15 Cute Dorm Art Pieces That Everyone Will Love

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Whether you’re on your way to college and need a few pieces to give your walls some color or you just want to spice up your home with some fresh art prints, these 15 pieces will add the perfect splash.

The perfect words to live by, “Work Hard & Be Nice.” Spruce up your room with this cute piece.

If you’re someone who has trouble living in the moment, then this may be the perfect reminder. This would look great on your desk.

If your room doesn’t have a lot of color, this could be the perfect splash to give it some oomph.

Have a lot of memories you want on your wall? This is such a cute way to do that. Pick out your favorite pictures and they can positioned into a heart.

This is a fun and cute piece that would look awesome on anyone’s wall.

Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind when I see this is “XOXO, Gossip Girl.” So if you’re a Gossip Girl fan, I can’t think of a better statement piece. I especially like the chalkboard look paired with the drips.

This abstract piece has every color of the rainbow making it the perfect splash of color in an otherwise neutral-colored room. The careful, yet chaotic brushstrokes are my favorite part of this painting.

If you’re a bookworm (or book-dragon) like me, then this would be the perfect addition to your room. However, I would probably suggest a smaller size as it would look great on a desk or shelf.

This is one of my favorite pieces. I love the gold glittery tinfoil specks splattered throughout the painting. The colors simply work so well together. I think this would make a beautiful wall piece.

This is a colorful and fun statement piece that would be the perfect mood booster if you’re having a bad day or if you have finals week coming up and feel like you’re going to melt like the Wicked Witch.

This is a simple picture for a simple person. Food is the nectar of life. Why wouldn’t you want a photo with the world food framed in your room. Of course, it may not be the best idea if you see it at midnight and suddenly realize just how hungry you are. Midnight snacks aren’t always the best choice.

This is a flirty little piece that will look beautiful up on your wall. Of course, you may glare at it if you just got out of a relationship, but that should not sway you from decorating your wall with this piece.

This modern and sophisticated piece is another favorite of mine. I love how the black background makes the strokes of color pop (in a subtle way).

If you prefer realistic artwork, this beautiful nature photo may be the perfect addition to your room. It has a rustic, cabin vibe that will give any room a huge dose of character and earthy feels.

If you’re clueless about what you want to do (with your life), then you’re no different from billions of other people. However, the quote gives you the sense that even if you have no clue where you’re going right now, you shouldn’t stress about it. You’ll get there one day. If you’re a college student, this would be the perfect quote to have on your wall.

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