28 Best Romantic Suspense Books To Read For A Thrilling Night

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When you are in the mood for a mixture of heart-pounding thrills, nonstop action, and passionate affairs, nothing is better than some good ol’ romantic suspense books.

From action-packed thrillers that keep you on your toes to ones filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end, you are bound to find your next favorite on this list. Read on for the best romantic suspense books.

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Lowen Ashleigh is on the brink of financial ruin when she is offered a deal that is too good to be true. Jeremy Crawford hired Lowen to complete the final books of a successful series his injured wife Verity is unable to finish. 

To successfully do so, Lowen goes to the Crawford home to look through Verity’s notes and outlines except she finds something unexpected, Verity’s unfinished autobiography. Containing disturbing admissions and unsettling thoughts, Lowen becomes wary of Verity and questions whether she truly is injured… or if it’s all an act.

Disturbing, sinister and twisted, Verity is an unputdownable psychological thriller overflowing with wicked twists and turns that will make your head spin. As one of the best romantic suspense books from Colleen Hoover, I suggest adding this masterpiece to your TBR list.

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Secret Service by Tal Bauer

Forbidden romance. Heart-pounding action. And a fight against the clock to save the President of the United States.

When Special Agent Reese Theriot walks into the Oval Office and meets President Walker for the first time, he never expects to find a love that defies all expectations. But Reese knows nothing could ever work. Not between the President and his head of secret service detail. Because if a scandal like that ever got out, it could spell the downfall of the presidency. 

Brennan Walker never imagined he would win the primaries, let alone the presidential race. With dreams of a better future, Brennan walks into the oval office with plans to mend the fissures splintering across the world. But those plans fade into the background when he comes face-to-face with Agent Theriot. Because if there were ever a reason to risk everything he has strived towards, Reese would be it.

With heart-stopping action, incredible suspense, and endless passion, Secret Service is an unputdownable MM forbidden romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you journey with Reese on a wild goose chase for the love of his life. And as one of the best MM political romance books on the market, you cannot go wrong with adding it to your bookshelf and cracking it open. 

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The Witness by Nora Roberts 

After sixteen years of infallible obedience, Elizabeth Finch is through with playing by her mother’s rules. In a moment of pure teenage rebellion, Elizabeth sets off to an NYC club to let loose, have a couple of drinks, and dance the night away. What should have been a night of fun and laughter takes a turn for the worst when she becomes the unlikely witness to a double murder.

Twelve years later, Elizabeth Finch no longer exists, and in her place is Abigail Lowery, a reclusive woman who lives on the fringes of a small town in the Ozarks. And with a top-of-the-line defense system and a dog that could bring the largest of opponents to their knees, Abigail has unintentionally turned herself into an enigma to the residents of Bickford.  

From the moment Sheriff Brooks Gleason laid eyes on their newest resident, he knew there was more to her story than she let on. Determined to learn more about the mystery that is Abigail Lowery, Brooks finagles his way into her life and, inadvertently, into the sights of the mobsters hunting her down. To say Brooks is in for a shock of his life would be the understatement of the century.

With an impossibly tense opener and adrenaline-infused sequences, The Witness is a highly addictive romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat with eager anticipation. 

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Don’t Look Now by Mary Burton

When a killer begins terrorizing the streets of Austin, homicide detective Jordan Poe fears the worst, that it is the same person who attacked her sister two years before. Determined to crack the case before more parish, Jordan throws herself into the eye of the storm and, in doing so, winds up in the killer’s sight. 

Texas Ranger Carter Spencer never intended to poach Detective Poe’s case, but a deadly skirmish with the killer leaves Jordan visually impaired and unable to traverse the field without Carter. As the situation grows increasingly bleak, it will take everything for Jordan and her sister to survive this case.

With nail-biting suspense and deadly obsessions, Don’t Look Now is a highly readable standalone from Mary Burton that will have you questioning all the characters. If you are a reader who prefers your thrillers light on the romance and heavy on the suspense, I recommend adding this to your TBR list.

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The Risk by S.T. Abby

Following a bloody string of murders, the FBI’s resident golden boy Logan Bennet is placed on the case and finds himself thrust into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a bloodthirsty serial killer who is always one step ahead. With all his time devoted to the investigation, Logan has no time for relationships, especially not with Lana Myers, his complete polar opposite. 

After a tragic encounter left her at death’s gates and her brother dead, Lana’s view of the world became forever jaded. Determined to hand out her own form of justice, Lana refuses to allow anyone to disrupt her reign of vengeance, not even the enigmatic criminal profiler sniffing out her trail.

