Review of I See You by Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom

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Wow, wow, wow!!!

The ending of the book, I See You, took me by surprise. It was so unexpected that I had to stop and process it for a few minutes. This book is certainly not for the faint of heart; it’s a wild ride that can leave you feeling dizzy. If you decide to read it, be prepared for a lot of twists and turns. I highly recommend it, but make sure to plan accordingly. It’s best to read it on a night when you don’t have to wake up early the next morning, as it can be hard to put down and you might not get much sleep.

The Summary

The story revolves around Nina Drake and brothers, Devon and Noah Trent. Growing up, Devon and Noah had an unconventional and disturbing family life, which compelled them to do horrifying things. After a few years, Devon becomes a photographer and captures the last breath of his subjects, looking for that one moment when life leaves their eyes.

One day a file comes in with Nina Francis Drake’s name typed on top. Client 1325…set up to be sexually assaulted on video. Before this can happen, Devon’s job is to record her daily comings and goings. Simply put, he stalks her every move which only ends in one way in this type of situation; he becomes ensnared by her.  So it only makes sense that Devon tells Noah not to go through with the job and whadayaknow, he goes through with it anyway.

It has been a year since we last saw Nina. She is not the same person anymore, and it is understandable. Now, she lives alone in a new town without any family, friends or anyone she can rely on. However, her life takes a turn when a new neighbor, Devon, moves in. He has been searching for her since the night she disappeared.

My Thoughts

I want to clarify that the following text may contain spoilers for some, so proceed with caution. In the story, Nina gradually develops feelings for Devon, but it takes time for her to trust him completely. As we learn more about Devon’s past, we can’t help but feel a sense of regret for what he’s been through. It’s difficult to reconcile these conflicting emotions and it feels like there are two people arguing within my own mind.

It isn’t until the last few chapters when all the puzzle pieces fall into place. That’s when your jaw drops and your brain implodes from the sheer shock of a plot twist you didn’t think was possible until it was painted right before your eyes.

I See You is a gripping psychological novel that keeps you guessing until the very end, when everything finally falls into place. It’s not an easy read, but it will leave your mind in a state of confusion for days after you finish the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who can handle tough topics such as sexual assault and murder, as well as some gore here and there, and is not easily disturbed.