Book Review – I See You by Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom

Wow, wow, wow!!!

The ending literally came out of nowhere. The gears in my brain stopped all synapses for a few minutes as my mind wrapped around that twist. I See You is one head case of a book that I would never want to jump into. Whiplash is something to prepare for if you decide to read this (which I recommend). Oh and it’s probably a good idea to read this on a night when you don’t have to wake up at 8:00A.M. You won’t get much sleep.

So the story follows the lives of Nina Drake and brothers, Devon and Noah Trent. Now Devon and Noah didn’t have the most conventional family life growing up. In fact, it was quite disturbing and horrifying what they were brought up to do. Fast forward a handful of years and Devon works as a photographer…to capture that one moment where the life leaves their eyes…that last breath.

Sin, depravity and murder.

My role behind the lens became an addiction, a necessity. I became a part of their life and sometimes their death, capturing it all in frames.


One day a file comes in with Nina Francis Drake’s name typed on top. Client 1325…set up to be brutally raped and assaulted on video. Before this can happen, Devon’s job is to record her daily comings and goings. Simply put, he stalks her every move which only ends in one way in this type of situation; he becomes ensnared by her.  So it only makes sense that Devon tells Noah not to go through with the job and whadayaknow, he goes through with it anyway.

A year has passed when we meet the new Nina. This Nina is a shell of the vibrant person she once was and understandably so. Now she lives secluded in a new town with no family, no friends, no one she can count on—until a new neighbor moves in. A neighbor who has been searching for her ever since the night she disappeared. And he goes by the name of Devon.

Alright, so I don’t think this next part is a spoiler, but it depends on the person, so read on with caution. Nina falls for Devon. It takes time to build trust, but he somehow manages to do just that. However, you also feel this twinge of regret for everything he’s gone through after learning more about his past. I hate when I’m at odds with my own feelings. Makes me feel like I’ve got two people arguing inside my mind.

It isn’t until the last few chapters when all the puzzle pieces fall into place. That’s when your jaw drops and your brain implodes from the sheer shock of a plot twist you didn’t think was possible until it was painted right before your eyes.

I See You is a psychologically gripping novel that keeps you in the dark until the very end when everything finally clicks.  It’s not an easy read by no means, but it’ll leave your mind in a state of befuddlement days after you read that last sentence. Now, I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is not the faint of heart and can handle rough topics (assault, rape and murder) along with some gore here and there.

But today, I know I will once more dip into the realms of hell. A hell I was born to. A hell that rules every one of my cells.