle. When things go too far, ending with her behind bars, her stepdad steps in and sends her to the cozy seaside town of Westport to reconnect with her roots and find her purpose in life. 

There she meets Brendan, a gruff fisherman who cannot stand Piper’s frivolous and shallow nature. But with each passing day, Brendan learns there is more to Piper than the party girl facade she wears for the rest of the world. 

Schitt’s Creek meets Legally Blonde in the BookTok lauded romance It Happened One Summer, a hilarious romantic comedy featuring a grumpy fisherman, a bubbly socialite, and a slow-burn grumpy/sunshine trope, perfect for fans of A Simple Wild and enemies-to-lovers books. 

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Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Caroline Reynolds is done with her neighbor’s late-night sexcapades. Ever since moving into her beautiful new apartment, she has been subjected to a chorus of moans, spanks, bangs and a sprinkle of meows. Thanks to the thin walls, she hears everything

One night, she reaches her boiling point. Clad in a pink babydoll nightie with a glare that could kill, Caroline stomps over to her neighbor’s door, ready for the confrontation that’s been brewing ever since that first wallbang. But the results of her midnight rendezvous are mixed.

For laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romance books between two neighbors who can’t stand each other, I recommend checking out Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger.

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Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Walking down the aisle with cold feet and second thoughts is not a great way to start a marriage, but what’s she to do? Daisy has no other choice. She’s broke. Every one of her credit cards have been cancelled. And the cherry on top of this delightful situation? She’s been threatened with jail time if she refuses to marry the mystery man. All she has to do is stick out the next six months with his traveling circus and then she’s free.

Humorous, witty and emotional, Kiss an Angel centers around an arranged marriage that evolves from a fake relationship into something real. Daisy and Alex’s enemies-to-lovers romance will make you laugh, cry and think. It’ll undoubtedly stay on your mind for quite some time.

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The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Catalina Martín needs a stand-in boyfriend for his sister’s upcoming wedding. Going solo is not an option, especially since her entire family seems to know about her hot American boyfriend, a little white lie she did not expect to snowball as it did. 

Enter Aaron Blackford, her tall, gorgeous, and utterly patronizing colleague. To her shock, Aaron offers to step in. Despite every fiber of her being pushing her to decline, he is her best bet. Still, she can’t help but wonder if this is a disaster in the making or the best decision she ever made.   

New York Times bestseller The Spanish Love Deception is a hilarious rom-com that is bound to make you laugh-out-loud with all the hijinks that ensue. If you have been looking for enemies-to-lovers romance books, you could not start with a better book than this one, especially if you go by BookTok.  

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RoomHate by Penelope Ward

When Amelia’s grandmother died, she left her beach house to Amelia and her childhood friend Justin. The catch is that Amelia and Justin have not spoken for years after having a falling out that left Justin with a broken heart. 

After finding her fiance cheating on her, Amelia packs her bags and heads out with her grandmother’s beach house in mind. Expecting to have the beach house to herself, Amelia is shocked to find Justin, especially when she realizes he’s not alone.

If you’re looking for second chance romance books with an enemies-to-lovers trope that is equally funny as it is angsty, RoomHate is one of the best enemies-to-lovers books for you.

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Ain’t She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Small town golden girl Sugar Beth Carey burned dozens of bridges growing up as the reigning Queen Bee of her high school. Since her regime of terror, life gave Sugar Beth a hard reality check, pushing her to return to the one place she will never be welcomed: Parrish.

Teaming with bitter ex-best friends, broken-hearted boyfriends and a vengeful teacher-turned-author whose reputation was tarnished after Sugar Beth took a sledgehammer to his career, the residents of Parrish have not buried the hatchet. 

And when Sugar Beth returns to town, broke and desperate, everybody wants their pound of flesh. After all, karma is a bitch.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips delivers a story of redemption, forgiveness and love in Ain’t She Sweet. Filled with witty banter and laugh-out-loud moments, Ain’t She Sweet is one of the best enemies-to-lovers books, perfect for anyone in the mood for a hilarious second chance romance. 

