31 Best Billionaire Romance Books To Read

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The romance genre is full of fun tropes, and one of those happens to revolve around billionaires. From elusive moguls with dark secrets to arrogant CEOs who get off on the wrong foot with their future gal pals, this curated list has many of the best billionaire romance books to keep you fully entertained for the upcoming weeks.

Prepare to hunker down because these billionaire romance books are about to set your bank account on fire.

Read on for the best billionaire romance books.

The Takeover by T.L. Swan

For five years, single mother Claire Anderson has worked tirelessly to keep her late husband’s media company afloat.

When the notorious head of acquisitions at Miles Media, Tristan Miles, sets his sights on the failing company, he offers to take the business off Claire’s hands.

But nothing could ever convince her to hand the family company over to the heartless billionaire takeover king of New York.

Funny, sexy, and bittersweet, The Takeover is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers romance filled with hilarious banter, three devilishly cute kids, and a host of disturbing pranks that will ensure you have a permanent smirk etched on your face. As one of the best billionaire romance books out there, you can expect to fall in love with the Anderson-Miles extravaganza.

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Someday, Someday by Emma Scott

After being kicked out of his home as a teen and overcoming his struggles with addiction and homelessness, Max Kaufman has finally turned his life around. 

Becoming a nurse and helping others became his calling, but working in the ER proves to be too much. So when a job opens up as a private caretaker for a wealthy billionaire Edward Marsh III, Max jumps at the chance. 

But Max soon learns that the Marsh Empire is marred by a web of deceit and lies and the only person who may be able to fix it all is the elusive and unattainable son, Silas Marsh. 

Heartbreaking, heavy, and thought-provoking, Someday, Someday is a beautiful MM romance that will bring you to tears. As one of the best billionaire romance books, I recommend adding Emma Scott’s standout novel to your bookshelf.   

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Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

Declan Kane is all set to inherit a billion-dollar company when he reads the fine print and notices the clause states he must marry and produce an heir before stepping up as CEO. 

Enter his assistant, Iris Landry, the bonafide brains behind the operation. When she learns of the clause, she sets out to find possible prospects for the role, but in a twist of fate, she finds herself assuming the position and enters a marriage of convenience of sorts.   

Sexy, emotional, and funny, Terms and Conditions is a wonderfully written billionaire romance that took BookTok by storm and left readers irrecoverably in love with Iris and Declan.

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Bossman by Vi Keeland

Suffering through yet another disastrous date, Reese Annesley sneaks over to the bathroom hallway to call her friend only to be overheard by a stranger, Chase Parker, who not only insults her but goes as far as to offer some dating advice. After that, Reese’s mind-numbing date turns into a night she will never forget. 

Several hilarious encounters later, Reese lands a job at his company, prompting Chase to begin wooing her. But Reese has reasons for not wanting to jump into an office romance, and Chase has reasons of his own for avoiding commitment.

Vi Keeland concocted a hilarious, banter-filled, slow-burn office romance that will make you laugh, swoon and fall in love with Chase Parker. Not only does Vi Keeland give us one of the best book boyfriends out there, she also gives us a standout romance in the wide sea of billionaire romance books.

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A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

When Lottie  reaches rock bottom, she moseys her way over to the wealthy side of town – Beverly Hills – in search of a fake husband to make her ex-boss jealous. As fate would have it, real estate mogul Huxley Cane is in need of a fake relationship to seal a deal, so when these two collide on the street, it is practically kismet.

In the modern take on Pretty Woman, Meghan Quinn brings us a laugh-out-loud rom-com in A Not So Meet Cute. As one of the best billionaire romance books of 2021, I recommend adding this to your bookshelf because you do not want to miss it.

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Fighting the Pull by Kristen Ashley

When celebrity gossip journalist Elsa Cohen lands an exclusive interview with the ultra-private and enigmatic Hale Wheeler—an enigmatic billionaire who inherited billions from his father—she knows this could be the ticket to fame. But conducting the interview is no easy feat, especially when the air between them sizzles with animosity…or is it something else?

