5 Best Sites for Free Stock Images of 2020

If you’re in need of some eye-catching pictures, then free stock images are an absolute must. Because of the community of talented photographers, there are millions of beautiful images that are free to use. In fact, each site in this list requires no attribution which means it is not necessary to give credit to the artists.

Below is a curated list of some of the best sites for free stock images to help you find all your photo needs. 


Boasting more than one million free images, Unsplash is the place to go for consistently high-quality stock images. Expect some stunning photos from the pro and semi-pro photographers contributing to Unsplash’s huge collection.

The best and quickest way to find pictures is through Unsplash’s easy-to-use search engine. If you have more time on your hands, you can browse through their Collections. These are groups of images curated by themes like Simplicity, One Color, Summer Tones, and Floral Beauty. 

If you’re interested in joining their growing community by contributing your own images, you can easily upload your pictures. Just make sure to check the submission guidelines beforehand.


With over 1.7 million high-quality stock images, illustrations, vectors, and videos shared by their talented and generous community, Pixabay offers a huge collection of images. 

All images are released under the Pixabay License, making them safe to use without having to give credit to the artist, even for commercial use.

The quality isn’t as consistently high as Unsplash, but there are many stunning nature images and other great options if you are having trouble finding an image from Unsplash.


Pexels mission is to empower creators by helping millions of artists, bloggers, designers, writers, programmers, and other creators get access to free stunning images, further allowing them to create high-quality websites, articles, designs, products, and more. 

With thousands of completely free photos, Pexels is a great option for when you’re searching for beautiful images. All the photos are nicely tagged, so you can easily discover similar photos. You can also submit your own work if you would like to contribute to the Pexels database. 


If you’re looking for stunning food photography that looks delish, look no farther than Foodiesfeed, the place to go for all your foodie needs. This is the place to go if you’re a food blogger who’s in need of some free yummy looking images.


For a collection of quirky stock images, Gratisography is the best place to explore with their high-resolution and creative pictures. Every single photo from Gratisography is unique and its own way and completely free under their free photo license.