Between The Risk’s killer premise and deadly love story, S.T. Abby delivers a phenomenal dark romance that bewitches its readers and leaves them with a wicked book hangover, desperate for more.  

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Tinderbox by Rachel Grant

When archeologist Morgan Adler stumbles upon one of the biggest archeological finds in the Horn of Africa, she inadvertently paints a target on her back that has the Estefu Desta after her. In a race against the clock, Morgan sets off to the nearest safe haven, which just so happens to be the US military base, Camp Citron.    

With orders to intercept Dr. Adler, Green Beret Pax Blanchard stops her just in time and, in doing so, saves her life. What he had not planned, nor wanted, was to be designated as Morgan’s bonafide babysitter. But as the minutes go by and the desert heat rises, Pax finds himself growing increasingly partial towards the courageous anthropologist with the mouth of a sailor and the grit of a soldier.

But when it comes to surviving this archeological mission, it will take everything out of the elite soldier to get Morgan and himself out alive. 

With jaw-dropping tension and scorchingly hot romance, Tinderbox will capture your attention and transport you to the blazing hot deserts of Africa. As one of the best pulse-pounding romantic suspense books, I recommend cracking this must-read open for a night of action and passion.

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Breaking Point by Pamela Clare

What should have been a run-of-the-mill conference in Northern Mexico takes a drastic and deadly turn for journalist Natalie Benoit when she is kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel and caged in a filthy, scorpion-infested cell. There she meets Zach, a fellow captive clinging onto his last reserves as he fights to survive the daily torture sessions and dangerous conditions. 

Former Navy SEAL, now Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Zach McBride, is none too happy when he is betrayed by a colleague and winds up a hostage of the Zetas. With dismal survival prospects, Zach knows his time is nearly up. That is until Natalie enters the equation and turns the tables on their captors. 

But between dirty cops, cartel thugs, and the treacherous coyote-laden desert terrain, escaping the compound will only be the beginning of this risky game of cat-and-mouse. 

With nail-biting suspense and nonstop action, Breaking Point is a highly addictive read that immerses you in a high-stakes situation overflowing with danger, adventure, and romance. As one of the best romantic suspense books, you should definitely think about opening this hot number because it will be one you will not soon forget.

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Unforgiven by Rebecca Zanetti

Gemma Falls is on the run. 

With nothing to her name but three wigs, a rusty car, and a meager bank account, Gemma is in an impossible situation, and if it were not for her three-year-old daughter Trudy, she would have lost hope long ago. Now working as a professor under a new alias in Washington, DC, Gemma plans to keep to herself and maintain a low profile. Those plans go down the drain when the sexy British professor enters the picture.

Jethro Hanson is being hunted. 

With a hidden past as an MI6 operative and current ties with Angus Force’s Deep Ops Team, Jethro is no stranger to secrets and facades. What he never saw coming was his colleague’s new replacement Gemma, a woman more secretive than him. 

Despite their rocky start, Jethro finds his protective instincts reawakening and his curiosity growing as Gemma’s past seeps into her present, placing her and Trudy in peril. To make matters worse, the man Jethro put behind bars a few years prior escaped and has one thing on the brain: vengeance on the brother who betrayed him.    

With nonstop action and heart-pounding thrills, Rebecca Zanetti gives us a fast-paced five-star read fraught with mystery, betrayals, secrets, and romantic intrigue. As one of the best romantic suspense books of 2022, I recommend moving Unforgiven to your TBR pile. Trust me when I say that it will not disappoint.    

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In The Waning Light by Loreth Anne White

The night Meg Brogan witnessed her older sister’s brutal assault and murder cost her everything: her life, family, and sense of security. Two decades later, Meg is now a successful true crime writer with a seemingly perfect life. All would be perfect if not for her past – a past that refuses to stay buried. Determined to uncover the truths of that night, Meg returns to the place that houses all the answers, her hometown, Shelter Bay. 

Swathed in a gloomy fog immersed with dark secrets and deadly deceptions, the residents of the tiny coastal town do not take kindly to Meg’s dogged pursuit of clues nor her attempts at unearthing long-since buried mysteries. The one person who may be on her side is Blake Sutton, her high school sweetheart and the man she left behind. And for Blake, helping his first love delve into her past and put it to rest is a no-brainer.

With hair-raising thrills and ominous secrets, In The Waning Light is a romantic suspense that one should read under the light of day, especially if you are the type to spook easily. 

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Lotus by Jennifer Hartmann

On the Fourth of July, Oliver Lynch went missing and for 22 years, his disappearance remained a mystery until the day he escaped. But after being brainwashed for over two decades, acclimating back into a past life that he no longer recognizes seems like an impossible task. 

