101 Spring Activities That Will Get You Moving

It’s time to shed the layers and relish the warmer weather. There’s no better way to enjoy the spring season than with this list of spring activities. From crafting to spending time outside along with the satisfaction that comes with spring cleaning; you should not be bored. So get going and have fun!!! (P.S. if you’re lazy and don’t feel like getting up, I have stuff here for you too).

Spring activities for those who are into crafts.

Spring Crafts

Make a bird house

Paint flower pots

Paint ceramic animals/gnomes for your garden

Make a bird feeder

Paint rocks

Create golfball ladybugs

Make wall decor

Tye-dye t-shirts

Use nature as your artistic muse

Arrange flowers

Papier-mâché a vase

Make a friendship bracelet

Create a scrapbook for Mother’s/Father’s Day

Press flowers

Spring activities for anyone who enjoys spending time outside.

The Outdoors

Go for a walk

Spend time in the garden

Sunbathe while reading a book or listening to music

Pass a frisbee

Go on a scavenger hunt

Have a picnic in the park

Go on a hike

Plant flowers/seeds

Play tennis

Go camping on a weekend

Take a walk in the park

Jog outside

Go for a bike ride

Enjoy outside seating at your favorite cafe

Bird watch

Go stargazing

Watch thunderstorms (make sure to be safe)

Play mini golf

Go fishing

Throw a ball around

Go horseback riding

Spring activities that will bring all those nostalgic memories back.

The Good ol’ Days

Feed the ducks at a pond

Play hopscotch

Go to a playground (slide on slides and swing on swings)

Draw a chalk masterpiece

Fly a kite

Go to the beach and collect some shells

Play manhunt with your friends/family

Puddle jumping

Look for four leaf clovers

Jump rope

Have a relay race

Climb a tree

Skip rocks across a pond

Set up a (lemonade) stand

Spot a rainbow

Build a fort

Play tag or hide and go seek

Spring activities including spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

Organize your closet

Donate things (i.e., clothes) to charity

Clean your desk

Box up that winter apparel

Wash your car

Open the windows

Spring activities that will take you out of the house.

Take a Trip

Find a cool Aribnb to spend the night at

Go to an art festival

Attend a (spring) music festival

Go for a joyride

Pick strawberries

See an opening baseball game

Visit a farm to see some animals

Check out a museum 

Go on a Spring Break vacation

Go to a flea market

Visit a flower shop

Take a scenic drive around town

See a film at a drive-in movie theater

Go to a rooftop bar

Check out colleges (if you’re a junior and want to go)

Spring activities where you treat yo' self.

Treat Yo’ Self

Get a pedicure

Go to the ice-cream parlor

Buy a cute pair of rain boots

Splurge on a fun umbrella/rain jacket

Buy a new spring wardrobe

Decorate your room or give it a new color

Food & Drink

Make some iced tea

Squeeze lemons for homemade lemonade

Prepare strawberry lemonade

Bake a strawberry rhubarb pie

Whip up a blueberry cobbler

Create a smoothie bowl concoction

Eat a fresh salad (with strawberries & avocados + honey)

Bake spring pastel cupcakes (with pink, green, yellow, blue and purple frosting)

Make lemon raspberry bars

Buy a package of peeps

Make your own pizza

Throw together a pasta salad

Make ice cream

Minimal Effort Needed

Create a spring music playlist

Write a spring to-do list

Plan a vacation

Start a journal (bullet journal)

Arrange an imaginary spring wedding

Unplug from technology for a few hours

Listen to the rain

Read a book

Watch a sunrise

Take a nap in the sunroom (anywhere sunny)

Make a summer bucket list

Watch a spring kinda movie

101 Spring Activities for Everyone.