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Best Dark Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

Still Beating by Jennifer Hartmann

After a late-night out celebrating her sister’s birthday, Corabelle is more than ready to ditch the slimy sleazeballs prowling the bar for the adorable fluff-ball waiting for her back home. Those plans come to a screeching halt when she learns her wallet’s been stolen, leaving her stranded and dependent on her arch-nemesis Dean. A nightmare in the making.

The nightmare only worsens when she wakes up in chains in a monster’s basement. And the cherry on top? Dean shares the same fate. 

Beautiful, tragic, and powerful, Still Beating is a heart-wrenching tale that will hold you captive from the first opening sentence till the last. Prepare for sleepless nights because this unputdownable dark romance is one of the best enemies-to-lovers books of 2020.

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In Silence She Screams by Amo Jones

When the Sorcerer of Death struts into a room, people see a beautifully deranged puzzle. Complex and seemingly emotionless, Lilith Patience’s unpredictability makes her a liability for Midnight Mayhem and the Brothers of Kiznitch. But despite all of that, there are two who find themselves irrecoverably drawn into Lilith’s silvery web. And they would gladly be swept up into her madness.

When Kyrin Nero stalks into a room, people see a chillingly calculative alphahole shrouded in shadows. Not one to open himself to love, Kyrin never imagined he would fall for one person, let alone two, especially when he considers one to be an enemy of the Brothers of Kiznitch and the other a spy. 

When Eli Rebellis strolls into a room, people see someone who has it all: killer good looks, immense fame, and a never-ending vault of cash. As a member of The Elite Kings, a notorious secret society drenched in murder, secrets, and deceit, duty always comes first. When he is sent to infiltrate Midnight Mayhem, the last thing he expects is to be swept into their darkness.

Dark, captivating, and twisted, In Silence She Screams is an unforgettable dark MMF enemies-to-lovers romance overflowing with steam, danger, and intrigue. If you choose to hop onto this crazy train, tighten your seatbelt because it’s bound to give you whiplash with all its insane twists and turns.

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Does It Hurt? by H.D. Carlton

Sawyer Bennett is on the run. 

For six years, men have been nothing but a means to an end for the 27-year-old fugitive. They get a night of mind-blowing sex, and she gets a new identity in conjunction with extra funds. Despite the inherent danger of her lifestyle, nothing could have prepared her for the disastrous outcomes of her last-minute decision to book a flight to Australia.

When fate bestows her with a panty-melting male specimen that exudes danger, she knows a tumble between the sheets with the sexy devil is the last thing she should do. Because if there is anyone who could shatter Sawyer’s defenses, it is the man who swims with sharks: Enzo Vitale.

H.D. Carlton did not pull any punches with her 2022 bestseller Does it Hurt? Teeming with off-the-charts steam, heart-pounding suspense, and endless emotion, Does it Hurt? is undoubtedly one of the best dark enemies-to-lovers books of the year.

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Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

Erika “Rika” Fane is exasperated with everything and everyone. Hoping to get a fresh start, Rika heads off to college in a new city. Those dreams are destroyed when she realizes her ex’s older brother Michael Crist, now a professional basketball player, is practically her neighbor. 

When Michael realizes that Rika is in his city, he decides it’s time to serve up some justice for what Rika did three years prior. A decision that led to the imprisonment of his three best friends. With vengeance on his brain, Rika has no clue what she’s in for when Michael and his friends come for her.

In the mood for intense, dark enemies-to-lovers romance books? If yes, Penelope Douglas’s Corrupt is the perfect fit. Get ready for a tumultuous ride that will have you questioning your morals.

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Kill Switch by Penelope Douglas

Speaking of Devil’s Night, Kill Switch is the third novel in this dark and twisted series, centered on a seemingly unredeemable villain and a fierce heroine who is not afraid to meet the hero head-on.

In true Penelope Douglas fashion, you go from loathing Damon with a fiery passion to rooting him on over the span of three books. Fresh out of jail, Damon Torrance is ready to get revenge on the girl who put him there: Winter Ashby.

