Review of Can’t Fix Cupid by Raven Kennedy

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You know the type of book that brings out your inner smiley face? The type of smiley face that never seems to leave and probably comes off a bit deranged by the common passerbier (ie., a family member who happens to walk by and asks “Why are you smiling like that? It’s weirding me out.” Yes, that type of book. Can’t Fix Cupid fits that mold and for that reason, I am so happy that I picked it up. Otherwise I would that uncontrollable smile would have never been let loose.

Trix is a quirky, malfunctioning Cupid desperate to remain in the Veil which means actually making love matches. Instead of releasing a fragrant lust breath, Trix expels an odorous funk that instantly kills the chances of any potential matches. So, what else is a Cupid with faulty powers to do except watch *obsess* over a single CEO bachelor who never makes it past the first date? 

Warren Knight is a cocky, stubborn, broody, and aloof bachelor with a penchant for self-sabotaging every one of his dates. Trix figures it’s up to her to find him love which results in multiple botched attempts.

When Trix’s superior Sev calls her back to the Veil, she learns of her impending exile if she fails to reach her love match quota. Sev’s attempt to help Trix ends with her semi-human form in a rather compromising situation in Warren’s office… naked. To say that their first encounter went poorly would be an understatement. However, it did end with Trix declaring she would be his matchmaker and find him love. 

Imagine that: You walk into your office to find a naked stranger who says they’re going to find you love… yes, a rather unusual occurrence.  

From there, Trix must figure out how to successfully use her powers which starts with Warren; only, the first date is a dud as Warren is much more intrigued by the free-spirited Cupid.

“I facepalm. “Man, you’re the literal worst. Don’t you wanna get laid? I want you to get laid!” I tell him.

It’s true. I really do. Because like I said, I’ve seen this guy naked, and he is delicious. But so far, it’s been a no-go. He takes all these beautiful women out, but then he acts like such an ass that most of them don’t make it through dessert. Oddly, he seems relieved about that every single time.

I just need to get this asshole to fall in love first.”

My Thoughts

Whenever I read a book that makes me laugh, it instantly goes onto my success bookshelf. Afterall, a humorous book that is actually funny is like a blue moon. It’s rare. 

Trix is one of my favorite types of heroines: funny, determined, and 100% devoted to the job. The relationship she had with Warren was definitely more of a slow-burn and you won’t fully understand Warren’s reasoning for remaining a bachelor until the end of the story. 

Can’t Fix Cupid is a hilarious and ‘laugh-out-loud’ series of events that will have you clutching your stomach as you smile like a lovesick fool even though Trix’s Cupid powers are lackluster at best. Without further ado, go on and give Trix and Warren a chance, I’m sure they won’t disappoint, especially with Trix’s antics. 

If  you’re into witty, cute, and humorous rom-coms that make you laugh out loud and smile until your face hurts, Can’t Fix Cupid is your perfect book match. Truly.

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