Kristen Ashley’s Fighting the Pull is a must-read for fans of billionaire romance. The fifth installment in her popular River Rain series is packed with passion, suspense, and drama. Get lost in a world of high-stakes romance where sultry secrets lurk around every corner.

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Dirty Headlines by L.J. Shen

Jude Humphry is struggling. Between her father’s mounting medical bills, her boyfriend’s adulterous extracurriculars, and trying to find a job, Jude can’t seem to catch a break. So when she meets a charismatic stranger while drowning her sorrows at a bar, she decides to let loose for an unforgettable night of debauchery. 

Jude never expected to see the elusive playboy again. Imagine her surprise when she learns her one-night-stand is none other than Célian Laurent, the heir to a media empire and Manhattan’s resident bachelor. 

The cherry on top? He’s her new boss. 

Sexy, funny, and sweet, Dirty Headlines is a laugh-out-loud billionaire romance that you won’t be able to put down. 

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Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Raised to be nothing more than a trophy wife, heiress Layana Fairmont gave her parents the bird and did the exact opposite when she cashed in her inheritance and began working part time at a charity. 

While at a fundraiser, Lana meets tech billionaire Brant Sharp. Enamored by his intelligence and sweet personality, the two instantly click and eventually begin dating. With wedding bells in their future, everything is going perfectly until it isn’t. 

Unique, brilliant, and downright shocking, Black Lies is a mind-bending romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As one of the best and most suspenseful billionaire romance books, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of twists, turns, and scorching hot sex scenes. 

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The Invitation by Vi Keeland

When Stella Bardot finds an invitation to a swanky wedding addressed to her no-good thief of an ex-roomie, she decides to snag her invite and crash the wedding – a decision that comes to bite her in the butt when the bride’s gorgeous brother finds out the truth. 

Sexy, funny, and witty, The Invitation is a highly entertaining contemporary romance that delivers fun banter, off-the-charts steam, and swoon-worthy moments. As one of the best billionaire romance books on the market, I recommend adding it to your bookshelf.

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The Mogul and the Muscle by Claire Kingsley

Aeronautics CEO Cameron Whitbury is worth billions. When she becomes the target of an attempted thievery, she reluctantly hires former CIA agent Jude Ellis to appease her worried friends. 

Both are determined to keep things professional, but their insane chemistry says otherwise.

The Mogul and the Muscle is a bodyguard romance overflowing with steam, witty banter, and laughs. As one of the best female billionaire romance books on the market, I recommend adding this to your ever-growing TBR pile.

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Tangled by Emma Chase

Meet Drew Evans: a devilishly handsome businessman with a penchant for sarcasm and enough charm to charm the pants off any woman who catches his eye. Well, until Katherine Brooks. 

Driven, smart and assertive, Kate refuses to allow anything to derail her road to success. Including her co-worker Drew Evans. 

When they’re pitted against each other to secure a business deal, Drew soon realizes that his feelings for the beautiful college grad go much deeper than he could have ever imagined. 

Tangled tells the story of a lovable asshole and an ambitious grad who have met their match in one another in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romance. If you have been looking for some hilarious billionaire romance books, look no further than this must-read from Emma Chase.

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Managed by Kristen Callihan

In a stroke of luck, Sophie Darling lands herself a seat in first class next to one of the most striking guys she’s ever seen. Unfortunately for her, Gabriel Scott sees her as nothing more than a pest who’s invading his space. 

But when Sophie learns of Gabriel’s aversion to flying, she manages to take his mind off that little tidbit in the funniest of ways. 

All too quickly, the plane lands, marking what should be the end of Sophie and Gabriel’s short, yet memorable friendship. However, fate has other plans.

Witty, steamy and funny-as-hell, Managed is an enchanting read perfect for anyone in the mood for a slow-burn romance between a broody hero and a hilarious heroine who level each other out perfectly. As one of the best contemporary billionaire romance books, I recommend dropping everything and cracking open this page-turner.