Overflowing with angst, steam and twists, Penelope Douglas weaves a dark complex web that will keep you intrigued and hoping to see more of Damon. The cherry on top? It’s one of her best enemies-to-lovers romance books to date.

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The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori

At twenty-eight, Gianna Marino’s happiness lies in white lines, alcohol, and risky behaviors. Everything changes when she meets the elusive dirty fed who challenges her in a way no one else does. 

At thirty-three, Christian Allister is a crooked FBI agent who takes orders from no one – not the feds, not the mafia, and most certainly not his lovers. But then Gianna walks into his life and flips his carefully constructed life on its hinges.

And when their game of cat-and-mouse begins, nothing will ever be the same.

For a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers mafia romance with the grumpy-sunshine trope, I recommend cracking open The Maddest Obsession. Filled with off-the-charts sexual tension, banter, and insane chemistry, prepare to have an epic book hangover.

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Untouchable by Sam Mariano

Zoey never expected her senior year to start with lube in her locker, but after getting a football player suspended for harassment, she has become a social pariah. One day, Zoey finds that she’s attracted the attention of the all-star quarterback Carter Mahoney.

That’s when things go too far and Zoey finds herself caught in the snare of a devil lurking beneath the golden boy facade. 

If you love books with a dark enemies-to-lovers romance, you should give Untouchable a go. But tread carefully, especially during the beginning of the book. It’s not for everyone.

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Sparrow by L.J. Shen

When the free-spirited Sparrow finds herself walking down the aisle to Boston’s infamous Irish mob boss known as The Fixer, she refuses to shrink away from his icy stare or allow his ruthless reputation to send her running. Determined to fulfill his promise, Troy will do whatever it takes… even if that means clipping Sparrow’s wings. 

For readers obsessed with the mob, Sparrow is the perfect enemies-to-lovers romance to satisfy all your dark and twisted underground needs. 

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Angry God by L.J. Shen

Vaughn Spencer is the brooding artist: ruthless, arrogant and untouchable, no one gets past his defenses . . . well, except for Lenora. Vaughn and Lenny have a history and when Lenny enrolls in Todos Santos for her senior year, Vaughn makes it his mission to make her life hell. 

Lenny is his opposite in every way. She stands her ground, matching him step for step. The only thing getting her through her senior year is the chance at winning a prestigious art internship with her biggest competition being Vaughn. 

When Lenny learns they will both be interning in London, she finds herself questioning whether she should go. But Lenny has never been one to back down during a fight and she refuses to let Vaughn win this round.

If you love gritty love stories that don’t hold back, Angry God is one of the best enemies-to-lovers romance books to sink your teeth in.  

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Hate by Tate James

Framed for the violent crimes committed on what became known as Riot Night, Madison Kate’s entire life was irrevocably changed: Ivy Leagues rescinded their offers, future job offers vanished and for eight months, Madison Kate lived in exile at a Cambodian monastery with a distant aunt. To say vengeance was on her mind would be an understatement.

When she returns home to find the three guys responsible for her downfall… well, venom will be spewed, justice will be exacted and the past will rear its ugly head when the curtains open to reveal secrets that may just push Madison Kate to question everything. 

Read Hate if you’re on the prowl for an enemies to lovers reverse harem romance that has a touch of mystery and a helluva lot of sexual tension mixed with pure, unadulterated hatred – a recipe for disaster love.

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Best Enemies-to-Lovers Office Romance Books

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

According to the old adage, opposites attract… Unless you’re applying that belief to executive assistants Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman.

From the moment they walk through those pristine office doors, the two nemeses go to war, slinging passive aggressive comments and scorned-filled glances at one another. And when the rivals learn of the upcoming promotion, their office becomes a warzone.

But there’s a thin line between love and hate. 

If you’re in the mood to read one of the best enemies-to-lovers books, this is it. The Hating Game is perfect for anyone who’s interested in an enemies to lovers office romance with loads of sexual tension.

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These Vile Secrets by CE Ricci 

Murder. Conspiracy. Deception.

