16 Alien Romance Books That Are Out Of This World

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Ever looked up at the star-flecked sky, imagining what exists outside the Milky Way? If there are intelligent extraterrestrials outside our own? Who knows, maybe our atmosphere has already been infiltrated, with us being none the wiser. But until we get definitive evidence on the existence of extraterrestrial life, we’ll have to make do with our other-worldly fictional aliens.

Whether you’re dipping your foot in the alien romance pool or swimming laps in it, you’re bound to discover a few alien romances that pique your interest. From humanoid aliens with gray skin and yellow eyes to reptilian extraterrestrials with crimson scales and deadly tales, this curated list of alien romances has something for everyone. 

Prepare yourself because you’re about to be blown away by these stellar alien romances. They are positively out of this world. 

Rules of Redemption by T.A. White

Forced to the nearest space station after her ship suffers a damaging blow, Kira Forrest plans to keep her head down and steer clear of everyone from her past.

In a twist of fate, Kira pulls off a heroic rescue, inadvertently pushing her into the Tuann’s path.

Leaving the station should be a piece of cake. That is until a Tuann warrior decides she is coming with them.

Jam-packed with unexpected twists, a humorous sidekick and a badass heroine, Rules of Redemption is a mesmerizing space opera perfect for anyone on the market for a slow burn alien romance.

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Cottonwood by R. Lee Smith

For twenty years, the yang’ti have lived in captivity after crash-landing on Earth. They had no intention of staying, but the humans had a different idea. Now they reside in internment camps, living amid rancid landfills and waste-filled streets.

Sarah Fowler never realized how awful the conditions were until she arrived at Cottonwood, Kansas. As a social services liaison to the aliens, Sarah’s path becomes directly intertwined with Sanford and his son, T’aki. 

Cottonwood is a beautiful love story that revolves around bug aliens who come to Earth with no plans of conquering the planet, but rather using it as a pitstop to repair their ship. If you’re looking for an alien romance that will bring tears to your eyes, I recommend reading this otherworldly gem. 

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The Krinar Exposé by Hettie Ivers

Determined to publish the next big story, Amy pens a daring exposé on an exclusive alien sex club, unwittingly capturing the attention of Vair, the owner of the club. What no one knows is that every dirty little tidbit Amy reported, she experienced firsthand.

And when Vair blackmails her with footage from their explosive night together, she will have to decide whether to chance a blow to her career or give in to the elusive extraterrestrial’s demands. 

Set in the Krinar universe, Hettie Ivers’s novella is a sexy alien romance between a young journalist and a seductive alien.

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The Krinar Experiment by Charmaine Pauls

When Drako’s pod malfunctions during a reconnaissance mission on Earth, the South African Secret Service captures him.

There he meets Ilse Gouws, a brave nurse who secretly helps him escape. But in a single moment of misunderstanding, Drako believes Ilse to have betrayed him.

Branded a traitor by the government, Ilse now not only has to elude the secret service but the vengeful Krinar as well. 

The Krinar Experiment is a fun alien romance that you won’t want to put down once you’re thrust into the fascinating world of the Krinar.

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Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Starting your senior year at a new school in a new town is hard enough as it is without adding in the hot jerky neighbor. Everything changes the day Daemon rescues Katy by freezing time.

Forced to reveal his unique origins, he accidentally marks Katy as a target. Together, they must figure out how to get rid of the mark before it’s too late.

Funny, steamy and witty, Jennifer L. Armentrout gives us a slow burn alien romance between a human heroine and a hero from a distant galaxy. With off-the-charts banter and sexual tension, you won’t be able to put this YA fantasy romance down. Also, prepare to be blinded by Daemon’s supernatural good looks powers.   

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The Last Hour of Gann by R Lee Smith

When tragedy strikes, Amber and her sister Nicci find themselves motherless, jobless, and soon-to-be homeless. With promises of a better future, she secures two tickets on Earth’s first colony-ship.

But when Amber wakes up in a demolished ship lightyears away from home, those dreams of a better life are shattered.

Now stranded on an alien planet with no means of returning home, the elements will become the least of the survivors’ concerns. 

The Last Hour of Gann is a captivating sci-fi alien romance centered around a heroine with an indomitable spirit and a hero with an unbreakable will. You will not regret checking out this enthralling page-turner.

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Heart’s Prisoner by Olivia Riley 

As a top behaviorist, Dr. Lana Hart is recruited by the government to study Asset X, a seven-foot reptilian warrior with a devilish appearance. Determined to learn more about him, Lana puts her fears and reservations to the side and jumps in. And with each passing session, she finds herself growing to respect and trust the elusive alien. That is until things go south. 

On the hunt for some delectable alien romance books? Olivia Riley brings us a captivating sci-fi romance that’s perfect for readers who prefer love stories that compliment the story rather than taking center stage. For the readers who are all about the romance, fear not. It may be slow burn, but once the match lights, prepare for an inferno. 

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Radiance by Grace Draven

Radiance revolves around a human princess, Ildiko, and an alien prince, Brishen, who are to unite their kingdoms through marriage. The two races find each other physically repulsive, so you can say this was a match made in the fiery pits of Tartarus. While they may not find each other physically attractive, they share a kinship that goes beyond physical appearances. 

