24 Elegant Prom Dresses That Will Make You Feel Like Cinderella

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We all know how chaotic prom season is. First you need to figure out the seating arrangements which can be downright irritating when you have an extra seat that refuses to be filled. Then there’s the matter of deciding whether to go with a date or solo (with a group of friends). After that, there’s still the dreaded limo conversation (“to take a limo or to not take a limo, that is the question”). My friends and I did a limo junior year, but when senior year rolled around, I was not in the mood. I remember complaining to one of my friends and comparing it to an oversized and overpriced hotdog. For me, once was enough.

Once all of that is out of the way, the dress becomes your main concern. Emphasis on concern. When you wait three weeks prior to the prom to find your dress, you may be in for a rude awakening. It will turn you into a stressed, anxiety-filled ball of nerves which is not what you need during your last few months of school. This should be an exciting time.

Now, we all know how difficult it can be to pick out a dress when you have such a large selection to choose from. However, I thought it may be helpful to compile a list of cinderella-inspired dresses that will, hopefully, give you some inspiration. Without further ado, let’s find you that perfect dress that will make you the belle of the ball! (Also, as a side note, I will start with the most expensive dresses and end with the least expensive).


The Fairytale Forest

Off-The-Shoulder Metallic Embroidery Mesh Ball Gown by Oscar de la Renta, $11,490

The Smokey Blue Mermaid


Beaded Tulle Metallic Gown by Marchesa, $8,995

The Disney Princess

Embellished A-Line Gown with Bow Detail by Monique Lhuillier, $8,595

The Sophisticated Black Number


Strapless Draped Corset Tulle A-Line Gown by Marchesa Notte, $1,295

The Delicate Fairy

Embellished Floral Gown by Basix Black Label, $1,190


The Sparkling Navy Illusion

Illusion Floor-Length Tulle Gown, Teri Jon by Rickie Freeman, $1,000

A Flirty & Playful Flare

Floral Embellished Tulle Gown by Basix Black Label, $900

The Golden Lioness

Embroidered Ball Gown by Basix Black Label, $750


The Starry Night


Embellished Lace & Tulle Ball Gown by Basix Black Label, $690

The Romantic Artist

Embellished Floral Gown by Basix Black Label, $690


The Navy Flower

Floral Floor-Length Gown by Basix Black Label, $690


A Happily Ever After

Lace A-Line Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $650

The Metallic Pearl

Open Back Ballgown by MAC DUGGAL, $598

The Enchanting Dragon

Halter Neck Ballgown by MAC DUGGAL, $598

The Spring Tulip

The Delicate Sweetheart

Strapless Applique Gown by Basix Black Label, $550

The Glittering Obsidian

Sequin Strapless Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $498

Dusk Till Dawn

Tulle & Lace Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $498

The Silver Jewel

Lace A-Line Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $498

The Sassy Fairy


High Slit Tulle Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $498

The Midnight Thrill

Strapless Beaded Gown by Basix Black Label, $496


The Glamorous Gal

Off the Shoulder Evening Dress by LA FEMME, $398

The Radiant Sky

Jeweled Waist Satin Twill Evening Dress by MAC DUGGAL, $398

A Floral Silhouette

Embroidered V-Neck Sleeveless Ball Gown by Basix Black Label, $390