Sydney Neville, Oliver’s next-door neighbor and best friend from childhood, never gave up hope that he would return one day. But nothing could have prepared her for the moment she hears the news of his escape. Determined to help him find his footing in this unfamiliar world, Sydney becomes his closest confidante and the one person who he can fully trust.      

Emotional, heart-touching, and hauntingly beautiful, Lotus is an unputdownable friends-to-lovers romance that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. As one of the best romantic suspense books, you should definitely add this masterpiece to your bookshelf and if you have yet to read the precursor, Still Beating, I recommend it although it is not necessary to read that first. 

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Madison Square Murders by C.S. Poe

When a spring thunderstorm unearths a crate with human remains in Madison Square Park, Cold Case Detective Everett Larkin is placed on the case. With only a death mask, similar to those made during the Victorian era, as evidence, Everett looks to the Forensic Artists Unit for assistance. 

Enter Detective Ira Doyle, a laid-back and skilled sketch artist who is Everett’s polar opposite. As the two grow closer and wade deeper into the investigation, it becomes clear that the person who murdered their John Doe may still be out there, waiting to strike. 

With engaging characters that jump off the page and edge-of-your-seat suspense that does not stop, Madison Square Murders is a highly addictive MM romantic suspense that will most likely find its way onto your favorite shelf. 

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The Guarded One by Brittney Sahin

Single mom Sydney Archer had one expectation for her weekend girls’ getaway – For it to be completely work-free. That dream quickly dissipates when the gruffly attractive southern sheriff hijacks her trip and recruits her for a mission that has nosedived into dangerous territories. 

Together, the two join forces and quickly find themselves embroiled in a secret operation that could easily go sideways if distractions arise. As things heat up on the field, Sydney and Beckett know that it is only time before they end up in each other’s arms.   

With nonstop action and off-the-charts heat, The Guarded One will take you on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. As one of the best romantic suspense books of 2022, this needs to be added to your bookshelf.

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Does It Hurt? by H.D. Carlton

Sawyer Bennett is on the run. 

For six years, men have been nothing but a means to an end for the 27-year-old fugitive. They get a night of mind-blowing sex, and she gets a new identity in conjunction with extra funds. Despite the inherent danger of her lifestyle, nothing could have prepared her for the disastrous outcomes of her last-minute decision to book a flight to Australia.

When fate bestows her with a panty-melting male specimen that exudes danger, she knows a tumble between the sheets with the sexy devil is the last thing she should do. Because if there is anyone who could shatter Sawyer’s defenses, it is the man who swims with sharks: Enzo Vitale.

H.D. Carlton did not pull any punches with her 2022 bestseller Does it Hurt? Teeming with off-the-charts steam, heart-pounding suspense, and endless emotion, Does it Hurt? is undoubtedly one of the best dark romantic suspense books of the year.

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Cold As Ice by Toni Anderson

When graduate student Darby O’Roarke wakes up in an unfamiliar house and discovers a dead body, she calls the man who saved her once before – FBI Supervisory Special Agent Eban Winters. 

Since meeting the survivor of a harrowing abduction, Eban has done everything he could to deny his burgeoning feelings for Darby. Now framed for a crime she has no recollection of committing, Eban will do everything in his power to clear her name and find the serial killer who had Darby in his clutches once before.

Chillingly suspenseful, highly romantic, and undeniably thrilling, Cold As Ice is an intricately woven romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and uncertainty.

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Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry

At thirty, Winslow Covington is light years ahead of many of her colleagues as Montana’s newly appointed chief of police. Though many believe nepotism played a role in her promotion, Winslow plans to show them exactly how misguided those assumptions are, starting with the eldest son of Quincy royalty: Griffin Eden. 

When Griffin hooked up with Winn, the alluring woman from the bar, he had no expectations of a second meet-and-greet, especially not during brunch with the mayor and his daughter Winn – the new chief of police. 

Determined to put that hot encounter behind him, Griffin does everything he can to avoid her. That is until a dead body is discovered on his property, forcing him to cross swords with Winslow and aid in the investigation of a serial killer who has the chief in their sights.   

Indigo Ridge is an eerie romantic suspense must-read overflowing with murder, romance, and chilling intrigue. Prepare for a wild ride filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

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The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Days before her twelfth birthday, Naomi Bowes followed her father into the woods. What she found marked the end of her childhood – a girl, not much older than herself, trapped in a root cellar. But even with her father behind bars, Naomi and her family are unable to escape from the shadow Thomas David Bowes casts over their lives. 