Read Radiance if you love slow-burn alien romances between aliens and humans who bicker like an old married couple. Between their shaky union and the precarious political landscape amongst their kingdoms, Kai and Ildiko will have to forgo their honeymoon and do some damage control before the warring kingdoms rip them apart.

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Mikko by Ella Maven

Sentenced to the nightmarish dredges of the inescapable pits of hell, Rian knows her life is forfeit.

Armed with a single blade and a will to live, Rian enters the pits with guns blazing only to be rescued by the deadliest alien warrior residing within the walls of their prison.

Rian’s initial suspicions towards the alien quickly fade when she realizes that the warrior is the least of her concerns. It’s everyone outside of the cell that poses a threat.

And when the clock runs out, Rian will be at the mercy of the creatures roaming the hellish Pit. 

Hunting for the best alien romances out there? Mikko is a thrilling sci-fi alien warrior romance featuring a fiery hero determined to have his revenge and a feisty heroine who challenges him to be a better person. 

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Homebound by Lydia Hope

In a world stricken with poverty and death, humans and aliens alike struggle to survive. Broke and desperate, Gemma McKinley’s distant relatives reluctantly offer her a place to stay in exchange for rent. With limited job opportunities, the former dancer accepts a job as an orderly at the city prison. Everything changes the day she they reassign her to the aliens’ ward. 

There she meets the occupant of cell 35, a comatose extraterrestrial who looks close to death. Struck by his sickly state, Gemma makes it her mission to nurse the silent male back to health. However, as Simon improves, Gemma is struck with an unsettling realization that the feeble alien may not be as powerless as she thought.

Love alien romance books that are character-driven and deliciously slow burn? Then Homebound is the alien romance for you and I recommend adding this gem to your must-read shelf.   

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Saving Askara by J.M. Link

For emergency medical specialist Tori, life aboard the transorbital ship Phoenix has grown monotonous. But everything changes the day humanity discovers the Askari, intelligent extraterrestrials who find themselves in desperate need of an ally after narrowly escaping their planet with their lives.

When the two species form an alliance, the Askara choose Tori as the human liaison. Forced to work closely with Aderus, the de facto leader of the Askari, the two form a tenuous bond that slowly blossoms into more. But with their wildly different customs and beliefs, is it even possible for a relationship to work? 

Saving Askara is a slow burn alien romance between a human and an askari, two species who find each other physically revolting and culturally confusing. If you want a believable alien love story, Saving Askara is a must-read.

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Claimed by the Horde King by Zoey Draven

The moment Nelle sends an arrow spiraling to her mark, she breaks the Dakkari’s strict laws and signs her death warrant. When she learns that she has captured the attention of the Dakkari horde king, she’s prepared to pay with her life. But in a shocking twist of fate, the horde king claims Nelle as his own.

If you’re looking for an alien romance where the alien has many human-like qualities, Claimed by the Horde King is a must-read. And if you love Khal Drogo, you’ll probably love the Dakkari horde king. 

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a gifted mechanic who is belittled and overlooked by her step-mother and one of her step-sisters. The other step-sister looks up to Cinder.

As a cyborg, Cinder does not have the same rights as humans. During a chance encounter, Cinder becomes irreversibly changed when her life becomes intertwined with Prince Kai’s.

Thrust into center stage, Cinder must navigate new and rocky terrain. With the fate of the world on their shoulders, they must race against the clock before time runs out. 

Filled to the brim with danger, mystery and intrigue, Cinder is a captivating read with a steamy slow-burn cyborg romance perfect for fans of modern fairytale retellings mixed with a splash of science fiction.

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The Scorpian’s Mate by Susan Trombley 

Claire is ready to put this entire botched double-date camping trip behind her. But when she investigates a strange disturbance and discovers a UFO, things quickly spiral out of her control.

Now an unwilling test subject in an extraterrestrial’s experiment, Claire’s life becomes irrecoverably intertwined with Thrax’s, a genetically-engineered alien soldier.

Claire finds an unlikely ally in the deadly alien and, to her complete shock, an unwanted attraction blazes to life.  

If you’re in the mood for an alien romance where the extraterrestrial looks like an alien and acts like an alien, The Scorpion’s Mate is the perfect alien romance to add to your TBR list. Get ready for some human and scorpion macking.

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The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the Luxen Universe in her new YA sci-fi Origins series.

When seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher sneaks her way into a notorious Lux nightclub, the last thing she expects is to be singled out by Luc, an uber hot and mysterious guy with a penchant for pushing every single one of her buttons.

What Evie doesn’t realize is that her wild night out has irrevocably changed her life, and Luc has no plans of letting her go.

Read The Darkest Star if you’re looking for action-packed YA alien romances filled with secrets, betrayals and intrigue. Any Armentrout fan will become a fan of Luc and Evie’s.

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Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter

Besides learning about her vampire heritage, all Bride McKells wants is to find Aleaha Love, her one and only friend.

When Bride catches Aleaha’s familiar scent, she tracks it back to Devyn, a charming alien womanizing warrior who seems to possess all the answers. What starts as a rocky lust-filled relationship morphs into something far more powerful.

But when it comes time to choose between her people and Devyn, will she embrace the family she’s always dreamt of or the dirty-talking warrior she’s grown to love?

Steamy, intriguing and binge-worthy, Gena Showalter brings her a-game with Seduce the Darkness, an otherworldly paranormal vampire-alien romance filled with danger, action, kickass heroines, seductive heroes, and hilarious banter.

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