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Written with Regret by Aly Martinez 

Caven Hunt is minutes away from closing on a billion dollar business deal when he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep who he later learns is his daughter. 

Four years later, Caven’s world is turned upside down once again when Hadley, the mother of his daughter, makes a surprise appearance at Rosie’s fourth birthday party. 

Suspicious of her intentions, Caven fights her at every turn until he learns of their shared past, drenched in tragedy. 

Emotional, angsty, and beautifully written, Written with Regret is a highly addictive contemporary romance overflowing with twists and turns. As one of the best billionaire romance books on the market, I recommend adding it to your bookshelf. 

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Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn

Rath Westin has no clue how he wound up in a situation with his assistant Charlee Cox down on one knee and ring in hand. 

Life is about to get interesting.

Hilarious, sexy, and angsty, Boss Man Bridegroom is a laugh-out-loud contemporary billionaire romance from one of the reigning queens of romantic comedies. With a fake engagement amid an office romance, you should prepare to fall in love with this gem.

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Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

You would think Nate Kattenberger has it all: Money, looks, and a successful hockey team. But all of that pales in comparison to the woman who has been with him from the start: Rebecca Rowley, his confidante and the recipient of his unrequited love. 

To say that he is shocked to learn that his attraction may not be unrequited would be the understatement of the century.

Brooklynaire is a cute billionaire romance perfect for fans of the friends-to-lovers tropes, swoony heroes, and spicy scenes that practically jump off the page.

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The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

After a scandalous rendezvous leaves Elena Abelli’s reputation in tatters, the once favored mafia principessa is stripped of her halo and placed on house arrest. 

When her father announces her sister’s upcoming nuptials to the notorious King of the Cosa Nostra, the last thing she expects to feel is an inexplicable pull to her future brother-in-law. 

But with each passing glance and heated altercation, fate weaves an intricate web that spells their ultimate doom. 

Gritty, captivating and unputdownable, The Sweetest Oblivion is one of the best dark billionaire romance books out there. If you’re a sucker for allusive antiheroes, buckets of sexual tension and arranged marriages, you’ll love Danielle Lori’s sweet series.

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Forsaken Trail by Devney Perry

Aria Saint-James had plans – plans that involved her twin and nephew.

Not her sister’s boss and the bane of Aria’s existence.

Brody Carmichael is the embodiment of everything Aria detests in a person, so how did she end up as his date for a wedding? 

Forsaken Trail is a small town billionaire romance brimming with sexual tension, angst, and humor. As one of the best enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance books, I recommend adding it to your bookshelf. 

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Joey by J.A. Huss

When a one-night stand leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Joey is all ready to rise up to the occasion until the girl disappears. Six years later, that all changes when he receives a phone call from his five-year-old daughter asking where her Mommy went. Determined to gain custody of Maisy, Joey and his two “best friends” hire professional liar Brook Adler as Joey’s fake fiancée. 

Nothing will stop Joey from getting to know his daughter, but will his family’s dark past and secretive “family business” get in the way of everything? With all these secrets coming out of the woodwork, Joey will have more to worry about than his untraditional lifestyle and relationships.  

Read Joey if you’re looking for a MMFM romance featuring a surprise baby, a fake fiancée, a secretive underground society and a hot and heavy polyamorous relationship that will have you rooting for them from the get-go.   

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These Vile Secrets by C.E. Ricci

Murder. Conspiracy. Deception.

Heir to a secret society known as the Enclave, Roman Mitchell is no stranger to secrets, lies, and betrayals. Determined to unveil his brotherhood’s many sins, Roman sets out to unearth every vile secret that his father has buried. Everything would be running smoothly if not for the striking six-foot asshole in Armani who verbally eviscerates Roman at every turn. 

Training a spoiled trust-fund baby to become CEO of Key Enterprise Holdings is the last thing Hale Calloway wants to do, especially when that baby happens to be his almost one-night-stand from the night before. But does something that no man has ever done before: climb his walls and break them down, brick-by-brick.   

