16 Unique Coasters To Glam Up Your Home

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It’s time to decorate your tables with some fun and unique coasters.

Quirky pieces give the home character and charm. Whether that’s an unusual centerpiece or a unique painting, you can never go wrong with a one-of-a-kind decoration for the home. When it comes to coasters, sometimes you just get tired of seeing the same run-of-the-mill ones you see everywhere. 

With that in mind, I gathered a collection of quirky and unique coasters that will add a splash of color to tables everywhere. In turn, you’ll never have to worry about water stains again… that is, until someone forgets to use the coaster.   

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Gold Leaf Pill Coasters 

By AlchemyArtByReanna

Cute, quirky and colorful, these unique coasters will spruce up the room and make great conversation pieces when guests come over.  

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Marble Hexagon Coasters

By FeatheredOak

Give your home a modern touch with these marble hexagon coasters. You can get these in a flirty blush pink or a more sophisticated grey. No matter what, these contemporary coasters will make a beautiful addition to any home. 

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Burger Coasters

By finestimaginary

Life’s too short to miss out on this picnic favorite: cheeseburgers. If you’re thinking about giving your home some burger vibes, finestimaginary has you covered with this creative coaster set that comes in the form of a cheeseburger. Just make sure you don’t accidentally try taking a bit out of it. You’ll get a whole lot of plastic.  

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Vinyl Coasters 

It’s time to spin some records and party like it’s 1999. These funny and unique vinyl coasters are perfect for all you music lovers out there. 

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Eco-Friendly Coasters

By SkateOrDesign

Upgrade your tables with these eco-friendly coasters made from recycled skateboards. These unique coasters are perfect for skaters and will be a great conversation piece.

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Movie Night Coasters

By ElizaJanesCreations

Break out the popcorn and fizzy soda because it’s time for a fun movie night. But wait! No movie night is complete without these home theater coasters. 

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Dice Coasters

By theC4Labs

The coaster every gamer needs! Stand out from the crowd with this unique dice holding coaster. This 2-in-1 coaster will make the perfect gift for gamers, especially all the Dungeons and Dragons players out there. 

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Mandala Coasters

These mandala coasters will magically absorb moisture in seconds while lighting up the room with their fun colors and beautiful designs. 

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Floppy Disk Coasters

Retro computer nerds will get a laugh out of these fun and unique coasters. Shaped like floppy disks, visitors will probably be curious why you have so floppy disks lying around…   

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Leaf Coasters

By Feltplanet

Vibrant and lively, these leaf coasters will add a pop of color to your tabletops. Leaves have never looked so good. 

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Elephant Coasters

Cute and functional, these rosewood coasters make a beautiful accent to any home, especially with the handcrafted elephant holder.

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Car Mat Coasters 

Vroom vroom! For all you car enthusiasts out there, these car mat coasters are the perfect addition to your home. 

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Dragon Coasters

Drogon? Is that you? Get ready for the temperature to rise when you add these dragon coasters to the room.

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PlayStation Coasters

Three. Two. One. Go! Game night is about to level up with this set of PlayStation-inspired metal coasters. 

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Octagon Wood Coasters

Searching for a set of unique marble coasters? These fabulous octagon coasters from Godinger Silver Art Co feature a quirky combination of white marble and wood that is in a fun geometric design.  

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Patchwork Coasters

Impress your guests with these stunning and unique coasters. If you want artsy coasters that stand out, these pieces will do just that with their chic gold borders and colorful design.  

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