Book Review – First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

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My mental image of Reyes is pretty spanking hot. Yes, he’s in prison. And yes, he’s in a coma after taking some bullets to the frontal lobe. But he’s the son of Satan. He’s fine.

I think I fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland (aka, hell) with First Grave on the Right.

Unfortunately, he’s too intense for me. I don’t think he has one funny bone beneath that hellish tattooed skin of his.

But then again, he is pretty sweet for the offspring of Satan.

Of course, he can cut you’re spinal cord in such a clean stroke that you won’t even find blood, but, still. He’s got a heart under that robe. Beating for Charley.

Of course, he did say he’d kill her if his dad found her, but that doesn’t take away the love.

Charley Davidson is one bright person. Literally.

“Dead Guy followed me. They always—

‘You’re very … bright,’ he said.

‘Um, thanks.’

‘And … sparkly.’

‘Uh-huh.’ This was nothing new. From what I’d been told, the departed see me as something of a beacon, a brilliant entity—emphasis on the brilliant—they can see from continents away. The closer they get, the sparklier I become. If sparklier is a word. I’ve always considered the sparkles a plus of being the only grim reaper this side of Mars. And as such, my job was to lead people into the light. Aka, the portal. Aka, me. But it didn’t always go smoothly. Kind of like leading a horse to water and whatnot.”

As you can see, Charley’s outlook on life is…rather unique.

Some things to know about Charley:

  1. She remembers everything since coming out of the womb
  2. Reyes has been with her since she took her first breath
  3. She can speak and understand each and every language
  4. She is the reaper for heaven
  5. Either she looks for trouble or trouble just finds her because she has an almost death every single day

When I started this, I really wasn’t getting into it or paying much attention to what was going on. I’m blaming my apparent inability to focus partly on the fact that Freaky Friday was on in the background. It’s a fun movie. Who wouldn’t just love switching bodies with your mom/daughter…?

Obviously I liked it though since I decided on 5 stars. I was bouncing back and forth between 4 and 5, so, technically speaking, it’s 4.5 stars, but, that doesn’t matter.

I guess I have to read the sequel. Ugh.

I’m excited. Or tired. Probably tired. Definitely.

And one last thing, the ghosts are awesome. I love them all.

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