Dark, steamy, and emotional, These Vile Secrets is an unputdownable enemies-to-lovers MM romance filled with sizzling chemistry, dangerous lies, and twists that will leave you desperate for more. As one of the best billionaire romance books on the market, you need to add this to your TBR list.

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The Price of a Scandal by Lucy Score

In the midst of a PR nightmare, Emily Stanton finds help from the man celebrities go to when they need help cleaning up their tarnished reputation: Derek Price. 

With off-the-charts spice and witty laugh-out-loud banter, The Price of a Scandal is a billionaire romance that will keep you sucked in for hours. And as one of the best female billionaire romance books, you cannot go wrong with this must-read.

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Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie

In life, Rose Calloway strives for nothing less than perfection: From her Ivy League pedigree to her entrepreneurial ventures to her arrogant college rival turned intellectual counterpart, everything is going according to plan. That is until her sister’s sex addiction becomes public fodder and places her fashion line, Calloway Couture, in imminent peril. To repair their reputations and restore her plummeting sales, Rose resorts to desperate measures: Reality TV.  

In life, Connor Cobalt is always up for a challenge. He has to be in order to juggle graduate school, a demanding job, and a relationship, all while starring in a reality TV show to help revive his girlfriend’s business. But when it comes to high-stress situations, no one works better under pressure than Connor Cobalt. Or so he thinks. Nothing about reality shows are easy, and this one will challenge him in more ways than one, starting with his relationship.

Emotional, passionate, and humorous, Kiss the Sky is a swoon-worthy billionaire romance overflowing with some ultra-cute couple moments. Let’s face it, nothing says love quite like bantering in French, Shakespearean seductions, and intellectual convos. 

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Vicious by L.J. Shen

Love the villain? Then you’ll love Vicious. 

Vicious is one of the most ruthless fictional assholes out there. He has a heart of stone and basically treats everyone like dirt; a real winner over here. The person who is on the receiving end of his taunts and ridicule the most is Emilia LeBlanc, the daughter of the hired help living on the grounds of his father’s estate. He treats her like utter crap and eventually runs her out of town. Ten years pass and they meet again. Vicious wants her back and won’t stop until he wins her over. 

For a dark billionaire romance that centers around a seemingly irredeemable hero with a chip the size of Mount Everest on his shoulder and a strong heroine who feels an inexplicable pull to the hothole who makes her life a living Hell, take a peek at Vicious. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

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Lola & the Millionaires by Kathryn Moon

In a world where omegas and alphas are prized, betas are seen. Before Lola Barnes met Indy and Buzz, she was a hopeful young beta with aspirations of landing herself a charming set of alphas. Now she can barely stand to be in the same room as an alpha yet alone chasing after one. 

All Lola wants is to get her life under control and that starts with moving out of her cousin’s place and finding a job. But when Lola’s weekly night out goes awry, she lands herself on the radar of a high-profile pack. The question is will she ever feel safe around four alphas? 

Lola & the Millionaires is a captivating omegaverse billionaire romance overflowing with steam, love, intrigue and some beautiful MM relationships. Once you get your hands on this gem, you won’t be able to put it down. 

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Broken French by Natasha Boyd

In a twist of fate, Josephine Marin walks away from her job at an architectural firm, impulsively taking a summer-long nanny position for the daughter of widowed billionaire Xavier Pascale. 

What bodes for a promising summer job in the South of France quickly goes south when she realizes her boss is a closed-off grump in need of an attitude adjustment. 

Broken French is a billionaire romance that will put you through a rollercoaster of emotions. As one of the best single-dad billionaire romance books, you cannot go wrong with this page-turner, especially if you are a fan of groveling.

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The Master by Kresley Cole

Ever since her life fell apart along with her marriage, Catarina “Katya” Marín has been on the run. Now she lives under the radar, cleaning homes and keeping everyone at arm’s length. But her covert cover is soon shattered when she agrees to fill in for a friend, who is a high-priced call girl, after a Botox mishap.

