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Book Review – Vair: Beyond the X-Club by Hettie Ivers

An Alien Stalker

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Huh, aliens. I’m not sure how I feel about aliens. These aliens seem peaceful, but would that be true of their non-fictional sister species? Woah, I’m just going to stop there. We don’t need any unnecessary paranoia creeping it’s way into my review. Although Vair definitely knows how to make you go crazy.

Unless we’re talking about the airline that was supposedly taken over by aliens. If that’s actually true…I feel we wouldn’t know anyway because of the government. Anyway, getting back to the book at hand.

Vair, I liked him. He did have some rather questionable moments. I mean, I get that he’s 837 (or around there), but that does not mean you can do whatever you want. Invading people’s private emails, sound proofing their office, putting cameras all over their house/office and tracking everything they’re doing is wrong. Illegal. I suppose Vair views himself above the law though. Too bad.

I’d like to say he hasn’t crossed the line into stalkerish, but let’s face it, he is way beyond that line. It’s not even in sight anymore. I’m sorry to say this Vair, but you’re a bona-fide stalker and I will not promote stalking even though I liked you.

I need help.

But since you and Amy are probably going to go at it for the long haul, I hope you two figure out how to procreate. Babies make people happy until they wake you up in the middle of the night for a diaper change. Or whenI know she’s definitely thought it at one time or another.

Overall, I’d recommend Vair: Beyond the X-Club. It’s a quick, fun read that may cause you to question your sanity, but that’s the beauty of books. Plus, aliens are always a blast. Especially the ones who run those highly raved about X-Club’s. I forgot to mention this, but it’s not all about the smut. But if you like possessive aliens, 800 year age gaps and sex clubs, then this is the package deal. Snatch it while you still can!

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