Summer Playlist 2020: 100+ Chill Songs That’ll Give You Summer Vibes

If you’re feeling the summer vibes, this chill summer playlist will tide you over and hit the right spot featuring hits from unforgettable artists like Lizzo, Harry Styles, Drake, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish, Calvin Harris, and more. Some of my personal favorites include “Fast Car,” “Riptide,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “Juice,” and “Jessie’s Girl.”

It’s that time of year people. Enjoy, be safe, and let’s get through this summer quarantine together! 

If you’re reading this post-quarantine and it’s safe to go out, have fun and go to the beach! If the beach isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d rather go on a hike or see a movie. You do you! 

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I hope you have an amazing day!