When Russian politician and mobster Maksimilian “Máxim” Sevastyan hires a tall, blonde, and obedient escort for the night and ends up with a petite, sassy brunette, to say he is confused would be an understatement. Despite not being what he asked for, he finds she is exactly what he needs.

Scorchingly hot, highly readable, and insanely suspenseful, The Master is an unputdownable billionaire romance that will sweep you off your feet with all the secrets, lies, and intrigue.

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The Casanova by T.L. Swan

There is no love lost between IT manager Kate Landon and her boss Elliot Miles. In fact, Kate’s favorite pastime is making Elliot’s blood pressure rise alongside hers because being in his presence evokes her temper like no other. 

That all changes on Elliot’s end when he witnesses Kate in a different light – one that has him contemplating the burial of his casanova reputation.

Funny, spicy, and hopelessly romantic, The Casanova is a beautifully written billionaire love story perfect for readers that go feral for enemies-to-lovers office romance books. 

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Devious Lies by Parker S. Huntington

Born into a wealthy family, Emery Winthrop had it all: money, a loving family and a best friend who made her heart flutter. When Emery decides to make her move, she grossly miscalculates when she slides into the wrong bed: Nash Prescott’s, her best friend’s older brother. 

But in the midst of a family scandal, Emery’s boy problems are quickly forgotten when her life takes a turn for the worst. 

Now, four years later, the tables have turned and Nash has his sights set on the girl he’s never forgotten.

For an enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn, age gap romance, I recommend adding Devious Lies to your bookshelf, especially if you love the billionaire trope.

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Burn for Me Ilona Andrews

When Nevada Baylor is faced with apprehending Houston’s deadliest Prime pyrokinetic, she knows it is a suicide mission. But with her business on the line, she will do whatever it takes to capture Adam Pierce… even if that means partnering up with the legendary Butcher of Merida,  Connor “Mad” Rogan. 

If you are in the market for an exciting billionaire urban fantasy romance, you need Ilona Andrews’ bestselling series on your list. Burn For Me is an inferno of action, mayhem, chaos, and mystery. Trust me when I say it is only bound to get hotter, especially with Rogan fanning those flames.

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Hate Notes by Vi Keeland

Charlotte is a twenty something year-old, unemployed gal with a cheating ex in New York. When she drops off her wedding dress at a thrift shop, she discovers a beautiful dress with a note sewn into the tulle signed by Reed Eastwood. 

That night, Charlotte drinks her way through a bottle of wine and ends up doing some light Facebook stalking on Reed. Turns out he’s a smoldering young lad who may or may not still have a fiancé. 

In a moment of drunken spontaneity, Charlotte finds out he’s showing a loft priced around $6 million and sends in a request form. To say their initial impressions were disastrous would be an understatement. In an ironic twist of fate, Charlotte unknowingly lands a job as a secretary/personal assistant… for Reed.

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward deliver a binge-worthy romance where a bad liar and an insensitive jerk clash in an epic battle of wills. Hate Notes is a smoldering billionaire romance that will keep you up to the wee hours of the morning. 

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Ruckus by L.J. Shen

No matter how much time passes, Dean Cole is unable to forget about Rosie LeBlanc, better known as the “little LeBlanc.” 

As one of the infamous hotholes, Dean had his own share of mistakes; one being how he dated Rosie’s older sister back in high school knowing he was with the wrong sister. 

But this time, he has his sights set on Rosie and has no plan of letting her go. 

Read Ruckus if you want to read a second chance billionaire romance with a hothole that is every bit as extreme and intense as you would think.

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Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

Twenty-four-year-old Truvy “Tru” Sullivan is in her final year of law school in Boston and waitressing at Buddy’s diner on the side. But for eleven months, there has been a man whom she nicknamed The Wolf that comes in during her shift to watch her. 

Tru has no idea why he continues to return, but in a stroke of luck, he shows up at just the right time when she needs a savior most. 

And once he has her, he has no plans of ever letting go.

For a mafia romance with off-the-charts sexual chemistry, you should crack open Beautifully Cruel.

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