7 of the Sweetest Creameries in Connecticut

Ice cream is honestly always a beautiful sight. Especially when the weather warms up and the birds start chirping and the flowers begin to grow. Yes, sounds perfect.

Now, if you don’t live in Connecticut, but happen to be visiting or on vacation (although not sure if Connecticut is the best vacation spot), then I have some advice on where to go for ice cream. I have seen many ice cream shops in my day (of 19 years) and I have crafted the perfect list of the 7 best ice cream shops in Connecticut. My personal favorite is right below and now I’m craving coffee oreo ice cream. Great.

Wentworth Ice Cream

Wentworths is a small creamery located in Hamden near Sleeping Giant. It’s especially nice during the summer when you can relax outside in the gazebo while enjoying your ice cream. Even better if you decide to go on a hike and make a stop at Wentworths after working up a sweat. I’ve done that on a few occasions and it is 100% worth it.

The only complaints people tend to make are about the menu size being small, but how many flavors do you honestly need? I mean, there are around 30 flavors. If you can’t find something then . . . I’m sorry.

Here are some of my pointers for flavors to try. First on the list would be coffee oreo. It is my number one flavor which is unfortunate since not every creamery makes it. I don’t know why either because coffee and oreo. Just think of that combo for a second. It’s heavenly.

Another flavor that’s popular is the cookie monster which is vanilla based with blue coloring and pieces of cookie dough and chocolate chips. My younger brother always goes for that.

Now for the upside and downside of Wentworth. One, the serving sizes are huge. A three scoop has a lot packed in there, so you’re getting your money’s worth. The downside, it’s a bit pricey, but again, it’s worth it. Don’t let that stop you.

Side Note: I’m not sure if Sleeping Giant is still closed off to the public, but it probably is, so you might have to skip that hike.

Sweet Claude’s

Sweet Claude’s is another sweet creamery that you don’t want to miss. You can find it going towards the center of Cheshire next to McDonald’s. This is probably one of my most frequented places when it comes to ice cream. Partly because it’s my mom’s favorite.

When I was younger I used to only get mississippi mud which makes no sense now that I think of it. There was some kind of nut in it which I’d always eat around, so why I kept getting it is beyond me.

Now, my go-to flavor is whatever’s in their banana corner. They have this one specialty, banana icebox, which is amazing. It has oreo, chocolate, graham crust (I think?) and a few other treats. There’s also banana oreo, which I have to be in the mood for, and bananamals which has animal crackers.

Another cool flavor is monster mash, but it only rises from its grave during the Halloween season which is sad. There’s so many things going on with each bite you take: oreo, marshmallows, chocolate pieces, these halloween candy chocolate things . . . ugh, if only. So if you happen to be in Cheshire during October, stop by Sweet Claude’s and try it out!

Side Note: There’s also a nice variety of frozen yogurt and tofutti if you’re not up for ice cream.

UConn Dairy Bar

Next up, the UConn Dairy Bar! What’s nice about the Dairy Bar is its retro vibe and the fact that they make everything there in the creamery (including cheese). Pretty cool stuff.  

It can get pretty crowded during the summer months, but what ice cream shop doesn’t? I once saw the line all the way out the door and regretted coming, but the service is pretty good. You should be in and out.

Now, moving onto my one complaint which, really, should not be a complaint. It’s very creamy. Of course I like my ice cream creamy, but their recipe is incredibly creamy which is nice and all, but it makes it hard to finish. Again, not a bad thing. I just tend to eat it all and have a slight stomach ache after which sucks, but is worth it.

Side Note: If you go to UConn, the Dairy Bar will always be in walking distance. That could go in one of two ways. Great for your sweet tooth, not so much if you’re trying to keep it healthy.

Rich Made Ice Cream Shop

Rich’s Ice Cream is another sweet creamery to give a trial run if you’re ever in Oxford. It’s calming over there since it’s on a farm (they make their ice cream fresh) and you can take a stroll with your ice cream.

I’ve been here three or four times now and I love how they have a wide variety of flavors. What I don’t love are the long lines. When I say long, I mean looooong. It was torture waiting in that line with the heat, but I’m sure once it cools off, the masses stay inside for the most part. It really shows how crazy people get over Rich’s ice cream.

Another unfortunate event was when I happened to be eating a cone with three scoops (not the best idea) and the worst thing that could happen, happened. A fly landed on my ice cream. That lead to the death of the cone. Sad times.

Moving along, I’ve never heard anyone badmouth Rich’s Farm, so come around and try it out! You won’t be disappointed . . . unless that fly returns.

Ashley’s Ice Cream

Ashley’s is a parlor that has a few different locations: Madison, Branford, Guilford, Hamden and New Haven. Makes it even better when you need a quick dose of sugar to liven you up.

My favorite flavor is coffee oreo, but I also like their strawberry. Plus, together they make a pretty beautiful combo. There’s a ton of options to choose from though which makes it that much better. I mean, chocolate mint with oreo!?! That’s a dream come true for anyone. Unless you’re not a fan of mint, or chocolate or oreo . . . then I’m sorry. You poor unfortunate soul.

If you want to walk around and visit other shops, then I would recommend going to their New Haven location because you’re basically in the heart of Yale. There’s the Yale Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Urban Outfitters, Apple, Atticus Bookstore Cafe, J. Crew, Koffee? and much more. You definitely won’t be bored in such a lively area.

Ferris Acres Creamery

People are always raving about Ferris Acres Creamery and I have yet to make it over to Newtown to try it out. So, I was planning on just telling everyone to go, but then I checked out their menu and oh my lord. It’s a gift from the Ice Cream Gods.

They have 32 regular flavors, 38 special flavors, 9 sorbets and 8 flavors with no added sugar. It makes me want to go now . . . actually, if I could, I would. They even gave all the flavors cute names. It’s perfect.

The only thing you have to get past is the manure smell since there are some cows walking about. Also, if you’re indecisive and have trouble making decisions then this may be a tough go for you. Since, there’s so many flavors to choose from, you should honestly look before going. I probably will.

Cream and Sugar

Cream and Sugar is another parlor I have yet to go to in Bethel which needs to change. A friend of mine told me about their creations, so I looked them up and wow. They are truly out there.

Some of their specialties include the Belly Buster Freak Shake which looks like it will actually bust your belly and the famous Candy Crush Freak Shake which looks like a unicorn gallivanting on a rainbow. Something you never saw coming.

Honestly, what do you have to lose? Check it out and let me know how it goes. I know I’ll be making my way over soon. Might as well beat me to it.

Side Note: People usually go with a group of people just because of the size of these creations, so if you’re planning on eating it alone . . . amazing. Although I might worry about your stomach after because boy will it be achy.