Heir to a secret society known as the Enclave, Roman Mitchell is no stranger to secrets, lies, and betrayals. Determined to unveil his brotherhood’s many sins, Roman sets out to unearth every vile secret that his father has buried. Everything would be running smoothly if not for the striking six-foot asshole in Armani who verbally eviscerates Roman at every turn. 

Training a spoiled trust-fund baby to become CEO of Key Enterprise Holdings is the last thing Hale Calloway wants to do, especially when that baby happens to be his almost one-night-stand from the night before. But does something that no man has ever done before: climb his walls and break them down, brick-by-brick.   

Dark, steamy, and emotional, These Vile Secrets is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers, MM office romance filled with sizzling chemistry, dangerous lies, and twists that will leave you desperate for more. As one of the best MM romance books on the market, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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Tangled by Emma Chase

Meet Drew Evans: a devilishly handsome businessman with a penchant for sarcasm and enough charm to charm the pants off any woman who catches his eye. Well, until Katherine Brooks.

Driven, smart and assertive, Kate refuses to allow anything to derail her road to success. Including her co-worker Drew Evans.

When they’re pitted against each other to secure a business deal, Drew soon realizes that his feelings for the beautiful college grad go much deeper than he could have ever imagined. 

Tangled tells the story of a lovable asshole and an ambitious grad who have met their match in one another in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers office romance. 

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Hotshot Doc by R.S. Grey

When Bailey Jennings’ boss trades in his scalpel for a pina colada, the surgical assistant is faced with a difficult choice: spend months learning a new specialty or take an open position as Dr. Russel’s assistant.

Known to send his assistants running, Bailey is unsure whether she’ll be able to handle the intimidating surgeon with high expectations. But when it comes to her younger sister, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep them afloat. Even if that means dealing with Dr. Russel’s belligerent ass.

Hotshot Doc is a steamy, slow-burn medical romance between a hotshot doc and a brilliant surgical assistant who is probably the only assistant that can handle the brutal doc. It is undoubtedly one of the best enemies-to-lovers books that take place in the medical field.

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Hate Notes by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Charlotte is a twenty something year-old, unemployed gal with a cheating ex in New York. When she drops off her wedding dress at a thrift shop, she discovers a beautiful dress with a note sewn into the tulle signed by Reed Eastwood. That night, Charlotte gets drunk on wine and ends up doing some light Facebook stalking on Reed. Turns out he’s a smoldering young lad who may or may not still have a fiancé. 

In a moment of drunken spontaneity, Charlotte finds out he’s showing a loft priced around $6 million and sends in a request form. To say their initial impressions were disastrous would be an understatement. In an ironic twist of fate, Charlotte unknowingly lands a job as a secretary/personal assistant… for Reed.

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward deliver a binge-worthy romance where a bad liar and an insensitive jerk clash in an epic battle of wills. As far as enemies-to-lovers romance books go, Hate Notes is a smoldering hate-at-first-sight that will keep you up to the wee hours of the morning.  

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Devious Lies by Parker S. Huntington

Born into a wealthy family, Emery Winthrop had it all: money, a loving family and a best friend who made her heart flutter. When Emery decides to make her move, she grossly miscalculates when she slides into the wrong bed: Nash Prescott’s, her best friend’s older brother.

But in the midst of a family scandal, Emery’s boy problems are quickly forgotten when her life takes a turn for the worst.

Now, four years later, the tables have turned and Nash has his sights set on the girl he’s never forgotten.

Read Devious Lies if you’re in the mood for an enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn, age gap romance.

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Scandalous by L.J. Shen

Thirty-three-year-old business mogul Trent Rexroth, aka The Mute, has no time for distractions, especially in the form of eighteen-year-old high school senior Edie Van Der Zee.

Blackmailed by her father, Edie is tasked with finding dirt on Trent, but along the way, she finds something completely different, yet incredibly priceless.

If you’re hungry for one of the best taboo enemies-to-lovers romance books with an age gap, this book needs to be added to your TBR list. Scandalous is bound to send your ovaries into overdrive. 