Now a successful photographer with a touch of wanderlust, Naomi surprises herself when she puts down roots with the purchase of a shabby, old Victorian house that needs a serious makeover. What should be a place of solitude quickly becomes an epicenter of activity and commotion. Still, Naomi never banked on curious locals knocking on her door, nor did she foresee the persistent and irresistible Xander Keaton.  

But when townies go missing, Naomi is haunted by her past  – a past that refuses to remain buried.

Between the sizzling romance and heart-pounding suspense, The Obsession is a romantic suspense you do not want to miss. 

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Savaged by Mia Sheridan

When wilderness expert Harper Ward is called into the sheriff’s office to help canvas an area for a murder investigation, she jumps at the chance to help. 

While working the case, she meets the main suspect Lucas – a man deemed a savage by many. But the more she learns about the mysterious man who lives in the wild, the more curious Harper becomes. And as the questions continue to build, Harper and Lucas must decide whether they’re ready to face the shocking truths.     

Mia Sheridan weaves a beautiful tale of mystery, secrets, survival, love, and healing. Filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Savaged is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. As one of the best romantic suspense books, I recommend setting aside a place on your bookshelf for this must-read.

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Never Stay Gone by Tal Bauer

If Texas Ranger Dakota Jennings ever had to return to Big Bend County, it would be too soon. But when work comes calling, Dakota is forced to face the man who pulverized his heart while working a case that grows bloodier and bloodier with each new body.

Thirteen years ago, Shane Carson made the biggest mistake of his life – a mistake that has haunted him ever since. Now a deputy sheriff, Shane finds himself at the center of an investigation when a mass grave is unearthed miles from civilization. 

Forced into a tentative alliance with a man he thought he would never see again, Shane and Dakota must push past their differences if they ever hope to survive the case.

With heart-pounding thrills and suspense that never stops, Never Stay Gone is an unforgettable second-chance romance that will find its way onto your favorite shelf. As one of the best slow-burn MM romantic suspense books from 2021, prepare to be up well past the early hours of the morning because you will not be able to put this intense mystery down. 

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Flock by Kate Stewart

An estranged father, a life-changing inheritance and a summer that will irrevocably stain the souls of everyone entangled in the seductive web of lies. 

To acquire her inheritance, nineteen-year-old Cecelia Horner moves to Triple Falls where she is to work at her father’s company for a year. It is during the orientation that she meets Sean, her supervisor at the plant. What starts as a strong attraction evolves into something as she is enfolded into Sean’s brotherhood of friends, known as the Ravenhood. 

With every sunrise and sunset, Cecelia becomes more and more enamored with her boys of summer. The question is, will their burgeoning love survive beneath a shroud of secrecy and uncertainty. 

Read Flock if you’re looking for an unforgettable MFM romantic suspense that will leave you questioning everything. This epic trilogy only gets better with Exodus. Trust me when I say no one is safe from Kate Stewart’s twists and turns.  

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The Last Move by Mary Burton

When FBI profiler Kate Hayden is called down to San Antonio to inspect a string of murders that echo the MO of the Samaritan, she is hesitant to believe that claim, especially since that killer is currently behind bars. That leaves Kate with two possibilities: either the suspect is a copycat killer or was an unknown partner of the Samaritan’s. 

Paired with homicide detective Theo Mazur, Kate realizes how incredibly close-to-home the killer is and just how quickly the situation can escalate. 

For a thrilling, nail-biting adventure that will keep you on your toes, I recommend cracking open Mary Burton’s memorable romantic suspense, The Last Move.  

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You Can Run by Rebecca Zanetti

When FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow receives an alarming call from her mother asking her to help clear her uncle’s name in a murder investigation, Laurel does not hesitate to book a flight to Washington. There she meets and teams up with former soldier Huck Rivers, a fish and wildlife officer who offers to guide her through the treacherous avalanche-prone mountains to the crime scene and search for the killer. 

But navigating her undeniable attraction to the skilled reclusive tracker while trying to figure out the odd interactions spent with Dr. Abigail Caine, a witness in the investigation, proves to be quite the challenge – even for a child prodigy like herself.

Intense, mysterious, and exciting, You Can Run is a highly addictive romantic suspense perfect for readers who prefer their books heavy on suspense and light on romance. As one of the best slow-burn romantic suspense books on the market, I recommend adding it to your book list.

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Still Beating by Jennifer Hartmann

After a late-night out celebrating her sister’s birthday, Corabelle is more than ready to ditch the slimy sleazeballs prowling the bar for the adorable fluff-ball waiting for her back home. Those plans come to a screeching halt when she learns her wallet’s been stolen, leaving her stranded and dependent on her arch-nemesis Dean. A nightmare in the making.

