37 Home Decor Ideas Perfect For Beach Bums

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In the mood for a beach-styled (boho) dorm room (or bedroom . . . any place really)? Take a look at these beach decor ideas to get the juices flowing. Before you know it, you’ll have the perfect summertime oasis (all-year round).


Fringe Throw Pillow

This cute pillow will mix perfectly with the blues, tans and other beach-y colors of the sea. 

Crochet Throw Pillow

The ivory color of this throw pillow will be a nice offset and will make the other colors pop more.  

Hawaiian Shores

Fluffy pillows are perfect for any room. Who doesn’t like to curl up with a book and some hot chocolate while nestling into a fluffy pillow?

Rose Crochet Pillow

This would look incredibly cute in any dorm room, but especially with beach-themed decor. It has that crochet look with some fringe which makes you think of those warm summer nights; fun times.

Beach Vibes

If the beach is your happy place, then this one is a no-brainer. Bring your love of the beach back to your room with this pillow.

Fringed Ivory Pillow

This pillow with the fringe will add a unique boho element to your room. It’s fun and gives off summer beach vibes which will be great when you’re stuck in the room studying for an exam.

Teal Velvet Pillow

This teal velvet pillow will compliment the other colors quite nicely, so if you want a few shades of blue, add this pillow onto your check list.

Hemp Throw Pillow

This would be a nice pillow to put on a desk chair or for the bed. It has that beachy vibe that makes you wish you were on a hammock, listening to the waves crash and seagulls squawk .

The Voyager

You can never go wrong with turtles. Just think of Squirt . . . “Ride the wave.”

Pocketful of Sunshine

This pillow from Urban Outfitters will be the perfect piece on anyones bed (or couch), so snatch it up when you can. It also comes in about 10 other colors if the yellow isn’t your typical taste.

Braided Floor Pillow

If you have the room and money for this, you should go for it. I know I would. Especially if you’re going to have friends coming over. Plus, you can always stow it away behind your bed if you need the extra room.


T-Shirt Jersey Coral Duvet

This coral duvet color reminds me of that perfect day at the beach when the sun is shining and the waves are crashing on the shore. I personally hate sand when I’m around it for too long (it always manages to get under my clothes), but small doses I can handle. 

Coral Bedspread

As long as you have a full, queen or king bed, getting this bedspread will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, twin-sized is not available. Maybe one day.

Tassel Throw Blanket

This cute throw blanket is a great staple for beach lovers. With that sandy-boho vibe, it’ll never go out of style (hopefully). Also, if you actually do live by the beach, you could always lay it out on the sand and do some homework by the shore. Pretty peaceful sounding.


Banana Woven Dish

Banana woven dish? Why not. It’s cute, it’s woven and it’s in the shape of bananas. What more can you ask for in life. Of course, bananas don’t necessarily mesh with the beach, but the woven cane makes up for that.

An Actual Clock

The colors of this clock basically speak to the waves pounding in your heart. It’s honestly a perfect fit if you, for some reason, decide you need a clock that isn’t your phone.

Baskets + Storage

Woven Basket

This would be a perfect laundry basket if it didn’t cost so much. It’s laid-back nature makes it perfect for everyone who’s trying to create a relaxed, beachy environment. Also, the basket is interwoven with strands of sea grass . . . you might as well bring the sea to your room.

Bamboo Baskets

If I needed these, I’d snatch them up before you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. These bamboo baskets just scream beach bum. If you have an inner beach bum, embrace it and treat yo’ self!

Three Tier Hanging Basket

If you have a kitchen area or a desk, then this would be a very convenient hanging storage basket. An added plus is how cute it will look with all the other beach-themed decor ideas. 

Macramé Baskets

These baskets are great for storing throw blankets, books, magazines and everything in between. Storage baskets never looked so good.

Leaning Bookshelf

Add some more storage space with this leaning ladder; it’s cute, it’s long and it doesn’t take up much space. If your in a small space (like a dorm), you’ll need to learn how to live a compact lifestyle and make use of what you got. It’s pretty easy once you get into the swing of things.

Art Print

Cool, Calm & Collected

Imagine this: you’re lying down on your softest beach blanket, the sun is warming your back as you rest your head on the cute llama pillow your friend recently bought you. The sound of the shore in the background lulls you into a peaceful daze as people mill around you. How do you feel?

Crashing Waves Art Piece

Perfect for anyone who loves frothy waves outlined with a pretty sunset in the background. You could also add one of the macramé wall hangings beside it to give a nice beach house + summer vibe.

Sea Bliss Art

This would be the perfect centerpiece above your bed if you’re in love with this blissful beach scene. I’m sure it would garner many compliments. Who knows, you may inspire others to decide to buy it.

People at the Beach Art Piece

According to some of the reviewers, the image is sharp and looks great, but the frame can be a bit flimsy. Moreover, it might be better to get the frame separate if you decide you want a frame. Plus, it’ll save some money.

Whirling Waves Art Print

You can’t see it right now, but in the pink sand area it says, “I love the sea.” Do you love the sea? Your answer will determine everything.

Road Trip Art Print

Going on a road trip by the beach? Might as well stop for a bit and surf the waves. Have some fun in the sun. Honestly, the sun casts the perfect glare around the palm trees. It would look great in a beachy-themed room.

Fun Wall Pieces

Hanging Plant Holder

Well, if you want to show off your green thumb, then this would be one of the ways to do that. Make people jealous of your plant skills.

Macramé Wall Hanging

This will add a fresh touch to your room and give it a beach house vibe. With the unique design, you’ll never get tired of it (at least for the first year). Plus, you can either hang it against the wall or in a doorway or even as a curtain. 

Another Macramé Wall Hanging

Let loose your inner flare with this cute macramé wall hanging. It’ll give your wall some texture and the flowing strings will create a calm and peaceful environment of you to kick back and relax in.

Knot on a Wall

When else will you ever hang on a huge knot on your wall?


Washed Out Leaning Mirror

If you want a nice mirror that you could also hang things on (that won’t break it of course), then this would be a nice addition. It has that washed out look that makes it perfect for any beach-styled room.

Leaning Ladder + Mirror

Whether you’re hanging your beach or shower towels, you’ll need to hang them somewhere. What better way to cross two things off your list than with this cute ladder & mirror combo.


Woven Honey Colored Rug

You can never go wrong with a woven rug when creating a beachy environment. It’s the color that matters most, so if honey isn’t your type of beach color, then keep scrolling, there’s also a rosy shade that might just work for you.

Ivory Tufted Rug

This is a cute accent rug that will definitely brighten up your room. However, you might need a rug pad, so it doesn’t slip around (according to people who reviewed it). 

Rose Woven Rug

If you’re still not feeling it, then continue on. Let’s see if we can find something you’ll like. However, this color would give the room some added warmth if that’s what you want. 

Moroccan Woven Wool Rug

If you have the money for this moroccan woven wool rug and really want to splurge, who am I to stop you. However, if you don’t want to break the bank, I’d steer clear of this and put it on your wish list (like I did) instead.