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Best Celebrity Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

The Words by Ashley Jade

When straight A student Lennon Michael is tasked with tutoring the resident bad boy, she never expects to find a friend in the talented loner, yet alone something more. But between late night study sessions and magnetic band practices, Lennon falls for the misunderstood musician. That is until it all falls apart. 

Four years later, Phoenix Walker is an international rock star and Lennon is struggling to make ends meet while caring for her dad. When she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join Sharp Edges on tour as Phoenix’s sober companion, she accepts despite her intense hatred towards the lead singer. 

Hypnotizing, sexy, and unforgettable, The Words is a magnetizing second chance romance filled with memorable side characters, beautiful lyrics, and insane character arcs that will leave you desperate for more. As one of the best enemies-to-lovers romance books, I suggest adding it to your shelf.

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Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre

When Summer Jenkins hears of a big Hollywood production coming to her small Southern town, she is anything but thrilled. That is until she catches a break with a job offer she cannot refuse.

Everything is going great until Mr. Hollywood heartthrob Cole Masten struts into town, managing to push every single one of Summer’s buttons along the way. 

Hollywood Dirt is a fun, exciting and steamy enemies-to-lovers Hollywood romance that you’ll fall in love with.

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To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise

When Lucy temporarily moves in with her best friend Olive and her husband Jason, she never expects the legendary Hollywood heartthrob Adam Connor to move in next door with his son.

Curious to catch a glimpse of the famous bachelor, Lucy and Olive dabble in some light espionage and peer over the fence.

In a twist of fate, Lucy finds herself locked behind bars with a new brand-new enemy in Adam Connor. 

Hate Adam Connor? Is that even possible? Ella Maise delivers a funny, swoonworthy romance between a recently divorced single dad and a heartbroken college grad. Filled with off the charts chemistry, this enemies-to-lovers romance will have you breaking out the bullhorn, confessing your love to Adam Connor.   

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Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

British rock god Alex Winslow is an addict stuck on lockdown after spiraling down a rabbit hole of self-destruction upon learning of his girlfriend and best friend’s betrayal. Set to go on tour, his agent hires a sobriety companion “babysitter” to help keep him from on the road to recovery while on the road. 

Enter Indigo Bellamy. Indie needs this job and if that means dealing with Alex’s cantankerous ass, so be it. Nothing will dissuade Indie from a job that could be the key to helping her family. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy when it comes to the serial heartbreaker.

L.J. Shen is a master at the enemies-to-lovers trope and Midnight Blue is a shining example. Indie and Alex’s story is one of healing, forgiveness and love and will make your heart race. You won’t get off this emotional rollercoaster the same as how you hopped on.  

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Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuinston

Alex Claremont, the first son of the United States, barely tolerates Henry, the Prince of England, and vice versa.

In the aftermath of a particularly volatile verbal spar, the two are forced to play nice with one another when U.S./British relations take a turn for the worse. Still, no one ever said it was easy to build a friendship with your arch nemesis.

As they truly get to know each other, their fake friendship blossoms and grows into something deeper they ever imagined.

If you’re obsessed with royalty, Red, White & Royal Blue is perfect for fans of M/M slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance books. As one of the best enemies-to-lovers books ever written, it needs to be added to your TBR. Casey McQuinston’s instant bestseller will become your next book obsession. 

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Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines

In the aftermath of her mother’s passing, nineteen-year-old Blaire Wynn moves in with her father and his new wife in their beach house along the East Coast. What Blaire never anticipated was Rush Finley, her twenty-four-year-old step-brother who has an uncanny talent at getting under her skin. With the house to themselves for the entire summer, there are so many things that can go wrong… or right. 

Interested in forbidden enemies-to-lovers romances between step siblings? Fallen Too Far features all of that plus a pantydropping rockstar that will take your breath away. 

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Best Emotional Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Books

Landon & Shay by Brittainy Cherry

From day one, Landon Harrison and Shay Gable have never clicked. It was an instant hateship. Landon despised Shay for her goody-two-shoes personality, and Shay detested Landon for his phony too-cool-for-school persona. Everything changes the night Landon is presented with a challenge: make Shay fall in love with him before he falls for her. 

