9 Best TED Talks About Relationships

TED Talks are perfect for almost any situation or problem, so it should not be surprising that there have been many talks on love, marriage, relationships, and sex.

I have rounded up some of the best TED Talks about relationships that explain why people cheat, how to have a healthy relationship, why baseball is not a great metaphor for dating, and so much more. If you have been having relationship problems, or want to learn about some interesting topics, check out these inspirational speakers.

Also, if you want to learn how to manufacture romantic love, check out Mandy Len Catron’s talk below. Enjoy!

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What You Don’t Know About Marriage | Jenna McCarthy

In this funny and inspirational TED Talk about relationships, Jenna McCarthy explains everything you probably don’t know about marriage. From what the happiest couples focus on, to what makes a spouse look more attractive. Plus, one thing you never want to do is win an Oscar. If you want to know why that is, check out this comical talk!

How Couples Can Sustain A Strong Sexual Connection for A Lifetime | Emily Nagoski

Wondering how you can sustain a strong sexual connection for a lifetime with your partner? Check out sex educator Emily Nagoski’s TED Talk about relationships to learn tips to do so.

One characteristic these couples should have is to have a strong trust in one another and a strong friendship at the foundation of their relationship. For more, watch Emily’s talk below.

3 Ways to Build A Happy Marriage and Avoid Divorce | George Blair

Want to know how to build a happy marriage and avoid divorce? George Blair explains how to do so in this enlightening and educational TED Talk. One thing to think about is whether your partner has your back and whether they are there for you when you really need it. For more, check out this talk.

Rethinking Infidelity…A Talk for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved | Esther Perel

What are some specific things couples can do when an affair is exposed? If you want to know more, check out what Esther Perel explains in her talk. This is a must-watch for anyone who has ever cheated or been cheated on.

The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love | Katie Hood

“The ability to love better is a skill we can all build and improve on overtime” (Hood). If you’re interested to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy love, watch Katie Hood’s speech to learn more.

How to Fix A Broken Heart | Guy Winch

If you’re wondering how to fix a broken heart, Guy Winch will explain how to do so in this brilliant and enlightening TED Talk. One thing to know is that you have to be willing to let go and accept that it’s over. If you or someone you know has ever experienced heartbreak, then this is a must-watch TED Talk about relationships.

Falling in Love is the Easy Part | Mandy Len Catron

To fall in love with anyone, do this: two strangers take turns asking each other 36 increasingly personal questions and then stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes without speaking. This study was conducted to see if it was possible to manufacture romantic love. Mandy Len Catron tried this out with an acquaintance and was skeptical about whether it would work. Well, it did. The question is, did they stay together? Check out Mandy’s speech to see for yourself. 

The Secret to Desire in A Long-Term Relationship | Esther Perel

What sustains desire and why is it so difficult? At the heart of sustaining desire in a committed relationship, there are two fundamental needs. On one hand, our need for security and, on the other, adventure. 

If you want to know the secret to desire in a long-term relationship, check out Esther Perel’s TED Talk about relationships and learn about the mystery that is erotic intelligence.

Sex Needs A New Metaphor. Here’s One… | Al Vernacchio

Sex needs a new metaphor that doesn’t revolve around baseball. In a refreshing and humorous TED Talk, Al Vernacchio goes on to explain how pizza is the new baseball. And let me say, I loved every second of his logical breakdown of the pizza metaphor. 

If you want to hear a TED Talk about relationships that is both informative and entertaining, I suggest you check this out. Vernacchio hits it out of the ball park with this one!