The nightmare only worsens when she wakes up in chains in a monster’s basement. And the cherry on top? Dean shares the same fate. 

Beautiful, tragic, and powerful, Still Beating is a heart-wrenching tale that will hold you captive from the first opening sentence till the last. Prepare for a sleepless night with this unputdownable dark romantic suspense.

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Out of Love by Jewel E. Ann

When it comes time to jet off to college, Livvy Knight is more than ready to escape her father’s overprotective clutches and live life like a wild child, doing whatever and whomever she pleases. 

When she sets her sights on Slade Wylder, she knows he is just the kind of guy her dad would detest. Dark, enigmatic, and stoic, he checks off every one of Livvy’s boxes. 

Too bad he wants nothing to do with her. 

Mysterious, romantic, and suspenseful, Out of Love is one of the best college romantic suspense books, brimming with deadly secrets, haunting rumors, and twists and turns that will send your head spinning. Even though it may not be necessary to read the Jack and Jill series before this standalone, I recommend doing so for a more enhanced reading experience.    

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Catch Me If You Can by Christina C Jones

Career-wise, Naomi Prescott lives by three words: Diligence, focus, and agility. As a seasoned jewelry thief, no mantra is more vital, making it all the more unsettling when her life is thrown off-kilter by a pesky agent who has her in his sights.

For FBI Agent Marcus Calloway, tracking down the infamous Black Swan, an elusive jewelry thief who always manages to elude law enforcement has become the most mind-boggling case of his career. In a moment of pure luck, Marcus collides with said thief on the streets and later learns of her identity: Jolie Voleuse.

When the two are forced to work together to take down a common enemy, Naomi and Marcus slowly learn that despite being on opposite sides of the law, they may have more in common than they thought.   

Romantic, mysterious, and suspenseful, Catch Me If You Can is a romantic suspense that will keep you on the tips of your toes with all its unforeseen twists and turns.

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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

While in Monte Carlo working as a lady’s maid, a young girl of twenty years or so is swept off her feet by the dashing and mysterious widower Maxim de Winter. As their whirlwind romance comes to a close, Maxim realizes he’s not ready for it to end.

Now, as the new Mrs. Maxim de Winter, our fresh-eyed narrator is excited for what the future holds. It is only when she arrives at his massive country estate that she realizes how large a shadow the late Mrs. Maxim de Winter has cast over Manderley and its inhabitants. 

Shrouded in lies and deception, Manderley becomes a prison . . . with Rebecca de Winter as its warden. An ominous and haunting gothic read that will send you running the other way whenever Mrs. Danvers is near. 

Rebecca is a spine-chilling romantic suspense that will live on in your mind long after you turn the last page.

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The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White

A grizzly string of sex crimes strikes a cord in Detective Angie Pallorino who can’t help but notice the eerie similarities to the unsolved rapes from two years prior. With a distinctive MO, a cross etched into the victim’s forehead, Pallorino is sure the killer is back. 

Partnered with Detective James Maddocks, a man she unknowingly crossed the lines with the night before, the two must move past that little hiccup if they ever hope to track down the perpetrator before they strike again. 

Dark, intense, and thrilling, The Drowned Girls is a well-written romantic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As one of the best romantic suspense books, I recommend adding it to your bookshelf and cracking it open.

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A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of a serial killer, Sara Baker, as everyone knew her, died, and Olivia West was born. Determined to escape the nightmare that has become her life, Olivia moves to a remote ranch to heal and bury her past. 

Years later, that all changes when a string of murders resembling the Watt Lake Killer’s MO resurface, forcing her to return to the nightmare that nearly destroyed her. 

Heartbreaking, masterfully written, and intensely moving, A Dark Lure is one of those unforgettable romantic suspense books that will live on in your thoughts weeks after reading that final chapter.

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Dirty Girls by Lily White

A few years back, tragedy hit a small town in Washington when a local girl was found dead. Charged with murder, then high school student Soren Callahan was placed behind bars. It is only when Soren is released that the murders start up again, each one more gruesome than the last. 

Olive Reid is a senior at Winter Ridge Prep. Back when Soren and his circle ruled the school, she refused to take part in their games, yet found herself attracted to Soren, the King of Winter Ridge Prep. Now that Soren’s back, Olive’s life takes a sharp turn into dangerville when she realizes Soren has his sights set on her . . . the question is, will she come out of it alive.

When it comes to romantic suspense books, nothing is better than a good ‘ol whodunit mystery. If you are also someone who enjoys bully romances, Dirty Girls may be just the book for you! 

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