Let the games begin.

Emotionally charged, achingly beautiful, and wonderfully woven, Landon & Shay is a poignant enemies-to-lovers romance that will stay on your mind long after reading the final word. And if you have yet to read Eleanor & Grey, I recommend adding that unputdownable duology to your bookshelf as well.

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Where There’s A Will by Jessie Walker

Will Foster is drowning. Lost in a web of grief, Will returns to the one place that has haunted him for the last decade, the tiny Pennsylvania town of Shiloh.

Home to the childhood best friend that broke his heart, Will is not sure what to expect upon his arrival. 

But with his life in tatters, anything is better than going back to Philly, even if that means facing Waylon McAllister and the painful memories of their past.   

Emotional, angsty, and raw, Where There’s A Will is a powerful second-chance MM romance that tells a story of loss, hope, and love. If you’re looking for MM enemies-to-lovers romance books that will tug at your heartstrings, I recommend adding Jessie Walker’s outstanding debut to your shelf.

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For the Fans by Nyla K.

Kyran Harbor is a star high school quarterback on track to the NFL. The last thing he needs is a distraction, especially one that comes in the form of a six-foot-something artist who smokes too much weed and now lives in his house. 

From the moment Avi Vega’s father died, it has always been him and his mom. That status changes with their move to Boston. Shacking it up with his new step-family would be painless if not for his control freak of a stepbrother. 

Nothing about their new living situation is easy, and come college, nothing in the world could keep them within fifty miles of each other. Or so they thought. But even at the same college, it is practically an unwritten rule that interactions are to be kept at the bare minimum.

Then OnlyFans happens, and the rest is history.

For the Fans is an utterly mesmerizing and seemingly unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM romance between step-brothers. From the moment you step into Avi and Kyran’s story, you will walk alongside them as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and unconditional love. 

Between the beautiful prose and unforgettable characters, you cannot go wrong with this epic love story. Prepare to fall in love with Avi and Kryan because their journey is anything short of enchanting.

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Written with Regret by Aly Martinez

Caven Hunt was minutes away from closing on a billion dollar business deal when he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep who he later learns is his daughter.

Four years later, Caven’s world is turned upside down once again when Hadley, the mother of his daughter, makes a surprise appearance at Rosie’s fourth birthday party.

Suspicious of her intentions, Caven fights her at every turn until he learns of their shared past, drenched in tragedy. 

Read Written with Regret if you’re in the mood for an emotional story filled with twists you’ll never see coming. The hatred the hero feels towards the mother of his child is a blazing wildfire, making it one of the best enemies-to-lovers books on the market. 

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The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

Olivia and Caleb met in college…and the rest is history. That is, until things ended badly, pushing Olivia to run for the hills. Four years pass before Olivia suddenly runs into Caleb again. Expecting an awkward and chilly interaction, Olivia’s shocked when she realizes he has no idea who she is. Turns out, he’s suffering from a severe form of amnesia after a car accident. 

With Caleb’s lack of memories, Olivia sees this as a prime time to turn back the clock and start over, maybe even fall back in love. The only problem with this plan is Caleb’s current girlfriend Leah who has no plans of letting him go. Olivia is walking on a tightrope and one misstep can destroy everything. 

In the mood for second chance enemies-to-lovers romance books with a twist that you’ll never see coming? If yes, you should think about reading The Opportunist. It will not disappoint.

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Unbreak My Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn

Kate Evans is an expert on unrequited love. The boy of her dreams and her best friend from college fell in love.

Now happily married with four children, Kate has long since buried those feelings. But when tragedy strikes, Kate alters her entire life to help Shane with the kids while he’s deployed.

Things become even more complicated when they find solace in each other on the anniversary of Rachel’s death. A night they would soon regret.

With a hero everyone loves to hate and a heroine everyone wishes would grow a backbone and deliver a verbal smackdown on said hero, Unbreak My Heart is perfect for anyone who wants to become enraged. Fair warning, the hero is an unredeemable a-hole for most of the story. 

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